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 January 15th 2012

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 Between Us Only!

We Need To Speak Out!

All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing – Edmund Burke.

It is so sad and tragic to see people being massacred in such cold blood whilst praying in their own churches – to the same Lord – but perhaps in other directions! Yet we are told as Muslims that we have to believe in The Religious books sent – including The Gospel, The Torah too – and all the Prophets sent on earth – and that includes Jesus Christ for them – and the Great Prophet Issa for us! And still that killing of even one innocent person is like killing the whole nation in counts of crime, in punishment and eternal damnation!

Truthfully and yet some time back, I had watched this news part of where the ex Leader of this Nigerian terror group Boko Haram was killed in mysterious circumstances – after his capture by the Police. Sometime later, his followers were also gunned down in cold blood – after their capture by the Nigerian forces and apparent surrender. The footages of both were shown live worldwide – in case you missed them! The new ‘Leader’ threatens more attacks!


In my heart I said to myself‘the genie has now been let out of the bottle – the Pandora box’ – and here we go again! Believing that these kinds of methods would easily solve all of our world problems! Instead of sitting down and talking seriously to one another to find possible solutions to our very problems.

The Arab uprisings started with mere Mohamed Buazizi setting himself on fire in front of the Government Offices – after failing to get his rights and them to be addressed – and still being slapped by a Police woman. The big problems now in Syria started with mere students’ graffiti on the walls – their arrests and what followed next. Another Libya – if not worse – was then born!

We know see a super power (and others!) that should know better – yet still of engaging in behaviours, bravados and acts of war threats – and possible real wars to emerge either by design, default or inadvertently – and just behaving like a third world country at its worst! Similarly, at the other side of the coin – all I can remember is what my late grandmother told our parents – The children are crying for a blade? Give them – and let them cut themselves. When they see blood – they will then learn their lessons.

And yet for both – they need to be cautioned – as they still fail to see the rest of us in this part of the world that we actually do exist here too – and simply do not want another war on our shores – to say the very least! We are tired of wars – and the loss of innocent lives – the wanton destructions, malaise and decadence!

I wish that we had stood up to Bush when he gave the famous threat – You are either with us – or with the terrorists – giving us two options only. There was a third option – that is we are neither with you – nor with the terrorists – but with us only! And that we need to sit down and seriously talk – and find a middle ground and solutions to our problems one way or the other. The world would have been different today for sure! We should not give up and lose hope – till we find equitable, ethical and fair solutions to our own problems – as decent and ethical human beings set on earth by the same Lord and Creator!

Perhaps because we were that afraid and scared – and today we find the whole world in a mess – inadvertently with them too – but the lessons have still not been learnt yet – and still engaging in new trysts, adventures and bravados! You reap what you sow! Human beings will never learn – and that is the most sad, pathetic and tragic part of it all. Even if three hundred years ago what Edmund Burke had said – if not remembering our very own Religious books and teachings!

The Religious Scholars and Institutions should speak out more and raise voices of protests and dissent more accurately, vividly and openly – and to be our ‘conscience keepers’ and ‘reminders’ in all such aspects. Instead of being ‘quiet or to be seen going along – because they have abandoned their roles and responsibilities – and being afraid and scared – once again! Everyone is responsible for one’s actions – and inactions. Quiet diplomacies seem not to work anymore! We need pragmatic, enlightened and courageous people more like HH Mohamed Rashid of Dubai – who can speak out on such issues!

Frankly, I do believe that am neither a Pacifist nor an Apologist – or anything like that – but a sure Realist and Practialist. And a person who does believe in co-existence, peace, harmony – and ‘live and let live’ always! Bottom line – we are tired – just dead tired!

Take Care!


 Majid Al Suleimany