At My Workplace! The Office Time Wasters! Reply

For Wednesday February 15th 2012

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At My Workplace!

The Office Time Wasters!

My close family members and some good friends have ‘been jumping’ on me again to stop writing – once again! They quote examples of things ‘that have got nothing to do with me – as I am not that kind of person at all. As they say – his (M) ‘bark is worse than his bite’ – and that too if he is barking up at the right tree even! I say my things and bits – but I am in for – and in love – and not the opposite of the examples they are throwing at me now!

Besides they say – you yourself have said ‘you will stop writing these serious complaining articles – because in the end it is only your head that gets beaten up and swollen – and bloodied by banging it against brick walls! No one is hearing you. After you write only things get just worse for you – like in your last article ‘Things Will Never Change’.

On the very same day this girl as directed by her boss the same Doctor you complained about in the Public Hospital and required for the Public Office – asked you instead to now ALSO go to another Public Hospital to get another letter from them instead! Did it work? No – it backfired to you – blown up to your own face. You end the loser more – for daring to open your mouth and complain. The Loser is You (Again) – and no one else! If you have still to write – write on lesser subjects – and stop complaining – because no one is interested or listening! Like you said yourself – protect and preserve your head!

Anyway here goes! Anyway stopping using my head as leverage now!

The Office Joker!

A long time ago when still a young Official I had this caricature put in my Office – All people that come to this office bring some joy – some as they enter – and some as they leave! My first Human Resources Director (Expatriate) saw the joke and poking of fun – but when we were Omanised my new Director told me to remove it as ‘not befitting your position in HR and your character and personality’. I countered that it did fit in my later – but he would not take it – or accept it. Till one day cross him stood by me to see it being removed – because I liked it – and was hesitating to see it removed!

I do not know about you but in my career life of over 37 years – I have always had one or two people coming to my office to want to gossip, chat and waste my time! As they say ‘to keep you in the grapevine – or in the loop’ in certain circles! Then we have the usual rumour-mongers who want to set you up in a trap – hoping fully that the lies and deceit passed to you will get on passed to others – in the Office itself – and outside too! Then we have the usual Comedians – who have crammed the latest jokes – and want to try on you knowing you have a sense of wit and humour – and how successful and good they are now – or becoming!

When I was in charge of 16 girls in my section that is where I gained more fat! Every day in the morning I got served from home left-overs and sandwiches. It is surprising how people eat in the offices – anything goes! I had some biscuits one time in a big box – lying idle at home for some long time! Within one hour the box of biscuits just disappeared! Can you imagine it!

Anyway the catch was ‘being good in hearing – he has such a good and receptive ear! – They would come complaining and confiding about their home situations – and I was pained to sit and hear – offer grunts here and there – with few spoken words! I just wondered if my wife did the same to her boss – or her friends and contacts! They used to waste my time quite a lot – and I was too polite and decent not to send them away!

There was this lady also whose husband looked over and went to a younger and prettier thing – and it was in secret till the cat was out of the bag. – And through a very silly thing by hubby buying the same type of handbag ‘for both wives new and old!  So knowing both husband and wife – and wife working with us – she spent literally hours in my office. The day they reconciled and he came back to her – I said I can ask about ex hubby – how is he? To this she rudely replied to me – You shut up your trap. I know your kind! Now you say I should not complain anymore?

Take Care!

By Majid Al Suleimany