The Offices Soap Operas – The Offices’ Going Ons! Reply


 The Offices on Goings!

 (The Soap Operas In The Offices)

 Further my Wednesday in my Column – The Boss Is Killing Us – Slowly! –  The Office Dictators! Despite all the things that have happened – and still happening in some of the offices – nothing has changed much!

 In my working and career life as a Human (Capital) Resources Professional – I have met many cases of employees being taken for granted to such an extent that the office bosses are simply patronizing, condescending, ridiculing, insulting, brazen, vulgar and all the negatives that you can add in to describe their behaviours, attitudes, outlook, perceptions and focuses – especially in dealing with the employees. See my book – A Cry For Help! –

Honestly and to be crystal clear and transparent – this generalization applies to just a few ‘bad fish and apples’ in the basket. The majority are decent, good professional and ethical peoples – made of the right mantle and material – and with good outlooks, intentions, perceptions, focuses and behaviours.

 The employees are so fed up and are dead tired – and that red lines have been crossed so many times! What peoples do not realize is to what extent these things are now causing others – especially the poor working employees in the Offices!


To such an extent that there is stress and frustrations all around – and they drift back to homes for marital and family strife, road rage and accidents – and the breaking up of the social order, fabric, character and harmony. Just by the actions of a few or some who lack confidence, honesty, sincerity, genuineness and lack of integrity, fairness, harmony, principles, ethics and professionalism.

 And perhaps too their secret hidden agendas and real true intentions! They have no morals or borders, and are capable of doing anything so low, cheap, dastardly and unexpected! And what they dictate, control and impose on others per se!

The offices atmosphere nowadays are so abrasive, vulgar and crude that you cringe in fear that the weekend is over – and you have to meet these same peoples in the Offices again!



These people have simply no fear of their God either, their Creator – or that they may one day fall very critical sick – and take years in bed in pain and suffering before they kick the bucket – with the curses and incriminations from their employees – and even from families and outside the Company.

 Yet they pride themselves otherwise as ‘good likeable and decent peoples’ when they know well and deep down themselves that they are not – but just cheap actors hypocrites  peoples – who will sell their best friend and colleague for a few more Omani Rials in promotion or progression. They are ready even to lower down the barrel for their ‘friend’ to be side-lined and to be marginalized too – or even to lose their jobs – as a worst case scenario!

 Yet all the Religions of the world teach us to be nice and good to each other – and to have an honest and sincere living – because in front of Society, Family and God – we are all responsible for everything we do in this world – whether directly or inadvertently – whether by design or by default – and whether by purpose or inaction. We are still accountable and responsible – whether we like to accept this fact or not – the truth remains the same and cannot be changed at all.

 The real sad, pathetic and tragic part is that the stakeholders know well what is going on in the offices – but look the other way – as if nothing untoward is happening there – until the next staff action – or more and more employees resign! The excuses the stakeholders give are always because of the office political and other reasons that are so unimportant, vague and irrelevant – that it amazes and shocks you that somebody can even make them out!

 Few miscreants and irresponsible people in the offices can destroy all the good works taken generations to build and maintain. This ‘pass the buck and blame-game’ and the usual Wastah business of looking the other way needs to stop now – because it is just like a cinder fire burning underneath – and ready to explode at any unexpected time!

 These are how some bad some Offices have become and a laughing stock and jest to others – especially the customers, clients and outsiders. You will find in all the same Offices usual glaring Quality, Mission and Vision Statements – saying all the good nice things – and none is being practiced in reality!

 Sometimes the situation is so bad and corrupt – that you just surrender and quit – even if you have nothing else to go to. The East Africans have this expression – some of the houses hide what is going on in those houses (skeletons hidden in the closets!). The same thing can be said – what is going on in some of the Offices are so frightening and shocking – but it is the Office Building and the name outside that is hiding all these things.

 And will we learn? We never will! Till everyone ends as losers! ake Care!

 By: –

 Majid Said Nasser Al Suleimany.


The Boss Is Killing Us! – Slowly! At My Workplace! Reply

At My Workplace!

The Boss Is Killing Us – Slowly!

Tact is seeing others as they wish to be seen – and not what you want them to be! – Famous Expression.

Tact is telling a person to go to Hell! – and he is looking forward for the trip! – Another Expression!

A long time ago one of my family members was lamenting bitterly about her boss and his behavior towards her especially – though he was well known to be doing the same to all the staff with only a few exceptions of selected chosen few cronies at the workplace! This relative was saying to me that it was taking a toll on her relationships with even her family – including her husband and children too!

She said to me – I am really scared and dread the day that the weekend is over – and I have to go back to work. It seems to me like a person had relieved me off a heavy load for the weekend – and put it back on me as I am now returning to work after the weekend. The lady is hamstrung and very emotional and delicate person – who takes it badly such personal affronts and attacks by her boss. She feels the boss is purposefully doing this to give her life hell so he could control her – and put her under his domination and influence – though that was not only limited to the job auspices – but even much more devilish and sinister ulterior motives!

One long time back when my late father was still alive we were complaining bitterly against one family member that we all despised and did not like = not as a family member – but more on his attitudes and approaches to life – by purposefully and willfully picking up fights and animosities with others on the faintest of reasons and excuses.

To the end that everybody was scared to even speak to him on even the basic, simplest and normal of subject – for example like on the weather – because he could easily turn it to an affront and aggression mode by saying – Why did you bring the subject now out of all times – is it because you want to say that I smell? Unbelievable! It would shock one where he grabbed these similes, comparisons and metaphors – and that was not only the shocking part – but how he would go on attacking the rest of the world by his dimwitted outlooks, views and perceptions – and the element of course of being always right – he alone – and the rest have to line up behind him – and all wrong!

Poor dad would look at us sadly and ruefully and say to us – If your nose stinks – you do not cut it!  Meaning that he well understood and appreciated what we were saying to him – but then he was saying to us to be tolerant and be patient more – because even if he was stinking – he was still family member (part and parcel of the body!).

This situation is faced by many in the Offices by the type of bosses and the management styles of the few ‘bad fish and apples in the basket’ amongst our midst. To the extent, that I remember one boss getting a bad road accident – as he had just bought a new car model – and people were saying – Poor car – from the showroom to the dump yard – only few days on the road! Yet a new model too! Yet they had said nothing nice about the boss who was yet hurt and injured – and even hospitalized for a few days in the hospital. In actual fact, only a few staff visited with exception of the Management – who were bound to do so as job-required!

The most tragic and sad thing is that these type of bosses know well that they are despised and hated lots – even vehemently! But they do not care – nor are bothered the least. One of my fans used to tell me how her husband is much hated and despised in the offices – yet at home he is still the dreadful person he is as in the office – no change of tune nor attire! The same mean evil dastardly person both at the office and at home – pathetically, sadly and tragically too!

If you have been a regular reader of my column and books – please visit my new book site at – you may remember this story of how one time I was terribly traumatized and emotionalized when some staff were cursing a boss who was just being buried – and even yet the body not yet lowered to the ground.

So I turned down nastily to them to try to shut them up – when actually the tables were soon turned around to me enquiring to me if I was related and or knew the person? I curtly replied that I knew of his family more than him personally – and that is where they started to try to defend themselves why they hated and despised him the dead person. They chorused – We hope he goes straight to hell – as soon as his body hits the ground! It took me a very long time to forget the incident!

At another funeral gathering, an ex mean and dastardly boss was lamenting whether when he died people would flock to his funeral as people were at this one. So he turned to me nastily and asked me – What do you think M? I just looked at him in silent consternation – and said nothing. I remembered my late father advice he always gave to us his children – a famous Arabic one too – The best answer to a rude person is complete silence! Actually, I wanted to ash him – but could not – If you know that people hate and despise you that much – why don’t you change? But then poor dad would have said to us – Once a person is over 30 – you will never be able to change him – even if you tried hard to do so!

Like I always say in my columns and articles like The Mini-Dictators, these kinds of Office Bosses if they ever were running a country – they could easily be – or even surpassing – real countries’ dictators! In actual fact they are running the offices the same ways that the dictators are running their countries – only difference is they do not have the armies to brutally suppress the people (staff) – though they do have the other things like networks and spies to do their biddings – and their determinations to manipulate, control and dominate their staff as their main focus, pursuits and targets always at the offices.

It is only when a staff leaves that he will dare to say exactly what is in his mind directly to the boss – reference letter or no reference letter! Or let the whole world preparing to hear what is really going on at the place!

Take Care!

By: –

Majid Al Suleimany

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Between Us Only! We Need More Marriages Now! Reply

For The Oman Daily Observer Features of

Sunday March 25th 2012.

Link to My Website –

 Between Us Only!

More Marriages – Please!

 You are 16 now! It is really high time that you end your studies in school in order to help your father in his shop! What more education you need? You can read and write now – isn’t that enough? Besides, we have found a very nice pretty girl for you to get married to – and settle down! (she is 15!)my ex late Uncle to me – over 40 years.

 My late Father – a few months before his death – was asking me to talk down to some family members (male) who were crossing 35 – and some even 40 – and still single and with no desire, commitment, keenness or willingness to get married!


 My father was complaining bitterly that he did not like to see some of family members not getting married – because he felt it not right and proper to wait too long after one got his or her first job to get married! Why are people waiting for so long – and for what? – he lamented! He was bitterly complaining that though we are in our own country – but we were following customs, habits and culture that were completely alien to the traditional old ways of doing things – rightly and properly!

 As we the Arabs always like to say – From the stomach of evil came blessings! Or as the Brits say – light at the end of the tunnel! They all got married in the end – perhaps because of the guilt pangs and consciences – after his death from an operation that took his life – and he died on the operation table (his heart could not take it – and also being old!).

 As a young boy, I was at the wedding of my late elder brother and we were sitting at the back of the Ford truck – me and my younger brother. The truck was being driven by my late elder brother with his new wife in the truck front cabin – and I was always dreaming that one day God Willing I too will get married – and have my younger siblings sit at the back too one day!

 This Wednesday I attended a wedding of my nephew Abdul Salaam – and I was wondering to myself why it took him a bit longer than his younger brother – who got married earlier than him. In one of his earlier good moods I used to tease my late Father why he wanted his brother to get me married off at young age of 15. He looked at me ruefully and sadly – because he knew well if he had asked the same question to his father both his cheeks would be stinging red with slaps from the old man for such audacity challenging questions! You are lucky that you reached 15 – poor dad says to me – I got married at 14!

 I know of a married now couple that the man had proposed to the woman – but she had said No for quite awhile – but he did not give up. Finally one day he had enough – and gave her an ultimatumn – either you are with me – or with your crooked boyfriend – you must choose between us two!

 The woman got the same courage and guts to face her fiancée thing – Are you interested in getting married to me – or are you still playing for time – and have no commitment to go all the way in our relationships – that has now been going on for quite awhile? She then told him about the proposal offer from the other man – take it or leave it! She got the reply – I am not thinking of getting married for still some time – you can go ahead to get married to him if you wish!

 There are also these elements of high costs of rents and accommodation, costs of living and so so on – and of course of being just mean and miserly – and being just selfish – having false superiority complexes – and taking advantages of others – or looking down on others and thinking one is more important and or has more rights than the others. People being just mean, willful, destructive and bad hearted evil. And people will still never learn!

 Many youngsters are also afraid of commitments because of the high costs of dowry and the marriage celebrations costs. The Religious peoples of all sects should talk more emphatically and forcefully on this subject in thir sermons. The same thing should be done by the Teachers, Elders and Parents too.

 Oman is a great high profile nation – proved in so many times currently now and in history and in records. But when a foreigner asks – how much is the population of Oman now? What is the ratio Omani and Expatriate? They lose face when we reply that yes we are still more than the expatriate ratio wise – but the whole population is about 3 million. Only 3 million? I thought was more than that – is the usual retort.

 Time to protect, preserve and save our society for its conservation, future, generations, history, dynasty, culture and heritage!

 Take Care!

 By Majid Al Suleimany

At My Workplace! The Jealousy and Mean Streak! Reply

At My Workplace!

The Jealousy Mean Streak!

  • An angel comes to a person and says – Whatever you wish – your neighbour will get twice what you ask for! The jealousy and envy streak kicks in – and he now says to the angel – Make me one eyed blind!
  •  A fisherman is selling crabs. He has two baskets – one he leaves open, and the other he covers in full. When asked why he replies – the open basket carries local crabs, whenever any is about to get out of the basket, the others pull him in! With the other basket of regional crabs, if one gets out, it helps the others also to escape – that is why I am covering it!

 Long time ago when I was a kid in that distant land, I used to like to see peoples repair motor vehicles. So I used to sit and watch them do it, though I wanted to participate, they would not allow me to do so. After all, I was the boss (owner) son – and no one dares dirty my hands, though I really wanted so. So sometimes being mischievous, I would touch the dirty oils and grease. The attendants would rush to clean my hands.

Actually they were more scared of their fellow (African) foreman than my father! They used to say to me – we are not that afraid of your father, but that foreman is something else. He is looking for an excuse to fire us, he sees us too many, and especially when there is competition and the business is not that good. He wants also to bring in relatives of his second wife he just got married to, so all our jobs are on the hanging line.

Besides, they would lament, never expect mercy and an act of compassion and kindness from a fellow African – we are very cruel and hard on each other to unimaginable levels! But your father is okay, he is tough – but he is very kind. Not like our own. Whether the same words were said when I was not with them, is another matter!

Also a kid in that distant land – on Eid days – I used to wonder why the dogs snarled and almost killed each other fighting over the skin and the remains of a slaughtered lamb! Whilst the real meat was actually eaten up by the human beings!

My Economics Professor in UK told us to try this experiment. Go in the streets and give 18 peoples you see Omani Rials Fifty each. Then choose two others, and give them OMR One Hundred. What do you think the 18 will say to you? Thank you for giving us unexpected OMR Fifty out of the blue? No, they will ask you – why did you give those two double you gave us? That is human weakness, foibles and nature to you! Like I have said so many times before – The line between evil and good is so thin – sometimes you may have crossed it inadvertently and without knowing it!

As a young boy – my mind was puzzled why that people of the same group were more to say frankly – so hard and cutting cruel to each other. Far years later in life, I had my own Management Consultancy – and I heard the very same words and expressions – but this time from another race (Indian lady). I would have just ignored it as coming from a lady who was not happy because our business was going badly into heavy losses – but her words reminded me when I had met some of our own in my home village. This time it was another race – but the words were the very same and similar. Like the same song and tune – but sung in different languages!

So I said to myself – let me find from the other races – what they feel on the subject. Any surprises? No, you guessed it right again – the very same outlook and feelings! Isn’t that amazing? Or you can rightly say too – shocking? Why are we so mean, dastardly, cruel and hard to each other – but would make allowances and exceptions to those outsiders and who are not our own? Is there a society that fares better or is really worse off than others – or are we equally bad and mean to each other?

I think you must have met these kinds of peoples in the Offices environment – and even more outside the offices for sure? When it comes to making offers to their own kind and belongings – they are very mean and cruel – but see nothing wrong in paying especially that outsider – even three or four times his own was being paid!

The sad and most tragic thing is that it does not concern nor bother him a bit – and he will go to the extent of defending it in order to ‘curry favours’ and to be seen as ‘our own boy’ looking after us! Our guardian and hero! Even if both candidates are equally qualified and experienced – even if the local maybe even be more qualified! You may be saying to me that this was in the past – and if any cases – are just few isolated ones! But I beg to differ – because I have seen it in reality still happening – and have happened too before many times!

Keep remembering this too. I – as a Human Resources Consultant, Expert and Advisor – have been involved in writing up Companies Policies and Procedures – and I have seen a fellow Omani and CEO/GM/Director want to dilute and or lessen even the salary ranges and benefits – and add in factors like country allowance (disturbance family allowance) and the likes in order to give the Expatriate some added points in order to get more – even if the entry is in the same job category and level. And even for expatriates there are distinctions – with Regional Staff of course receiving lesser – but of course still more than the local!

These things need to stop now by paying someone by the kind of dress and attire one wears. Even the office joke that goes around – especially with the teenagers is – “Today you are wearing shirt and trousers – because you want to get noticed?” – To a man. And skirt and blouse to the ladies – and with that hair open – if you are a woman!

Take Care!

By Majid Al Suleimany

Mind Matters – Interview OER – Self – 12 years ago on Training, Development and Omanisation! Reply


Please note that the interview was conducted 12 years ago – and I still think relevant and valid to a larger extent!

Visit my on my Arab Management books (2) and Between Us Only! series…

Feel free to download, copy and forward….

Take Care!

Best Regards,

Majid Al Suleimany

March 16th 2012.

Between Us Only! Please – Can We Have Some More? Reply

Between Us Only!

Please – Can We Have Some More?


  • “Please Sir! Can I have some more?” – Oliver Twist  asking for some more soup – novel by Charles Dickens –
  • “It is  so cold out here,” said a Camel to an Arab sitting in his tent one cold night in the desert. “May I not at least put my head inside?”
  • Do not rock the boat – because it may sink with you on board! – Anon

 In the very early 1980s, and as being part of my Human Resources job – I made a detailed research study and analysis of Omani Staff potentiality of taking over the top jobs in this company that I was working with – and identifying the gaps and what were the best ways and methods to fill in the gaps.

 Let me be very crystal clear that the study was not sanctioned nor authorized for me to do – but as usual of my style of rocking the boat and causing troubles to the establishment that was employing me. After all I was paid well and being looked after well me and my family – so it was better for me to keep my mouth shut – and go along with the tide. There is this famous East African expression – If you go against the tide – it will drown you – or better still – Change your sail to go with the wind – than going against the wind – because first you cannot stop the wind!

 The reception and reaction I got was something that even stupid me should have expected – because here now were almost my own peoples running the show – and not like the good old days where such innovation attempts would have been acknowledged and accepted – even if the news were unpleasant!

 In summary, what I found was there were not enough highly qualified and experienced Omanis to take over the top most senior positions from the staff identified higher potentials and high fliers! Thus we needed to do something much more – and that included in my recommendations sending current staff for ‘much more than now’ further training, studies and higher education!

 I had never planned or even suggested to recruit Freshers from outside as the only more way of doing this – with more finalists returning frustrated and leaving for greener pastures – or as many did too – of opening their own businesses from families support – as many came from this category of staff! Anyway,  those things now are just best put aside as water under the bridge!

 Let me also say the following. Our HM has given us the Omanis freedom to express our thoughts – so long as it is done in a peaceful and constructive way – with an aim to build – rather than destroy! I also know for sure that there are powerful people that would prefer the dirt is ‘pushed under the carpet’ – and they do not like people to ‘open their mouths to speak!’ – even if they know what is being said is very true – and nothing but the truth also!

 It is high time that owners of family businesses and even some SMEs – and even National Companies for that matter – follow the country’s rules, regulations and laws in employment aspects especially. Either  MOM should come out and say very clearly that there are no more jobs specifically ‘reserved for Omanis’ – and it is all free for all – free rounds for all to go through and open for everyone!

 Even as the brave Omani Journalist said in the other newspaper of people coming here to do jobs on visit and transit visas – and go out and renew once part of the job has been done. They are cheaper for the employers – because first everyone knows that the laws of the land are being broken with impunity and the usual Wastah business – but perhaps applied rigidly to the small firms and investors without Wastah!

 Also this main point. As the owner of flats, shops and cars to sell I would not want the expatriates to leave – because who else will come to me? Fewer Omani takers for sure! So my business will suffer for sure! So let us cover and protect them! That is all that counts for now for me. Why should I put my head on the carving board to be chopped off? But then one should ask oneself the fundamental question – are we sure of this?

 One thing more important. Just as in the start of this article – Please Sir! Can I have more (soup)? Frankly,  we  do have so many bad eggs letting our side down – by their attitudes, approaches and focuses to jobs especially – but equally true there are many willing, committed, dedicated and loyal workers from our lots too! Besides, this point must never be marginalized – this same ‘hard working’ expatriate here may well be ‘the relaxing type’ – when he returns home – with lesser challenges and competition – this as I always say too!

 And lastly and not the least in any way is this – we have proved that even in the top notch and cliché jobs we have proved a success. It is high time long term planning is put into effect to consider us for more than middle stratas and level jobs – or the lower end. We owe this to the nation and ourselves – with the changing alliances and affiliations now that are very open and rampant!

 We need to wake up from this deep slumber that some of us are still in now! Just watch the television news – and read the news for yourself! Now before it is too late for everyone – The Protectors and The Protected too!

 Take Care!

 By Majid Al Suleimany

(Un)Happy Faces! At My Workplace! Reply

At My Workplace!

(Un)Happy Faces!

What you may find in a pond – you may never find even in an ocean – Famous Arabic Saying.

I am so sad Images!

Many of us have used these symbols in sending messages through our mobiles or emails – the ‘happy’ faces – and the ‘unhappy faces’ – and so many of other types.

The theory that I always draw parallel with is that Offices are the place – after family and homes – where people most misbehave – and where the most damages, pains and sufferings are being  meted out and being felt! Unless proven otherwise I still believe that Offices are the main causes of tear at the domestic, social and at the national fabric – and the main contributor and cause of road rages, accidents and fatalities – I believe more after leaving the offices! To a certain extent also whilst proceeding to work even! Lack of patience, tolerance and forbearance in society now!


Images – So Many Unhappy Faces!

I was going to this Industrial Complex and I saw these groups of people ‘dragging’ themselves to go to work! They all looked forlornly and miserable – as if they were prisoners being pushed to go out to work – and their souls, hearts and minds were not into it! As if there were people with machine guns behind them – pushing them as prisoners to go to work! I honked at one person that I knew – and he reluctantly raised his hand in acknowledgement – but there was no smile accompanying it! It was a cutting dreary awful picture to start off the day!

I asked myself – what happened to the place? At one time it was a Happy Place to work – all people cheerful, jovial and happy – and people having a great sense of pride, esteem and feelings of belonging and loyalties to be in that place! The sad and most tragic thing with all the placards and slogans all around it! Reminded me of a scene in the book 1984 by George Orwell – and even Animal Farm too! This was the place where people celebrated some die-hards old guards had left – and presumably change had come too!

In one of my jobs my American CEO was telling me – Welcome on board. At least nice to see a cheerful jovial face instead – and I want you to do this thing first for me! I want you to make all the Staff feel that this is a place that will revive their interests and make them happy to come here to work! I simply do not want our Staff to feel compelled that they have to come to work because they have to feed their families – and to pay bills! Will you do this for me – as The Head of Human Resources and the Oman Country Manager? Promise me this?

The day I left the place with too much dirty and murky office politics – and one of my few expatriate supporters – a nice British gentleman said – M came here like a fresh breath of air blowing over a dump heap – the day he left the stale air and wind was blowing all over the place – once again! This was some time back – and I wrote a series of articles afterwards like – The Office Dictators – Unhappy Faces At Work – Why Staff Are Unhappy – Office Rumour Mongers – Offices Romances etc – all in the Between Us Only! Series in my books –

During the last year troubles – I knew for sure and certainty that in some of the places there would be trouble and problems! Equally true was I was disappointed expected to happen did not! Equally true the shock was more mine of where it did happen too – and no one expected it to happen there! I think the rest of us all can learn from the companies that staff remained working as if nothing was happening outside the offices environment! What did they have – and what was the trick! I think these three main words would answer my own question – pragmatism, dynamism and hearing (good)!

Until that time that people feel appreciated and wanted – and a feeling of belonging and motivation is implanted we shall continue to see more Offices being the main causes of tear at the domestic, social and at the national fabric levels – and the main contributor and cause of road rage, accidents and fatalities!

I guess until the next time that you cannot beat them – join them. It is the fashion and in-thing to do – nowadays! Otherwise – forget the promotion and the fringe benefits – you must make everyone unhappy – and that includes yourself too!

Take Care!

By Majid Al Suleimany

Are Your Children Safe? Between Us Only! 2

Between Us Only!

 Are Your Children Safe?

See also A Letter From My Son! here….

The sad and tragic thing is this – we are all fatalistic, we think if ‘your time has come, it will have come’ – and there is nothing you can do about it!

 In May 2004 – 8 years ago – just imagine! – And this is what I wrote in this same column on my article titled – Accidents In The Waiting! – Believe me, I am all for Omanisation. But if we have people that are not responsible then we should act immediately without any delay, recourse or favouritism!

Keeping your distance? Remember the 2 Minute Rule? Who cares? Unless you are ‘chicken’ driving that car! These things are ‘only in the books now’ or ‘when you go first time for your Driving Test’! After that why not throw away that Traffic Rules book – just do not be left behind, join the fun and the melee too!  …… Have you ever wondered what has happened to the car indicators? Even on the newer cars? How come no one is using them anymore?

And ah yes! That bus full of kids? Did you see how they pack those school kids in? Worse than a tin of sardines? What would happen if that bus applied full brakes and toppled over? Too frightening to think about it! Are we waiting till it happens, before something is done NOW? This is an accident waiting to happen. There should be more hiring of the school buses. And errant and reckless drivers forcefully removed; let them join the ‘unemployed queue’, maybe that will teach them a lesson too of life! There should at least be a teacher and or conductor on board to supervise things, especially with those unruly ruffians on board!

Visit for more such articles!

 Last week my highly charged and emotionalised son sent me this note – and I produce it almost verbatim – Quote – Dear Father – I have a great subject for your next weekly “Between Us Only” articles. It’s called “ Are Your Children Safe?” The reason of the question mark is because you are asking them the question, as you recall Oman has Omaniazed bus drives in every category of this business, school bus, product delivery and hard labour staff collection.

 You feel that the drivers have responsibilities to collect and drop these young passengers safely to their destination. However it became more like an “Indianapolis speed racing” where apparently the driver wins 3 million dollars or something like that. They drive so fast, swerves around traffic, beat traffics lights and better yet over speeds then breaks so hard before the cameras capture them.

 Who do we blame them, the authorities, the owners or the passengers for taking the risk? Why should I go to a death ride while I can walk for 1 hour to my destination, well at least I reach there safely and I know I accomplish something because I walked to my destination? Why do they drive this fast – why they take a risk and worse of all take the risk of others just because they CAN.?

I hate the stickers behind the bus “If you see this bus speeding please contact this number”, so in other words I have to first catch the bus so I can read that very small print, then take a risk calling the number while I am driving, hoping the number will be answered, then try to convince the person that it did happen. Even the Oil Tankers drivers have joined this league now – with catrosophic consequences if there is going to be an accident!

 How many poor labours that have to fight for a 16 hours shift, one hour break 60 Rials per month and send 50 Rials to families to die so someone can take this seriously. If they wanted to drive fast then drive a speed car, if they have a suicidal mission then grab a gun or jump off a tall building, but leave the other people alone – Unquote.

 My son goes to describe how last year he witnessed an Expatriate going to buy The Holy Quran in a bookshop was killed on the spot in the shop itself – by two errant local boys over speeding and losing control of their car! Because of the limited number of words in the column – I end it here. But it goes on for quite a while. You can see it in full in my website above – titled A Letter From My Son! And reproduced verbatim too!

 Just like the chip of the old block (like father – like son!)  I was talking to this ex peer also retired at this wedding function. I asked him where he was? He replied to him he has gone back to claim his house, farm and property in the islands in East Africa – as these were now being returned to the original owners after them realizing the follies of their ways of taking over other peoples’ properties – thanks to the changes! So I teased him about the security elements if it was still worth him to live there now?

 His abrupt to the point and mark response shook me to my very foundations (almost the same things my son says in the other part not covered here!). He told me – ‘At least I am safer than you with the kinds of roads and driving in Oman nowadays – at least I can see that thug coming to my property – not you – just to find yourself either in hospital – in a coma or paralysed – or worse still in your grave – before even your days! There was no contest after that – and leaving him The Winner for sure!

 This Omani GM was scolding me – who lost his Secretary and her family in a tragic road accident – see Why I am So Sad Today! in my website – Write More on Driving and Accidents. Frankly even before this column in 1982 in the oil company magazine (and reproduced other newspaper then!) I have been writing on the same topics! You can take the horse to the river – but you can never force it to drink the water!

 Take Care!

 By Majid Al Suleimany

All About Writing!

Writing is a struggle against silence!Carlos Fuentes

I have made this letter longer, because I have not had the time to make it shorterBlaise Pascal

To send a letter is a good way to go somewhere without moving anything but your heart – Phyllis Theroux

The scariest moment is always just before you start. — Stephen King

I am a drinker with writing problems – Brendan Bahon

The best style is the style you don’t notice. — Somerset Maugham

The best way to become acquainted with a subject is to write a book about it – Benjamin Disraeli

I loved words. I love to sing them and speak them and even now, I must admit, I have fallen into the joy of writing them. — Anne Rice

A Letter From My Son! Road Accidents! 2

Repeated Verbatim

 My Dear Father,

 I’ve a great subject for your next weekly “Between Us” articles. It’s called “Your children are Safe?” the reason of the question mark is because you’re asking them the question , as you recall Oman has Omaniazed bus drives in every category of this business, school bus, product delivery and hard labour staff collection. You feel that the drivers has responsibility to collect and drop these passengers safely to their destination, however it became more like an “Indianapolis speed racing” where apparently the driver wins 3 million or something like that. They drive so fast, swerves around traffic, beat traffics lights and better yet OVERSPEEDS then BREAK so hard before the cameras capture them.



Who do we  blame them, the authorities, the owners or the passengers for taking the risk? Why should I go to a death ride while I can walk for 1 hour to my destination, well at least I reach there safely and I know I accomplish something because I walked to my destination? Why do they drive this fast, why they take a risk and worse of all take the risk of others just because they CAN.? I hate the stickers behind the bus “If you see this bus speeding please contact this number”, so in other words I have to first catch the bus so I can read that very small print, then take a risk calling the number while I’m driving, hoping the number will be answered, then TRY to convince the person that it DID happen.

For years and years Oman has never had war or conflict with any other country and for that I thank Allah, but the true war that we Omanis are facing is stupidity, ignorance and worst of all carelessness, what better way to mourn our love ones and ones we had called friends then meeting them in their grave yards, how we love talking about people we lost through sickness and health rather the ones we lost in the streets.

We’ve lost all our loved ones in the street rather than in their beds, we’ve lost many people because of speeding rather than in the air, we’ve lost more people by reckless, stupidity and selfless of any other human beings then AIDS, HIVS and Cancers, do you think this will end?, do you think that someone, somewhere is thinking about this, how many more and more people we need to die so the authorities say it’s time to stop.

 How many poor labours that have to fight for a 16 hours shift, one hour break 60 rials per month and send 50 rials to families to die so someone can take this seriously. If they wanted to drive fast then drive a speed car, if they have a suicidal mission then grab a gun or jump off a tall building, but leave the other people alone!

Last Ramadhan I witness an accident that killed a Pakistani in the road, he was going to a Quran store to buy a Quran tape so he can listen to or maybe send to his family, he Qamis and Silwal was dirty, he was minimum 50 years old, maybe didn’t see his family for a long time, maybe had a dream that one day he will have everything a pure person will have in life, maybe it was peace he wanted, to be crushed by two young Omanis driving their car so fast to lost grip and crushed him only… From a crowded street. Him only and what’s the punishment of this crime. One day in jail so the other family will not have the Jewish way of revenge….. What’s is called.. A tooth for a tooth and Eye for an Eye? Sad but true, the Pakistani family right now must not only grieves that the care taker of the house is gone, no more food, no more school and worse of all No more the loved one there to see his family, kids and grandkids grow up.

 But the fact that they didn’t see them before it happen, to had an iftar with him that unfortunately night with him, worse of all to have his children pray with in the mosque. Maybe it was his time, we’ll never know, but as we speak those two Omanis might have change their attitude, might have went to the Mosque and prayed, might have giving death money to that family….. Only because they killed one.

 So let me get this straight. So for us to understand life and its glory and understand Islam and din is to drive FAST and KILL someone, instead of you and my mother who I adore, respect and cherish both tell me go to pray and I say no but after I KILL, DESTROTY and PUNSIH a family then I would understand life, Islam and Deen (Religion)… then sign me up for death Now, sign me up for pain and suffering all my life, sign me up for loneliness and ignorness because I rather go to hell because of my ignorenss rather to KILL, DESTROY and PUNISH a family.

 All my years of driving I’ve learned one thing from you and Mama may Allah bless you both and our entire family, “That EVERYONE IS THE ROAD IS AN IDIOT BUT YOU”, which sentence sticks to my mind every time…. But now I’m going to change it, it’s now


 May we all die with dignity and honour in our lives, maybe than we all can be forgiven

 Wishing you all the best – Love You

 Your Son Fahad.