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 January 8th 2012

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 Between Us Only!

 The Insiders!

  • Easy reading is damn hard writing. — Nathaniel Hawthorne
  • If the writing is honest it cannot be separated from the man who wrote it. — Tennessee Williams
  •  The desire to write grows with writing. — Desiderius Erasmus

A         A long time ago, I watched this film about The American Civil War where the rebellious South had been defeated by the Union Forces led under Lincoln – in order to abolish the slave trade rampant more in the South. There is this meeting where all the rich and famous of the South meet. Then this one says – or words to the effect – We will still control them (black slaves) by giving them loans for their farms with high interests and which they will pay for the rest of their lives – and we will enslave them (again) this way!

B         In our courses in Human Resources (then known as Personnel Management) there is one part which is called Play Act Role. As a group, one is assigned a special task unknown to the rest of the group (sometimes until it is too late!). The Instructor and Panel watch and monitor the behaviours and reactions of the group as the dramas unfold! Imagine my assigned role – completely different from real me in practice – I do not know why he wrongly assessed me for the role? My role was in reality To Destroy the ‘House Building Project using Legos’. But pretend to go along – and to be very suggestive and helpful – but my real aim and role to do was just to break up whatever stage they have reached! Not to allow them to succed!

It took a threat from a big burly Nigerian in the group for me to stop. If you touch one more Lego, this will come into your face!  A big tightly held fist! Despite prompts and prodding from the Instructor, I refused to continue! Guess I failed in my play-act-role in the group – with great disappointment from the Instructor – but at least my face was left intact! That was better (coward!) for me than passing the test!

Images Young Majid (Me)!

We have all A and B above in real life too! You have only to be smart and perceptive enough to know what is going on – and separate the chaff from the wheat so to speak – or fact and reality from act and pretence – just as in the above examples!

Which brings me to the point I want to make here. It is always The Insiders – The Rogue Elements as sometimes are called – who do the most harm and damage always! From the outside they act as part of the team and going along (whatever decision or plan) – but in reality are against it! Like fighting terrorism, drug trafficking, money-laundering – whilst hidden and in secret supporting it – and in such a way that you are not found out!

Those of you know me well (sometimes too well!) and or are avid Readers will realise that I am taking the long route to make my point – or as some say accusingly – You will take the Reader to the bridge – but will leave it to him to cross it or not.

Let me explain myself – if you do not mind the waiting!

A long time ago when I was working in my Local Oil Company (LOC) and as part of The Omani Think-Tank Team – I made a very good proposal for our Staff going on Early Enhanced Retirement (age at least 45 and 25 years service) and Normal Retirement at 60 for the Staff at least to get Medical Treatment at the Company Clinics just like other private schemes in the country.

Both my two expatriate bosses above my levels had agreed and supported the proposal. Now in hindsight, I am not sure if they were really with me – or were play acting role with me only! It was turned down flatly and abruptly by my Top Boss who sadly and tragically was a fellow Omani. Twists and fate of life ironies – he himself later on fell very sick after his retirement. I guess he wished that he was not so aggressive in denying the proposal per se!

There were no takers after that – with the majority remembering – as our good friends the Indians always say – knowing who was putting the butter on their toast (bread)! Not like stupid naive me – always believing doing things for the general good – and for future better interests and welfare!

We find this situation in a lot of places nowadays where people seem to go along with the general trend and feelings – but in reality work against it from within – or make rules and regulations so hard and inconceivable to make the whole thing unworkable at all – so making them winners – all over again! But I guess it was Margaret Thatcher – ex UK PM – who said – Those who sit on the wall in the end get pelted by both sides!

Despite what people see in reality and in proof and in front of their eyes of all that is happening now near them – they still cannot see, hear – or allow others to speak! Very sad and tragic!

Take Care!


 Majid Al Suleimany