Obama Wins! Reply

Between Us Only!

The Barack Obama Win!

Congratulations to Barack Osama for remaining as the 44th USA President in his second term defeating Mitt Romney!

I had dreamt about this bit but decided to keep it to myself! I said to myself – if I start telling people about this they will start thinking that being an acute depressed diabetic case – then I am starting to lose it – that is my mind – and faculties! The problem that we have in society is once they give you a colouring or label – they are not willing and susceptible to change their outlooks – and minds!

For example if they have labelled you as being over sensitive! Or a trouble-maker! Or has egg-shell feelings – and that means if you just touch the outer shell – then the egg breaks! I do not know what happens with a hardboiled egg to the outer skin – or like those long preserved eggs! So one needs to be careful what one does say – even if the intention is warm, sincere and genuine!

I must admit though that compared to the last elections – I was less keen and motivated than ever before. I did not follow the election results with that keen interest and like this time.

And that is the message to Obama in his second term. The people of the Middle East are disenfranchised and disinterested in having all their hopes, aspirations and dreams smashed up by not kept promises and pledges for a peaceful transformation of the Middle East with the two states solution living in recognised borders – in peace, harmony, and understanding and in co-existence.

The ME Middle East today has become more unsafe, dangerous and risky – with increasing extremism, fundamentalism and radicalisation! And with Israel still calling more shots and being paid full unflinching blind attentions and focuses – to the detriment and disadvantage of us all in the ME! To the extent that it has become a rogue bully state – and knowing that whatever they will do they will have full blind support and backing of USA!

I hope and pray that Obama will remember the promises and pledges he had made to us all in 2004 – and follow them through. There is no reason or excuse for him now not doing so – because as far as I know there is no Third Term possibilities and opportunities in the USA constitution so far!

And he should put right and in their place those people who think they can still control, subjugate and dominate the American scene and focus to their positions and advantage always!

If I were American – and a God fearing one too – I would realise that there is a greater force than us humans – and that was shown by the storm Sandy! Despite all the weapons, technology and infrastructure Mother Nature can still bring destruction, devastation, rampage and havoc to us.

We must all return to Religion and to our God Our Lord – and as to live as humanity in this world together as one – in love, understanding, co-existence, tolerance, patience – for the sake of ourselves, our destiny, legacy and our future.

And we must separate those that want to cause harm, destruction, chaos and havoc between peoples – and we must learn fast and quick to talk to each other to solve our problems! This instead of using technology to kill, harm and destroy innocent lives – many women and children – as collateral damages in the pursuits of a few adversaries!

Images – Obama Wins!

History has proven – again and again – that these methods do not work at all – and is like pouring petrol over a cinder fire burning intensely underground. We must open the books of history – and reread them again! Before it is too late for everyone! Because no one will emerge the winner in all these – and we all will lose – or suffer in one way or the other!

The message and theme remains the same: –

· Remain always with your people – they decide whether you stay on or not!

· Respect everyone in the society – disregarding, race, religion or creed!

· Do not sideline, marginalise or ignore The Women!

· They make 50% of the population!

· Do not sideline, marginalise or ignore The Youth!

· They are decision makers too – and are tomorrow’s future and leaders!

I do not know if you speak or hear Swahili BO – but if you do Hongera! Or Mabrook – as we Arabs like to say too!

May the Good Lord Guide us all to the right path and ways always – and Protect us all from his anger and fury – Amin Amen!

Take Care!

By Majid Al Suleimany

Posted at: www.majidall.com and at www.majidwrite.com

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