Wasted Loyalties! Between Us Only! 1

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Sunday February 19th 2012.

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 Between Us Only!

Wasted Loyalties!

One needs to really appreciate someone who comes to you with open dedication, sincerity, commitment and loyalty – because there are so few such people – in this world nowadays!

  • The problem with the world is that the intelligent people are full of doubts = while the stupid ones are full of confidence – Charles Bukowski
  •  The wise man learns more from the fool than the fool learns from the wise man – Marcus Aurelius
  •  The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world – are the ones who do – Steve Jobs.
  • Writing, to me, is simply thinking through my fingers. — Isaac Asimov


I do not know about you but if I have to sum up my life – my epitaph – in a few sentences – it will go something like this – Here lies a simple sincere honest person who really cared and felt – and who had faith – and trusted people as being naturally good – and lost in all accounts! Respect him and treat him well – he will try to bring the moon to you. Otherwise, the first or second time he will let it pass – but that is it! Even caution and counsel you! The third or fourth time – that is it!

 I have always called a spade as a spade – even if I end as The Loser – I fall down – but I gather myself – and rise up again. I never allow myself to lose – or be pushed down without a fight and a stand. I will rise up to the occasion – even if it may take time for me to do so – or give wrong signals that I am now surrendering – and have given up!

 But as I said last Wednesday Column – Besides they say – you yourself have said ‘you will stop writing these serious complaining articles – because in the end it is only your head that gets beaten up and swollen – and bloodied by banging it against brick walls! No one is hearing you. After you write only things get just worse for you – like in your last article ‘Things Will Never Change’.  Did it work for you? No – it backfired badly to you – blown up to your own face. You end the loser more – for daring to open your mouth and complain. The Loser is You (Again) – and no one else!

 Yet we human beings are supposed to be the smartest, brilliant and intelligent species on the face of the earth – but yet human beings still never fail to amaze and shock you – shock and awe! People will always let you down – disappoint you – to say the least here! 

 In writing my book with a real A Cry For Help! I thought people will read it – and try to understand and appreciate what the cry for help was all about. Truthfully, most expatriates come to this country come to earn an honest and sincere living – and to feed the stomachs of themselves and their families – both here and at home. But sadly and unfortunately too – some do come with hidden agendas and focuses too.

Image – They always try to find faults in others!

 I have also said this to the few such people ‘invited guests’ in our country –  The old hidden agendas, tricks and gimmicks just do not work anymore – even if they are secret and hidden in and held close to your chest. People are just tired – red lines have been crossed so many times before – and now people simply cannot take it anymore! The loser will be you more than anybody else!

 I have also said this – Do not bite the hand that feeds you – or you will end licking the boot that will kick you! We are simply dead tired by your approaches, attitudes and approaches – and it is better you leave and go somewhere else where you can continue playing your hidden agendas, gimmicks and tricks. We are just fed up – really – really fed up!

 Like Napoleon had said – and I keep repeating in my columns every time – Do not interfere with someone set to destroy himself! Or that famous Roman expression – Those that the gods are out to destroy – they make them not see, hear or speak! Or still at home – There is no one blinder than one with eyes but cannot see, one deaf with ears but cannot hear – and one dumb with a mouth but cannot speak!

 And those trusted roles and responsibilities to protect and preserve – they need to wake up from this deep sleep and slumber – it is like a cinder fire burning quietly underneath – and will explode at least expected time and consequences!

 I think it was Kennedy who had said – You can fool all the people some of the time – some people all the time (these need to wake up now!) – but you can never fool all the people all the time.

 This is my last on the subject to the point write-up. After this I will not write anymore on such subjects and others similar – because I am also tired of having saying again and again – I told you so! My head is pained hurt banging it against brick walls – bloodied and red.

 The Leadership should establish an Authority to report such waylaid cases – and these elements to be weeded out and removed immediately – before spreading further their viruses and tentacles – decay, decadence and malaise! They had something going for them – but they failed to notice and appreciate the genuine and sincere welcome, acceptance and respect – and things went to their heads – and also it time to stop being docile, weak and inactive! Now – before it is too late!

 This Is The Final Call. Take Care!

By Majid Al Suleimany

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