Doing Bad Things To Others! Reply

Between Us Only!

Doing Bad Things To Others!

Or What Goes Around; Comes Around!

My philosophy and outlook in life still remains the same – If you can help someone – then please do so! But if you cannot – then be straightforward and transparent – and say so! And explain why – and give possible advices and solutions – if you can! But most importantly – do not go for lies, deceit, double crossings – and stab at the back! Respect everyone first before others can respect you. And lead by examples – and not empty words and rhetoric – at whatever level in society that you are! There is also good in everyone – sometimes you may have to search deep to find even the trace of it!

And if you are planning to do good – do it whole not in parts – and certainly you do not choose which part to do – and which part to omit! Either you do it whole – or don’t! These are the basic bare necessities and truth of life – and living with others!

This week a relative called me saying that he had found someone from that distant land desperately looking for me as he was visiting Oman. He is not well off but he does not like to impose on others – and though he has many relatives here – he still prefers to stay in hotels. He says to me – That is the way I can keep in touch – and still remain with myself in respects!

When I left this person was hardly 12 – but now what I see in front of me is this man who looks over 50 – and though quite younger than me – definitely looks much older – with all his beard and hair all grey! With slow moving tired lazy dead-beat eyes and face – he says Hello to me distantly! He looks forlorn and dead beat tired! Some people are not Huggers and Kissers on The Cheeks – I am one of them – but after a second of wait and confusion – he hugs me! Of course the size he knew before has blossomed three times more – whilst he has remained forlorn and thin!

We talk about the old times – and in a way his mother is a sort of distant relative – and an aunt at most! He remembers how I took him and his brother to school for the first time – a frightening never to forget experience for the poor kids! He remembered the nice comforting words – and how that ‘really made a difference to us’ – especially later on – boys being boys – the few bullies around!

Then he told me about a Teacher ‘that had the most dislike, animosity and hatred towards you M – for no other reason except that I stood my ground – and allowed no one to breathe down my back and bully me. The Teacher was not used to this! Always students scurriedly hurried and shied from him – in fear and terror. He was like the Bulldozer – pushing down anything that stood in its path!

People do not know the real me – but frankly and honestly speaking – it was sad what he said next. That the poor man went bonkers and mad walking around the streets – started with his wife leaving him taking with her the kids. He ran his personal and social life the same way he dealt with his pupils – and life had caught up with him! He was also socially and relationships outcasted from the rest of his family – and ‘friends’ – if he had any that could stand him!

The East Africans have this expression – The True Woman comes out when her husband has become poor (lost his job!) – and The True Man when he (suddenly) becomes rich! And the person who digs a well will himself fall into it – or in other words – what goes around; comes around! A famous theme song in most of my writings, columns and books – You can also read about whatever I have written in my website above!

In one of the places that I had worked long time ago – I – as being in Human Resources – made a Company Policy Proposal (CPP) in my official capacity for some changes proposals in the Company Human Resources Policies and Procedures Manual – that would have benefitted especially Retiring Omani Staff (and Their Families). Despite passing approval from my direct expatriate boss – it was vehemently rejected by the Top Omani Director – as ‘it would add costs to the company operating budget’ – even though the same facilities and services were provided to expatriates – but not the locals (then). The man was heard muttering exasperatedly – ‘This will only pass over my dead body!’ – and satirically  – ‘tongue in cheek’ speaking – it nearly did – when this Director himself retired!

In writing my book Psychology of Arab Management Thinking – I quote many real examples and similar cases – and many Offices related – some life related – but people still never learn!

People should always remember that if you purposefully, willfully and evilly do bad things to others – it will haunt you – and come back to you! Especially if you do it to someone who has not done anything bad or against you – you will be punished before they bury you 6 feet deep in the ground – or cremate you! This is a certainty and a surety – and it may take time – but it will happen – if not to you directly but then those near you! Only you will be asking – that you have now conveniently forgotten – Why Me? Oh Lord – Why me? What have I done to deserve this?

What goes around; comes around! Take Care!

By Majid Al Suleimany

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Good News on My Books! 1

Good News on My Books!

After Compliments;

The mere fact that my two Arab Management books have now been entered in the exorbitant, prestigious and the famous (The USA) Eric Hoffer Book Award and The USA Review of Books is very good news to me. Finally, a recognition of my books achievements!

A The Two Arab Management Books (with eBooks): –

  • Psychology of Arab Management Thinking! – Context and Perspectives – Arabian Management Series.
  • A Cry For Help! – Context and Perspectives – Arabian Management Series.
  • Books Images – Below

B Three New Books Under Final Publication: –

  • Behind The Wheel! – The Road Safety Novel Book
  • Book Special Website –
  • Between Us Only! – Short Takes – The Sequel – Two!
  • Between Us Only! – The Sequel – Three!
  • Books Images – Below

C Previous Between Us Only!

 In our Religion, Teachers and Scholars – including Writers are acknowledged – because their works will continue to educate and inform mankind – long time after they have gone – and their rewards continue even then!

I feel great (elated and relieved) leaving behind my works and in my contributions – Alhamdu Lillah – God Is Great! Amin Amen.

Besides – you cannot put a good thing down – however hard you try – because God Is Not With you!

Best Wishes and Regards;

Majid Al Suleimany

November 27, 2012

No More Pampers – Now! Reply


Between Us Only!

Flying From The Nest!

Or No More Pampers Now!

People will forget what you said;

People will forget what you did;

But people will never forget;

How you made them feel! – Anon

It was very emotional and touching to see so many support emails coming to me from many – even expatriates in our country – after my last Wednesday article “People should learn to live and let live!”. One of them said – I felt so great and so relieved to see an Omani of your stature putting his views on the subject – that was both kind and bold of you!

Although he sent it in as an individual (Western name) – I have the feeling that he comes from the Diplomatic world – by the things he writes on next! Which brings me to my next point that we are very lucky and blessed in Oman – because I believe if you treat people right and ethically – as human beings and in nature – they are bound to reciprocate? I always believe that there is almost good in almost everyone in some way or the other!

It is time that the Arab world now come out to fully materially and really support our Palestinian brothers and sisters who have suffered for so long – and paying heavily and a bitter price – for the holocaust crimes committed by others!

Images – Even The Young Are Changing Fast!


In the early 1970s – I used to watch this drama series titled “Eight is Enough”

Image – Eight Is Enough

Eight is Enough! is an American television comedy drama series was modeled after syndicated newspaper columnist Thomas Braden – a real-life parent with eight children, who wrote a book with the same name

The show is centered around a family with eight children (from oldest to youngest: David, Mary, Joanie, Susan, Nancy, Elizabeth, Tommy, and Nicholas). The father, Tom Bradford- Actor Dick van Patten – was a newspaper columnist for the fictional Sacramento Register. His wife Joan – originally Actress Diana Hyland – took care of the children. It was very hilarious and comical in nature.

In one of the series there is jest and fun when the children tease – Hey! be careful – or dad will write about this in his next column! And the father retorting – You know what? You just gave me an idea for my next column! On hindsight if you ask me after starting my career in Human Resources – I never dreamt that perhaps one day in my subconscious of being a Columnist too after retirement!

Anyway – this week was a wedding of a young girl who was a good friend of my twin girls! As she came to the house – I recognised her! Even though the face was now of a teenager – the baby face still remained. Easier for girls to remember than boys – because they grow next moustaches and beards!

So still missing it me – I gave her my hand in welcome! She politely and tactfully refused to shake hands with me – as the growing increasing radical trend amongst young girls nowadays – especially once they reach puberty! There are no more ‘elder brothers and uncle’s now left prevailing!

Images – People becoming more Religios Observing!

For special mention I like the Indian peoples the way they raise their children – and with due respects here – we Omanis can learn a lot from them – truthfully speaking! Because honestly – even a young Indian girl of this age will return the handshake especially when extended – and will not ‘insult you’ by declining!

So the poor girl was let in without any recourse. As she was leaving – M being M – sometimes I should shut up and not open my mouth – and remove all doubt! So as politely and tactfully as I could – I told her – You know that you are the same age of my daughters? I am not a ‘dirty uncle’ – nor has the idea of wanting to marry you as my second (third?) wife ever crossed my mind – seeing the age difference already! Madam wife did not like it ‘to embarrass the poor girl – who had come to the house to invite her friends! Then I retorted something about pampers – you get the general idea!

Like I always say in my books and in my columns – the society is changing fast – and even elders like us – even if in clean minds and in conscience – we have to learn to accept the changes thrown at us with the changing times and environment. For me it was a double blow – because when I was in HR I used to brief new comers to Oman ‘not to want to shake hands with the ladies’ thing! I have now to learn back my own lessons – once again!

In one of the satire incidents I had witnessed – I knew this young girl Manageress – my daughters’ age too! – of one financial institution that survives ‘on credit and on interests’ – and she could shake hands with non-Omanis – but not Omanis! The excuse was the expatriates do not know!’ My philosophy and outlook still remains – you do not choose which part to practise – and which part to omit! Either you do it – or don’t!

Take Care!

By Majid Al Suleimany

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Leave The Gazan People Alone! Reply

Leave The Gazan People Alone!

Or Live and Let Live!

I am writing this as a human being – and a citizen of the land – and with rights and freedom to express myself – though trust me – I hate ‘politics’ for sure – and even in writing it!

Horrific Gaza Images – Family of 10 killed in their home!

As a small boy of 5 years of age I used to wonder out aloud this tease from the African elders that they used to make after a hawk (eagle) has scooped down and taken up in the air the hurriedly and scurriedly running for cover baby chickens with its mother. Even the cock used to run too – instead of facing its ground the adversary! The tease (joke) was that the chickens were cursing that ‘May the sky fall on the eagle!’ You cannot blame the Mother Chicken for saying that seeing its baby has already been taken away by the hawk! It is a desperate vain attempt to go on with life – with all the hawks around!

You will excuse me for the also simile and the metaphor – especially to those that love and defend our adversaries in privacy and in secrecy – whilst pretending and acting in front of us for whatever reason like wishing to keep the job and welcome etc. But if I was a play or drama writer – and I had money to spare – I would write this satirical tragical drama of how the so-called Israeli leaders find themselves lumped together and meeting Hitler in burning eternal hell – and their protesting that a grave and serious mistake has been made! Only this time of all the machinations and schemers of their controlling media and their supporters would not work – because it is God that they are facing now!

Horrific Gaza Images – Family of 10 killed in their home!

In my life one thing that I hate the foremost is in ‘cursing people’ – but I can easily curse those people that do not see much or a great deal of killed babies, children and women – and even men – when bombs rain down on their homes – and killing entire families at one go! Sometimes I feel that even if he is in Hell – but Hitler and his Nazi cronies cannot afford but smile seeing his victims ‘doing it also to other peoples’!

Horrific Gaza Images – Family of 10 killed in their home!

You will excuse me also for sounding religious and all the semantics and similes involved – and for those that do not know it – or know but prefer to marginalise and to ignore! But our Great Prophet Abraham (Ibrahim) – peace be upon him – is turning in his grave seeing his grandchildren doing these things to each other! I am saying this as a Grandfather feels seeing sometimes my innocent young grandchildren fight each other – and with typical ‘chip of the old block’ feelings and expressions like ‘do not like you’ escapades and remarks!

Horrific Gaza Images – Family of 10 killed in their home!

 I am very certain and convinced that there would be some people saying to me that you are only looking at one side of the story – and not both sides – and ‘we expected better things from you’! I would retort that is how they control their media and our minds and outlooks – because Israel (and their supporters – disappointing others again – too soon too!) – are very good in pushing things to the maximum – and when people react – unfortunately negatively and to their disadvantage – they start ‘history and episodes’ from these incidents – and not from the start of what they did! Sadly and with great hurt and sadness too their blind supporters of whatever Israel is doing to others.

When Saddam Hussein attacked Iran (the Mullahs!) we in the Arab world remained quiet and passive – though we were warned and cautioned that one day he will do the same to us when that was over. Either we ignored it – or thought it could never happen – but it did happen in the invasion of Kuwait – and all Hell was let loose!

It seems to me that once again we have not learnt our lessons of history. I am saying that with due respects to both sides of the equation – that wants to divide the Islamic world into contrasting and conflicting political zones! And if those that see what is happening in Gaza now do not awake up from this deep sleep and slumber – then let them sleep for good and not wake up ever again – because a person who can do this to your own brother ‘is definitely not your ally and or friend either! And you have got your priorities all mixed-up and all wrong!

And that brings me to my next point I wish to make here too! The biggest casualty and victim in such wars is The Truth! It is just degrading and shameful – I would even say disgusting, repugnant and pathetic when ‘people in leadership’ who should know better take side to support blindly what the true Aggressor is doing to other human beings! Also to both sides not to make a worse situation turn even more worse!

If the Arab spring uprisings have not forewarned and w\’woken them up’ – let me try a desperate last attempt in resuscitation! Which is this! Even the young Arab true blood (and even Muslim) abhor and are disgusted to see what is going on – and done to other people by these peoples – who were themselves holocaust victims – but have now easily and conveniently forgotten. Our Great Prophet Moses (Musa) is just another chapter in the history!

What I mean to say that future relationships between people – especially with the young ones – are critically damaged – and that is not only internationally and globally – but even internal too. The world now has become a more dangerous and unsafe place with all that is going on – and the increased extremism, fundamentalism and radicalisation – and sadly and tragically with the younger ones too – and the future leaders in society

People should learn to live and let live – and we have enough problems and hardships already to be increased by such unneeded wars, destructions, malaise, decadence and wastages of wars. And we will all die one day – and meet our Maker! If you had escaped the Human Rights courts of the world – there is definitely a Higher Judge just waiting for you – and that will be the day when you meet him!

I would advise Israelis and all their supporters to hear the interview between Sir Robert Frost and Bishop Desmond Tutu in Al Jazeera – posted here too in – and time to change fast before it is too late!

 May peace, understanding, tolerance, co-existence and patience prevail – including pragmatism and senses – Amin Amen! Take Care!

By Majid Al Suleimany

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My Eight Book Release News! Reply

Good News! My Eight Book Release News!

Between Us Only! Short Takes!

The Sequel – Two!

By Majid Al Suleimany

Trafford Publishing – USA

The book contains all the articles that had appeared in his two weekly columns in The Oman Daily Observer (English Daily) – for the past three years.

The columns are titled – Between Us Only and At My Workplace! This is book six in the series.

The book contains many well received and acclaimed articles in his Columns containing varied topics and articles – and for different tastes and likes – covering almost everyone – from the Student to the Professor – from the Office Clerk to the CEO – and from the Teenager to the Grandparents!

v Definitely one of the few people that one can easily connect! – Omani Lady Fan

v Your article was a great eye opener for me! – Omani HR Executive

v You always enrich us with your remarkable articles! – Omani IT Head

v You have a brilliant and star colossal range of achievements – and must be congratulated – UK University Professor.

v Great experience and thoughts.– Omani Engineering Head

v You said it so beautifully my dear that my heart broke out for you. You are so great! – From A Lady Fan (Omani)

v What a brilliant article, I wish I had joined the book group sooner – British Fan

v Do men read your articles? They are the usual main culprits! I love it. Thanks – From A Lady Fan (Omani)

v It is our great pleasure and we are proud to have such quality Omani columnists like you – Senior Omani Journalist

v You really talk deeply and with great understanding to human nature – and every word you say is making great sense.– Omani IT Head

v Thanks for your wonderful, truthful and honest commentary –- but this is the best one! – Senior Public Official

v Your columns are an inspiration to all aspiring young Omani journalists and writers in English language – Senior Indian Journalist.

v Very visionary and with realistic foresight.– Senior IT Consultant (Omani)

v Lovely and valued real stories – that expose wisdom to educate and enlighten our lives – Omani CEO.

v Truthfully you are in an enviable position where some may even resent your views and outlooks –– Literary Person (Indian).

v The best part I mostly enjoy is that you write from the bottom of your heart. Your writing skills are really excellent! – Senior Public Official

v Your contributions to the good of the society and especially to The Youth can never be marginalised or ignored – Another Senior Public Official

Majid Al Suleimany

The Author

Muscat – Sultanate of Oman OM

November 17th 2012

Appealing To The Higher Ones! Reply


Between Us Only!

The Appealers!

Or Appealing To The Higher Ones!

My articles appear now every Saturdays and Tuesdays – please note!

A very good Indian friend of mine – and who also likes reading my articles – an avowed fan – sent me this article about one Sudha Murthy who had sent a direct appeal letter to the then JRD – Chairman and Owner of Tata Group in India!

Image JRD Tata

Sudha Murthy was livid when a job advertisement posted by the Tata company at the institution where she was completing her post graduation stated that ‘lady candidates need not apply’. She dashed off a ‘postcard’ to JRD, protesting against this blatant discrimination. It was the beginning of an association that would change her life in more ways than one! If this could have had happened in India – it can happen in anywhere else in the world!

The good man was touched by her protest letter and asked that she be interviewed and finally got the job – as the first female engineer entrant at the shop floor! The full story can be found here in my website –

Sudha Murthy – Then and Now!

In her own words – briefly – quote – I posted the letter and forgot about it. Less than 10 days later, I received a telegram stating that I had to appear for an interview at Telco’s Pune facility at the company’s expense …… .As directed, I went to Telco’s Pimpri office for the interview. There were six people on the panel and I realised then that this was serious business.

“This is the girl who wrote to JRD,” I heard somebody whisper as soon as I entered the room. By then I knew for sure that I would not get the job. That realisation abolished all fears from my mind, so I was rather cool while the interview was being conducted.

Even before the interview started, I reckoned the panel was biased, so I told them, rather impolitely, “I hope this is only a technical interview.” They were taken aback by my rudeness, and even today I am ashamed about my attitude…….

I was a young girl from small-town Hubli. My world had been a limited place. I did not know the ways of large corporate houses and their difficulties, so I answered, “But you must start somewhere, otherwise no woman will ever be able to work in your factories.”

Finally, after a long interview, I was told I had been successful! I consider JRD a great man because, despite being an extremely busy person, he valued one postcard written by a young girl seeking justice. He must have received thousands of letters every day. He could have thrown mine away, but he didn’t do that. He respected the intentions of that unknown girl, who had neither influence nor money, and gave her an opportunity in his company. He did not merely give her a job; he changed her life and mindset foreverunquote.

The Difference? But who cares? This is always my focus and determination in life is when one appeals to me to try my level best to help others as much as I can within the rules and regulation – bend instead of break – and always in ethics, principles and in professionalism – to rectify a misdeed, wrong or injustice – in my career life and in my social life even!

We always see big press advertisements of people willing to help others – but in reality these are few isolated Wastah cases – and are put there more as a show-off advertisement empty words, facades, white elephants – and just plain misleading rhetoric! Excuse me for being cynical and pessimistic!

People have hearts made out of stones – and there is no care or feelings of any sort for those less disadvantaged – and in need of help and assistance! Some people have this crazed mania of always wanting to appear in the news and the media – nd how good and nice they are! Yet these same people treat their employees, customers and clients – and other people – very indifferently, crude, badly and unethically – as if there is no God in existant!

But when my Consultancy was dying a slow death – I had appealed to some ‘Top People’ but they all ignored me as if I did not exist. Those few responded curtly like ‘we wish we could help’ but cannot – and not giving any reason why! Others just said – ‘we are not in that line of business’ – but are now in all sorts of businesses!

In my last article this is what I had said – The problem that we have in our society is once they give you a colouring or label – they are not willing and susceptible to change their outlooks – and minds!

For example if they have labeled you as being over sensitive! Or a trouble-maker! Or has egg-shell feelings – and that means if you just touch the outer shell – then the egg breaks! I do not know what happens with a hardboiled egg to the outer skin – or like those long preserved eggs! So one needs to be careful what one does say – even if the intention is warm, sincere and genuine!

Excuse me again about talking about myself and blowing my own trumpet – in my book Behind The Wheel! – and – I said this about one of the cases that I had encountered – quote

F.31 Because You Always Do Good!

I was moving towards this Petrol Station when this Western couple got out of their car – with both hugging me. What gives? Or what’s up doc? They shouted in unison – you are alive? I said Yes – God Is Great!

Then they said to me – we heard one person – with similar surname – had died in a road accident. He was driving a truck – and wearing slippers at the time! They had confused him with me. There was a tear in the woman’s eyes.

They then reminded me of a good deed I did for that family. I had actually forgotten! Then they said – Because you always do good things to people – that is why! We are so happy to see that you are alive! – unquote.

And finally – as even a Writer and Author, there is nothing that hurts one so much as sending my books as complimentary gift – and you do not get even a thank you note – with exception of a few expatriate cases that do!

That is what and why we are increasingly not receiving the old luck, fortune and blessings from our Lord that is all due to increasing bad willful hearts, outlooks and focuses – and may even be more worse off as time goes by! Explains also why some places always remain successful and enterprising – whilst others are not! Also there lies the secret of why some places are so successful while others flounder and sink!

I rest my case! Take Care!

By Majid Al Suleimany

Muscat – Sultanate of Oman – OM – November 11th 2012

Obama Wins! Reply

Between Us Only!

The Barack Obama Win!

Congratulations to Barack Osama for remaining as the 44th USA President in his second term defeating Mitt Romney!

I had dreamt about this bit but decided to keep it to myself! I said to myself – if I start telling people about this they will start thinking that being an acute depressed diabetic case – then I am starting to lose it – that is my mind – and faculties! The problem that we have in society is once they give you a colouring or label – they are not willing and susceptible to change their outlooks – and minds!

For example if they have labelled you as being over sensitive! Or a trouble-maker! Or has egg-shell feelings – and that means if you just touch the outer shell – then the egg breaks! I do not know what happens with a hardboiled egg to the outer skin – or like those long preserved eggs! So one needs to be careful what one does say – even if the intention is warm, sincere and genuine!

I must admit though that compared to the last elections – I was less keen and motivated than ever before. I did not follow the election results with that keen interest and like this time.

And that is the message to Obama in his second term. The people of the Middle East are disenfranchised and disinterested in having all their hopes, aspirations and dreams smashed up by not kept promises and pledges for a peaceful transformation of the Middle East with the two states solution living in recognised borders – in peace, harmony, and understanding and in co-existence.

The ME Middle East today has become more unsafe, dangerous and risky – with increasing extremism, fundamentalism and radicalisation! And with Israel still calling more shots and being paid full unflinching blind attentions and focuses – to the detriment and disadvantage of us all in the ME! To the extent that it has become a rogue bully state – and knowing that whatever they will do they will have full blind support and backing of USA!

I hope and pray that Obama will remember the promises and pledges he had made to us all in 2004 – and follow them through. There is no reason or excuse for him now not doing so – because as far as I know there is no Third Term possibilities and opportunities in the USA constitution so far!

And he should put right and in their place those people who think they can still control, subjugate and dominate the American scene and focus to their positions and advantage always!

If I were American – and a God fearing one too – I would realise that there is a greater force than us humans – and that was shown by the storm Sandy! Despite all the weapons, technology and infrastructure Mother Nature can still bring destruction, devastation, rampage and havoc to us.

We must all return to Religion and to our God Our Lord – and as to live as humanity in this world together as one – in love, understanding, co-existence, tolerance, patience – for the sake of ourselves, our destiny, legacy and our future.

And we must separate those that want to cause harm, destruction, chaos and havoc between peoples – and we must learn fast and quick to talk to each other to solve our problems! This instead of using technology to kill, harm and destroy innocent lives – many women and children – as collateral damages in the pursuits of a few adversaries!

Images – Obama Wins!

History has proven – again and again – that these methods do not work at all – and is like pouring petrol over a cinder fire burning intensely underground. We must open the books of history – and reread them again! Before it is too late for everyone! Because no one will emerge the winner in all these – and we all will lose – or suffer in one way or the other!

The message and theme remains the same: –

· Remain always with your people – they decide whether you stay on or not!

· Respect everyone in the society – disregarding, race, religion or creed!

· Do not sideline, marginalise or ignore The Women!

· They make 50% of the population!

· Do not sideline, marginalise or ignore The Youth!

· They are decision makers too – and are tomorrow’s future and leaders!

I do not know if you speak or hear Swahili BO – but if you do Hongera! Or Mabrook – as we Arabs like to say too!

May the Good Lord Guide us all to the right path and ways always – and Protect us all from his anger and fury – Amin Amen!

Take Care!

By Majid Al Suleimany

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A Cry For Help! Book – Press Release! Majid Al Suleimany Reply


 Majid Al Suleimany’s Exciting New Book is “A Cry for Help!” 


“A Cry for Help!” examines the management styles of Arabian Gulf Corporation Council countries

 A frank, honest and open book exposing the increasing lack of ethics, principles, professionalism and tolerance in the office environment

Muscat, Oman (PRWEB) November 01, 2012

Muscat, Oman Author Majid Al Suleimany exposes the increasing extremism, fundamentalism and radicalization in management styles and employees’ receptions and reaction in his new book “A Cry for Help!” (published by Trafford Publishing)

With over 35 years of human resource experience in Oman and with the Gulf Cooperation Council countries, Al Suleimany digs deep into the Arab office environment. Suleimany spins “a frank, honest and open book exposing the increasing lack of ethics, principles, professionalism and tolerance in the office environment.”

“A Cry for Help!” focuses on the particular type of management that is being used in the Arab workplace while explaining the context and perspectives in the work environment. He goes on to explain what is peculiar, special, or particular to that work in the context of, and in comparison to, management styles of other nations.

About the Author

Majid Al Suleimany resides in Oman with his wife and four children. He has published four other books: “Psychology of Arab management!,” “The Sequel – Between Us Only!,” “Short Takes – Between Us Only!” and “Between Us Only! Book One.” He has two others in production: “Between Us Only! The Sequel Three” and “Behind the Wheel!” Al Suleimany is also a columnist for The Oman Daily Observer. He has worked in management, human resources and as a consultant for over 35 years in Oman.

Trafford Publishing, an Author Solutions, Inc. author services imprint, was the first publisher in the world to offer an “on-demand publishing service,” and has led the independent publishing revolution since its establishment in 1995. Trafford was also one of the earliest publishers to utilize the Internet for selling books. More than 10,000 authors from over 120 countries have utilized Trafford’s experience for self publishing their books. For more information about Trafford Publishing, or to publish your book




C How To Order The Books

D Oman TOURISM – Click For English Best

Best Wishes and Regards,

Majid Al Suleimany

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