Some Observations! – Behind The Wheel! – The New Book! 1

Some Observations! – Behind The Wheel! –

 The New Road Safety Book!

 There is something that has continuously puzzled and baffled me is this attitude of writing to people with your request or suggestion – and people completely ignore you – as if you do not exist! One is not sure if it is linked or related to our famous Arabic expression that ‘the best answer to a rude and arrogant person is complete silence’! 

Or is it more linked and associated with just plain ‘contemptuous, arrogant, proud and conceited’ approaches and attitudes that some have?  –  ‘Hey you – listen you! You have no right to address me with anything – because you are of lower status to me – and do not have any rights of any kind if you compare yourself to me’ In actual fact you simply have no rights to address me with anything. First I am more important to you – second it is only the situation that has made you to have any guts and courage to send me anything – the audacity of it all!

 Would these pictures not move you?

Images For Demonstration Purposes Only.

When I wanted to publish my first book I went around asking for sponsorship to all the VIPs I knew – and those with money and wealth – the National Companies and Banks – but they all turned me down! Even Regional Associations that have supported foreigners – but not their so-called brethren! It was very hurtful and painful! I was about bto give up – until this one National Company came to rescue – and all because the Chairman liked ‘the way you are fighting for the underdog!’ – his own words – to be exact!

 I did not bother that much with the other 4 books – including the Arab Management books – though admittedly there was a vain attempt in the beginning – since I never ‘learn my lesson’ in life – as it is! The most sad and tragic thing was that even those VIPs that I had sent complimentary books did not have even the ethics and principles of saying thank you – completely against everything in our Religion – and our customs, traditions, culture and heritage! It took only some of the Expatriates to respond positively – though even some did not.

 Perhaps some thought that I would be so upset – and be so angry that I will go and burn up all the books – and stop writing immediately. They got something else coming – if they had thought like this!

 When I started the idea of writing this book, I thought things wouldl have now changed. But not really! Like I had said many times – in some places and people – they will never change – even if the ground below them crumbles below their feet. I will spare you making the usual references to add to this – because it is of no use – and is just wasted time, efforts and energies from my part!

 Anyway – even if this book should have attracted more support this time – the book is proceeding well. See what people are already saying. At least this time three National Companies are assisting in providing material, stories, incidents, back-ups – and others. Including from some willing to share their stories – their books and websites – for me to quote and make reference to! Because they were all drawn to the noble, worthy and National cause. Muscat Daily also supported me by writing about the book – as appeared in Page 2 of April 28th 2012 – see also posted in

 I cannot thank them all well enough! Included in my book’s Indebtedness and Acknowledgements.

Best Regards,

 Majid Al Suleimany.

 P.S. I had used my own column to write about the book in The Features – The Oman Daily Observer – also posted at

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