It Is Happening Again! By Majid Al Suleimany Reply

 It Is Happening Again!

The place is in Tripoli in Libya.

The people are running wildly inland from the shores – in acute panic, shock and fear – and screaming out to the Al Jazeera Television News Crew – “See the seas! See the seas! – in English. Then one of them says it in Arabic – the same thing.

One can see the sea has turned high and rough into high waves and torrents – the same that we have seen forming in Tsunamis.

Then I can hear this voice saying – more telepathically – this is a punishment from Allah (God) for people who kill their leaders – who should be respected – and for leaders that kill their own people in cold blood – because they want change and to be free.

Highly explosive material. But it is in a dream. Almost like in 3D.As if you are part of the scene.

This is quite an improvement from the last one – but that one was not in a dream – like this one. See that one below.

Every few years of the Holy Fasting month of Ramadhan that happens to me!

Now – I just did my bit to tell…

Written by Majid Al Suleimany | Sunday 21 February 2010 1:09 pm

Written by Majid Al Suleimany | Sunday 21 February 2010 1:09 pm

A – Ignominious Admonition Mirage Warning Signs.

October 6, 2006 – Ramadhan 13 1427 AH

(Reproduced Short Takes and The Sequel Book – from Book One Original – Between Us Only!)!

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Peace To You In The Name of Allah The Most Gracious, The Most Merciful.


The Aftermath! By – Majid Al Suleimany Reply

For Wednesday August 1st 2012

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The Aftermath!

After my last week article titled “Living together as one in peace and harmony!” – I had received considerable responses in my websites – including some personal Emails and Messages. Overall, there was support and allegiances in what was written. I found very encouraging some responses sympathizing and in support coming also from broad minded objective pragmatic and secular foreigners too! Oman was indicated as an example and a ‘beacon of hope’ for mankind of how people can live together as one in peace, love and harmony – and the respects and esteem given to foreigners in the country!

However, like in most cases, there were some dissenting forces and I find the following as one of the strongest. As an Administrator of my own blogs, I do accept that the names given are ‘perhaps not that real’ – but this does not bother me at all – as I look more on content than who is sending it!

One of the contributors had said – Quote – Message: I have read some of the articles. The best part I mostly enjoy is that you write from the bottom of your heart. All the information is based on your 35 years of experience and not from stories told by friends or read from books.

Your writing skills are excellent. I pray to ALLAH INSHALLAH you succeed in your dreams and that day where all positions are filled with qualified Omanis only. Your are one of the very few Omanis who disclose the pain we Omanis endure because of the expatriatesunquote.

In my book A Cry For Help! – – see above image – I have highlighted the problems and issues being faced by especially qualified and educated young Omanis – especially when they want to join – or are accepted in ‘by a pointing barrel of a gun’ to take them in’ so to speak – excuse the melodrama! Even qualified and fully experienced Omanis for that matter too!

That is why I wrote the book – so my conscience can be clear and clean that I have done my part in saying it ‘as it is’! The rest is not upto me!

After the book was published – it was the last time that I received any job offers – even temporary and or consultancy – and any that I received after that did not last much longer – and I was a victim of my own situation and circumstances. Sadly and tragically from even fellow Omanis GMs and others – because they are susceptible to receive the advices and counsels of the ‘active foreign hands’ – so to speak!

It is a double-edged sword that cuts both ways – but the future for sure is for the young Omanis in their destiny, legacy and future – whether this is accepted or not – does not matter!

In one well known case what I thought was a friend and whom I had confided on my misgivings – was God Forgive me in this Holy Month of Fasting – perhaps instrumental after him meeting with this GM I knew well before – and as already said in my columns to leave within half an hour with the ultimatum given to continue in that place. I need money for sure – but respects and esteem more!

Though truthfully only some of the ‘bad eggs (fish)’ are only few expatriates – but the majority are also indifferent and may even be supportive on the sidelines – as they seem to think this will work for them to their advantages. Let us not forget also the die-hards old guards in Top Management – and Owners – especially family-run – but sadly can even go across to bigger and National places – that these things should not happen – or allow to happen!

In one of the places where a family member was looking for a visa for even business travel – not holidays – an Official sarcastically asked him if ‘you belong to that guy who seems to write a lot in newspapers? Actually it is only one newspaper – but people can be free to say what they want – especially when they think they are in-charge and in-control! I had a good mind to go and meet him – but then I remembered I had better things to do – than bang my head against brick walls!

I am still that much sure and convinced that a time will still yet to come and to pass when people will wish they had been more fair, professional and ethical towards me. Hopefully before I die! But after my books – and seeing all the things happening around us – when one or two send me messages like above – I believe my work has been done – and my conscience is now clear.

Even the book on Road Safety – Behind The Wheel! – with just few exceptions – took a beating. Yet we all know how bad the state of driving has become – and the increased road accidents, tragedies and fatalities – yet a noble and National worthy cause too – but still targeted and singled out for sure! Simply because if this book will be a success – people might want to read my other books – where they are most targeted!

What more I can say now?

Take Care!


Majid Al Suleimany – – –

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Sectarian, Ethnic and Mob Violence – By Majid Al Suleimany 1

For Sunday July 29th 2012

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Ethnic and Sectarian Violence! 

  • The world suffers now not because of evil people– but because of good people that have decided to remain silent – Albert Einstein
  •  All actions are judged by the motive prompting themThe Islamic Sayings – The Hadith
  • The search for someone to blame is always successful! – Robert Half

I was watching this Al Jazeera TV interview where the Bangladeshi President was being queried as to why they were sending back the Rohingyas – and her replying that her country was already full of Refugees – and they did not have space for anymore – and that it was not ‘her country’s problems’!

Images Assam India Violence

It is with a heavy heart, great sorrow and sadness to note the new ‘in-thing’ of ethnic and sectarian violence – that is now springing up in some parts of the world! I say with sadness and sorrow because most of these peoples affected are just themselves, gullible, unsuspecting poor naïve people – being used and utilized by others so-called ‘politicians and leaders’ of all sorts – for their own hidden agendas, manifest and innuendos!

What makes it more sad, tragic and pathetic is that the people involved in these violence are themselves always poor, needy and desperate lots – but are being used as targets and pawns of the ‘mischief and trouble-makers’ at the top. They are used like ‘dummies-puppets-on-strings’ by their controllers and their manipulators cum designers.

Images Rohingyas Burma Violence

That these things can happen in this Muslim Holy Fasting month makes it all the more sadder and more tragic. Not that we have enough in defined within borders of people still rising in the Arab Spring – like now in Syria and others – and or in another countries struck by economic strangulation and woes – but now within countries like in Myannamar (Burma), India, Nigeria, Iraq, Pakistan – and several others too!

Some Quotes on Mob Violence:-

  • Victory attained by violence is tantamount to a defeat, for it is momentary – Gandhi
  • Force is all-conquering, but its victories are short-lived – Abraham Lincoln
  • The man who strikes first admits that his ideas have given out  – Chinese Proverb
  • What broke in a man when he could bring himself to kill another? – Alan Paton
  • Who overcomes by force hath overcome but half his foe – John Milton

The REAL Religiouspeople and Scholars at least – if not the Politicians – are expected and required to do much more than just disinterests and apathy – or even as is being suggested in some places – that they are even led –  either directly or on the sidelines – by the so-called ‘Religious cum Political Leaders’ too!

The Secular, The Professionals, The Intellectuals, NGOs, the People outside their own countries – should indeed speak out! Now before everyone become the Losers!

And all these mob, sectarian and ethnic violence? For what? And for what reason and purpose? For what purpose, will and intention? What is there to be gained by using such poor innocent naïve trusting people for these whimsical, crude, unethical and unprincipled – hidden or even wide open agendas?

.Not only they are discrediting themselves, their ethnic groupings – but even the society and the nations that they represent – or supposed to represent. One of the signs that are said of the ‘end of the world’ is that when you hear somebody has died – you in turn feel jealous and envious – that it was not you that had died! I can associate this feeling and inclination – seeing how bad things have become now in the world – all the doom, despair, decadence, malaise and disasters that we are facing now!

To the extent that one just starts to think loud – in shock and awe – what job and responsibilities that are awaiting for our Great Prophet Jesus Christ – Nabih Issa – on his coming to save the world for ourselves – and from ourselves – seeing all that is going around now. I am convinced that all the Great Prophets are turning in their graves now – seeing all that is going on now.

Believe me – even that what you would call as ‘nature worshippers’ of trees, rivers, sun, moon – and whatever you may have – have the same outlook, focus, will and intentions – that human beings should live together ‘as one’ in peace and harmony. They even believe in preserving nature as it is – and that even for example – not to to disturb migratory ants on the ground – giving them wide space and non-interference to do their bit! They can easily shame and disgrace us by these outlooks and practices.

There are some tribes in deep Africa that I know that do not hunt animals – because they feel they are to share the world with them – but eat only wild fruits and berries – or in the worst case scenarios – would eat only those wild animals that have died – if they must eat to survive – and live on!

Yet if you go and ask them if it is all right to go to your neighbour’s house or village – and kill them for no other reason but based on ethnicities – and so-called Religions – they will consider you dangerous, as mental and psychologically unbalanced – and people need to be protected around you and that you will interact – and interface with.

A long time ago in that distant land this type of believer told me to move my feet – because I was trampling on some black ants! It shocked me to smithereens – and here I was thinking in my mind and heart – that I was ‘better than this so-called Big Baobab tree believer!

The people who are suffering are themselves – the needy, hungry and desperate themselves. One such poor person going out to cause maximum harm, damage, maiming and killing of another himself of the same lots and in suffering – in mob violence – and xenophobic rampage and violence – tinted with so-called religious and ethnicity divide and polarisation.

It is a bloody shame to the so-called Religious and National Leaders to allow such things to happen – and continue to happen in their countries – especially to those that are quick to come out to blame the others as the cause of the violence – with their hidden agendas, manifest and focuses.

A Great Wise Arab Leader had said – The friends of today can be the enemies of tomorrow – and the enemies of today can be the friends of tomorrow! I think it is high time that we Arabs and Muslims prioratised and analysed in truth, sincerity and in being genuine and truthful – that are now our REAL friends and those that are not – and we do our duties, responsibly and what is required for us to do – for our future, history, legacy and destiny – and remembering all the recent events happening all around us now – before it is too late for everyone.

May Allah God Protect and Preserve us all – May The Good Lord Direct and Show us the Right Ways and Path – Amin Amen

Take Care!


Majid Al Suleimany

The Month of Forgiveness! By Majid Al Suleimany Reply

Wednesday July 25th  2012

 At The Workplace! – Outlook!

The Month of Forgiveness! 

  • Indeed the most honoured of you in the sight of Allah (God) is the one with the most Taqwa (Righteousness/God Consciousness) – Surah Hujaraat – 49.13.
  • Allah’s special mercy comes on the families (nation) that are united, harmonious and peaceful – especially in Taqwa and in the Fasting Month – The Hadith.</stron*30 Sha'ban 1437*

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    Ramadhan Kareem!

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    So that You might be Righteous!


    06 June 2016
    Monday يوم الاثنين

    _Salmaan رضي الله عنه reports:_
    _On the last day of Sha’ban Rasoolullah صلي الله عليه وسلم addressed us and said:_
    *(regarding Ramadhaan)*..
    This is a month, the first of which brings Allah’s mercy, the middle of which brings his forgiveness and the last of which brings emancipation from the fire of Jahannam.
    Whosoever lessens the burden of his servants in this month, Allah will forgive him and free him from the fire of Jahannam. _*(Bayhaqi)*_g>

This Ramadhan (2012) I got a nice message for the month from one person. The number was not registered in my Mobile – but I decided to accept the nice message and send one back in reciprocity! Unfortunately, the person decided ‘to spoil it all’ by asking me if I really knew from whom the message came from? And asking me to ‘keep trying to guess’! I politely declined ‘the offer’ – and had decided to just register the person as ‘Sender Good Ramadhan Message’!

That was not enough for the person – because he did not give up! I guess the reason was ‘he or she thought I would be very much surprised to receive this kind of message from him! It seemed to me that the person ‘was keen to be found out’ – so we can take it off from that level! But if you are not telling – who am I to push you to come forward and tell me?

It dawned on me that this could be a person that I had crossed with and upset in the past – and he is making a subtle move to come forward – and say it in his own ways and styles!

The day before Ramadhan we had a family get together – because it was a long time since we had one together as one whole family – and also to celebrate some of the children finalists good examination results – and one or two who had got promoted – and of course with a new car to show the rest of us too – with the old bangers going over 7 years now – and cannot afford a new one still yet!

Frankly, I try to be ‘my level best’ in these types of social gatherings nowadays – and just to show you how bad things have now become in society – because definitely there will be one or two determined to get you pissed off and upset – for just some rice and morsels – and make the rest of your day to be upset and to be annoyed!


The thing that they can easily find fault to upset and annoy you is in your passion of writing – and nitpicking minor things to be made mountains from molehills on a driving pursuit and purpose to do their bit. They like to call it as ‘constructive criticism and feedback’ – but if you ask him to explain himself clearly in more details – than just the one sentence or two he picked out of context – he fails miserably!.

But then he will say to you that you are now becoming over sensitive – and the age element has definitely kicked in – for you to behave like this way! The question to ask here – if this can come within – who needs enemies outside? A famous Arabic expression says – rightly too! – A thousand enemies outside the house are better than one within! 

Things have gone so bad nowadays – because at Family get-together times even – you get people – after years and years of being sidelined and being marginalized – have now received promotions that have gone to their heads – being contemptuous, cynical, satirical and pompous! Looking down on others the lesser lucky and fortunate in life! 

Like I always like to say – a few more Baizas has changed the person completely – in an adverse – and negative way! That is why if I am not invited to any social gathering nowadays – it is not ‘sour apples’ – but honestly – I feel that the person has done me a good deed indeed! 

A friend of mine had sent me this saying – which I will share with you! The most testing time for a woman is when her husband has gone poor and broke – and for a man is when he has become rich and famous! He gives me his own life story as proof of what he is saying here – when he became astute poor –and with losing his position and job! With children even – and or no children either! 

So I messaged to the person – There is something that you perhaps do not know about me! I always try my level best to avoid conflicts as much as I possibly can! I also can promise you that I never cast (throw) the first stone either! But after cautioning you after several trespass and interferences – I can turn nasty to even shock you! I then come down charging – like a bull in a glass shop! Admittedly, some may even say – his reactions outdo his silence and patience at the outset. Taking it from the 90/10 principle of reacting to situations! 

As a Writer, Author and Columnist – I will be naïve and stupid not to realise that I have upset and annoyed people – and will continue to do so – so long as I keep writing on in my life! Even if I decide to stop – I will upset those who want me to continue – and even write much more than before! Like Louis IV had said – Whichever side I take or whatever I will do, I will still be blamed by the other side! 

In all my life and in my pursuits – I have always aimed to change the things I can do so by myself if I can do so – and if not – speak or write about it! In weak moments – yes – I have gone to the lowest levels in Religion – of saying – I am against this – but I am afraid – and have now joined in silence the Silent Majority! 

Like the unfairness and injustice being faced now by me – but there is nothing that I can do on my own – though have talked about it several times in my columns here!

In the spirit, graciousness and kindness of the Holy Month – I ask for forgiveness for those that I may have upset and annoyed – and even by default and inadvertently! I still believe to speak the truth always as I see it – and ready to change my mind if shown and or convinced otherwise! 

But I also feel deep in my heart and in conviction – body and spirit – that only a person that really cares, feels and does not want ‘things to go bad and or wrong’ – will tell you exactly what he thinks – for the general good, remedy, corrections, peace, harmony and for future generations, history, legacy – and for our destiny too. In that way you will forgive me too – for I will hardly change! 

Ramadhan Kareem! Take Care! 


Majid Al Suleimany

Between Us Only! – Ramadhan Kareem – July 22nd 2012. 3

For Sunday July 22nd 2012

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Ramadhan Kareem!

v  O you who believe! Fasting is prescribed for you as it was prescribed for those before you, that you may become God-fearing – The Quran, 2:183

 Ramadan is the month in which was sent down The Quran as a guide to Mankind, and clear (signs) for guidance and judgment (between right and wrong). So everyone who is present (at his home) during that month, should spend it in fastingal-Baqarah 2:185

v  When the month of Ramadhan starts, the gates of the Heaven are opened and the gates of Hell are closed and the devils are chained.

I was watching this Al Jazeera Television programme showing how the economy hard-hit and the poor families in certain countries in Europe were coping in their daily lives now. Associations have sprung up to help the poor and needy by going to supermarkets and shops for them to contribute food for the noble worthy cause of feeding these groups of people. In actual fact, without these campaigns many of the families would have gone without their daily lives’ needs to feed themselves – and cope in life!

The donors contribute still good edible food and packages – some may have dented tins or unpacked proper wraps – but the food is still edible and good. In some they are nearing expiry dates that would have ended in dustbins – instead of homes that could still use them – and with no lose in respects and esteem of taking in bad and or expired food.

In one of the countries – they even give just average and good food to cater for different tastes and categories in people. Some of the people have lost their homes – and volunteers have offered them temporary homes and shelter. It is all so moving and touching – especially when you see the children tucking in with their parents eating together as a last touch of humanity, respect and dignity!

The shops and supermarket chains that are in these noble worthy causes are advertised – so those that are well-off and can afford it all should go for shopping to supplement and support the programmes. What is all touching is to find all kinds of people helping and volunteering in these programmes – from students to professionals – and even doctors and high echelon in the corporate world – from youngsters to even themselves oldish and sick too! They are all in these together as one – in joint mind and heart.


Image The Rich versus The Poor

I thought to myself that these people can teach us a lot of things for some of us unmoved and uncaring lots! Especially the rich well-off family run businesses. Though some of them still do – but not to the rate and levels that their grandparents did!

I remember a long time ago when I went to the show-room of one car agency and the man at the door gave me an envelope = thinking I was one of the poor people gathered there to collect. He was surprised when I returned it back – and told him that he got it all wrong – which he complimented that I looked all dressed up and dignified! But it was a great learning experience to me – because this old man – May Allah rest his soul in eternal peace – Amin – had his heart in the right place – in wanting to share his quick get riches with others lesser advantaged and poor.

The poor man insisted I take the envelope and give it to any poor man I knew! The money inside at that time was still significant. What touched me more was the envelope was all plain – and did not carry the company name – nor logo!

Last two years back I had gone to our poorer relatives still in Tanzania. There I opened my eyes to the artificial and hypocritical lives that we have here. It was lunch time – and there was extra food cooked in order for the others lesser-advantaged and more-poorer than them to come to eat. When I raised a voice as to why they were doing this – and when they themselves were in need – their shock, awe and disbelief was plainly visible for me to see ‘for even thinking’ like that! The part that really eats me out are the other Religions – non-Muslims – participating to help poor Muslims fast in this Holy Month!

You just have to go to the dustbins and see the food that is thrown away – and even the cats and dogs are choosy too which food – and from which house – to eat or ignore! I was always wondering why especially in the Holy Month the Baladiya trucks come in twice a day – instead of only once! And then we have homes that are looking for food – what food they can get and or afford – to break their fasts – but the real eye-opener and the most heart rendering and painful are the children that the poor things really are looking out for!

Some of us for sure can help out more than what we are doing now – not forgetting the maxim that do with the right hand – that even your left hand does not know about! I can share with you that when some of our relatives come to our homes to break the fast they are shocked to see so much food provided – especially when they see how many people are there in numbers vis-à-vis the found amount – quite high, unrepresentative and high!

Start by this. Send to your poorer or not well off neighbours, to the needy  and even to the Masjids (mosques) at breakfast times. Only Allah God Knows your rewards.

I have this morbid fear that one day we will be hit hard by Allah’s anger and fury for the food wastages – and artificial and fake lives that we are leading – and the competition – and all the show offs that we practise and do now!

We surely can learn a lot from such others. Please think of the lesser advantaged starting around you, at the home villages – at poorer families abroad – and those in war-torn strife  areas like now in Syria, Iraq, Palestine, Somalia, Niger (drought) – and so many other Arab and Muslim countries – and even minority Muslims in other countries – and others even world-wide. Time to open our eyes to see, ears to hear – and our mouths to speak!

May Allah God Protect and Preserve us all – Amin Amen

Take Care!


Majid Al Suleimany

Be The Safe Driver! New Reply

For Wednesday July 18th 2012

 At The Workplace! – Outlook!

 Be The Careful & Safe Driver!  

One can call it as perhaps feeling ‘Sour Grapes’ – but believe me when I am saying this now – that one of the ‘merits and advantages’ of now staying fully at home – and after a brief stint in Human Resources Consultancy works – and that convinced me to be better off at home – is this element of ‘driving myself to and back’ from work!

It is a jungle out there – like in a war zone! When anytime a ‘car missile’ from out of nowhere lands and crushes into you – whilst you maintain to control your calm and senses – and to be the careful driver – that you have always been! That ‘defensive driving’ courses had taught you all about – that you are the only ‘safe and careful’ driver – and the rest cautioning you to take maximum care, precautions and defences! 

I used to watch the news and hear of the parents miseries and woes in war-torn Iraq where they are not sure if their children will come back home alive – and not maimed and injured from schools – or the youngsters from work! Or even going to buy food from the souqs and the markets! 

I dare say as parents we still do worry that our children are late – even if they are married and have their own lives to run! And these are for simple things like just drive out – or go to films, parties – or just take their children out! 

Strangely and ironically, our own late parents did not have such worries! Perhaps they were more stoic – braver and more courageous – or even just fatalistic in approaches. Or some will say that they were more ‘believing and religious’ than what we are now! Hopefully it will carry on to their children too? 

Frankly who can blame us? After my article on The Writer’s Block a few weeks back – I witnessed this incident which propelled me to remove the ‘fear of writing’ – and writing fully once again! 

I had bought a new washing machine – and it was being brought to my villa in Qurum Heights. As I was directing the 3 ton truck to reverse into my villa – this young Omani Driver was reversing very fast – and he nearly ran into me and into my villa gate. He came with two Indian Handymen Helpers. 

I started to rebuke him as to why he was driving this fast – and as if this was a saloon car? He curtly replied to me that he did not see me clearly. Then he started speaking in Hindi to the two Assistants – saying that these rich people – even our own – are ridiculing us like this – because I am a poor Driver! 

The thought of ‘being considered rich’ because of the area I was staying – shook me in mirth – and broke me up in jest to my very bones – for quite awhile! I guess he does not read English – and or my columns! 

I can hear the lingo. So I told him in Arabic – You got it all wrong – son! Please be grateful to Allah you have a job still – because if I were still in the Offices in HR – you will be given a Final Warning Letter the way you are driving now! 

This seemed to shake him quite a lot – and make him come to his senses! Especially after I had told him that with his Secondary Education – he should be thankful that he has and got a job – with many youngsters – just like him – and even with College Diplomas – still looking for jobs! 

Here is a very angry young man – a local boy – ‘angry at the world – and at himself – and the truck he was driving’ – and can easily cause wanton damages and harm with his kind of driving – and in this truck of his too! Do you know what is the scary part? How many others just like him are there on the roads now? If you remember my article too – Are Your Children Safe?

Anyway, the good news is that I have now finalised the First Book Draft of my New Book based on Road Safety titled – Behind The Wheel! I have also created a special website to go along with the book – please visit It is now so easy, cheap and convenient to set up websites. Though it was a subject close to my heart, it was one of my most difficult books I had ever contemplated and made! I have put in some ‘sample works’ in my website above. 

Although I do not have Wastah (Influence) like the others – but I still believe deep in my heart – that this is still a noble worthy National cause – and even if you have not believed in my previous works for whatever reason – please be ethical, fair and principled – even professional – in lending support and encouragement to this book at least. Even if I never give up hope – and do all these things alone by myself!

Ramadhan Kareem! Take Care!

By: – 

Majid Al Suleimany

Some Will Never Change! – By Majid Al Suleimany Reply

Outlook – The Oman Daily Observer – Sunday July 15th 2012 

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Between Us Only! 

Some Will Never Change! 

I wanted to change the world. But I have found that the only thing one can be sure of changing is oneself! – Aldous Huxley.”

Be blind to the fault of others – It brings peace in your life- Because people won’t change – You got to change your way of accepting things! – Anon

Never play with the feelings of others because you may win the game – but you will lose the person for sure for goodAnon

What Goes Around; Comes Around! – Common Saying

Writing is a struggle against silence! Carlos Fuentes

Sometimes I ask myself if it is worth me keeping on writing on these same topics again and again? Is it really worth it? Or is it a foregone conclusion – that all is now simply gone?

Image – From A Cry For Help! Book

She is still crying!

It seems to me that I am talking to brick walls and all I get are a bloodied nose – and a swollen head by all these. The truth is some people and places will never change – even if they know the consequences and repercussions of doing so! That is how people and some places are – despite all exterior images and publicities! Even if they appear in the press – and even in the internet – all the websites – and even call centres. It is all a show – a facade – an ivory elephant.

In my career life – and 12 years in Consultancy – I have found that there is nothing worse than raising peoples’ expectations and hopes – and then dash it all – and or do nothing real and or concrete in the direction to accomplish these promises. Or make an agreement and or acceptance to a deal – but be painful, painstaking slow and tedious to do your part of the deal – with all kinds of flimsy and inexcusable reasons for not doing your part of the deal.

As if nothing can ever happen or touch you – you are impregnable and well protected – and the others are all bumbling stupid clumsy fools – best ignored and ridiculed. But will we ever learn? I personally do not think so!

During my Consultancy times I used to visit the branches and talk to the Staff with a view of finding out what were their problems and issues – and what help and assistance they needed from the Company! Believe me – they used to tease and mock me – you are the 5th Consultant who came asking the very same questions – and nothing happened after that.

Maybe they did not file in the reports – and or if they did nobody in The Head Offices bothered or cared. Perhaps put in box files – till the next time the exercise is repeated again – all for publicity and for media – but nothing real and concrete in action and in reality and practice.

I had a very difficult time to convince them – but thankfully my records went with me. However, when I wanted to file the reports I was plainly asked to ‘give full information’ of who said what – it was more a spying case than anything else. I refused and the contract was rescinded – but they were afraid I may write about it in my columns – so they tried to appease me – and let me back.

But I maintained the confidentiality and trust given to me by the employees – but then I may have been professional, ethical and principled – but how many people out there can be so?

I worked for one Regional Company but with Head Office in Muscat. At one time in disagreement with the CEO – a fellow Omani – trying to appease me told me that The Company Board had preferred for the Consultant to be a foreigner – or Omani from the Region. I was neither.

Within half an hour I immediately quit from the place. I definitely do need the money – but I need respects and esteem more! How can we Omanis treat each other like this? After all the personal sacrifices of His Majesty? And people still continue to behave like this?

In writing this new book of mine Novel Type on Road Safety – Behind The Wheel! – and despite everyone recognising the importance of the subject with the increased road casualties and accidents – I went to some places asking if I could quote some of their works. Some completely ignored me – some made promises which they rescinded at the last minute when the book was almost ready – and some few only were kind and supportive!

Even if there is no money in books here – and it is all designed for a greater noble, worthy and National cause. But I was a mere nobody and No Wastah person! And that is the sad, tragic and bitter truth – and all the wanton decadence and malaise all around us now!

Yet it is still true that in some places you go you find all kinds of lack of principles, ethics and professionalism – if not behind the scenes bribery and corruption even! Things are so devious and bad that nobody even cares or bothers – and even to try to hide anything! It is a public secret – and everyone knows all about it. Employees are treated very badly – and even the customers and clients even are not spared! Except for oneself – nobody cares or bothers!

The only problem is that those higher up involved and can put a stop to all these are themselves weak and docile – if not part of the pattern even! It is so scary and worrisome to think about this.

Everyone forgets what you treat others will one day be treated to you – or those near you. Meanwhile, they go on torturing and tormenting others in their lives – and those near them. Now everyone is doing – not like in the past in a few places only!

I am even getting a severe headache and pain thinking about these things – and being acute sick and diabetic – I need to stop here now!

The Truth Remains. Some people and places will simply Never Ever Change! They will drag the rest of us into wanton demise, decadence and malaise!

Take Care! May Allah God Protect and Preserve us all – Amin Amen

Take Care!


Majid Al Suleimany

 N.B. This is the Original Version – without any part re edited…

Behind The Wheel! New Road Safety Book – Novel Type – Near Completion! Reply

Behind The Wheel! New Road Safety Book – Novel Type – Near Completion!

With only some images and Appendices to add separately, the book is now almost complete – ALR! God Is Great!


Sample Stories out of 52 stories….

F.30 The 7 Cars Accident Pile Up

If it was someone else who was telling me the story – I might have perhaps not have believed it! But then you see this had happened to me! My car was the 6th car in the pile up. The 7th car was the one smashing into my MPV! Multi-Purpose Vehicle!

I heard the screech of brakes as the car behind me tried to stop. It was raining – and the road was wet and slippery. As I started hearing the brake screech – instinctively, intuitionally and impulsively I had slammed the brakes on of the stalled car.

It was a miracle that I had missed the last 5 cars. It all had started with one of the 7 cars involved with this pick up swerving from the outer lane to the inner lane. It seemed that he was still sleepy – it was morning in the Holy Month of Fasting of Ramadhan.

The car he hit on the left hit other 4 cars – resulting in a pile up! My MPV was the 6th car – and I tried my level best to avoid hitting the other cars in front of me – though I was at 100 kph – but do not forget that the road was wet and slippery – as it usually happens when it starts to rain in Oman!

The car that hit me was a Japanese saloon car – my MPV was American. They build these cars with steel – hard steel with rods on! Yet though I knew my car was going to be hit at any minute with this fast coming car that I could see in the rear view mirror – I was thrown into the steering – but the airbag did not go off. Probably because I was hit from the back? Lucky for me I had the seat belts on!

Imagine the Japanese car was written off after this! A person from PDO who witnessed the accident from the other side of the road – and who recognised my green MPV – told everyone in PDO – I think Majid is dead! The way the behind car crushed into him – it will be a miracle if he was alive! News spread around fast – Majid has died in the accident! One said – don’t tell the wife till we are pretty sure!

Can you imagine that the driver that hit me came out alive – though injured? I looked at the destroyed car – and really wondered how he came out alive from that car? My behind MPV was a total wreck with the impact received! He later told me – he was changing a cassette in this fast lane – and saw the accident too late! A cassette change that can kill too?

Yet the MPV was a new model introduced in the market. I wondered aloud what would have happened had I not a stronger vehicle? And though by nature I vow not to drive when it starts to rain – I made exceptions because I was hand carrying some important Company documents that I wanted Oman Air to deliver to Marmul interior desert operation location that day!

The Officer at the airport had already heard that I had died at the accident. That is the way I try to be job responsible – to even deliver the documents myself for fast delivery at risks of rain – and accidents. I could have sent by normal mail – but that is M for you!

Nobody complimented me – nor say anything nice to me for this proactive action. Though I had suffered a road accident – and neck pain for quite awhile – but it was all in silence – and in vain!

My car was let go first after the Police ROP reports. The other three cars were in need of being towed out from the roads. There was a traffic jam that lasted not less than 6 hours.

This accident spot at this Sarooj Petrol Station is always a black car accident spot. Many accidents always happen there. It is a jinxed spot – or if you believe in these things – Genie spot!



F.31 Because You Always Do Good!

I was moving towards this Petrol Station when this Western couple got out of their car – with both hugging me. What gives? Or what’s up doc? They shouted in unison – you are alive? I said Yes – God Is Great!

Then they said to me – we heard one person – with similar surname – had died in a road accident. He was driving a truck – and wearing slippers at the time! They had confused him with me. There was a tear in the woman’s eyes.

They then reminded me of a good deed I did for that family. I had actually forgotten! Then they said – Because you always do good things to people – that is why! We are so happy to see that you are alive!

Best Regards,

Majid Al Suleimany

The Author

July 8th 2012

It Is All Psychological – In The Mind! By Majid Al Suleimany Reply

At The Workplace! – Outlook!

Psychological Barriers! 

It Is All Psychological – In The Mind! By Majid Al Suleimany

A       The Metaphor – A Bird in a Cage!

The birds fly – because they know they can! Have you ever felt sometimes like a bird trapped in a cage?

I do not know about you but I as a person do not like to keep or see birds kept in a cage! These beautiful smart creatures were meant to spread out their wings and fly – of course with the exception of birds like ostriches and others because ‘they are too heavy’ to be able to fly – though they can run very fast – or some even fly low ground in some stretches!

If I were a bird I would definitely ask myself – Would I like all the food, water, attention and care but caged in – or would I prefer to take risks and challenges in my life – and be that bird free to fly out in the open world? The open skies? Be master of my own fate, destiny and legacy?

A long time ago my twin daughter wanted to keep some – but a few days later on one of the birds had died. She wanted me to replace it – but when no one was looking – I opened and set free the other one still alive – because it was so distressed and hitting itself all around in the cage!  Last week they went to Dubai – and left the ‘New caged birds’ with me. It was again very distressing for me!

Once a friend showed me a bird that she owned which was locked up in a small cage. My friend told me that the bird was very “smart” and had tried on numerous occasions to break free from the cage. I looked at the colorful little bird as it tried to peck its way out of the bars of the cage. It fluttered about, shook its wings furiously. But to no avail!

It was stuck there, and I listened to my friend – who went on and said that the bird had been intelligent enough to lift open the cage door – but as it was about to open it fully – she had caught it – and now she locked the door.

I reminded my good friend that – Birds Were Created to Fly!

Now, I do not spend so much of my attention on birds – but I suppose I looked at this poor bird and I really felt sorry for it. As it spread out its wings and tried to fly – it could not. It had been caged and trapped for a very long time in its life!

Humans are a bit strange for wanting to cage up these beautiful smart birds in tight spaces.

It has sometimes been asked of me – what kind of animal I would like to be – if I were one. The same question was asked to me by a good Indian friend – who believes in reincarnation. He had asked me – In your next life – what would you like to be M?

The answer I usually give is that I would like to be an eagle and soar above the clouds – through the skies and look down on the earth. Unfortunately, this bird in the cage could not do that! It could not do what it instinctively and naturally born was made to do. It really was very strange. Sad too!

A Metaphor for Our Human Existence

I think there is a lesson here – even for us humans. Don’t you ever feel like you are a bird, trapped in a cage? You feel like you can soar above into the skies? You try as hard as you can to escape monotony, boredom and pain. Yet you feel like you keep ending up in your same cage?

Fortunately, for humans – we actually have more freedom. We have choice. We have the ability to challenge and change our circumstances. Many of the “cages” of human existence are all in the mind. All mainly fear-based – and psychological! An Open Lesson for Our Leaders!

B                 The Metaphor – The Chained Elephants! 

It is all psychological! 

My good Indian friend N was telling me – that despite the great animal in the elephant’s intelligence and smartness – human beings are always able to control, dominate and manipulate their minds – with the exception of few rare cases – when the elephants run amok and wild! When the elephant is small – one of its feet is chained to a log. As the elephant gets bigger, the chain also gets bigger.


A grown up elephant can easily break up the chain – if it really wanted to – but in its young mind – it has grown up to believe that it cannot do so! This sticks with the elephant’s mind in its maturity – and even in finally growing up!

Entrepreneurs, social innovators and people wanting more passion in their lives should remember this truth: The limits upon you are only the limits that you place upon yourself. Only those that try can know how far out they can go!





C       Mice Simply Do Not Fly!

We have all heard of the story of the young bat who went to ask his mother – Am I a mouse or a bird? The Mother asked – Why dear son you ask? The son replied – When I fly with the other birds – they shout at me – get away from here! You are not a bird – you are a mouse! When I go to the mice – they run away from me – and are afraid of me! They tell me – you are a bird – get out of here! Who am I Mummy?

The Mum replies – You are neither a bird nor a mouse! You are a bat! Do not forget that my son! Keep to your own kind only – the others will just not accept you – because you are different from all of them. Be proud of what you are – just a bat!

A lesson to those of us that are deceived – or deceive ourselves – to belong to – where you are not simply wanted! Or even accepted! Or just being used – for a reason – and a purpose! Till too late – you learn the bitter real truth! Mice do not fly!

Take Care! 




Majid Al Suleimany

Losing One’s Respects! – By Majid Al Suleimany 1

Between Us Only!

 Losing One’s Respects! 

  • Be not like the hypocrite who, when he talks, tells lies; when he gives a promise, he breaks it; and when he is trusted, he proves dishonest Islamic – Bukhari and Muslim
  • Without feelings of respect, what is there to distinguish men from beasts? Confucius
  • God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change; the courage to change the things I can; and the wisdom to know the differenceReinhold Niebuhr
  • I am not concerned with your liking or disliking me. All I ask is that you respect me as a human being – Jackie Robinson

It always happens in life. Once you lose your respects, esteem and standing – it will be very difficult to get it back – however hard you may try! 

It had happened to me several years ago when I was in Dubai. Just want to say something here before I proceed. In writing, a source is very important – as one can deny or change his mind later – and end you in big troubles. This is why I always use my own cases to refer to – or those cases well known to me!

Please also read –

Now that has been put behind us. Whilst in Dubai – I had sent in my Dodge Durango for thorough cleaning after the road trip from Muscat. At the queue there was this Rolls Royce Silver Shadow being cleaned. So I asked who seemed to me to be the driver if I could look inside? I always adore these cars!

The good Indian guy was kind enough to let me do this. After this my usual put foot in my mouth – and the ‘dry sense of humour’ just kicked in! So I said to the poor man – Your boss must be very proud of this car – and may even want to drive it too instead of you? He curtly replied – Yes – if you mean the wife – she sure does – but I just do not allow her to drive it! 

Seeing my embarrassment the poor man wanted me to feel comfortable. So he asked me if in Oman there are no Indians that own Rolls Royce like he did? I just looked at him – and I kept my mouth shut after that! It was very embarrassing – and I knew immediately I had lost all the respect and rapport I had just built a few minute back when we had met!

During my Consultancy business times – I was going with my Indian lady assistant for a business meeting where we had just made a business proposal. The meeting was going on fine until their GM asked – By the way – who is going to run this Human Resources HR Project – if we decide to give it to you? 

It seemed that the man had just glossed over the proposal – so I told him pointblank that I will do it myself. He then turned to my more than ever now feeling embarrassed Assistant and asked in the home lingo – What does he know about HR? The poor woman knew that I can hear the lingo – though not speak it!

How many times in life we meet these same people that we highly admire, respect and esteem – but they may really shock and disappoint you at the worst expectant times when you are looking up at them – by their crude, abrupt not normal behaviours – lacking ethics, principles, outlooks and professionalism even!

Images Losing Respects – For Demonstration Purposes Only!

Once I did a HR Project for one such famous customer – a man I really had admired and esteemed – and who always talks about treating people right – and when he told me – Do not worry – I will pay your worth. So I was expecting a good pay-in – and the ‘shock and awe’ was mine when he paid me just pittance for this very difficult and complex project I had done for him!

When I raised protest – he brought in religion to me to me thankful for what I am getting – instead of sitting idle at home! The same thing had happened when I raised protests to another such person – who had threatened me to get out of the office – or he will call in the Authorities ‘for disturbance’ – as I was emotionally speaking at high pitch to the person! And that I was ‘not respecting’ that person’s position and status ‘by your crewd behaviour’! Sic!

There is also this element – more in the Offices’ environments. Some people still think that when they see a friendly outgoing extrovert woman peer that she might be a ‘softie and easy target’ – and many people have lost their respects this way by such stereotyping and outlooks – especially with the ‘foreign ladies peers’ – and even with the educated, qualified locals too for that matter! I have had many cases where the ladies came to complain to me as such when I was in HR then!

Another element of losing respects is your changed behaviours, outlooks, focuses, pompous and conceited  etc – especially now that you have got some extra coins in your pockets for a recent promotion, advancement and or riches – and things have gone into your head – treating others with pride, contempt and ridicule. For me these are completely lost people in life – and people to avoid – like Hell!

My late dad – when he was still alive – used to say to us – If the Heaven doors were being manned by some certain people type – nobody will ever go to Heaven! Their jealousies and envies streak will ensure this for certain? Thank God that He is more gracious, kinder and merciful than us human beings!

Have you noticed this? The more you ask of others for favours and help from fellow human beings – the more you lose your respects, esteem and standing – whilst with the Good Lord it is just the opposite – because He likes it the more to come from His creations. And that is the main difference! The East Africans say – carving your face – that means your face will not remain the same – after begging!

Once you have lost your respect – it is not easy to regain or get it back. So one needs to always keep this in mind. I used to fight for one person that he was being ‘victimised’ – until I learnt the hard way when I was doing some works for him – that I had all my ideas, conceptions and ideas all wrong – and that indeed he was not that ‘good person’ – I had always thought before all this!

May Allah God Protect and Preserve us all – Amin AmenTake Care!


Majid Al Suleimany 

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