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The Appealers!

Or Appealing To The Higher Ones!

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A very good Indian friend of mine – and who also likes reading my articles – an avowed fan – sent me this article about one Sudha Murthy who had sent a direct appeal letter to the then JRD – Chairman and Owner of Tata Group in India!

Image JRD Tata

Sudha Murthy was livid when a job advertisement posted by the Tata company at the institution where she was completing her post graduation stated that ‘lady candidates need not apply’. She dashed off a ‘postcard’ to JRD, protesting against this blatant discrimination. It was the beginning of an association that would change her life in more ways than one! If this could have had happened in India – it can happen in anywhere else in the world!

The good man was touched by her protest letter and asked that she be interviewed and finally got the job – as the first female engineer entrant at the shop floor! The full story can be found here in my website –

Sudha Murthy – Then and Now!

In her own words – briefly – quote – I posted the letter and forgot about it. Less than 10 days later, I received a telegram stating that I had to appear for an interview at Telco’s Pune facility at the company’s expense …… .As directed, I went to Telco’s Pimpri office for the interview. There were six people on the panel and I realised then that this was serious business.

“This is the girl who wrote to JRD,” I heard somebody whisper as soon as I entered the room. By then I knew for sure that I would not get the job. That realisation abolished all fears from my mind, so I was rather cool while the interview was being conducted.

Even before the interview started, I reckoned the panel was biased, so I told them, rather impolitely, “I hope this is only a technical interview.” They were taken aback by my rudeness, and even today I am ashamed about my attitude…….

I was a young girl from small-town Hubli. My world had been a limited place. I did not know the ways of large corporate houses and their difficulties, so I answered, “But you must start somewhere, otherwise no woman will ever be able to work in your factories.”

Finally, after a long interview, I was told I had been successful! I consider JRD a great man because, despite being an extremely busy person, he valued one postcard written by a young girl seeking justice. He must have received thousands of letters every day. He could have thrown mine away, but he didn’t do that. He respected the intentions of that unknown girl, who had neither influence nor money, and gave her an opportunity in his company. He did not merely give her a job; he changed her life and mindset foreverunquote.

The Difference? But who cares? This is always my focus and determination in life is when one appeals to me to try my level best to help others as much as I can within the rules and regulation – bend instead of break – and always in ethics, principles and in professionalism – to rectify a misdeed, wrong or injustice – in my career life and in my social life even!

We always see big press advertisements of people willing to help others – but in reality these are few isolated Wastah cases – and are put there more as a show-off advertisement empty words, facades, white elephants – and just plain misleading rhetoric! Excuse me for being cynical and pessimistic!

People have hearts made out of stones – and there is no care or feelings of any sort for those less disadvantaged – and in need of help and assistance! Some people have this crazed mania of always wanting to appear in the news and the media – nd how good and nice they are! Yet these same people treat their employees, customers and clients – and other people – very indifferently, crude, badly and unethically – as if there is no God in existant!

But when my Consultancy was dying a slow death – I had appealed to some ‘Top People’ but they all ignored me as if I did not exist. Those few responded curtly like ‘we wish we could help’ but cannot – and not giving any reason why! Others just said – ‘we are not in that line of business’ – but are now in all sorts of businesses!

In my last article this is what I had said – The problem that we have in our society is once they give you a colouring or label – they are not willing and susceptible to change their outlooks – and minds!

For example if they have labeled you as being over sensitive! Or a trouble-maker! Or has egg-shell feelings – and that means if you just touch the outer shell – then the egg breaks! I do not know what happens with a hardboiled egg to the outer skin – or like those long preserved eggs! So one needs to be careful what one does say – even if the intention is warm, sincere and genuine!

Excuse me again about talking about myself and blowing my own trumpet – in my book Behind The Wheel! – and – I said this about one of the cases that I had encountered – quote

F.31 Because You Always Do Good!

I was moving towards this Petrol Station when this Western couple got out of their car – with both hugging me. What gives? Or what’s up doc? They shouted in unison – you are alive? I said Yes – God Is Great!

Then they said to me – we heard one person – with similar surname – had died in a road accident. He was driving a truck – and wearing slippers at the time! They had confused him with me. There was a tear in the woman’s eyes.

They then reminded me of a good deed I did for that family. I had actually forgotten! Then they said – Because you always do good things to people – that is why! We are so happy to see that you are alive! – unquote.

And finally – as even a Writer and Author, there is nothing that hurts one so much as sending my books as complimentary gift – and you do not get even a thank you note – with exception of a few expatriate cases that do!

That is what and why we are increasingly not receiving the old luck, fortune and blessings from our Lord that is all due to increasing bad willful hearts, outlooks and focuses – and may even be more worse off as time goes by! Explains also why some places always remain successful and enterprising – whilst others are not! Also there lies the secret of why some places are so successful while others flounder and sink!

I rest my case! Take Care!

By Majid Al Suleimany

Muscat – Sultanate of Oman – OM – November 11th 2012

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