Deafening Silence! – Nothing Has Changed! Between Us Only! Reply

For The Oman Daily Observer Features of Sunday  January 29th 2012.

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 Between Us Only!

Deafening Silence!

  •  *** If you see someone having his head being clean shaved – pour water on your head! – Famous East African expression.
  •  If you are going to dig a grave for your enemy – dig two graves – one for your enemy – and keep one for yourself – Confucius.
  • After all the incidents and things we see live on TV everyday, have things on the ground really changed so far? Do not think so!
  • It is sad, tragic and pathetic that us human beings never learn!


*** Shaved Head – Demi Moore!

For the last 30 months or so, I have been at home sick with high glucose counts as being diabetic and suffering also from eyes problems with cataracts and glaucoma. I have also a lot of other ailments – including blood pressures and high depression.

 Under the circumstances, it is not so easy to keeping raising your hopes and spirits – and to keep going on after more than 38 years of dedicated, committed and loyal services to the Nation – and here you have lost all your savings, pension and the little money you had because you wanted to make it for yourself into going for business – and after failing in your career path because you dared to open your mouth to speak – showed you can also see with your eyes – and can hear with  both your ears!

You ask yourself if it was worth it sacrificing yourself for the good and betterment of everyone around you and for society – whilst your colleagues and peers who did not care or mind the least little have larger houses – drive bigger cars – and have money and savings that you do not have. It seems they are highly rewarded for remaining indifferent, care-free, silent and aloof – whilst stupid and naïve you did not!

 Yet I maybe sick in body – but my mind, spirits and brains still work! Thank God for that – Amin!

 Last month a ‘good friend’ of mine who was my working peer in one national company that we had worked together before called me. He had a good human resources development job that he was considering for me – after moving to this state of the art prestigious national company.

 I guess I was more dismissive and cynical – seeing all the past negative responses so far in my life the last three years. I go to the Professional Management websites and what comes to mind is ‘ignorance is bliss’ – and or ‘ little knowledge is more dangerous’ than one can tell of ‘those who know all’ write and speak in the websites!

 So I say to him. I do not mind – though I would prefer to work temporarily as a Human Resources Management Consultant, Advisor and Expert. He tells me – you just first come – we will discuss details later. Trying hard not to be hopeful in thinking I have bagged this one – and to be more cautious anyway – I do visit him. He introduces me to the Top HR guy – and the number 3 or 4 top guy in the establishment.

Cannot speak any evil, hear any evil, or see any evil!

Things seem to go well after all the pleasantries. Mind you this is a National Company that is always in the news and media of serving the people and the community! Then he drops me a bombshell! There is a Human Resources entry test that I have to sit! He will arrange for the IT Department to set up the laptop for me to do the test! I am divided between agreeing to be belittled and insulted in the process of doing the test or not.

This is not a family run company – but a National One! You would not expect such behaviours and attitudes from such a Company! I had applied to one such family run company for a HR job that I could easily do even if woken up at 3 am at night. They said anyone over 50 is not recruited – though the person in charge is only one year younger than me. But than he is ‘family related’ – and their families know each other from the days before they came into this country. I did a lot of favours personally to the owners and the Company before – but than I am not ‘related to them’ – that is the sadness and irony of it all in human remembrances! But that is a different story for now!

 He sees my face of dismay and disappointment – though he had earlier remarked and complimented highly of my CV (Resume/Profile) – and it will be an honour and privilege to get me on board! If so, why the entry test? It seems that all the Omanis must do this test. But then of course at lower levels – or high levels with NO Wastah!

Cannot hear any evil, speak any evil, or see any evil!

 A few minutes they excuse themselves. I call Madam. Do the test M – Do it! Please!! We need the money – you need the money more! So grudgingly with great silent protest I agree to do it. Madam is right. I need the money! Agree to have my nose rubbed into the mud. I look at the basic questions – this is a great insult to me. I am not a Fresh graduate with minimal or no experiences!

 I just write in The Test – Repeat – please see my CV – and walk out! I think my last few months back article – The End of The Road! – makes more sense to me now than ever before! Take Care!

 By Majid Al Suleimany