Cinder Fires Burning! Between Us Only! 1

Between Us Only!

 Cinder Fires Burning!

 From Burning Homes! To Still Burning Homes!

My last week article Marriages In Peril! seemed to have touched some raw nerves and this time even the men joined the fray in blaming each other on ‘who is the causer and the main culprit’! There were repeated calls to write more on the social issues – because ‘M you write as if you are speaking to us directly (from your heart!) – and this style touches and moves us quite a lot!


Although everyone appreciates that life has not been fair to you and you are victim of circumstances beyond your control – and you are suffering now because you are sincere, transparent and straight forward – and some people simply do not like or appreciate this – and even if at the bottom line you are kind, considerate, feeling and compassionate – but hell who cares – especially now!

In a nutshell that is the crunch of the problem – people stopping to care, feel and touch – to be kind and compassionate to each other – and that is why we have all these problems now and the tear at the social fabric! And things are now just going more in the other adverse direction – and not for the better or good!

This week a good couple I know have decided to go ‘into separation mode’ quoting irrevocable unmendable differences – and the sad and tragic part was that the children now ‘understand the situation – appreciate the outcome as no other alternative’ – and for me trying to butt in and interfere that is the most hurtful and painful. Yet the couple are comfortable and relaxed – like going to the Dentist to ‘remove a painful decaying tooth’!

 I was also chatting with one friend of mine from one of the GCC country – and he was telling me now that because of the new environment there – the things that now take the most hit now are family relationships and friends – especially across the artificial divide. Though we are all Believers and supposed to be as One and Together – but we are now split and divided – and even intrusions in the family homes are now becoming more evident with marriages breakdowns and divide. Even between siblings too – which is the worst case scenarios – because one sibling decided to join this sect – whilst the other the opposite sect – though in the same house – and to divided parents loyalties and affiliations – where none existed before the troubles began!


This happened also in one famous Arab country after the civil war that lasted several years! Yet today I was reading in the news of at least one famous (and bold!) USA General speaking out against the envisaged and planned attack on Iran by Israel – and the flak he is receiving because bold and good men dare to come out and speak the truth for a change ‘to change things’ – contexts and perspectives. It seems that human beings will never learn their lessons – and we simply do not read our history books – and even for that matter the recent records! The irony and sad thing is also this – People do attack things that they should defend – and they defend things that they should attack! I am taking a patent on this expression!

 I was also joking to Madam that in our villa in Qurum Heights we have all the sects in praying in the very same house – and including our Filipino housemaid for the last 18 years – with her bible and images of Christ in her room. When my son told me he is planning to get married to a girl of another sect – it reminded me of my late father – peace be upon him – looking at me in disdain when I told him the very same thing – though she was too of Arab blood – but of another country – and sect! It reminded me of the famous expression – What goes around – comes around! I think my late father is smiling in his grave!

 And that is the beauty of OmanMay Allah God Protect and Preserve our beloved land from all mischief and trouble makers – Amin. May Allah Allow us to solve all our issues and problems in an amicable, peaceful way – Amin. May Allah God Give long life and health to our His Majesty and his enlightened and benevolent rule – and let Oman remain as a beacon and example for the rest of the world to follow and emulate – Amin.

Our His Majesty Sultan Qaboos bin Said – The Founder of Oman.

 The truth is also this – whether some want to accept it or not. There is no true Omani who can boast and say he is not related or associated to other groupings than just his own one – and that is the real truth – even if for some may find it as a bitter pill to swallow! The acts, pretenses and charades are being seen through – and that is what makes us like other great nations of the world – and my particular example I like to quote is of The USA – with its ethnic mix and composition. Another example is also Mother India – if communal violence and minority elements are removed.

Omani People Images – Allah Bless Us All – Amin!

 Actually things do need to start from the homes first. When things are settled and peaceful at the homes – the rest will follow suit. Personally I think that things are more at stake at homes and followed by The Offices – as always in my columns – and not to sound repetitive, discerning and boring!

 My books especially Between Us Only! – series – have many articles on such issues – and much more – please visit at

 Take Care!

 By Majid Al Suleimany

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