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Meeting of The Minds! Reply

For Sunday September 30th 2012

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Between Us Only!

Meeting of The Minds!

  • Before thee We sent (Messengers) to many nations, and We afflicted the nations with suffering and adversity, that they might learn humilitySura 6.42 – The Holy Quraan
  • When the suffering reached them from us, why then did they not learn humility? On the contrary their hearts became hardened, and Satan made their (sinful) acts seem alluring to themSura 6.43 – The Holy Quraan
  • So the people that committed wrong were eliminated. And praise to Allah , Lord of the worldsSura 6.45 – The Holy Quraan
  • If you see someone near you having his head shaved;put water on your own head! – A Famous East African Saying.
  • We can’t all do good, but at least do no harm! – Dr. Halsey

There is this Arab Lady News Reporter who is lamenting loudly for the whole world to hear why these problems in Syria still remaining fixed and unsolvable – and she laments loudly that each side of the equation are holding strong and steadfast to their positions – and nobody wants to budge an inch – even though they know well that they are bringing their own country to utter destruction and waste! She sadly adds – the fabric of the society has been torn apart!

She lamentsThere is simply no meeting of the minds! I guess ‘she feels and is touched to see all the wanton destruction around her – and the miseries and pains of crying children, women and the old ones! One part that really tore my heart was one of the young girls saying loud – while running for cover – ‘Why are those Jewish planes attacking us now? So sad, pathetic and tragic – really!

For a long time I have been ignoring my good new found friend and supporter whom I had nicknamed as Mr. Angry – those of my avowed friends would remember him? So last few last days I decided to drop on him at his house. Poor man – he is a very sick person – and though I am older than him – he could be confused to be my elder instead. But his mind is still sharp – thank God!

So he was saying to me – about The South African striking miners – that ‘there would be meeting of the minds there eventually – because these people really care and love their country – even if they come at each other from different directions. He sadly added – They are not like us people that never put our country and nation first – but are instead driven by selfish personal subjective interests before anything else. That is why we are all in this mess and disasters now – starting from Students Graffiti far minor – to destruction of a Great Nation!

He went on – True there was great injustice there with the same people who shot others at point blank – and then charging them of causing their own deaths. Came from the Apartheid Police State laws and hardly used after Independence for so many years – but when evil minds meet – they can concoct up anything ‘to show them as good, appropriate, right and legitimate’! However, at the last minute and belatedly – they pulled up from the brink – and the precipice!

People will use any means to justify their evil and devious intentions and plans – and there are no borders or red lines not to be crossed in doing so!

He continued – Yet still – despite everything, the South Africans can teach us all a lesson in life – when it becomes most necessary for minds to really meet to save a Nation. Some of us see that others are being destroyed – but we still do not even try to change – or try to mend our ways! 

If it was us this situation would blow beyond expectations – as we see live on the TV screen news now!

He then told me why he liked a lot on my story of ‘putting water on your head when you see someone around you being having his head shaved dry!

Mr. Angry is quieter now – more calmer and collected – but he still speaks his mind – freely, openly and candidly!

May The Good Lord Direct us all to The Right Path Always – Amin Amen

Take Care!

By Majid Al Suleimany

How Rich Can One Get? By Majid Al Suleimany Reply

Final Destination – The Grave – If You Are Lucky!

Between Us Only!

How Rich Can One Get?

Breaking News!

Former Chinese Police Chief Wang Lijun sentenced to 15 years for abdication of duties…even in China!

The Funeral Pyre – Below!

One time decades back I got this call from my late Father to go and pick him up to take him for a funeral that was happening that evening. He got into my car and was not speaking. I thought perhaps because I came in late – or he just wanted to be silent – normally – when he gets extremely angry and annoyed. I had come to realise the hard way that it was better for me ‘not to prod’ – until he decided to speak himself. This time it was acute strange because he was not saying anything – longer than normal!

My Late Father PBUH

I was wondering if the old man wanted to cry – but he was holding his tears back – not to embarrass himself in front of his son. He comes from the fabric that frowns on showing emotions openly – and that is certainly in crying! Big men – and even young boys – simply do not cry! You can all cry and break into pieces all held dear all inside. Only ‘sissies’ cry out openly!

 After the funeral, I could see that he now wanted to talk. So I broke the ice by asking what the poor man had died of? He stared at me as if he was going to take out on me – but decided at the last minute not to! Then he said – Poor man! We were everyday going to the Public place – to chase up on the applications of land for our children.

Poor man! Now he got his final plot – and it was for free! He did not have to pay any money for the plot – it was given for him for free! Just the size of his body – a bit more – but 6 feet down – to rest on his right side facing Mecca – until the Day of Reckoning! I tell you son – all these things we are chasing in life are all temporary and artificial – and there is nothing permanent and for surety except God – and Death only!

Then my poor father told me about one business man he also knows whose business had gone bust. Many reasons for it – he was telling me. But that is not important for now. In short the man almost lost his house to the Banks – but luckily for him it was the only house he had – and there was the law to protect such cases in the past. He had two cars – one his and the other family. He sold off his family big car to settle debts – but kept the smaller car.

One day he wanted to go by road and to visit his relatives in a neighbouring country. He was not allowed to do so – because though he had cleared his case – and his name in the public files was not. He did not have even the right to renew the Mulkiya of his car – and he was driving the car ‘unlicensed and un re-registered’ – and he was afraid of in case of an accident of what was going to happen to him! It took more than 8 months to have ‘his name cleared’ – all because he was just a poor man – and had no Wastah. God takes shorter time to clear us – he sadly lamented!

Images – Traffic Police! For demonstration purposes only!

He added – Such things do not happen to the rich, powerful and the famous – only poor people like him – and us! In the end the man was so fed up – and decided to return for good to East Africa – safety or no safety – security or no security – but he just had enough! My poor father added – This man was stronger than this man who died today – God forgive us for such stray thoughts in comparisons!

I do not know if this is true or not – but one of the jokes on the public sector bribes and corruption in one third world country is about lands being allocated to the families of ‘those of influence’ – or as we say here ‘With W – Wastah! They say to a pregnant inner family or friends circle – If it is going to be a girl call her Badriya – and if boy Badr – names just coincidental for examples and demonstration purposes only! I do not know if they knew these things of scanning – because like yours truly had twin girls – so one of the girls would have lost – till a bit later on!

In one of my articles long time back – I talked about when I started working in Oman in Junior positions – though I had a more Senior position from where I came in that distant land – from having a Company car to riding a Company bus to work. But it did not put me off – or want to return – because I put my future and my family ahead of me!

In one of my deep frustrating times far later in life – I even went looking for jobs outside that oil company. In one of the interviews with one owners’ son he asked me a direct personal question of what really made M tick? He asked me – What are your dreams and what are you looking for in life?

Perhaps he thought I would reply him that I wanted to be in his shoes – to be on his side of the desk – asking the same question to another job aspirant! Then he started lamenting to me all kind of things that were not interesting to me as a job applicant – and the success story of their family business! He then asked me if I knew another so-called rich rising family – and why I did not apply there?

In another place the ‘great personality’ was saying to me – Either we offer you a good package or nothing at all. It seemed to me he was thinking he was making a great speech impression to me – because those things are best not said – and left out – because it was just a plain common message – and everybody knows about these things!

Remember all the above incidents were over 15 to 20 years ago! Far later in life when I started writing I had a strong fan – a sort of high elite rich person who really liked my works as a writer. He said to me – I like the way you fight for the underdog! When I applied some years ago after early retirement – for a Human Resources job in his place – he replied to me – Just keep to writing! That best suits you than a HR job! The Brits have this famous expression – Diplomacy is telling someone to go to hell – and he looks forward for the trip!

If even Mitt Romney of USA can discount 47% of the electoral vote – because ‘they are with him (Obama) – who are dependant upon government, who believe that they are victims , who believe the government has a responsibility to care for them, who believe to housing, you name it. They are people who pay no income tax ….. my job is not to worry about those people!

Bottom line – wherever you are in this world of ours – if you are poor and with no Wastah – you always get hit hard the most! Nothing has changed much during all these years! And then people dare to ask me why I like to quote many times – from George Orwell’s Animal Farm!

May The Good Lord Direct us all to The Right Path and Ways Always – Amin Amen

Take Care!

By Majid Al Suleimany

The problems all facing us now is all due to this hunger to control, dominate and manipulate in the Society….!!!

Taking The High Road! By Majid Al Suleimany Reply


For Sunday September 23rd 2012

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Between Us Only!

Taking The High Road!

The Sequel!

  • The disbelievers of Quraysh, wrote poems vilifying The Prophet Muhammed (PBUH) and his companions (RA), but these poems did not reach us today because Muslims did not transmit them at the time and nor did they pay any attention – consequently disappearing.
  •  We must deal with this offensive movie in the same way and not give it any importance that will lead to its increase of spreading!
  • Even if we are so angry unimaginable!
  • Umar Ibn Al Khattab (RA) said: “Kill the falsehood by neglecting it”.
  • Check out also famous The Triple Filter Test!
  • Let us always pray for our beloved Prophet Muhammed (PBUH), his family and companions (RA) 
  • ‘The same Prophet PBUH who stated authentically and unequivocally, “Whoever kills a person who is granted protection by the Muslims shall not smell the fragrance of Paradise even though its fragrance can be smelt from a distance of forty years of travelling.

  I wrote on this topic first on 3rd January 2007. I repeat it today again! 

In the West, they have this expression – which I have repeated many times in this same column. What would Jesus do in this case? This should guide us even Muslims if we ask the same question on our Great Prophet – Peace Be Upon Him! 

Part of the article is reproduced below. 

There is nothing that is so detrimental, demeaning and pushing one to the brink of decadence, malaise, moral corruption and destruction than by letting emotions and clear transparent thinking and vision cum focus cloud us than by not thinking straight for ourselves and letting others guide and control us, or listening blindly to them because they profess to be our ‘sincere, caring and feeling friends’.


This coupled by being easily led and fooled – and by being emotionalized and traumatized to that extent that we fail to distinguish between what are lies and fibs (even poison) being fed to us, instead of analyzing for ourselves of what is the truth and reality. Not only do we owe it to ourselves, but those who have put trust, faith, confidence and loyalty on us. To them and who consider us as their very own and who see us as their elders from whom they would inherit, emulate and copy. We owe it to them more than we owe it to ourselves.


Images For Demonstration Purposes Only!

Look at our greatness that was recorded in history. The Great Caliphates in the history of Islam, when a visitor sees a local man washing his clothes on the riverbed. The visitor asks the person if he could guide him to the ‘castle of the Caliphate’. The man is replied – I will take you there, but first let me finish my clothes. The visitor is then led to a simple house, and where despite his protestations he is welcomed to some food and water, because he had been traveling. The man is impatient to see the Caliphate. After he had finished his food and rested, the ‘Washer’ introduces himself as the Caliphate (I think was Abubacker bin Abu Talib).

 The visitor is shocked – you are the Caliphate? The man who washes his own clothes? Living simply and poorly? I come from The Roman Empire for a message to The Islamic Caliphate, from the Roman Army that is dreadful and fearful of the Islamic Army?

 Or when the victorious Islamic Army entered Mecca, and forgave all those who transgressed and tortured the Muslims in the past, and ended in them becoming Muslims.

 Or our Great Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) how he forgave a village that had stoned him and until he was bleeding? If he had wanted, he could have brought harm and destruction to the whole village, but he did not do it. By his actions the village became all Muslims later on, because they knew the true and right meaning of the Religion. Or the actions and behaviours of Saladin, when he took over and controlled Palestine! All those are what are called Greatness, and the true preaching and practicing of our Religion!

 Recently, there have been many examples of provocations and insults against the Arab and specifically the Muslim world, and as open affront and demeaning move against Muslims. Even Saudi Arabia, GCC and the rest of the world protested. It is not a question of being for or against the Saddam hanging here, but the choice of date for this execution – on Hajj days!.

 Though it is an emotionally charged insult and affront, we in the Arab and Muslim world need to be under control of our emotions and get into straight thinking and focus – and take our true Islamic teachings and the Holy Book as our guide, and leave the rest to Allah.

 Whatever else is being said and being declared, and certainly is what is called of the need of here of – Taking The High Road! END 


 Continued – When such impudence and arrogant violations are repeated in the future – The Elders and The Religious Leaders should come out openly to condemn such things – and preach for calm, control and peace. Being afraid and silent just makes a bad situation turn worse. We should only be afraid of Allah than anybody else.

 If you see the images you will notice that they are mainly young people! I personally feel that this is the greatest loss of all things considered – in future relations between people.

 Unless The West especially remove these double standards in dealings with especially The Arab and Muslim countries of these hate campaigns – there is only more troubled waters ahead – and The Losers are everyone – including them too! Especially their outlook that we are dispensable opportunity costs to please those that our adversaries – whether expressed, hidden – or even inside!

 The current video messages from The White House and others to Muslims of The World are in the direct direction – albeit belatedly. We need to be treated just as they treat The Jews and The Holocaust – no lesser!

Take Care!

May The Good Lord Direct us all to The Right Path Always – Amin Amen

By Majid Al Suleimany

Learning The Lessons of Life The Hard Way! By Majid Al Suleimany Reply

Learning The Lessons of Life The Hard Way!

By Majid Al Suleimany – September 19th 2012

This incident had happened to me when I was a small kid – and I have not forgotten it to this day – even though my father had already passed away more than a decade ago – May Allah  rest him in peace – Amin.

I was playing with this cute puppy. Frankly, I am more of a cat person – but this puppy seemed to like me a lot! It was then time for afternoon prayers – and I joined the congregation in prayers after the usual abolution. One of the so-called uncles whispered something to my late father – and I got a beating of my life that still haunts me to this day as an over 60 person! From that time I steered away from dogs – because with due respects to ‘dogs-lovers’ – I did not know that they were considered as ‘unclean’ animals society looking – even in the place in that distant land! I learnt the hard way – because this puppy had followed me to the mosque – for a dog it was just a building!

My late Father was also not always pleased with me – because I had a tendency of ‘not wanting to get involved’ – when ‘brother fought brother’ – or even ‘sister against sister’ – as they sometimes did! We were 14 of us – 6 brothers – and 8 sisters as the children – blessings of Allah – God. My late Father used to say to me – you are the elder – so ‘you must be involved’ in these things – to separate them – and bring peace and harmony in the house!

That is the kind of person that I am – of not wanting to get really involved in such issues. It also comes in ‘giving up’ – because you say the same things day-in and day-out – and no one is respecting and hearing you. Like I always say talking to brick walls. Not only talking – but also banging your head – and it ends swollen and red – and the brick walls just sneer and slight you instead – unmoved and uncaring – as always. Instead you end not only as ‘The Loser’ – but you also suffer and get tormented in so many other ways instead!

I also believe this – and have said it so many times before! There is nothing untoward and ‘just not in’ than raising hopes and expectations of people – than dashing and disappointing them the worse than before – by not keeping the promises per se – or not doing anything real and material in this regard. That is why the world is in a greater mess and chaos than ever before – even more after the ‘promises’ were made – and all hopes and dreams dashed. It would have been better ‘not to get involved’ – and let things run their natural cause! There is also this thing. Do not take people for granted – and that they will act and or perform as to what you want them to be – or do either!

If you have also read the 90/10 principle of how you react to a situation can determine how more worse it can be then it was before. It is a famous principle – and I have said about it so many times in this column too!

In my article 8 years ago titled The Power of The Media – www.myown-ebooks.com – I joked about this ‘Red Indian’ boy cartoon where he is seen shouting on encouraging strangely The Cowboys – but not his own! This was in front .of his family in a cinema – kill the (unprintable) – as the ‘good nice cowboys’ chase the ‘stinky Red Indians’! The Red Indians were there as the original owners of the land – and defending their homelands – but came out worse out! Simply and smugly put – not all that glitters is gold! It takes two to tango – one cannot tango by himself – or herself alone!

There is also this thing. Conversely, if there is a great thing in front of you – or possessed by you – what bad name calling will not change facts on the grounds. My son was saying to me that his friend was telling him that he feels lucky that he is not my son – because he ‘does not have the pressures’ to perform in life like your father’s achievements – and that was a great eye-opener for my son of what he was really dealing in life. Until that time – he did not think much of the subject – and had not even read any of the books – though lying idly spread out in the house!

People should act their roles and responsibilities in life – without being told – or reminded – or reprimanded – or find out too late – like others before them – that the options to act and behave are now limited – or even not there at all.

In summary – I do not like to get involved in such issues like politics – and or deep religion – but there has been so much pressure for me to write – to use your pragmatism and wisdom. Unfortunately – those who tell me these things I cannot tell them what I really feel and think – because at this stage in my life – I have had already enough – and I sincerely wish sometimes that I had been more stronger and assertive in life – to do what I really wanted to do in the first place – rather than trying to ‘please or to be seen doing the so-called right things. But our Religion forbids us to think like this – because everything happens for a reason – and there are no accidents in life!

Take Care!

By Majid Al Suleimany

The Emergence of A New Dawn! By Majid Al Suleimany Reply

The Oman Daily Observer – Sunday September 16th 2012

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Between Us Only! – OUTLOOK!

The Emergence Of A New Dawn!

It was a new great leaning opportunity and awakening for me this week – when I had visited this Company Clinic for my usual Diabetic Check Ups – and when I met some fellow patients – and what followed next in eavesdropping conversations – before I got drawn in inadvertently!

There are two versions of the story – or two sides of the same story. As I sat there I met these young Omani youngsters coming for a Medical Check Up for already passed interviews for the jobs. One of them was coming after some years in a neighbouring Gulf country. As usual with us Omanis – there are no barriers held when in discussing in the open things best kept hidden in your own chest – things like salary packages – because you do not know who the ‘enemy’ is out there – even that fellow smiling one!

So he was saying loud enough for the rest of us to overhear. For sure it was not bragging – but the usual honest oneself – even if one may counter by saying was not that ‘smart move’ – or even being naive! He was ‘returning home’ even if the package here was considerably smaller than what he was getting there – including the now being missed company provided accommodation. He was saying loud how much he was going to lose overall – and surely was more on ‘patriotism and nationalism’ – and his own and family future – as he smugly put it in!

Then ‘the more brighter’ of the lot was saying his family had their own businesses – but he was coming in just for the free housing loan being provided by that company – and to gain some field and practical experiences – before his ‘rich family’ gave him one company to run – or open his own new company that he had some ideas upon!

And the last one like poor me saying all his family were pinning his hopes on him – because he was the only boy to start working – whilst his elder sisters were all married – and one was an Engineer by education (local University) – but she was doing a non-Engineering job – though the pay was good. He cynically and wryly added in – to great laugh and mirth – that her husband was now enjoying instead – the fruits of their labours and investment by the family! But that is our ways – nothing is sacred and confidential – and all out for the rest of the world to know.

Image – Young Omani Boys Talking!

I have always said this bit – and this is the way those of our adversaries use the same easily provided and available information – even from within – to use as a weapon against ourselves – or even to cause divisions and discord between us!

Anyway, at this place I was paying more attention to this young girl (foreign – about five years old) talking to her Mother who was working as an Engineer at the place. Too bad she did not understand Arabic to hear the other conversations – particularly this part of an Engineering qualified local girl doing ‘non-Engineering’ work as the ‘only job offer she got’!

Images – Mother and Child Talking – They Can Teach Us Too!

If you are an avowed Reader of mine – one may remember of the incident of how I fought for a similar case when I was in Human Resources – and still working. I was actually propelled more into action when this poor girl lamented ‘that nobody is helping us – even those from our home town – and doing influential jobs here – because we have no ‘Wastah’ – or influence – if you do not know what it means! So I said to her – my grandparents were born there – so I will step in to help you! On hindsight it had costed me my job – and the new local partner of that company – who took over the business later on – knew but did ‘not lift a finger’ to help me – but was pleased to see me go – so he could bring in his own kind in! But that is another story for now!

So this young girl was talking ‘all kinds of rubbish’ things of what she would be doing in her future life – and her mother was patiently and understandingly listening! She too the young girl was talking loud for the rest of the world to hear – but it was only me overhearing – the rest were in their own conversations – and world! That should teach us – especially in dealing now more with our own daughters, sisters etc in society!

As a father of three girls – 2 as twins – I am fully aware of how girls especially ‘like to talk and ask inquisitive’ questions of the like – and I was dreading to myself if the tables were turned – and Madam was there – she would have hushed her daughter ‘not to speak such rubbish and nonsense’ – especially if she was a girl. And that ends up like the lamenting girl that there is no one out there to help us (girls!) – and all that follows. But then big boys talk more rubbish – like what I was encountering here.

So when I had the chance and opportunity I told off ‘the rich boy’ with my usual diplomatic and tact style – but really hitting you hard on the inside! It was none of my business anyway – but M is just like that – he will say ‘I will not get involved’ – but he does in the end! I told him – if I were still in HR – and I hear you saying what are your plans (just to get the housing loan and some experiences!) – then there is no job for you – even if you were ranked on top.

Sure enough used to his kind – he curtly replied ‘ I came second – but the top guy has already turned the offer and he was ‘Hobson’s Choice’ – the only choice left. Then I cruelly cut in – and said to him – The Company could re-advertise! That seemed to silence him – for awhile!

This week my youngest daughter started working as an Engineering Graduate. Her interviewers were asking her – there would be some trips to the Interior – where you have to sleep sometimes – and all men there. Would your Father object? Why the Father and not the Mother? Hard to imagine sometimes that we still need more changes on the workplaces!

My daughter replied – My Father will himself take me to the airport for the air trip to the Interior Desert Oil Locations! It was the Mother instead who did – but when you have only one old banger of a car left with you – and Madam is still working – what the heck! There is nothing you can do but watch – before the suitors file in for ‘a good catch in girl and salary’ – as the young boy had lamented on his elder sister!

Take Care!

By Majid Al Suleimany

Muscat – Sultanate of Oman

People On The Move! Reply

For Wednesday September 12th 2012

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At My Workplace!

People On The Move!

I was watching the TV news of Australia building Refugees Holding centres outside their territory to cater for refugees from other countries trying to move and settle in Australia. I was also watching the news of Canada breaking off relations with Iran – and all the hyperbole and rhetoric coming out.

Peope Behind Bars – Trip To Australia Curtailled!

And then my Book Publisher in USA was telling me that if ‘I ever consider for a USA Green Card’ I could be eligible for review – because of my books and writings. In the two weeks before – we had two types of ‘family related’ who have come from UK and from Canada and USA – and also from Yemen and Tanzania too.

They – like us – had made a choice in life of going where they wanted to go and to be. It was also really painful to see so many lives lost in sea trying to reach ‘better and safer’ shores in life. I guess the main driving force was that people were not happy with their status quo in life – and as they say ‘it is all economy related’ more than anything else!

Drowned Refugees Off Shore Turkey!

Then I looked at the sad and tragic scenes of the ‘Syrian Tragedy’ of refugees living their own homeland at short notice to find ‘shelter, safety and refuge’ in other countries like Turkey, Jordan, Lebanon etc. The most hit victims are those on the ‘move again’ like the poor Palestinians and even Iraqis for that matter – and leaving Syria where they had gone first from their homelands for refuge. So sad and tragic it all!

Syrian Refugees on the move!

And then the poor Rohingyas of Burma – who nobody wanted to have – being poor peoples and seen as a burden to society. Their sad faces as they returned from the place they are all fleeing to – and told to return. It is always the poor, helpless and desperate people that suffer the most! Again so pathetic, sad and tragic! The bottom line – and the red-line – testing line – is ‘people not being happy’ in their status per se! The rest of the reasons just fall in line!

The Rohingyas on the move!

In one of the interviews, I saw live during the Lebanese civil war was this Teacher who sadly lamented ‘that he had never thought a day would come when he would be ‘a refugee’ in his own country – or as politely put as an IDP – Internal Displaced Person (People)! He then said – I can now understand and appreciate what a ‘poor Palestinian’ feels!

I watch the Al Jazeera Television Documentary titled After September 11 – and the people that had gone especially to USA – and The West – from other countries from Islamic and Arab countries – and why too they are not happy with the way things are going and the increasing Islamophobia cases they encounter. And how all their hopes and dreams were slowly diminishing – day in – day out!


During the dark times of history of our Nation – many people had left the country for other destinations – because life was unbearable, hard and difficult here. After the Accession of His Majesty Sultan Qaboos bin Said – May Allah Give him long life and health – Amin – our family had a choice of going to UK – or staying back in Tanzania. We chose the latter for our personal reasons – even after the bloody Zanzibar Revolution – until the doors were opened for us the family to return to Oman instead!

Last week one of the relatives had said to us – I really do miss Oman – and I hope one day I can return – and retire there! Married now to a British person – and settled to UK instead. My late father used to say – it is this stomach that is causing so much trouble and misery to us humans – because it wants to be fed at least once a day – if not more – and also water too.

It is always the poor, needy and the desperate people that always get most hit – and suffer the most. If you are rich, wealthy and famous – there are more options available for you than anybody else in life!

Tell that to the good Spanish people – and others in Europe – that had not ever thought in their life ‘to look for greener pastures’ outside home. This Spanish Engineer Lady was saying that though she had a very good job in Germany – but she still missed home – though here she was paid far more than she had ever dreamt – because she spoke in addition German and English. We cannot all be like Bernard Arnault either in this world!

As a person, I am always grateful to Allah to have parents that – after the Zanzibar Revolution – went back to basics – to even sell food – and my late father selling coffee and ‘kashatas’ (sweets) – so as to ensure that their children were educated and went to school – the fruits which came out more – when we came in 1972 – with need of Omanis that can read, write and speak English. The tradition and customs that do continue to this day with our own children too!

Frankly, education and training will always remain an investment with the youth – and for our own legacy, future and destiny. And you can never go wrong here! Countries like Iraq and Iran can show us by demonstration and examples – when friends turn foes – and your own are tasked in isolation and boycotts. No one knows what the future will hold – but as the East Africans say – when your neighbour’s head is being shaved – put water on your head – just in case!

An Arab President also said – A friend of today can be the foe of tomorrow – and a foe of today as a friend of tomorrow.

May Allah SWT Protect and Preserve us all – Amin.

Take Care!

By Majid Al Suleimany

Are You Looking For A Bribe? By Majid Al Suleimany 2

For Sunday September 9th 2012 

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Between Us Only! 

  • There is a local East African famous song that talks of ‘difficulties and problems’ of travelling – and so many eye-openers that you will meet in life – and especially when you travel in the world!
  • The way that some Officials in Public Places behave still does makes one wonder aloud – if they are after bribes?
  • The eyes of the people are watching you!Sierra LeoneFight Against Corruption Banner
  • God cursed the one who pays a bribe, the one who takes it and the mediator between the twoIslamic Hadith (Narrations)
  • If these same Officials were at the Heavens’ Gates, no one will get into Heaven! – My Late Father

A   long time ago I was travelling to this Far Eastern country – and as I was getting out of the toilet – this old type of a man gave me a hand towel to wash my hands. I noticed that there were no tissues or towels in the toilet area – and I was saying to myself that this was a very good thing in customer personal services by them – when the shock was on me when he asked for a ‘bakhshish’ – a decent polite word describing ‘he wanted a bribe’ from me for using the towel!

  • Similarly, in one of the places I had visited in East Africa –  I wanted to travel to another town to meet some of my relatives who were staying there. I went to the Airlines Travel Agency to book myself a flight. The man wanted to see what kind of passport I had – and I told him that though I speak the home lingo very well – but I was carrying a ‘foreign passport’.
  • In memory – Mohamed BuAzizi
  • This was none of his business on the outset – as I was going to pay in USA Dollars anyway – as I had told him this already in the beginning. But he insisted on seeing my passport – which was irrelevant as the place was within the country anyway – even if there was an International Airport there – but the flights were internal and domestic!
  • Being bull-headed and resistant – I was saying to myself that I will not bribe for this ticket at whatever costs to me! My desperate relatives there keen to see me told me that it was the ‘norm’ to give out something (a bribe?) – if I really wanted to travel. The man pretended to go inside ‘as he told me to check’ the Passengers Manifesto. Sure enough he came back to me to say the plane was ‘full’ – even First Class as another option that I had tried! So I decided to go back rather than pay the bribe. But I said to myself – I never received a bribe in my life – and for certain I will not pay one either.
  • Im
  • Image The Slapping Police Woman – Fadia Al Hamdi
  • Eventually I had to give him USA Dollars 20 against everything I held dear as my principles and ethics, because my Late Uncle was blaming me that I really did not want to see them – and I was just finding an excuse of not paying the bribe as not wanting to see them! Everyone is doing it – so what is the big deal. This is not Oman – my late Uncle cried out to me. Am I not your blood too? Remember this was a long time ago – not now as the tables are slowly turning even there for corruption and bribery – with even famous people being singled out in The Press – and that is how fast the world is changing now!
  • When I boarded the plane it was half empty – and there were only two people in the First Class cabin! The Airhostesses kept insisting for me to take in some more sandwiches and drinks – and I was not sure whether they were just doing their jobs professionally and ethically – or perhaps too looking in a more decent way for some ‘bakhshish’ too! I was not surprised when I learnt later on that the Airline went bankrupt – with such corrupt and bribery infested officials working with them!
  • My Uncle had given me ‘his best car’ for me to use whilst there. As we were returning home late at night, this Traffic Policeman on his motorbike started chasing me. I stopped and he then wanted to book me – because one of my car rear lights was off (even the brakes one). So he was making a big deal that vehicles behind me may think ahead was a motorcycle – and not a car – and what could follow was a very nasty road accident – and that would be attributed to me.
  • No joking or teasing stuff because I was really scared – and I had never before been booked for any traffic offence or violation – but my relative was cool – and said to me in Arabic to give him some local money to give the man! There was ‘another bargaining’ going on when he saw my International Driving License – as I did not know it was required to be officially locally stamped as well!
  • Finally he took what I had a few low denomination USA Dollars currency with me – in addition to the ‘bigger’ local currency. He waved us off cheerfully saying if anyone else stops you on the way – please tell them you already saw him (nick name)! A few days later I returned to Oman – holidays or no holidays – because I had enough!
  • If you are an avowed Reader of mine you may notice I had said about these cases before – and even more embarrassing ones too when I had to deal with such bribery and corruption issues – and more after I went for Early Retirement in 1998 in my Oil Company then!
  • Last week I was really astounded – to say the least – to see that there are many cases awaiting to be presented for persecution – and some based on corruption allegations in especially public offices. Frankly, I feel and would support that it includes also Public Sector and National Companies and Officials’ behaviours and attitudes too in their dealings – and this too to be added in the list
  • And for that matter even other Private Sector companies too – even the Family run ones – together with their bosses and owners. We see always the same Big Companies getting the same big contracts too – day in and day out! It maybe just coincidental – but if even the FBI and the CIA have ‘Insiders’ investigating their own – they cannot be that far wrong!
  • In all my writing career now over 9 years,  I have yet to see much more of The Senior Columnists saying that they have been to a Public Office – and have come back ‘happy and fulfilled’. My first articles were Bureaucracy (and Red Tape) in The Public Sector – my first book – Between Us Only! – www.majidbooks.com and www.myown-ebooks.com That was one of the articles that had ‘launched’ my writing career as an ‘ambition, hobby and passion’ with this esteemed newspaper – which came to my salvation ‘when the chips were really down’!
  • The truth be said is this – that there are still some offices in the Public Sector that one to this day is ‘still scared stiff’ to visit – because anything can happen to you and or your application – despite all the public appearances – and websites and Call Centres!
  • And you would imagine that things would naturally and undoubtedly move faster and quicker with modernity– but still end with great problems, difficulties, hardships and pains to the Poor Citizen – as if we have not seen or noticed what has happened – or learnt our lessons – and still see what is happening all around us now. Even infringing personal freedom and liberty – and basic human rights for the citizens to be served – but being denied these basic essential services even!
  • It took one Tunisian not happy with the Public Office reception – can you imagine – to set off The Arab Spring Uprisings and Revolts the world over – even if people try best mot to be scared and to be afraid anymore! Things need to change fast – and time is of the essence – to be as quickly and painlessly as is possible – for the common good and benefits!
  • May The Good Lord Direct us all to The Right Path Always – and Protect and Preserve us all – Amin Amen
  • With sincere and genuine apologies!
  • Take Care!
  • By Majid Al Suleimany

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Majid Al Suleimany’s exciting new book is “A Cry for Help!”

“A Cry for Help!” examines the management styles of Arabian Gulf Corporation Council countries

MUSCAT, Oman – Author Majid Al Suleimany exposes the increasing extremism, fundamentalism and radicalization in management styles and employees’ receptions and reaction in his new book “A Cry for Help!”(published by Trafford Publishing)

With over 35 years of human resource experience in Oman and with the Gulf Cooperation Council countries, Al Suleimany digs deep into the Arab office environment. Suleimany spins “a frank, honest and open book exposing the increasing lack of ethics, principles, professionalism and tolerance in the office environment.”

“A Cry for Help!” focuses on the particular type of management that is being used in the Arab workplace while explaining the context and perspectives in the work environment. He goes on to explain what is peculiar, special, or particular to that work in the context of, and in comparison to, management styles of other nations.

About the Author

Majid Al Suleimany resides in Oman with his wife and four children. He has published four other books: “Psychology of Arab management!,” “The Sequel – Between Us Only!,” “Short Takes – Between Us Only!” and “Between Us Only! Book One.” He has two others in production: “Between Us Only! The Sequel Three” and “Behind the Wheel!” Al Suleimany is also a columnist for The Oman Daily Observer. He has worked in management, human resources and as a consultant for over 35 years in Oman.

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‘Brain Dead’ Marriages! By Majid Al Suleimany Reply

For Sunday September 2nd 2012

 My Website – www.majidall.com

 Between Us Only!

‘Brain Dead’ Marriages!

  • If the heart stops for more than two minutes, you have massive brain death. There are only two minutes between our conscious world and zero. That is how fragile our consciousness is! – Robin Gibb
  • It is not the brains that matter the most, but that which gives them – the character, the heart, generous qualities and progressive ideas!Fyodor Dostoyevsky
  • The joke is on you, because I have already lost most of my brain cells due to heavy drinkingClarence Singer
  • We can’t all do good, but at least do no harm! – Dr. Halsey

Being Brain Dead – according to Wikipedia – is the irreversible end of all brain activity – including involuntary activity necessary to sustain life – due to total necrosis death (the stage of dying) – of the cerebral neurons (the cells in the nervous system) – following loss of brain oxygenation (where oxygen molecules travel from the air and into the blood). It should not be confused with a persistent vegetative state. Patients classified as brain dead can have their organs surgically removed for organ donation.

Brain death, either of the whole brain or the brain stem (the posterior part of the brain) – is used as a legal indicator of death in many jurisdictions

A long time ago, I was sent this email of a story in a neighbouring country – of a young girl who suffered a road accident and ended being in a vegetative state for a long time. Incredibly and unbelievably too, the Mother insisted for the respirator machine to be switched off – but as the father was still alive anyway – the hospital had insisted that they were not able to do this – but let nature take its due course in death. By miracle of Allah God, the young girl woke up from this coma state to regain consciousness! When the joyful mother tried to embrace her – the girl refused saying – Mama – I heard you always insisting on switching off the machine!

I was also reading this article of marriages in the same country – of marriages to the extent of roughly one third ending in divorces – and from periods of one day (yes!) to two years – but many in the first six months. But these are all young people – and First Marriages too!

As the subject is not about them but just in passing – my concentration is more on the long married ones. Why are so many long married couples marriages are brain dead = and dead locked? Devoid of the usual facades, complacencies, acting and pretensions of things are going on okay and normal – but the real truth is completely different! There is an expression the East Africans like to use – which is this – The Homes hide many secrets to the outsiders! Or as our good friends the Brits say – The skeletons in the closets (cupboards)!

Divorce Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes – No more jumping on the sofa set (Oprah Show!)

As a Columnist and Writer, I get more letters from the ladies than the men about how they are not happy in marriages. Sadly and tragically, married for more than decades – and some with even teenager grandchildren even – let alone children! Sometimes it is so sickening when invited to some places and see the facades and acts of ‘such people’ – joking and teasing each other – and calling ‘pet and nick names’ – just as a show off and pretension show and drama to others.

Sometimes, I am real thankful to my late parents for bringing me up as I am today – to respect everybody – and at least not do bad things to others – if I cannot do good things. But I am dead sure that with the ‘ammunition’ that I have on such marriages fiascos and melodramas – and soap operas stuff – I could be ‘a very bad mean’ person – to use the information to my advantage – to even get later on compliments like – thank you for laughing along – though you really know the truth! This act of going along and acting – I can assure you is very hard and taxing. Reminds me of Joey in The Friends series where he says – I can go along – don’t forget I am an Actor! Maybe acting is something I could consider too.

But not all of them are Actors – some are Real Them in Real Life. Personally, I do not know which is the better lot – because some of the scenes can be very mean and dastardly – and all hell is let loose – even for minor things – and very hurtful to each other – as if they are alone in the house! The most hurtful and paining part is saying openly things that are best left at home – though they will keep company information confidential as required – but not the family married part. This is the most sad and decadent and malaise part. Why do you want the whole world to know these things? Best kept at home – and in secret?

Images For Demonstration Purposes Only!

There are a lot of reasons for decay and break ups in such marriages – and who should know better even. They set a bad example to the youngsters – and their own children – and grandchildren even! This is the time to be together to reap the fruits of their labour and investment – by being together now – and seeing the success and achievements of their children – and even grandchildren. Do not switch off the machines now!

Even The Elderly!

Unhappy Couples and Break Ups! The Children suffer the most!

This subject I have covered so many times before. I was happy to notice that in this same country they have instituted Public Marriage Counseling Departments – but I guess the long married ones are more difficult, hard and complex to handle. Family members should step in – including Religious Leaders – and even in schools on sanctity and importance of marriages. And to move away from individualism, materialism, selfishness, consumerism etc – and to even think that Offices are more important than homes!

All Apart Now! So Sad!

When you are really sick and in bed – there will be a few flowers and cards from the offices – but after a time they will just end and disappear. Your spouse can be your real soul mate and salvation – and look after you at least – so don’t drive him or her away now – before it is too late for you. Remember too that your children have their own commitments and lives to run – so they will not be at home all the time! Money is not everything – the Home is!

May The Good Lord Direct us all to The Right Path Always – Amin Amen

Take Care!

By Majid Al Suleimany