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For Sunday August 12, 2012

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Respect The Parents!

  • And Thy Lord hath decreed that ye worship none but Him, and that ye be kind to Parents; Whether one or both of them attain Old Age in thy life, Say not to them a word of contempt, nor repel them, But address them in terms of honour. And, out of kindness, Lower them the wing of humility, and say: My Lord, bestow on them, Thy Mercy even as they Cherished me in childhood – .- The Holy – Quran Sura Al Isra – 17:23-24
  • And We have enjoined upon man goodness to parentsThe Holy Quran  29:8 and 46:15
  • To understand your parents’ love you must raise children yourselfChinese Proverb
  •  Children begin by loving their parents; as they grow older they judge them; sometimes they forgive them.Oscar Wilde
  •  Parents are not interested in justice; they are interested in quietBill Cosby
  •  What We Do To Our Elders – Our Youngsters Will Do The Very Same To Us – If Not Worse – East African Saying!

One time when our late Father was still alive, my younger brother and I had taken him for his Royal Hospital appointment. As we got him out of the car and into a wheel chair, my brother was arguing with me that he will push the wheel chair inside – whilst I go and park the car! I asked him to do that whilst I pushed the wheel chair instead. Either there was such a competition in love for our late father – or it was just the task of parking – as it was so bad at the place!

When he was admitted – he was refusing to take his medication because he said it made him feel ‘very uncomfortable’. So we were sort of scolding him – and being looked at us with the greatest disdain, dismay and disappointment was this Far Eastern country nurse who came over to us and scolded us instead of – not speaking properly and rightly – to your parent – and he being sick too. She said to us – Your Father especially when he is this old and sick you have to speak to him in a better way like you do to a child – but still remembering and remaining you as a child to him!

Some of ‘our better knowing’ family members – and typical of us all generally in our ‘superior’ nature! – were visibly upset that ‘we had allowed the nurse to speak to us’ like this! With her broken Arabic and her persuasive nature she soon took dominance and had Late Dad taking the medication – though our typical ‘safe-saving’ escapade was ‘The old man was blighted by the pretty young nurse’ – and not to see it differently as we should have been done!

I was watching this film clip “Respect Your Parents’ – I think it is Turkish. You can see it too here in one of my websites – here at -or here at – – double click when inside –- where this bored old man was sitting on a bench with his young son on a bench outside their home.

The son was reading a newspaper, ignoring his bored father. A sparrow lands on the grass in front of them continuously chirping. So the old man asks – What is that? A sparrow the son replies. Again the Father asks – the same answer. A number of times the son becomes angry and starts to scold loudly his father – What is wrong with you? I told you already a sparrow! Because he was being disturbed away from reading his newspaper – A bird! I told you a sparrow! A bird! – The son continues to scream!

The Father gets up. Now the son asks – Now where are you going? The Old man says with his hands it is alright – and he goes back into the house. The son is seen lamenting on his action. The Father emerges with a diary in his hands and sits down with the son. He asks him to read a particular entry in the diary. Aloud he says to the son.

The entry there says – My son of three years of age today asks me what is this? I replied him it – It was a bird – a sparrow! He asked me the same question 21 times more – but I was still not angry – because I can see that my son is very excited to have seen this bird! The son now breaks down – and hugs the father – followed by Teachings on Respecting Our Parents. Tears come out whenever I see this film – and I wish I had given my parents more time and attention when they were still alive!

When I wrote the farewell article for My Mother – Goodbye; Our Mama (Mother)! – and is the first chapter in A Cry For Help! Book – the lady in USA with my Publishers of my books wrote to me – Dear Majid – I know you are a wonderful man, with a big heart. I have really enjoyed reading all your books and articles – before sending them in for the final publication. Your article in A Cry For Help! Goodbye, Our Mama (In memoriam) – made me cry a lot! I have never spoken to my Mother for the last five years after she was against my marriage – which ended in divorce, anyway.

Yesterday I boarded this flight and went to see my Mother! I asked her to read your article first before we spoke anymore. I told her – The article is written by an Arab – that we all like to talk about! She cried with me – Thank you for bringing my Mother and I back again together. God Bless you and your Family (Amen).. I believe as an Author even if you get one such letter – your work has been done for you!

Images For Demonstration Purposes Only!

I was watching this advert in Arabic in one of the Regional Countries Television Channel – they do a good job which we can copy! It shows The Great Madam of the House – TGMOTH – giving an ultimatum to the husband that he needs to choose between her and the man’s father to continue to stay on in the house – because the old man was using a carpet to sit on the floor – instead of the chairs as he was playing with his grandchildren!

As the man is being moved to an Old Peoples’ home – he refuses the offer of the son to carry his bag. He says to the son – I carried the bag myself when I came in – so please excuse me when I carry it myself now (though he is sick)!

The old sick man is seen lying on his bed crying and lamenting that ‘he has been removed from the house and from his grandchildren that he was enjoying playing with – even if on the carpet floor (typical local old times). A bit later on the father sees the son drawing a big castle. So he teases the son – is this your future house? The son replies – yes it is going to be my house – but you will not be staying in it – because I will move you too to the Old Peoples’ home – just like you did our granddad! What goes around – comes around!

If you will forgive me also, I would like to develop this theory of mine. I always ask myself this question – why are Far Eastern countries economies doing so well in these difficult economic times – and despite them having no oil as such. I think God is Blessing them with the way they are treating their parents and their elders. This must be one of the main reasons – if not the only one!

The same thing can be said for some societies even in the Developing and Western World! A society that tends to treat its elders badly cannot continue to do well – because it is against the words of God – whomever you believe in!

And if you are an Elder – Please ensure that what you tell your younger ones to do they actually and really do it – because there is a tendency for them to do what they only like – or do it in the way they like only! Not forgetting the jealousy and envy elements too!

Finally also – If you have still living parents both or one – take my lesson for life in treating them as such! Once they are gone – the chances are completely gone too!

Ramadhan Kareem! Take Care!

By Majid Al Suleimany


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