Being Proud In Life! By Majid Al Suleimany Reply

For Wednesday August 8th 2012

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Being Proud In Life! 

  • I have only been sent for the perfection of character – Prophet Muhammad PBUH
  • That person will not enter Paradise who hath one atom of pride in his heart! – The Hadith.

When Satan was told to bow down to Adam, he refused Allah’s God’s order because he thought himself as more important than Adam was – though all the other Angels did bow down to Adam! He refused and he was proud, and he was one of the Unbelievers – Surah Baqarah 2:34

Many Scholars of the opinion that ‘Pride’ is one of the greatest sins and evils in life and in humanity – and the cause of many disasters, tragedies, calamities and catastrophies in life – and the situation is only getting worse by the day! People will never learn from experiences and from history – and that is the most sad, tragic and misfortune part in our lives now.

If you read the Holy Book and The Hadith it is full of verses and stories of ‘those who are proud, arrogant and contemptuous’ of being assigned for eternal Hell Fire.

Allah says in Surah Zumar (Verse 60) – Is there not in Hell an abode for the proud? Also – It shall be said: Enter the gates of hell to abide therein; so evil is the abode of the proud – Surah Zumar 39:72.

In Surah Mo-min (Verse 35) Almighty remarks – Thus does Allah set a seal over the heart of every proud, haughty one. “Certainly Allah God does not love the proud ones – 16:23

It is narrated that the Great Prophet Moses – May Allah be pleased with him  – asked The Exalted Allah: – Oh my Lord! Who is the most deserving of your wrath and displeasure?” The reply he got was – It is he whose heart is filled with pride and his tongue is filthy (that is abusive), his eyes are devoid of shame, his hands are miserly and he is of bad conduct and character

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One of the requirements of fasting the holy month is your own personal salvation – where you vow to be a better person in life – and ask for forgiveness for your past deeds and sins that you have committed – so that you elevate yourself to a higher level of behaviour, conduct and the way you deal with others – and not only your relatives, family and friends – but everyone else that you will interact and interface in life.

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Despite knowing all these things – and yet so-called fasting too – people continue to behave and act as before – if not getting more bad and worse by day – even in this Holy month of fasting too! They will simply not change – and they will continue to think that they are always right, correct, ethical, principled and professional. That is the most worrisome and scary part!

As I always like to say that after family – offices are well people most behave – and where human wickedness, evil, foibles and everything else bad most comes out! Being M I like to send what I consider as good emails to people. However, last week a friend advised me not to send any emails of any kind to a certain person – sort of a ‘friend’ – because his Big Boss was asking him why is M sending you emails? Just block and return his emails – because I do not want you two to correspond to each other! I had noticed myself that the emails were returning ‘as undeliverable’!

Frankly, I do not like to harbour and deal with people that cause strife and friction between peoples – especially in this month out of all months. Yet this person – and his big boss – go into fake and artificial smiles – as if they are really interested and happy to see me – albeit all the other things behind the scenes! How much double faced and hypothetical one can get in life! They both think that they are well past needing or requiring anything from me – so they can well afford to do what they are doing now.

Honestly and frankly too – I do not like to talk or deal with politics – but a good friend of mine had sent me this video of an Arab Conference where a current leader in very big and dire troubles was ‘laughing sarcastically and cynically’ at Ghaddafi when the man was talking about hanging of Saddam Hussein – and he Ghaddafi was against this – little knowing his own fate in the future – including the present one now!

If these kind of things can happen to Top People – who are you as top company brass and echelon to think that you are better than others? Have you not seen scandal-hit top brasses too quitting at short notice – and even in situations that they had little to do – or of insignificant level – committing and adding to the situation!

People will simply never learn lessons of life – until it is too late. Forgive them for now because they are brain-washed, indoctrinated and drunk with power, need to control, manipulate and dominate others – and always cynical, proud, sarcastic and contemptuous of almost everybody else – even to their own family, relatives and friends unexcluded!

Just feel sorry for them – and pray for them. That is all we can do for now!

Take Care and Ramadhan Kareem! 


Majid Al Suleimany