Investigative Reporting! By Majid Al Suleimany Reply

For Sunday September 2nd 2012

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Investigative Reporting!

  • As to the ones who forge such lies, they are the ones who do not believe in the revealed signs of God. Thus it is they who are the liars.” (16:105)
  • The Prophet (pbuh) also said: “The complete believer may have any characteristic in his nature except treachery and lying.”
  • A Muslim can be a coward or a miser but can never be a liar.
  • The Messenger of Allah (pbuh) was asked, “Can the believer be a coward?” He said, “Yes.” He was asked, “Can the believer be a miser?” He said, “Yes.” He was asked, “Can the believer be a liar?” He said, “No.”
  •  On the Day of Judgment. Allah, the Almighty says: “This is the Day when the truthful shall benefit from their truthfulness. For them are Gardens beneath which rivers flow, wherein they shall abide, forever and ever, God being well-pleased with them, and they well-pleased with Him. This is the magnificent triumph.” (5:119)

I was watching this programme in Al Jazeera titled – Africa Investigates! The programme is a master-piece Journalism where Journalists go underground to investigate various aspects of things – mainly crime and corruption ‘infested waters and patterns’ in life – and at dangers, perils and risks to them – even including their own lives too – but they still do it not because of the thrill and excitement – but mainly to report and expose evils and crimes in society!

Another such nice programme is Al Jazeera Correspondent – where their correspondent returns home to undertake such investigations and expose. And reporting on news and topics far way from what we never see or will be reported in the usual news and coverage!

In actual fact if we in the Arab World need an example of a Television Channel that vows to expose and tell The Truth – than Al Jazeera is the best example to quote and a feather in their cap in coup and in achievement. To such an extent that even people in The West – and including Asian and African countries switch to Al Jazeera if they want to find out the Truth – and not the old famous channels of the Past! No wonder many people are really scared and worried about Al Jazeera – and what they can bring – and expose!

I do not consider myself as a Journalist but fell into writing by default and inadvertently. Writing has been my hobby and passion since I was 14 years old. I have now published eight books – and two of the latest are Behind The Wheel! – and Between Us Only! – The Sequel – Three! – The later carries all my articles in the last three years – and are there mainly for records and for future legacy – rather than profit – as there is no money in books and writings – at least as far as we are concerned – like I always say in my books – and in my columns and in my websites!

I liked these programmes of Investigative Reporting – Africa Investigates – and I do not mind watching the same episodes again and again – exposing the hideous and rampant crimes and corruption in their societies – and at great risks and dangers to themselves. Other equally good programmes are Panorama in BBC – and Sixty Minutes too in CNN – and others similar. There are many such other programmes in the Regional Televisions.

I remember first-hand this interview of one person in Tripoli in Libya during Ghaddafi time – and he was saying that he heard so many stories going on – but the TV channels are going on their businesses as usual – and not even reporting that Benghazi had fallen. I do not watch much Arabic Channels unless I have to – but watching the Syrian Television – and comparing to what I see on Al Jazeera – I wonder aloud if I am still on earth – or have gone with Discovery to Mars!

As a Columnist – I get many letters of ‘gripe and beef’ from Readers who want me to tell their stories – but I have had enough of my own situations per se to want to get involved with others – though I know well the following quotes:-

  • On the authority of Abu Saeed Al-Khurdari, who said: I heard the Messenger of Allah say: – Whosoever of you sees an evil, let him change it with his hand; and if he is not able to do so, then with his tongue; and if he is not able to do so, then with his heart; and that is the weakest of faith – Muslim 79
  • The world suffers now not because of evil people– but because of good people that have decided to remain silent – Albert Einstein

Truthfully, my head is already swollen and red banging it against brick walls – but I really admire these Journalists courage that can risk everything – and that includes their own lives too! They are my heroes!

So please forgive me if I consider to pass – or ask for a ‘rain check’ – and or ask to be excused. I know some may get disappointed – and some do get annoyed and angry at me – but my fingers have been burnt too many times before! To the extent that even those now doing good and great things to me just get my casual thanks and appreciation. I am that very much tired …and afraid too – of everything now in life!

Take Care!

By Majid Al Suleimany



The New Book – Between Us Only! – The Sequel – Three! Reply

The New Book – Between Us Only! – The Sequel – Three!

This is the Author’s seventh book – and the fourth in the Between Us Only! Book Series!

The book contains all the articles that had appeared in the Author’s two weekly columns – for the past three years.

BUO 3 BookSKU-000601732_COVER

The book contains many well received and acclaimed articles in his Columns – containing varied articles and topics – and for different tastes and likes – covering almost everyone – from the Student to the Professor; from the Office Clerk to the CEO; and from the teenager to the Grand Parents!

The columns are titled – Between Us Only! and At My Workplace! Website

This is what they all had said: –

v You are truly one of the few peoples that one can easily connect with. It is always easier to be behind the scenes – than it is to be in the frontline. Only few can be like you! – Young Omani Lady Fan

v I read your article and I must say, it was a great eye opener for me – Omani HR Executive

v Thank you greatly! You enrich us always with your articles and contributions. I also do appreciate your ideas and suggestions – highly remarkable and commendable always! – Omani IT Head

v The University expresses its many thanks for being in touch – and is a huge pleasure and privilege and a great honour. You have a brilliant and star colossal range of achievements – and must be congratulated – UK University Professor.

v Great experiences and thoughts. We need more people like you in spreading such thoughts and standing on Change – Omani Engineering Head

v You have said it so beautifully my dear that my heart broke out for you. I cry in my heart for you. You are so great! – From A Lady Omani Fan

v What a brilliant article, I wish I had joined the book group sooner – British Book Fan

v It was nice to see that you have compiled all your articles in your books to be reserved for future generations – Local Great Literary person

v You are among the few who are visionary and with realistic foresight. You have mentioned exactly what the mindset of what many people think quietly all inside them – Senior IT Omani Consultant

v People respect you as our number one Columnist and for the wonderful pieces you have said over the number of years. It is our great pleasure and we are proud to have such quality Omani columnists like yourself on our side – Senior Omani Journalist

v You really talk deeply and with great understanding to human nature. You are lucky to be you! – and every word you say is making great sense– Omani IT Head

v His book websites are at and

Visit also for the New Road Safety Book – Behind The Wheel!

Majid Al Suleimany

The Author

The Apple versus Samsung Law Suit! By Majid Al Suleimany Reply

For Wednesday August 29th 2012

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The Apple versus Samsung Lawsuit! 

You will no doubt forgive me because I am not an IT Specialist nor Expert – but I do like gadgets a lot!

Whenever I am down and sad and I have some money to spare – I go and buy a new gadget! I was using my own PC gadget bought only a few days back – instead of the Office PC (the old stand-up version)! I was happy and smiling to myself after fixing it – and then I quit just a few minutes later – when I showed it to what I thought was an appreciative ‘old friend’ I knew GM – fellow Omani – whom I did look after in my old oil company days – but people have short memories – especially if you do not belong to their lot! He was looking to fill my position with an Expatriate – whom he would have to pay lesser than me – even if the job was only temporary for a few months only!

But that is how life can treat you – if you put your trust and faith to people – instead of to yourself – and you compromise your ethics, principles and professionalism – for a few Baizas – and at opportunity cost to yourself. In that way admittedly I never learn my lessons – even if my fingers were burnt just a few times before!

Anyway, to both Samsung and Apple – I have both your equipments at home – and I know which one I would prefer to use for what use – but I am not revealing now because the case still continues unabated!

Samsung S3 Phone versus Apple iPhone

Apple iPad 3versus Galaxy Tab 2 10.1

Frankly, my own feelings are that the two giants – at least for the sake of their customers – whom they should have put forward as paramount – should have come to an amicable out of court settlement – rather than go all the way for a Jury Verdict. It would be interesting to know who are the Jury? And what equipments they have or use? But I guess those things will have been taken care of in the Jury selection!

Sometimes in life you just have ‘to give in’ because you simply know that you will never win – even if you tried hard – because everything is dead set against you as a poor individual against bigger and more powerful forces – and you know that you will never win anyway – and like that 4WD stuck in sand – and the more force you use to try to get out – the more the car gets stuck in – or as I always like to say – making your head swollen and red by ‘banging it against brick walls’! This law of the jungle or big fish eat small fish are the main reasons that we are now in the world in so much troubles, disasters and calamities – and the weaker ones are the ones that suffer the most now!

It should also be said that sometimes you may choose an opposing gadget from what your mind was actually set for – if you encounter rude and arrogant Sales People in your chosen side – and just go for the competition as ‘your way of protesting and demonstrating’ – especially if you have complained to higher levels in person – but they ignore you – and side with each other – because they are ‘all friends from home’ per se! They should have put the customer as ‘top consideration’ – and whatever happened to the maxim that ‘the customer is always right’? No one cares or bothers anymore! And that is the most sad and tragic part!

That is how I ended with both gadgets – but I am not saying – at least for now – which one I bought first – and then go for the competition – unless I desperately wanted the thing that was near my heart – but not happy with the treatment – that is you decide to ignore this even essential part – because you want so much to own this thing your heart has set upon!

Last week we had a family gathering – and my article was supposed to come that day – but did not! In a way it was good that it did not come out anyway – perhaps because of the holidays mix-up – but don’t you agree with me – and as we the Arabs like to say – from the stomach of evil came blessings – because in that way I came to know who in the family support me in writing – and who do not – even at your own expenses!

I always keep telling them – and all who want to listen – that there is simply no money in writing – nor in books – unless your book starts selling in millions in different languages – or you are a great personality like Tony Blair – or Bill Clinton – and people buy your books because they want to read what you have to say!

Jules Renard said itWriting is the only profession where no one considers you ridiculous if you earn no money

But then should the likes of us give up? Take a blanket and try to hide ourselves in a corner? I guess not! Otherwise life will be very dull – and no challenges, innovation or trysts of any kind!

But then you will forgive me – because though I say I will keep quiet this time – but I open my mouth to speak again – and again – and right direct from my pained and hurting heart! I could only see some light at the end of the tunnel which – God Is Great! – His Majesty – May Allah Give him long life and health – Amin – for the Renaissance – by ordering more Libraries Hisn Ash’shummokh – and hope they do stock books by Omani Authors – even if you do not agree with them! And hopefully those VIPs I sent my books will feel bad enough at least to acknowledge the receipt of my complimentary books – even if you do not like the books – or even me as The Author!

May Allah SWT God Guide us all in the right path – Amin Amen!

With due and sincere apologies!

Take Care! 


Majid Al Suleimany

Family Relationships! – By Majid Al Suleimany Reply

For Sunday August 19, 2012

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Family Relationships!

The person who severs the bond of kinship (family) will not enter ParadiseThe Hadith – Sahih Al Bukhari

Family is just accident. They don’t mean to get on your nerves. They don’t even mean to be your family, they just areMarsha Norman

A family is a place where minds come in contact with one anotherBuddha.

Families are forever, and have always wondered if the slogan was meant as a promise or a threatBrady Udall

All happy families resemble one another, but each unhappy family is unhappy in its own wayLeo Tolstoy

Last week my article – Respect Your Parents – went very well. It is still there in my above website.


A long time a good family sent me the following – which I will share with you today on this Happy Day of Eid. He sent me this with the advent and arrival of my first twin girls. He meant well. He just said – Quote – 

If a child lives with criticism, he learns to condemn . . .
If a child lives with hostility, he learns to fight . . .
If a child lives with fear, he learns to be apprehensive . . .
If a child lives with pity, he learns to feel sorry for himself . . .
If a child lives with ridicule, he learns to be shy . . .
If a child lives with jealousy, he learns to feel envy . . .
If a child lives with shame, he learns to feel guilty …


If a child lives with tolerance, he learns to be patient . . .
If a child lives with encouragement, he learns to be confident . . .
If a child lives with praise, he learns to be appreciative . . .
If a child lives with acceptance, he learns to love . .
If children live with approval, they learn to like themselves…
If a child lives with honesty, he learns what truth is . . .
If a child lives with fairness, he learns justice . . .
If children live with recognition, they learn to have a goal.
If children live with sharing, they learn to be generous.
If a child lives with security, he learns to have faith in himself and those about him . . .
If a child lives with friendliness, he learns the world is a nice place in which to live – unquote.

Long time ago when our late Father was still alive, in our usual Friday family get-together – there were the usual now and then usual disagreements. Like in most times – the source and issue at stake was just minor and significant – where the best course of action was ‘to agree to disagree’ – and move on! But like I always say – After Offices – Family is where people most misbehave – and the worst of people, their nature and their character and personality come out!

So poor dad was saying to me – If your Mother and I are gone – you are supposed to be the de facto  head of this family – whether you like it or not – and whether you are rich or not – whether you are powerful and influential or not – and whether you are still respected and esteemed or not. It just does not make any difference or change to the situation – but you will still be that head. It is like if your nose smells – but you cannot cut it – because the loser is you. That smelling nose are some of the family members – or the ‘black sheep’ of the family in slang terms!

It is not an easy task for you – but the most important thing is to maintain respect and control more by persuasion and diplomacy and tact – rather than wanting to impose yourself on others – and your views, outlooks, focuses – and whatever else!

People will challenge you – people will try to upset and annoy you – people will try to bring you down – to disgrace and embarrass you – but you must still maintain a cool presence of mind – and try your level best to maintain as a leader by examples and demonstration in life – not empty words – but being real, practical and realistic!

Show by example and in demonstrative guidance and leadership – not by trying short term and quick measures that will only backfire – turn a bad situation more worse – and make you as The Loser – rather than The Winner! My father was not that much educated – but was a very wise man indeed! Sadly my father had passed away before he could see me his son writing!

I was watching this film in Al Jazeera TV which should inspire us all! The film is titled – Beirut Buenos Aires Beirut. An Argentinian woman (Graciela) woman goes in search of her Lebanese heritage and ends up uniting two families from two different worlds.

Graciela is a 37-year-old Argentinian woman of Lebanese descent living in Buenos Aires. Before her great-aunt died, she told Graciela a family secret. Her father [Mohammed], Lebanese by birth, did not die in Argentina. He left his family and returned to Lebanon. Angry at his departure, his wife and children cut off communication with him,” Graciela explains.

One of the last things they heard of Mohammed is that he married again and might have had more children in Lebanon. My great-aunt gave me a box with letters and photos that she had kept …. Some had never been read. Somebody once said that a letter always arrives at its destination,” Graciela says.

“When I saw the letters, I felt they had been left as a legacy. And I wanted to know more about my family history. Who was Mohammed? Why did he come to live in Argentina? Why did he return to Lebanon? Are there any relatives of mine on the other side of the world?”

 Graciela decided to look further into Mohammed’s life and started to retrace his story – from his initial arrival in Buenos Aires and his life in Argentina as an immigrant, to his return to Lebanon.

“I discovered Arab immigrants to Argentina were not as welcome as Europeans. Arab immigration was large, but discreet, because it has always faced intolerance and discrimination,” she says.

In search of Mohammed’s Lebanese family and in order to learn details of Mohammed’s life and her own roots, she travels to Lebanon to trace the threads of a personal story that unfolds as she delves deeper into her family’s past and a different culture.

And finally, after 50 years of separation, she is the catalyst for two families from two different worlds to reunite

Please do take the time and efforts on this Eid to be together with the family – and the relatives – the friends. Please do not forget to keep in touch and in contact with also those in home towns and villages – and those abroad too!

Eid Mubarak Greetings. Please take extra care and precaution – in driving – and please visit my upgraded and new website – and let us pray for all those in wars and troubles – and cannot celebrate and be together as Family this time!

Take Care!

By Majid Al Suleimany

Goodbye; My VIP Visitor! Reply

For Wednesday August 15th 2012

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Goodbye; My VIP Visitor!


Some years ago, I had visited this great Religious Scholar house and I was commenting to him that you have been staying with us for the last 20 days and that you will soon be leaving us till the next time! He hushed me not to speak so loudly lest you hear – and get angry and annoyed with this assertion – and decide to leave even earlier? I queried him as to how you could overhear as we were speaking alone at the time – and you were not with us then at that time – as we were having some sweets and Omani coffee at that time? He replied me – Trust me – he has ears all over the place – and he will certainly hear you!

When I was a young child and for the first time was told to receive you and show you around in that old place of ours in that distant land – and it was a day or two before you were going to leave us that poor granddad was crying uncontrollably and profusely that he may not be around next time you came – I wondered aloud the relationships between you two to go to this extent!

I must admit – with sincere and due apologies to you now – but at that time I was looking forward for you to go – so things could return to me ‘as normal as a kid usually wants’ – and not follow at that time I thought as hard and rigid rules. I wondered that though you were a guest in our house – even if invited – but you did not have to give us all these things to observe whilst you were and especially with us then!

I used to joke with you in my crude and dry sense of humour that in the local lingo you could only stay with us for 10 days only – as the cut off and limiting factor – but you just looked at me with great sad eyes – that even as a kid ‘I should have known better’ than say this absurd cutting remarks to you – after all you were our invited guest too. If you remember I joked about you if you knew farming and how to plough – because that is what was called for to force you to repay your overstay – and being the guest of the house. They even allowed brute force for you to repay the overstay – in case you refused to do so!

I remember when I told my granddad on this – I was laughing loudly – and with great mirth – but he was not laughing back – and looked sadly at as a lost cause and child – and just confirming his suspicions that it was wrong for him to force his daughter to marry my father – and in hindsight he should not have done that. With his big stick – he looked debating whether he should strike me with it – but just decided to be cutting more = add salt to the wound by saying – what else can one expect – the rule like father like son is very true! I was upset with my granddad that he thought you as more important than the rest of us – especially our poor targeted dad!

I have to admit to you this. I do not know how you are going to take it – knowing you can be sensitive a few times when you feel tired by all the remarks of others. And especially showing to be double faced and being hypocritical – that in front they show that you are most welcome – but hidden and away from you they look at the calendar – and hope that you will go away soon – and leave them alone to do the things they were used to do – with you not around to keep them in check – and forcing them to perform and try to ‘be better people’!

But I assure you – because I know them – and I am a ‘chip of the old block’ – as I am one of them too – we will all try to behave – and be nice and good – and hope it will be longer before you come and visit us again! Despite all the sermons and lectures – once it is night and eating contest time – we just behave as if you are not around. Like the East Africans say – if you want to insult someone that badly – why choose words or behaviour to do it – just do it – and all goes! I apologise and am very sorry for all these – but you are a great understanding person – even if it grieves and hurts you too!

And then another thing! I know you are not a great eater or drinker either – but even though you keep telling us that we are cooking too much food that goes to waste everyday – that even the cats (and dogs) are no longer interested in the left-overs – but despite your lectures, counsels and advices – they still do it.

I wonder if it is wickedly and purposefully done – so you get angry and annoyed – and leave early. But I guess they still want you to stay – and are showing it in their own ways – because they are looking forward for that special day gifts and presents – that you usually give out on the last few days! And of course all those money for the kids – after you have left the night before!

There is something that I must admit to you too before you go! If you have noticed – I was not that welcoming this year like in the past – because I am trying real hard to remain hospitable, receptive and welcoming! A few cases I had a mind just to tell you to go – and I cannot keep up the pretences anymore – but my health has gone bad – and being diabetic too – had short fuses of anger and fury – and I think you must have noticed as I have dealt with others – even in the family. I apologise sincerely for all these things – and I have a great mind that if my situation continues – perhaps you will not see me next time you come – but please do pray for me – and forgive me too. I have tried really hard this time – believe me!

My VIP Visitor – until the next time you come – adieu – and as I cannot say goodbye now – because you will still come to visit us – even if I may not be around the next time – but others will surely be there to receive you – welcome you – and all the grace and mercies you bring. For those that do not appreciate – and even behave worse than before – feel sorry for them – and pray for them only!

Goodbye – My VIP Guest and Visitor – The Month of Ramadhan Fasting!

Eid Greetings!

Take Care! 


Majid Al Suleimany


Respect The Parents! By Majid Al Suleimany 2

For Sunday August 12, 2012

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Between Us Only!

Respect The Parents!

  • And Thy Lord hath decreed that ye worship none but Him, and that ye be kind to Parents; Whether one or both of them attain Old Age in thy life, Say not to them a word of contempt, nor repel them, But address them in terms of honour. And, out of kindness, Lower them the wing of humility, and say: My Lord, bestow on them, Thy Mercy even as they Cherished me in childhood – .- The Holy – Quran Sura Al Isra – 17:23-24
  • And We have enjoined upon man goodness to parentsThe Holy Quran  29:8 and 46:15
  • To understand your parents’ love you must raise children yourselfChinese Proverb
  •  Children begin by loving their parents; as they grow older they judge them; sometimes they forgive them.Oscar Wilde
  •  Parents are not interested in justice; they are interested in quietBill Cosby
  •  What We Do To Our Elders – Our Youngsters Will Do The Very Same To Us – If Not Worse – East African Saying!

One time when our late Father was still alive, my younger brother and I had taken him for his Royal Hospital appointment. As we got him out of the car and into a wheel chair, my brother was arguing with me that he will push the wheel chair inside – whilst I go and park the car! I asked him to do that whilst I pushed the wheel chair instead. Either there was such a competition in love for our late father – or it was just the task of parking – as it was so bad at the place!

When he was admitted – he was refusing to take his medication because he said it made him feel ‘very uncomfortable’. So we were sort of scolding him – and being looked at us with the greatest disdain, dismay and disappointment was this Far Eastern country nurse who came over to us and scolded us instead of – not speaking properly and rightly – to your parent – and he being sick too. She said to us – Your Father especially when he is this old and sick you have to speak to him in a better way like you do to a child – but still remembering and remaining you as a child to him!

Some of ‘our better knowing’ family members – and typical of us all generally in our ‘superior’ nature! – were visibly upset that ‘we had allowed the nurse to speak to us’ like this! With her broken Arabic and her persuasive nature she soon took dominance and had Late Dad taking the medication – though our typical ‘safe-saving’ escapade was ‘The old man was blighted by the pretty young nurse’ – and not to see it differently as we should have been done!

I was watching this film clip “Respect Your Parents’ – I think it is Turkish. You can see it too here in one of my websites – here at -or here at – – double click when inside –- where this bored old man was sitting on a bench with his young son on a bench outside their home.

The son was reading a newspaper, ignoring his bored father. A sparrow lands on the grass in front of them continuously chirping. So the old man asks – What is that? A sparrow the son replies. Again the Father asks – the same answer. A number of times the son becomes angry and starts to scold loudly his father – What is wrong with you? I told you already a sparrow! Because he was being disturbed away from reading his newspaper – A bird! I told you a sparrow! A bird! – The son continues to scream!

The Father gets up. Now the son asks – Now where are you going? The Old man says with his hands it is alright – and he goes back into the house. The son is seen lamenting on his action. The Father emerges with a diary in his hands and sits down with the son. He asks him to read a particular entry in the diary. Aloud he says to the son.

The entry there says – My son of three years of age today asks me what is this? I replied him it – It was a bird – a sparrow! He asked me the same question 21 times more – but I was still not angry – because I can see that my son is very excited to have seen this bird! The son now breaks down – and hugs the father – followed by Teachings on Respecting Our Parents. Tears come out whenever I see this film – and I wish I had given my parents more time and attention when they were still alive!

When I wrote the farewell article for My Mother – Goodbye; Our Mama (Mother)! – and is the first chapter in A Cry For Help! Book – the lady in USA with my Publishers of my books wrote to me – Dear Majid – I know you are a wonderful man, with a big heart. I have really enjoyed reading all your books and articles – before sending them in for the final publication. Your article in A Cry For Help! Goodbye, Our Mama (In memoriam) – made me cry a lot! I have never spoken to my Mother for the last five years after she was against my marriage – which ended in divorce, anyway.

Yesterday I boarded this flight and went to see my Mother! I asked her to read your article first before we spoke anymore. I told her – The article is written by an Arab – that we all like to talk about! She cried with me – Thank you for bringing my Mother and I back again together. God Bless you and your Family (Amen).. I believe as an Author even if you get one such letter – your work has been done for you!

Images For Demonstration Purposes Only!

I was watching this advert in Arabic in one of the Regional Countries Television Channel – they do a good job which we can copy! It shows The Great Madam of the House – TGMOTH – giving an ultimatum to the husband that he needs to choose between her and the man’s father to continue to stay on in the house – because the old man was using a carpet to sit on the floor – instead of the chairs as he was playing with his grandchildren!

As the man is being moved to an Old Peoples’ home – he refuses the offer of the son to carry his bag. He says to the son – I carried the bag myself when I came in – so please excuse me when I carry it myself now (though he is sick)!

The old sick man is seen lying on his bed crying and lamenting that ‘he has been removed from the house and from his grandchildren that he was enjoying playing with – even if on the carpet floor (typical local old times). A bit later on the father sees the son drawing a big castle. So he teases the son – is this your future house? The son replies – yes it is going to be my house – but you will not be staying in it – because I will move you too to the Old Peoples’ home – just like you did our granddad! What goes around – comes around!

If you will forgive me also, I would like to develop this theory of mine. I always ask myself this question – why are Far Eastern countries economies doing so well in these difficult economic times – and despite them having no oil as such. I think God is Blessing them with the way they are treating their parents and their elders. This must be one of the main reasons – if not the only one!

The same thing can be said for some societies even in the Developing and Western World! A society that tends to treat its elders badly cannot continue to do well – because it is against the words of God – whomever you believe in!

And if you are an Elder – Please ensure that what you tell your younger ones to do they actually and really do it – because there is a tendency for them to do what they only like – or do it in the way they like only! Not forgetting the jealousy and envy elements too!

Finally also – If you have still living parents both or one – take my lesson for life in treating them as such! Once they are gone – the chances are completely gone too!

Ramadhan Kareem! Take Care!

By Majid Al Suleimany

Being Proud In Life! By Majid Al Suleimany Reply

For Wednesday August 8th 2012

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Being Proud In Life! 

  • I have only been sent for the perfection of character – Prophet Muhammad PBUH
  • That person will not enter Paradise who hath one atom of pride in his heart! – The Hadith.

When Satan was told to bow down to Adam, he refused Allah’s God’s order because he thought himself as more important than Adam was – though all the other Angels did bow down to Adam! He refused and he was proud, and he was one of the Unbelievers – Surah Baqarah 2:34

Many Scholars of the opinion that ‘Pride’ is one of the greatest sins and evils in life and in humanity – and the cause of many disasters, tragedies, calamities and catastrophies in life – and the situation is only getting worse by the day! People will never learn from experiences and from history – and that is the most sad, tragic and misfortune part in our lives now.

If you read the Holy Book and The Hadith it is full of verses and stories of ‘those who are proud, arrogant and contemptuous’ of being assigned for eternal Hell Fire.

Allah says in Surah Zumar (Verse 60) – Is there not in Hell an abode for the proud? Also – It shall be said: Enter the gates of hell to abide therein; so evil is the abode of the proud – Surah Zumar 39:72.

In Surah Mo-min (Verse 35) Almighty remarks – Thus does Allah set a seal over the heart of every proud, haughty one. “Certainly Allah God does not love the proud ones – 16:23

It is narrated that the Great Prophet Moses – May Allah be pleased with him  – asked The Exalted Allah: – Oh my Lord! Who is the most deserving of your wrath and displeasure?” The reply he got was – It is he whose heart is filled with pride and his tongue is filthy (that is abusive), his eyes are devoid of shame, his hands are miserly and he is of bad conduct and character

 Images Conceited – Images For Demonstration Purposes Only! 

One of the requirements of fasting the holy month is your own personal salvation – where you vow to be a better person in life – and ask for forgiveness for your past deeds and sins that you have committed – so that you elevate yourself to a higher level of behaviour, conduct and the way you deal with others – and not only your relatives, family and friends – but everyone else that you will interact and interface in life.

Images Contempt and Arrogant – Images For Demonstration Purposes Only!

Despite knowing all these things – and yet so-called fasting too – people continue to behave and act as before – if not getting more bad and worse by day – even in this Holy month of fasting too! They will simply not change – and they will continue to think that they are always right, correct, ethical, principled and professional. That is the most worrisome and scary part!

As I always like to say that after family – offices are well people most behave – and where human wickedness, evil, foibles and everything else bad most comes out! Being M I like to send what I consider as good emails to people. However, last week a friend advised me not to send any emails of any kind to a certain person – sort of a ‘friend’ – because his Big Boss was asking him why is M sending you emails? Just block and return his emails – because I do not want you two to correspond to each other! I had noticed myself that the emails were returning ‘as undeliverable’!

Frankly, I do not like to harbour and deal with people that cause strife and friction between peoples – especially in this month out of all months. Yet this person – and his big boss – go into fake and artificial smiles – as if they are really interested and happy to see me – albeit all the other things behind the scenes! How much double faced and hypothetical one can get in life! They both think that they are well past needing or requiring anything from me – so they can well afford to do what they are doing now.

Honestly and frankly too – I do not like to talk or deal with politics – but a good friend of mine had sent me this video of an Arab Conference where a current leader in very big and dire troubles was ‘laughing sarcastically and cynically’ at Ghaddafi when the man was talking about hanging of Saddam Hussein – and he Ghaddafi was against this – little knowing his own fate in the future – including the present one now!

If these kind of things can happen to Top People – who are you as top company brass and echelon to think that you are better than others? Have you not seen scandal-hit top brasses too quitting at short notice – and even in situations that they had little to do – or of insignificant level – committing and adding to the situation!

People will simply never learn lessons of life – until it is too late. Forgive them for now because they are brain-washed, indoctrinated and drunk with power, need to control, manipulate and dominate others – and always cynical, proud, sarcastic and contemptuous of almost everybody else – even to their own family, relatives and friends unexcluded!

Just feel sorry for them – and pray for them. That is all we can do for now!

Take Care and Ramadhan Kareem! 


Majid Al Suleimany 

Life of Lies and Deception! Between Us Only! By Majid Al Suleimany Reply

For Sunday August 5, 2012

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 Between Us Only!

Life of Lies and Deception! 

  • Take care of -The needy-The disabled-Those whose hard earned income is insufficient to meet their needs-And those whose businesses have stalled -And those who have lost their jobs. [The Holy Quraan 4/36]
  • We must learn to live together as brothers or we will perish together as fools – Martin Luther King
  • Never play with the feelings of others because you may win the game but the risk is that you will surely lose the person for a life timeShakespeare.
  • The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong – Mahatma Gandhi
  • It is very easy to defeat someone, but it is very hard to win someone!Dr. Abdul Kaleem

A – The Prisoners.

My late Father always used to say to us that there is neither age limit nor ending to learning things in life. Even in death – he says – when you have to lie down on your right side only – and facing The Kaaba in Mecca as Believers! That is as far as individual respectful last rites and burial are concerned – and not in mass graves as we have seen lately!

Images – Loans Taking – For Demonstration Purposes Only!

I was watching this Al Jazeera film that tells the story of some Arab and Palestinian prisoners who were detained in Israeli jails – and how they had to adapt to a new life after their release.

The Israelis dehumanify to them that sometimes they feel death is even preferable. The same people that suffered from The Holocaust!

Upon release, the prisoners faced a number of difficulties adjusting to a new life of freedom – albeit within an occupied territory. They explain their mixed feelings to the change in society – and in the political landscape – which they experienced upon being released from the day-to-day monotony of prison life.

Beyond The Walls contains beautifully-filmed interviews and novel graphics to provide a moving portrait of the interviewees and the emotions and feelings they are describing.

One of the Palestinian is seen to remark – Nothing is harsher than imprisonment. It’s the cruellest form of torture.”

Another one still says – Life in prison is free of hypocrisy…. We had nothing to lose. We were ready to face anything. Almost all of us were sentenced to life imprisonment. I felt like a stranger in the ‘outside world’ for a long time…. I felt a new life was ahead of me.

The part that really was an eye-opener to me at least was when he said – I felt like a stranger among my family and friends. It was distressing. I couldn’t sleep. I was in a constant state of anxiety.  I was in better intellectual and social harmony with my fellow detainees – than with the people outside!

Images – Heavy in Debt!

A person well known to me and an ex peer tells me almost the very same things! He said to me – M, do you know that there are more crooks and hypocrites outside jail – than those really inside jail? That includes even family, relatives and friends! You for sure can trust your fellow-inmate – than the person outside! When I asked him point blank what he thought of me – he just could not stop laughing. I guess the answer is too in that laugh!

B – Being in Heavy Debts

One of the nicest advertisements that I have seen this Holy Month of Fasting is in one of The UAE Television channels that demonstrate how easy to get into (heavy) debts – and the repercussions not only on the individual – but the family members involved too. The message and theme is not to go for a lavish life style that can only spell dangers and troubles ahead – and losing of your own personal freedom and movement.

Image – Home Foreclosed!

The message and theme is good – but it looks only at one side of the story – but not addressing the lack of compassion, feeling, consideration and kindness from those ‘after their money’ – even if they cannot draw blood out from a stone!

Image – Home Lost!

When I was working in Abu Dhabi a well intentioned and well meaning citizen was remarking to me about the Tale of The Cities – when the Lender was allowed to take his ‘pound of flesh’ so long as he did not draw out any blood. The man was teasing me that if it was a local tale instead – there would be no such prohibitive and restricting measures. I tried hard to laugh along with him – though inside was all hurting and painful from real tests in life!

When it comes to money – some people – if not many of the people – are rigid, harsh, hard and cruel to their own defaulting – even if beyond their control and power – and are not in a state to pay back – even if they wished to do so! . An European CEO was telling me that with recent lump in real estate and other businesses in our parts of our world – life will not be the same ever again in all fronts business and otherwise – though pretenses, facades and empty shows still continue on the surface as ‘nothing has changed much’ now!

Sayyiduna Abu Hurayra (Allah be pleased with him) narrates that the Messenger of Allah – PBUH – had said: – Whosoever gives respite to a borrower who is in difficulty or forgives him altogether, Allah Most High will Give him refuge under the shadow of His thrown on the Day when there will be no other shadow. (Tirmidhi 1306)

Also in the Holy Quraan – If the debtor is in a difficulty, grant him time till it is easy for him to repay. But if you remit it by way of charity, that is best for you if you only knew.” (Surah al-Baqarah – verse 280)

This is one topic that I have written intensively about. Frankly and honestly, a lot of people seem to think that with the advent of Islamic Banking – but you will excuse me for being cynical and unbelieving – but with a few rare exceptions– I do not think things will change that much on the grounds! Even long serving prisoners dare tell us the very same things!

C – The Jobless.

She worked for over 30 years but now because of the economic downturn – she has lost her job. Now unemployed for the first time in her life – she is staying in a shelter home for the unemployed and the needy. She says to the Al Jazeera TV Team in her home town in California – For a person used to helping others – the most difficult part for me is to ask for help for myself!

D – The Starving Lots.

Over 235 million are suffering from partial starvation – one meal a day at best – if not going without – though the country (India) can produce enough food to feed all her people. The problem is in the distribution system – where wheat lies rotting in some stores – instead of feeding the poor hungry and the needy! Recent events have been there too of the Electricity distribution where over 670 million had electricity disruptions.

E – Warplanes and Tanks.

If the enemy was doing it – there would have been an uproar. But it is the country doing it to its own people. Bombs cannot distinguish between who is loyal and who is not – especially if they are living in the same town. The scared and frightened cannot ever imagine that this might is now being used against them!

What more can I say now?

May Allah God Protect and Preserve us all  from His anger and fury – Amin Amen

Take Care!


Majid Al Suleimany

August 3rd 2012.