Hard of Hearing! Hearing Aids Do Not Work! At My Workplace! Reply

For Wednesday March 7th 2012

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At My Workplace!

Hard of Hearing! – Hearing Aids Not Working!

A long time ago before the last few months of his life before my late Father passed away – he was hard of hearing and we had to shout for him to hear us. The reason was he refused to wear the hearing aid that we gave him because it made him ‘feel uncomfortable’ too! Unfortunately all the screaming and shouting were in vain – because he looked at us perplexed not hearing a word we were saying! In the end people simply gave up – and the poor man could be seen as miserable – as no one was talking to him now!

I bring in the same metaphor for what is going on now in the Offices – particularly the old aged ones with the same Management Team and The Board that has been in existence for the last few decades even. If those of you will remember many of my articles on the same subject – with the likes of The Office Dictators in The Between Us Only! series books (three) – please visit www.majidbooks.com for more details!

I was talking to a good friend of mine whom I have nicknamed as ‘The Survivor’ – because all of us especially in Human Resources – for some of you still Personnel – and the more worse kind as simply as Administration! – and through phases and stages of time have voluntarily and not even voluntarily have quitted for other places and dominions per se!

Even those most close and confidantes of the Big HR Boss – who even the CEO himself was afraid of – including The Chairman of The Board too – as if the guy had some secrets the rest were afraid that they will be exposed – and thus keeping their distances – and letting him do whatever he wanted! And this he did – without any borders, limits or hindrances.

Reminds one of Tareq Aziz under Saddam Hussein The Dictator!

The good self lasted only 9 months and that was really after really trying hard and being brave and courageous – as I must admit with the bad turn of events and misfortunes of losing my business – and my pension salary too – and the sagas continue too to this day!

So last time I came in from Dubai by road I decided to drop in at the guy’s office unannounced – and uninvited. I asked my good friend – Please give me the tricks of how you had been able to survive with him for that long – and not even like me supposed to be a Human Resources Professional for that matter!

His answer shocks and awes me – he replies to me – I look at the person in contempt and in disdain – and in my heart and mind there is no respect – because as I am talking to myself that I am dealing with a stupid and errant erratic person – like with a child in fits crying for something not able to be given to him – and exterior wise I force myself to sound pleasant, receptive and cheerful – lest he sees through me. In other words I just detest and disrespect him fully from the inside – whilst exterior is something else!

He continues – In other words if he knew what was going on inside meI would get the sack immediately. But he will never know and find out – at least from me directly! What is the point of banging my head against brick walls – though I may admire you but I can never be like you – showing openly what is inside you! I think he was smiling knowingly and tauntingly – with the last words!

Sometimes one wishes there was a foreseeing Board and Tribunal that just announced early morning by bulletins the dismissals of these kind of erratic irrational irresponsible despotic bosses – and even Board members – for the rest to behave and conform – and to bring in new blood that are more educated, qualified and wiser and more pragmatic. Until that time – like I always say – Offices will remain as a place that causes a lot of frictions, tensions and wear and tear at the national fabric – with more domestic problems – and more road accidents and fatalities too!

Take Care!

By Majid Al Suleimany

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