Need For Tolerance! Between Us Only! Reply

Between Us Only!

Need For Tolerance!

 Letting The Genie Out Of The Bottle!

Or Opening A Can Of Worms!

I was really aghast and shocked to the extreme to watch this Norwegian Mass Killer Anders Breivik pleading as ‘not guilty’ to his wanton crimes of slaughter of 77 innocent people – many of them at the prime of their lives – and having the audacity to come in the court with a Nazi extreme right salute – and yet still asking to be released.


 He also ‘does not recognise the court – the impudence and the audacity! And still more that his dastardly crimes plans were for far more murders than he had achieved – and that if released ‘he would do it all over again – and better this time even’! Yet he could show tears only because his manifesto was being read to the court – but not even a tear shed for the images of the young men and women slaughtered by him and images shown live!

 I do not know what the world is coming to by this killer being given all these breaks and opportunities to spread his venom and hatred to the rest of the world – and why even give him live coverage – because that is a sure way of encouraging others and copy cats actions too! I for sure am not in favour of quick and fast justice without finding why these things have been done – and even if admitted willingly that he has done it.

 In such other places he would hang from the highest crane – or his head chopped off for all the public to see and left out for show for some time – and as a lesson to others! I do not know who is right or wrong in such swift acts of justice! But surely going this route is really stretching it too far – and the mind really boggles and is confused of what is really going on here!

 And what is the real purpose and intention? Civilized open transparent approaches? I beg to differ strongly here! I was just wondering aloud if it was done by the usual culprits would it be like this – and that even Al Jazeera Television will interrupt normal programming to show us live pictures of these court cases going on now?

 In my mind,  I was wondering if we have people amongst our guests and visitors – invited guests – that maybe secretly cheering him on at their homes – away from host home prying and intrusive eyes? You will excuse me for raising this protruding blatant intrusive questioning here – because my mind is really troubled and worried by things I have seen in reality and in action in my dealings in the work fronts, relationships and interfaces. If you remember my last week article of Polarisation Dilemma – when your ex foreign boss boasts ‘of the bad things he did to Arabs’ in Palestine – and here too trying to ‘divide and rule’ amongst Omanis!

 Some fans even ventured to tell me that these things are really happening still. As a Human Resources Professional I have been involved in circulating reading material to foreign staff being assigned to other countries – where they are cautioned that there the office assistant – and even the housemaid or gardener are there ‘to tap and record’ what the invited guests are saying about the nationals and the country.

 I am for sure against such extremes – because my late maternal grandmother would tell us – Let them talk as much and as long as they wish – and at night they will go to sleep anyway – and nothing will have changed much! Of course poor granny was talking about our own people gossiping and idle talk – because she did not have the ‘luck, privilege and advantage’ to work with the few expatriates ‘that are anti-local and have abused the usual welcome, acceptance and respect – and biting the hand that feeds them’!

 But then if we have our own very people discriminating amongst ourselves – and feeling they have more rights than others – where are we headed –  if not more dangers, crisis and catastrophe ahead?

 The point I want to make in bringing in this Breivik murderer is the Islamophobia and Extremism that is being preached by certain few – especially in The Western countries – and isolated pockets elsewhere in the world! Now even in quarters that we used to consider as our ever true friends and supporters. An Arab leader had said – The friends of today can change to be our enemies of tomorrow – and the enemies of yesterday to be our friends of today.  


Tell that to the Northern (Arab associated) Sudanese living in the South – and vice versa with the African from the South living in the North – when the North now declares the South –as the enemy’! Yet a few years ago were the very same country even!

People are simply killing each other because of dirty slimy oil – and there is no humanity left – even in what was one country before – like in Sudan! See war images here! Danger of a full scale war – and other partied drawn in too! When will people ever learn??

 Nobody knows what the future will bring – but hatreds, fundamentalism, animosities, extremism – both sides – are double edged swords that cut both sides – as clearly evidenced by this Breivik case too. Hopefully humankind will learn from this case – that is all one can pray and hope for – Amin Amen!

 Take Care!

 By: –

 Majid Said Nasser Al Suleimany.

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