The New Areas of Concern and Worry! 1

Between Us Only!

Need To Review The Outlooks!

Or The New Areas of Concern and Worry!

Like I had said last week in my articlesI wrote on this before in my columns – before things went more bad for me! Yet this same place is always in the news too! How misguided and misinformed our own are and can be! That is why even after leaving them – they still cannot stop the hatred towards me – because nobody wants to hear the REAL TRUTH being said! I also saidIn my career life, I have said on things that others chose to ignore – not because I was not saying the truth or on the realities in life – and people did not realise this – but people were either just disinterested – and or chose not to get involved!

AImages Press – For Demonstration Purposes Only!

And finallyLike I always say in my columns and in my books too – there comes a time in our lives when you have to make really hard and tough decisions – of what your next step and future is going to be. You must make those decisions because the situation can no longer be allowed to go on in your life. Your own intuition and gut feelings tell you that you must make this decision – even that thin distant voice in you is pleading to you to ‘make that decision – and go for it’!

I make the call again!

Images Press – For Demonstration Purposes Only!

There are three incidents that have happened to me to make me realise that it is time that we wake up from this deep slumber that some of us are still in – and think big and outside of the box at least once in our lives – before it can be too late to do so. Two of the incidents are recently – and one a few months back – but this one I saw the results – which was nothing new and or surprising!

Incident Number One

Incident Number One –

There are three incidents that have happened to me to make me realise that it is time that we wake up from this deep slumber that some of us are still in – and think big and outside of the box at least once in our lives – before it can be too late to do so. Two of the incidents are recently – and one a few months back – but this one I saw the results – which was nothing new and or surprising!

Incident Number One – I was minding my own business at home when this guy ex peer calls me during my afternoon nap to talk on something that he wants me ‘to help him in writing’ – because you are good in these things! There is a party for Retirees Staff and he wanted to raise some issues ‘on behalf of others’ at this party (which I had decided already not to attend anyway in my article I wrote at the time last year). So I tactfully and diplomatically cautioned him that at these types of gatherings of people meeting to enjoy themselves was not the time ‘to raise such issues! There was a time and place for everything! But he kept insisting for me ‘to get involved’ – which initially I was against in doing – for my own personal and private reasons.

He then read to me a least of grievances and gripe he wanted to raise at this gathering. I again cautioned and warned him to ‘leave these things alone – because so many times the same things have been said in the past – and no definite changes seen yet! Some people will just not change – if I remember correctly – those were my exact words! Besides I told him – leave these things to The Committee (he was not a member anyway!) to re-raise again at the right time – but definitely not at this gathering. I reminded him on the points already raised before – so why raise them again now!

He later on did not like this – and became abusive (Why? What for? and he gave me ‘a piece of his mind!’ Reminds me of a cartoon of a wife screaming that ‘I am losing my mind’ – and the husband retorting nothing surprising and new – you have been giving me a piece of it for the last 20 years! He said things like you ‘being a puppet Company man’ – and I found that being very funny – and sad too! Anyway…!

A bit later on very good friend of mine had sent to me the following message – after the same Office Party for Retirees -– see my article The Dawn of Lost Respects – – The message said – Dear M – I missed you today my friend. I went around looking for you and I even asked your brother – but you were nowhere to be found. I hope you are okay and well – we really missed your presence today – and remembering all those good times we all had in the past. Take care of yourself my friend!

Another said almost the very same thing – and adding – Your absence was visibly and well felt by almost everybody – and it just shows how esteemed and respected you are by the Omani Staff. Again worry of how you are doing. For me – even if you get one such ‘missed you’ note after so long – then your work has been done for you! It just brought tears to my eyes!

* The Winning Photo – See Below!

Incident Number Two – Again at home minding my own business – when this Indian Journalist from another newspaper called me! They were writing an article on Road Safety and he ‘had heard’ (sic!) that I wrote a book on Road Safety – a Novel type of book – of victims stories etc. So I was explaining to him – when he curtly cuts me out – and saying that ‘he will call me again later’ – which he never did! Perhaps he was expecting that I will be so desperate for coverage – and call him again – Sir, why you did not call me again? Sir, why? I just ignored him – because the book to be published has already received sufficient coverage – one more or less will not make that much difference!

Frankly, I think this Media and Press are an arena where more serious thoughts and consideration should be given for more Omanisation – with so many young Omanis graduating in Mass Communications and related – instead of them ending as Admin Assts, Secretaries and PROs – and that too if they are lucky! With fast shifting changes, alliances and allegiances – this sector needs more reviews and consideration in Omanisation – even if a lot of errors and mistakes will be made in the beginning in ‘trials and errors’ – but we need to think of the future, destiny and legacy – and our well being – first and foremost – here!

Incident Number Three. This was an incident a few months back. Here was a European lady doing a cover story about Omani Publishers and their issues and problems. The meeting took off well – and then a few days later after arranging to meet – she throws a bombshell saying she cannot cover me – ‘because I come from a competing newspaper!

I retorted to her that my books – as an Omani Author of books in English – have got nothing specifically to do with me being a Columnist – and I do not see the correlation the least – especially if the focus and the intention is to write about issues and problems we Omani Authors face in the society. I then remembered that I got the same responses before when I wanted especially the Arab Management books to be covered by them! At least they replied a sort of polite NO – the others did not even bother!

I do not know in which direction and where we are moving in our society now – but all the tell-tale signs and current focuses are – to say the very least – very much worrisome and concerning – at least perhaps to me!

May the Good Lord direct us in the right ways and path – Amin Amen. Take Care!

By Majid Al Suleimany

* The Winning Photo – See Below!

Winning Photo –

“The winning photo shows a poignant, compassionate moment, the human consequence of an enormous event, an event that is still going on,” said chairman Aidan Sullivan. “We might never know who this woman is, cradling an injured relative, but together they become a living image of the courage of ordinary people that helped create an important chapter in the history of the Middle East.”


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