The Hard Sale! Between Us Only! Reply


FOR APRIL 8th 2012

Between Us Only!

 The Hard Sale!

 In all my working and career life,  I have always not liked and despised this element of some of the Sales people just dropping in at my workplace – at random, uninvited and ‘no appointments earlier made’ basis. Particularly pretty tall girls (foreigners more) who think because of their appeal presence – you will not send them away – but will try to find time in your busy schedule to fit them in – and to pay attention to them! It is so irritating to a busting point!


When I was still working, I had such a pretty sales girl (foreign) that though the business to her firm was already regular – but one day she even went so far ahead as to ask what my feelings for her were – because she really liked and admired me as a person! Even the girls in my office were asking her – why do you always come at lunch break – when everyone is going out – with exception of our boss who brings in his sandwich – and stays back. The joke and tease was – do you want him to share his sandwich with you?

The real truth is that people are taking undue advantage of especially our Omani customs, traditions and culture of generally being nice, forthcoming, receptive and being respectful to foreigners especially – and the ladies more! Some may even see us as docile and weak – and easily to be taken advantage of.

Sadly, tragically and pathetically – the same treatment is not vetted out on especially our younger Omani Sales people that are also trying hard to copy and emulate – without the usual same success – unless it is on Wastah basis – and or a very pretty head that drops in! There are some countries’ espionage agencies that use very pretty girls for entrapment purposes – and it can be understood well why they do this!











The sad bitter and unfortunate thing also is that we bend backwards to try to be seen nice and accommodating to the foreigners to a greater extent. This same level of tolerance and patience is not extended to our own – nor do we extend them any breaks – even if the poor youngsters are trying their best to get noticed too. And then at the end of the Sales period we judge unmercifully the young our own ‘as not being that successful compared to their expatriate peers’.

 For one the culture is working against them too in addition. Add to that the lack of patience, tolerance and forthcoming from their very own – though advertantly in a few rare cases you may get people with ‘nationalistic and tender feelings’ that may be willing to give them time, patience and breaks too. Or they may fare totally better with foreigners than with their own peoples – sadly the more senior in age and positions that should know better too – as part of their Corporate Social Responsibilities (CSR) – if not the Nation first and foremost!

Please do not get me wrong1 I am not against expatriates in particular – but more in their behaviours, attitudes, focuses and approaches – especially the few truant weird ones that aim to discredit and disadvantage our own youth in particular. In actual fact, we know very well that the troubles in our own country started off small by these kinds of things I am writing about today – even if many people would prefer not to know – and or acknowledge – or wish to put the dirt under the carpet – that has so much dirt already there!

Our Youth are also disorganized and even polarized to such an extent that it is working out badly against their positioning, favour and advantage! They lack the correlation and the networking that their expatriate peers have – and that are denied to be shared with or shown to! Admittedly. some few bad fish and eggs in the basket also give a good ruse and excuse to boldly generalize against our own Youth.

There are also some gimmicks that you cannot use against the locals – that you can use against the expatriates – like giving reduced salary perks – but more on sales commissions. Our youth prefer a steady regular payment than to go for high and low peaks in incomes and in achievements per se! Also, you can set sales targets for anyone you wish – locals included – but once the national cadre has completed his or her probation period – there is nothing you can do to him – unless in a serious violation registered, recorded and witnessed!

That is why I am particularly not that much keen with Family run businesses – and even SMEs too – because in many cases and generally – their main concentration is to get maximum profits at minimal costs and investments – and Omanisation and higher salaries are something they dread and fear – especially as it ties their hands to ‘hire and fire’ at will! There is a need to know and recognize that such attitudes, focuses and approaches are or can work against them too one day – and is actually a double edged sword too!

Take Care!

By: –

Majid Said Nasser Al Suleimany.

P.S. There are not even images of Sales Persons locals or even GCC I could find! The theme – the message and theme – jobs not for them!