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For Wednesday February 22nd 2012

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The Meeting Is On!

Have you noticed the telltale signs of meetings? If you did not observe them the last meeting that you had attended, watch out for them the next one you will attend. You will most likely find the following: –


  •   The Big Greeter – meeting has just started – but must ensure his or her entrance is noticed!
  • Always Lost – One or two who did not know exactly where or when the meeting was going to be – disturbing the rest when the meeting has just started
  •  Mobile On – Sorry I have to keep my mobile on – and receive this message guy!
  •  The Bulldozer or The Hogger of the meeting – who wants to control and dominate the meeting – from start to end
  •  The Pleaser to the Boss type, whatever the Boss says is right too, however -absurd and silly it may sound to others
  •   They are also known as the Parrots – they repeat in agreement whatever the Boss had just said. Others call them as The Apple Polisher, or The Apple Giver.
  • The Gossiper – tells the boss everything he has heard – and not heard too!
  •  The Blamer – who always find faults and criticisms against others.
  • Any Pretty Thing in the meeting? Even her cough brings instant care and attention.
  •  The Joker – everything is a joke to him!, even his own job that is on the line and under discussions.
  • The ‘Shooting-at-own-troops-General’ – if he feels the heat and he is personally to blame – not his troops (staff) he will bring them down with him – especially if his head is at stake.
  •  The Gullible and Naïve – Quick To Accept Blame Guy – even if he is not entirely to blame and or the situation is not of his own folding, contribution or result.
  •  Never appreciate – The No-thank-you-guy – whatever you do is still not enough. You worked 24 hours continuous? So what?
  •  The Great Worrier – he always worry or bring things for attention and concerns, when the situation is not even there or called for – for such worries and concerns.
  •  The Conscience-do-gooder – he is the conscience of the Company or the meeting, but nobody cares for him – and everyone tramples on him!
  • The Bring-down-Ridiculer (usually the Chairman or his protégé!) who just insults, ridicules and ‘shoots first, ask questions later’ type – they usually target everyone – but usually some targeted and singled out are for ‘special treat’!
  •  The Irrelevanter – always brings issues like the Air Conditioner is not working, or why the same types of biscuits or sandwiches being served in the meeting.
  •  The Leave Early Always  Guy – before the meeting has concluded – he has another appointment or meeting!
  •  The Mountain-out-of-molehill guy – always exaggerates and blows things out of proportion! The glass is half empty!
  •  The Teaser – Seducer – The Flirter – always more with the opposite sex!
  •  The Patroniser – always on a high level to others!
  •  Mr. Know-it-all – don’t tell him – he knows it already!
  •  The Excuser – finds excuses in most or many things! Including people!
  •  The Attention to Details guy – reminding the meeting that the time is coming up for the meeting to end.
  •  And so many others.

Next time you go in a meeting, pay attention to the meeting. But watch out if you can find out any of these. Sometimes they change conduct and sides, depending on who is the Chairman, and what subject or topic is being decided. Sometimes they take more than one role, at different times in the meeting, as it progresses along.

Human Nature is Human Nature – meeting or no meeting – and you cannot have it any other way! 

Take Care!

By Majid Al Suleimany

OUTPOINT – Will now stop writing serious topics – and banging my head against brickwalls! 🙂

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