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Abandoning The Sinking Ship!

Or That Corporate Leadership Failure In Times of Crisis!

Corporate Misgovernance and Bad Management!

The Case of The Stricken Luxury Liner Costa Concordia. The story is unique in that it was an Italian Cruise Liner – with an Italian Captain and mainly Italian crew and passengers that ran aground in an Italian island in Italian waters!

Maritime Authorities, passengers and mounting evidence pointed Sunday toward the Captain of the cruise liner that ran aground and that had capsized off the Tuscan coast, amid accusations that he  Francesco Schettino the Captain had abandoned ship before everyone was safely evacuated and was ‘showing off” when he steered the vessel far too close to shore. He was yet seen by Coast Guard Officers of ‘fleeing the scene’ even as the chaotic and terrifying evacuation was under way!

Images The Sunken Luxury Liner Costa Concordia

Authorities were holding Schettino for also suspected manslaughter and prosecutors had confirmed they were also investigating he had abandoned the stricken liner before all the passengers had escaped. According to the Italian Navigation Code – a Captain who abandoned a ship in danger can face up to 12 years in prison.

Image The arrested Captain Francesco Schettino

He was seen in a lifeboat covered by a blanket and well before all the passengers were evacuated and were just left to their own peril.  He had left before and was on deck before everyone was off. Though he was urged to return to the ship by Port Officials, he ignored them completely retorting – I did what I could! He failed to honour his duty to stay on board until everyone was safely evacuated – and he and his crew had ascertained this before leaving!  Initial investigations seem to reveal in addition significant human error on the part of the Captain!

Divers searching the murky depths of the partially submerged Luxury Liner Costa Concordia found the bodies of two elderly men still in their life jackets, bringing the confirmed death toll to five. At least 15 people were still missing.

We find the same story to a greater extent with last year’s boat ferry disaster in Zanzibar. Again the Captain and crew had abandoned ship and leaving passengers to their own fate – and the excuse we told the ship owners of the ship being over loaded but they still had refused to accept. Instead they were instructed to still carry more – or else! I do not know what is the excuse of the Italian Captain!

These kinds of things also happen in real life in The Offices – not necessarily only with the floating ones! The Captain of the Ship – The CEO, GM, MD or Director – will give instructions to be followed without listening to others in Management and Staff. Or he or she is so unapproachable to be given bad or troubling news – and would scream and shout at the messenger of bad news as his usual cover – or putting his head like that of the Ostrich! Or the person (or persons) giving the news would end to be the scapegoats or to be blamed when things will go wrong!

When things have gone really wrong – heads will fly and scapegoats found in order for the captain to remain supreme. Otherwise it will again be a case of abandoning ship – whilst the rest of the crew and passengers are still on board.

I do believe this is why there are a lot of deep resentment, frustrations, disappointments, demotivation, decadence and malaise in many establishments – but people still stick on and keep going – because there is no other way! And they have to feed their rumbling stomachs – and that of their families too! What else can they do? When people say hunger (the job!) is the cause of all evil – they know well what they are talking about here!

Take Care!

By Majid Al Suleimany