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For Wednesday February 8th 2012

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Things Will Never Change!

  • Abu Sa`id Al-Khudri (May Allah be pleased with him) reported: Messenger of Allah (PBUH) said, “Whoever amongst you sees an evil, he must change it with his hand; if he is  unable to do so, then with his tongue; and if he is unable to do so, then with his heart; and that is the weakest form of Faith“. [Muslim].
  • If you are aiming to help someone – go all the way – and do not make things difficult for him after this….
  • In some Public places things have not changed – and never will!

 Even if you go by The Religion, it identifies the three levels that one can do to make changes or to make decisions – Offices included! The weakest level and faith is the one that you say in your heart that you are against this thing – but you cannot do anything to change it on your own. And or speaking against it could cause you pain and trouble – and or incriminate you – so you have opted for the weakest level and faith by going silent on it – even if you have spoken against it in your heart – and your God Knows it too!

Recently I needed a Medical Report for a certain Public place. I presented my certificates of the private hospitals (one even belonging to the major oil company in Oman!) – but they were not accepted because I needed to go to a Public place – where I was not being treated! Yet not wanting to give up – I did go to the place – a Public Hospital with all my medical certificates of even another more bigger Public Hospital where I was treated as a Diabetic case.

This happened to me some years back when unknown to me I was a Diabetic case – and still enjoying my milk shakes and sodas! It was a severe diabetic case and was admitted in Royal Hospital on June 30th 2006 – where my blood count went to 47 mmol.  The Doctors were amazed I was still alive – and they had concluded that I should have been either paralysed, in a coma – or even dead.

I had also included a Medical Report from my Company Chief Medical Officer where I am being treated as a Diabetic case. And also Report from an Eye Clinic where they had operated on my eyes for glaucoma and eye cataract. I am being treated still in the same places only.

It is strange why the insistence for a letter from a Public place – as if the other places are all corruptible and tell lies, fibs and fabricate documents. I do not know what is the main reason for this? You will excuse me to think that these are rules and regulations that need to change now with the pass of time – and even our own recent events in the country too!

I met this local Omani Doctor who insisted on it being treated as a ‘Medical Board’ case – which is making it more complex and complicated! In all my career life of 35 years in Human Resources – I have never ever encountered a case of a Medical Board for someone over 60 – and who has retired – albeit also being diabetic case – and in addition of having pressures and eye problems in addition even!

People’s hearts e are made of stone – and very rigid, hard and not flexible – nor pragmatic – nor wise – to start making things easier for the poor citizen – and especially when you have no Wastah (influence and connections!). People do not care nor are bothered – even if you try to plead and explain your case! How long will these things continue to exist in our country – despite all the changes .we have seen – and still going on around us now? Why are public officials in some places so mean, dastardly and uncaring? Is it because they feel nothing can ever happen to them – or touch them?

As a result the poor citizen is increasingly being tasked – and more hardships and pain being lumped on him! There is no place you can turn for help or solace – if it can happen to me who can write in my column and in my website – what about the poor citizen who simply cannot? Just like a cinder fire burning underneath quietly – until it burst out unexpectedly and at the worst unfortunate and inopportune time!

His Majesty Sultan Qaboos bin Said (May Allah Give him long life and health – Amin) first Accession Speech was very clear to want to reduce the problems and the hardships to the citizen. As a Omani Citizen who gave 37 years of his life in services, dedication and loyalty to the beloved Nation (May Allah Protect and Preserve Our Beloved Nation- Amin) – I am today appealing to you whoever can cause these things to change to do so – for me and the other citizens too in similar situation and predicament.

I must repeat it is only in few public places that these things still go on and unchanged. The rest have complied and come in with the changes. I did not want to go public – but after having tried all ways and means – I have no other alternative but to do so – with sincere apologies here!

 Take Care!

By Majid Al Suleimany

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