(Un)Happy Faces! At My Workplace! Reply

At My Workplace!

(Un)Happy Faces!

What you may find in a pond – you may never find even in an ocean – Famous Arabic Saying.

I am so sad Images!

Many of us have used these symbols in sending messages through our mobiles or emails – the ‘happy’ faces – and the ‘unhappy faces’ – and so many of other types.

The theory that I always draw parallel with is that Offices are the place – after family and homes – where people most misbehave – and where the most damages, pains and sufferings are being  meted out and being felt! Unless proven otherwise I still believe that Offices are the main causes of tear at the domestic, social and at the national fabric – and the main contributor and cause of road rages, accidents and fatalities – I believe more after leaving the offices! To a certain extent also whilst proceeding to work even! Lack of patience, tolerance and forbearance in society now!


Images – So Many Unhappy Faces!

I was going to this Industrial Complex and I saw these groups of people ‘dragging’ themselves to go to work! They all looked forlornly and miserable – as if they were prisoners being pushed to go out to work – and their souls, hearts and minds were not into it! As if there were people with machine guns behind them – pushing them as prisoners to go to work! I honked at one person that I knew – and he reluctantly raised his hand in acknowledgement – but there was no smile accompanying it! It was a cutting dreary awful picture to start off the day!

I asked myself – what happened to the place? At one time it was a Happy Place to work – all people cheerful, jovial and happy – and people having a great sense of pride, esteem and feelings of belonging and loyalties to be in that place! The sad and most tragic thing with all the placards and slogans all around it! Reminded me of a scene in the book 1984 by George Orwell – and even Animal Farm too! This was the place where people celebrated some die-hards old guards had left – and presumably change had come too!

In one of my jobs my American CEO was telling me – Welcome on board. At least nice to see a cheerful jovial face instead – and I want you to do this thing first for me! I want you to make all the Staff feel that this is a place that will revive their interests and make them happy to come here to work! I simply do not want our Staff to feel compelled that they have to come to work because they have to feed their families – and to pay bills! Will you do this for me – as The Head of Human Resources and the Oman Country Manager? Promise me this?

The day I left the place with too much dirty and murky office politics – and one of my few expatriate supporters – a nice British gentleman said – M came here like a fresh breath of air blowing over a dump heap – the day he left the stale air and wind was blowing all over the place – once again! This was some time back – and I wrote a series of articles afterwards like – The Office Dictators – Unhappy Faces At Work – Why Staff Are Unhappy – Office Rumour Mongers – Offices Romances etc – all in the Between Us Only! Series in my books – www.majidbooks.com

During the last year troubles – I knew for sure and certainty that in some of the places there would be trouble and problems! Equally true was I was disappointed expected to happen did not! Equally true the shock was more mine of where it did happen too – and no one expected it to happen there! I think the rest of us all can learn from the companies that staff remained working as if nothing was happening outside the offices environment! What did they have – and what was the trick! I think these three main words would answer my own question – pragmatism, dynamism and hearing (good)!

Until that time that people feel appreciated and wanted – and a feeling of belonging and motivation is implanted we shall continue to see more Offices being the main causes of tear at the domestic, social and at the national fabric levels – and the main contributor and cause of road rage, accidents and fatalities!

I guess until the next time that you cannot beat them – join them. It is the fashion and in-thing to do – nowadays! Otherwise – forget the promotion and the fringe benefits – you must make everyone unhappy – and that includes yourself too!

Take Care!

By Majid Al Suleimany

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