Gulf Jobs No Longer Attractive To Indians! – By Majid Al Suleimany Reply

For Wednesday June 6th 2012

 At My Workplace! Outlook!

Gulf Jobs No Longer Attractive! 

I was reading this article yesterday Monday 4th June 2012 that appeared in the other newspaper titled ‘Gulf Jobs are losing sheen for Indians’ by one famous Omani Columnist. In summary, he says Why The Gulf No Longer Lures Indians: –

  • Higher salaries in India.
  • Even after paying taxes, they take home more than what they are paid in the Gulf countries
  • More job opportunities in India
  • Multinational companies right there at home seeking professionals
  • Stagnant wages in Gulf despite rising inflation and cost of living
  • The localization programmes adopted by Gulf countries.

Honestly and frankly speaking – and M being M!  – I would have just ignored the whole lot as just being his full rights to express his opinions and write what he feels too! But the last part of blaming the localization programmes – by implications as also ‘being responsible’ – did it in convincing me to write back in this column today. This plus the elements of the replies coming in – including also blaming the Human Resources (HR) peoples as ‘being responsible’ for this stalemate status quo per se!

Image – The Elegant Lady Secretary – From My Book Short Takes – Between Us Only! In Appreciation!


Image  Indian Officials

I ccould provide the latest news as per all the International News Media that the picture is not so rosy as painted – in actual fact the Indian Rupee and the economy has taken a big hit recently – but keep data and statistics away for a minute – and let us use my own reasoning and my common sense in dealing in my responses here! Let us look also at those doing consultancy businesses for emigration to Australia, Canada etc their files are still full of applicants. So somehow something does not just fit in! 

In my career job stretching over 40 years – 25 years being in this major oil company – I have to apologise in advance by saying this in generalizations. I have a lot of friends who are Indians – and I have for those that do not know it – uncles, aunts, nephews and nieces that are Indians – and Indian passport-holders.

The person who took off my career in writing is Indian. People who have really come forward to help me in my life – including in banking – are good Indian friends of mine. They actually took more courage and guts to do so – than even my own fellow Omanis. So I am not ungrateful – nor have I forgotten either!

Images – Indian Workers

But blaming Localisation and HR is a bit going overboard here. Did one expect a job for life here as a birth or other right? There is one group of expatriates that I really like non-Indians (non-West) that are really realists and practical – and they say openly that we have come here for some time – and know one day we have to hand over to the locals.

If the situation is true and the job statuses quoted are true than we all do wish our good friends all the very best.  Only hopefully they will try to teach, train, counsel and mentor and handover to the locals – as you can see our situation too that we need to move people around – and create more jobs and opportunities for our young Omani applicants!

In my books and columns, I have always said this. Let not a few bad eggs (fish) with wrong job approaches, focuses, behaviours and attitudes – from our lot – be the guiding factor, instrument and judgement tool for the rest of us – including the highly educated, qualified and experienced Omanis too for that matter. That we Omanis are lazy – not committed and dedicated – not loyal and focused – in our jobs and responsibilities and aspects.

The New Trend. Demonstrating Indian Workers against bad working conditions.

Take the lazy type of one Omani – and he will surprise and amaze you – if he has to go to India or UK to go and work – so he can survive – feed himself and the family. For sure we have a lot of diseases and problems at the workplaces. But keep remembering it is our own country – we have to make our own decisions, our own stake and future – and our own destiny and legacy too. Just as we will not interfere in people deciding to go home – it is reciprocal – that you allow us to make our own decisions and history too.

Just watch the news and trouble spots. It is all linked to people wanting their rights and freedoms – and people have to change now to welcome in – and accept the changes. Change now before Change changes you!  Whatever threats and forces being used will not stop the changes – it will only make a bad situation just turn worse – with bigger and more consequences – and it is just as a matter of time for the changes to kick in. The winners are those that will hang on to want the changes come in!

There is no denial for the Indians’  – and with others – for their contributions to the development and progress of our countries to what they are today! Long after the dust has been cleared – this will still be remembered – and be appreciated. Like I have always said too in my columns and in my books – The Municipality cleaner will still stay on and remain supreme –  whilst his compatriot the CEO has long left the country!

It is time for us to prioratise to take care of our own first. We hope our friends will help us in this regard – remembering the good times, the warm reception, welcome and respects given – generally speaking!

Two years ago before even all the troubles – I wrote this article – Is it not time for the expatriates to start thinking to leave? Thinking being the key word! Sometimes I really amaze – even myself! Wish me luck – because today I am 65!

Take Care! 

By: – 

Majid Al Suleimany

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