At My Workplace! Lack of Sales Tact! Reply

At My Workplace!

Lack of Sales Tact!


People in the Sales and Marketing functions never fail to ‘shock and awe’ the customers! Everyday new branches are opened here and there – at this Departmental store or other – in another town and other – but all they are interested is to ensnare the gullible, naïve and trusting customers. Once they buy, they lose their value and importance – as if that would have been the last purchase and buy – and he or she will not wake up – and decide to buy again. And of course from someone else.


The shocks and awe are more that these Top Guys come from abroad from the Companies’ Manufacturing countries – with their pictures spread all over the newspapers in welcome to Oman – but do these VIPs sit and meet to find out the truth from the purchasing customers? Local, residents – and also visitors? Or are they contented to sit only and chat with the local agents’ management – and then return home satisfied that they have achieved good results – with more branches opened and hopefully more business to come their way?


I do not know about you but I have purchased in succession in the last 18 months the same brand of Mobile phones from this Far Eastern country that recently splashed news all over of a bigger branch that has been opened by this VIP from abroad. In my observations I have noticed this – and you will excuse me for ‘generalising’ on this. Because I am deeply offended, annoyed and hurt – that despite everything that has happened – and still happening around us – some of the few misguided and few ‘invited guests’ to our country still misbehave – and do not fail to ridicule and insult the local populace especially.


Some years back on the day I was to join one Regional Company as their HR Manager – I rang the office door bell – and I could hear the sort of Assistant from the country as a Helper Handyman seen to lament – there is a stupid fat Omani outside the door in the home lingo. I studied in those Asian schools from Kindergarten to Higher Secondary – and I hear the lingo – if not speak it fluently!


As soon as my job was confirmed at that place – this man’s position was Omanised by me – despite protestations from his Protectors. But I threw the book (and laws) at them – and that shut them up! For the next 9 to 10 months we were on the war path – till I quit – see my book Psychology of Arab Management Thinking! – The fat Omani has struck – once again!


Something gotta give – and as I sat always the losers will be everyone – including those misbehaving misfits crude characters. I have also noticed this. It is the same family businesses where their expatriate sales (and others) staff are particularly and purposefully annoying to the local populace – as if they are the adversaries and need to be brought down and to task!


Yet also if you read the newspapers and the columnists – more expatriates – you will see them merciless and ruthless to that poor Omani Sales girl or boy – why they lack this and that. Why they are not professional etc – and do not ‘even smile at the customer’ – and or are so involved in phone chat ups or SMSes – whilst the poor customer is waiting – of course the poor columnist or editor! And some of the few Omanis join in the witch hunt and bashing – it is the in-fashion thing to do!


I am not supporting inadequacies or lack of ethics, quality and professionalism – after all these girls and boys are mainly Secondary or Higher Secondary Leavers – and few College drop outs mainly. Most of them ‘are First Time’ workers. I used also before to complain – until I visited some neighbouring countries – and even the home countries of ‘The Complainers’ – and I can tell you honestly and sincerely – they should practice what they preach – or in other words ‘those in glass houses’ should not throw stones!


The most ironical and tragic part is that these same Columnists and Editors treat their own staff with disdain, scorn and abruptness – but they still expect the Omani Salesgirl to initiate to smile and be cheerful – because ‘of my buying you still have a job!  First practice what you preach – before going out complaining!


Yet I got the rudest and most disrespect from one expatriate supposed to be a Sales Professional – and a University qualified person – because I was complaining on a simple issue and matter – and he hung up on me! My first impulse was to take my car and go to their Ruwi Head Offices to check out and counter this guy – and give him my piece of mind – but then I said I do not blame him – I blame the Omani Family business that employ such people – and I suspect the hidden agendas and Mafias do tend to be exposed and to be leaked out is such behaviours, attitudes and approaches.


I really smiled when I saw them with the VIP invited from home manufacturer opening a new branch at a famous Shopping Centre. Why did I just complain that I did not receive as standard the cover that should come with the phone I had purchased?  They are doing a great favour to me to sell me their phones – so I should just shut up! How come in UAE they give with the covers – here all hanky-panky stuff to buy separately from other outlets? Or just wait – till we have extras! Next time you cannot beat them – join them. It is the fashion and in-thing to do – man!


Take Care!


By Majid Al Suleimany