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For Wednesday July 18th 2012

 At The Workplace! – Outlook!

 Be The Careful & Safe Driver!  

One can call it as perhaps feeling ‘Sour Grapes’ – but believe me when I am saying this now – that one of the ‘merits and advantages’ of now staying fully at home – and after a brief stint in Human Resources Consultancy works – and that convinced me to be better off at home – is this element of ‘driving myself to and back’ from work!

It is a jungle out there – like in a war zone! When anytime a ‘car missile’ from out of nowhere lands and crushes into you – whilst you maintain to control your calm and senses – and to be the careful driver – that you have always been! That ‘defensive driving’ courses had taught you all about – that you are the only ‘safe and careful’ driver – and the rest cautioning you to take maximum care, precautions and defences! 

I used to watch the news and hear of the parents miseries and woes in war-torn Iraq where they are not sure if their children will come back home alive – and not maimed and injured from schools – or the youngsters from work! Or even going to buy food from the souqs and the markets! 

I dare say as parents we still do worry that our children are late – even if they are married and have their own lives to run! And these are for simple things like just drive out – or go to films, parties – or just take their children out! 

Strangely and ironically, our own late parents did not have such worries! Perhaps they were more stoic – braver and more courageous – or even just fatalistic in approaches. Or some will say that they were more ‘believing and religious’ than what we are now! Hopefully it will carry on to their children too? 

Frankly who can blame us? After my article on The Writer’s Block a few weeks back – I witnessed this incident which propelled me to remove the ‘fear of writing’ – and writing fully once again! 

I had bought a new washing machine – and it was being brought to my villa in Qurum Heights. As I was directing the 3 ton truck to reverse into my villa – this young Omani Driver was reversing very fast – and he nearly ran into me and into my villa gate. He came with two Indian Handymen Helpers. 

I started to rebuke him as to why he was driving this fast – and as if this was a saloon car? He curtly replied to me that he did not see me clearly. Then he started speaking in Hindi to the two Assistants – saying that these rich people – even our own – are ridiculing us like this – because I am a poor Driver! 

The thought of ‘being considered rich’ because of the area I was staying – shook me in mirth – and broke me up in jest to my very bones – for quite awhile! I guess he does not read English – and or my columns! 

I can hear the lingo. So I told him in Arabic – You got it all wrong – son! Please be grateful to Allah you have a job still – because if I were still in the Offices in HR – you will be given a Final Warning Letter the way you are driving now! 

This seemed to shake him quite a lot – and make him come to his senses! Especially after I had told him that with his Secondary Education – he should be thankful that he has and got a job – with many youngsters – just like him – and even with College Diplomas – still looking for jobs! 

Here is a very angry young man – a local boy – ‘angry at the world – and at himself – and the truck he was driving’ – and can easily cause wanton damages and harm with his kind of driving – and in this truck of his too! Do you know what is the scary part? How many others just like him are there on the roads now? If you remember my article too – Are Your Children Safe?

Anyway, the good news is that I have now finalised the First Book Draft of my New Book based on Road Safety titled – Behind The Wheel! I have also created a special website to go along with the book – please visit It is now so easy, cheap and convenient to set up websites. Though it was a subject close to my heart, it was one of my most difficult books I had ever contemplated and made! I have put in some ‘sample works’ in my website above. 

Although I do not have Wastah (Influence) like the others – but I still believe deep in my heart – that this is still a noble worthy National cause – and even if you have not believed in my previous works for whatever reason – please be ethical, fair and principled – even professional – in lending support and encouragement to this book at least. Even if I never give up hope – and do all these things alone by myself!

Ramadhan Kareem! Take Care!

By: – 

Majid Al Suleimany

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