The Office Parties! At My Workplace! Reply

At My Workplace!

The Office Parties!

In some places – there is every excuse for a party and or donation – but in other places – there is simply no party at all – and this has been going on for quite a long time now!


 One of the earliest videos that I saw was titled The Party where late Peter Sellers (aka Hrundi V. Bakshi) is mistakenly invited for a Party – instead of being fired for destroying a film set! It was quite funny and hilarious!  I saw the film as a youngster and my Indian classmates did not like me joking them ‘Birdie Num Num’ – and for quite awhile they were not speaking to me for poking this fun at them.

I thought it was funny – until one of them started to imitate how an Arab speaks English for me to stop the joking and tease – of course joined by the African students who for the first time joined our school after Independence. Thus ending the school being only for Asians! But those were the colonial days!

Today I am going to share with you my experiences about Office Parties – which is my focus and attention for today as the column is mainly about workplaces.

There are many reasons – justifiable and worthwhile too – where employees need to make an Office Party. Actually it is being persuaded and encouraged to have off the office sites for a get-together know-each-other-better party for obvious reasons. Though for some Senior Management the reasons and justifications may not be that obvious and recognisable!

But then with some such Managers even if you show him a white A4 size paper – he will either say it is not white – or it is not A4 size – or even both! This is the kind of decay, decadence, rot, malaise and profligacy – stubbornness and rigidity we have in some Offices scenes nowadays! Despite all the empty talks, ivory towers, publicities, coverage, rhetoric and white-washing nothing has changed much in a lot of places nowadays!

In my life work experiences – and after my voluntary early retirement at that oil company – and as a Human Resources Management Consultant, Advisor and Expert – I have been to places that I was shown the door after my presentation. Not even a cup of tea or plain glass of water was offered to me – the later I requested myself because I am always nervous in public speaking – especially with a crowd (or few strong ones) that are hostile and negative. People simply do not want changes – even for the corporate and common good! Most importantly they do not want to spend money – when you come in asking them to invest in for example a Human Resources IT Management system even!

In some places – even if my presentation was earlier on in the day – they would invite me for lunch and make me feel most comfortable and at ease. They are appreciative of my contributions and want me to feel as such – and to feel most accepted. Frankly and honestly – these are few places – and I can count them on my fingers.

Mostly people are mean, stingy (Hindi – Kanjuus!)  and dastardly – and they take sadistic and great pleasure to let you know about this – especially those dead set against you – because of who you are – and how you look and speak. You hear a cough and in the same cough – smart aleck and Mr. Know All – just because you dared to speak to them for changes that will cost money – and shake up the old dogmas, outlooks and The Old Guards syndrome per se! It takes all kinds to make this world I tell you!

Staff do need a break from the boring routine and monotony. Office parties – especially away day or off sites are very good ideas to motivate staff and make them feel wanted, appreciated and recognised for their presence – and for their contributions too!

Take Care!

By Majid Al Suleimany

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