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Sunday February 12th 2012.

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 Between Us Only!

No More Wars – Please!

In the end – no one will be spared – and everyone will suffer – in one way or the other!

 Call me whatever you want – give me any colouring that you want or wish for me – but in the final analysis and juncture it is me who decides who I am really as M – and where I belong – my associations and leanings etc. Who I am as a person – the real me – my mantle – my outlooks – perceptions – focuses – attitudes – you name it! If you do not know me by now – you will never be able to do ever again! I am what I am – the real me – as M!

 I have always called a spade as a spade – even if I end as The Loser- I fall down – but I gather myself – and rise up again. I never allow myself to lose – or be pushed down without a fight and a stand. I will rise up to the occasion – even if it may take time for me to do so – or give wrong signals that I am now surrendering – and have given up!

 Forget what the politicians on both sides of the fence may say. Forget what some of the Leadership may say. Enough is Enough! We have had it to the core – and red lines have been crossed so many times – and now no longer – no more! We simply have had enough!

 Images Destructions and Effecting human lives – the famous ‘collateral damages’ slang!

If people can never learn from past mistakes – past history – error in judgment and in decisions taken before – and being contemplated again – they will never learn now – and never will. Like Napoleon had said – and I keep repeating in my columns every time – Do not interfere with someone set to destroy himself! Or that famous Roman expression – Those that the gods are out to destroy – they make them not see, hear or speak!

 We are supposed to be the smartest, brilliant and intelligent species on the face of the earth – but yet human beings still never fail to amaze and shock you – shock and awe! People will always let you down – disappoint you – to say the least here!  

 People now are just tired of being lied to – and always attempts to hoodwink and cheat them! They do not agree anymore to be taken for granted and as fools – and they will take in everything thrown to them – hook, bait and sinker? That people are so naïve and gullible that they will believe everything thrown to them – especially when you give it an air of authencity and reality surroundings – so they will believe what you are saying to them now? Especially when lied before – and what happened in other places.

 Everyone for that matter needs to make his own house in order first – before you go on lecturing down to others! Or just issuing cautions and threats. Saying that sincerely and openly too! And please do be responsible – do not antagonize – and making things more worse than what they are already! Or make mountains out of molehills! Think out your words carefully – and realize its impact, repercussions and results – to others and yourself included too!

 The message is very clear. We do not care who is right or wrong – who started it or not – who is to blame or not! Simply and smugly put – we do not need to have another war. We just have had enough!

 Everyone is giving the same message – sit down together and talk – like intelligent, smart, wise, dynamic and pragmatic human beings are required to do so! Act your roles and responsibilities entrusted to you by your own peoples and humanity as a whole – for peace, stability, understanding, harmony and tolerance – live and let live – think outside the box – for the region, your own places and for the whole world!

 See above website as an example of horrors of war. CAUTION – before you open it! You have been warned!!

Image War Destructions – Do it to others – and others do unto you! Or God Will!

 Please act now – before it is too late for everybody! Take Care!

 This article is dedicated to Late Dr. Donald Taeke Bosch – and his family. A great man came – and has now gone! May God rest his soul in eternal peace – in this world – and the next – Amin (Amen) – and may his family have the forbearance, patience and peace – as we all mourn his demise and departure from amongst us all. Now here is a best example of a great person and personality that we all can learn from – how to live together in peace, harmony, understanding and love – and we can all copy and emulate!

 By Majid Al Suleimany