Responsible Reporting Is Required! Reply

Responsible Reporting is Required!

Or The Need To Be Pragmatic, Realistic and Responsible In Reporting The Incidents!

We all know of The Hippocrates Oath that Doctors have to take before they practice medicine. I am not a Journalist by profession – so I do not know what Journalists do take before they can become Journalists. I stumbled into writing as a hobby more than anything else – though I can well admit I had my own axes to grind in writing especially my two Arab Management books. Especially the last one even by name of A Cry For Help! – published over a year BEFORE the Arab Spring Uprisings! I wished that those VIPs I had sent my books had read and acknowledged them – but no point now in crying over spilt milk – or it is now water under the bridge – as they say too!

Images Accurate Truthful Ethical Reporting

Recently I have been really alarmed to read news being so dramatised, sensationalised and emotionalised to levels unbelievable without checking out the full facts. I must admit that at home we were so much worried about the meat from an African country that we have purchased recently – and decided to do without – after reading all these news.

‘Unfortunately’ we too have family members that come from Congo – or Zaire – and from Rwanda and Burundi too. Was it a relief that they did not visit us at home? I do not think so! Some of the news pieces are very unethical, unprofessional, unwise – and not responsible reporting to say the least!

The coverage are all one sided – from one point of view – all individualistic, subjective and uncalled for. They are designed ‘to sell hot news’ purposes – just like in The West and others – to make more money without seriously considering the repercussions and tasks at hand.

Or headline news made of subjects that are best identified as mediocre, minor and of real little significance and impact – but made capital and highlight major news too! Making mountains out of molehills – or trying to reduce mountains to molehills conversely!

There is a belief that if you quote figures, data and statistics people will believe in more in what you are writing about – but the principle and paramount condition still stands that you need to quote the Sources – and these sources need to be original, , identifiable, reliable, authentic and verifiable at best!

People will believe the media and what they tell the people and its Readers. It is not only making money that should be the principle accounting drive and focus. However, if there is bad news to tell these too must be told – instead of pushing the dirt under the carpet!

In one of my first articles (Article 11 of 2003 – Book Between Us Only! – ) I wrote this piece. The Power Of The Media!

*** A recent survey conducted by The Boston Poultry Association in USA has revealed that people who start to eat their boiled eggs from the smaller end first are putting themselves in great dangers of getting not only salmonella and other related diseases, but also even more serious diseases like Arthritis and Parkinson.

Dr. Hocus John Pocus, Director of the Association, said that tests were conducted for a period of 6 months amongst 2000 people in Boston – split equally between those who ate their eggs from the smaller first and those from the larger end.

Those who ate from the later were found to be carrying lesser risks from the mentioned diseases.  Dr. Pocus said “it is surprising how many people have changed their boiled eggs eating habit,  which were traditionally from the larger end first (or swallowed in full) to the now fashionable conventional method of small end first”.

Guess some of you may start from tomorrow morning to change your boiled eggs eating habits after reading this.  Before you stop here and call your friends, read on! People swallow ‘hook, sinker and whole’ whatever and whenever they read printed articles, especially when famous places and names are quoted and references  supporting what is being revealed – especially if the ‘research or findings’ come from the so-called ‘advanced countries’ – doubts could be raised if the studies were done in so-called ‘developing countries’!

*** Just in case you did not get it – all those above in bold is a hoax, created by this Writer!

Take Care!

By Majid Al Suleimany

Journalist Ethics