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The Office Parties! At My Workplace! Reply

At My Workplace!

The Office Parties!

In some places – there is every excuse for a party and or donation – but in other places – there is simply no party at all – and this has been going on for quite a long time now!


 One of the earliest videos that I saw was titled The Party where late Peter Sellers (aka Hrundi V. Bakshi) is mistakenly invited for a Party – instead of being fired for destroying a film set! It was quite funny and hilarious!  I saw the film as a youngster and my Indian classmates did not like me joking them ‘Birdie Num Num’ – and for quite awhile they were not speaking to me for poking this fun at them.

I thought it was funny – until one of them started to imitate how an Arab speaks English for me to stop the joking and tease – of course joined by the African students who for the first time joined our school after Independence. Thus ending the school being only for Asians! But those were the colonial days!

Today I am going to share with you my experiences about Office Parties – which is my focus and attention for today as the column is mainly about workplaces.

There are many reasons – justifiable and worthwhile too – where employees need to make an Office Party. Actually it is being persuaded and encouraged to have off the office sites for a get-together know-each-other-better party for obvious reasons. Though for some Senior Management the reasons and justifications may not be that obvious and recognisable!

But then with some such Managers even if you show him a white A4 size paper – he will either say it is not white – or it is not A4 size – or even both! This is the kind of decay, decadence, rot, malaise and profligacy – stubbornness and rigidity we have in some Offices scenes nowadays! Despite all the empty talks, ivory towers, publicities, coverage, rhetoric and white-washing nothing has changed much in a lot of places nowadays!

In my life work experiences – and after my voluntary early retirement at that oil company – and as a Human Resources Management Consultant, Advisor and Expert – I have been to places that I was shown the door after my presentation. Not even a cup of tea or plain glass of water was offered to me – the later I requested myself because I am always nervous in public speaking – especially with a crowd (or few strong ones) that are hostile and negative. People simply do not want changes – even for the corporate and common good! Most importantly they do not want to spend money – when you come in asking them to invest in for example a Human Resources IT Management system even!

In some places – even if my presentation was earlier on in the day – they would invite me for lunch and make me feel most comfortable and at ease. They are appreciative of my contributions and want me to feel as such – and to feel most accepted. Frankly and honestly – these are few places – and I can count them on my fingers.

Mostly people are mean, stingy (Hindi – Kanjuus!)  and dastardly – and they take sadistic and great pleasure to let you know about this – especially those dead set against you – because of who you are – and how you look and speak. You hear a cough and in the same cough – smart aleck and Mr. Know All – just because you dared to speak to them for changes that will cost money – and shake up the old dogmas, outlooks and The Old Guards syndrome per se! It takes all kinds to make this world I tell you!

Staff do need a break from the boring routine and monotony. Office parties – especially away day or off sites are very good ideas to motivate staff and make them feel wanted, appreciated and recognised for their presence – and for their contributions too!

Take Care!

By Majid Al Suleimany

Deafening Silence! – Nothing Has Changed! Between Us Only! Reply

For The Oman Daily Observer Features of Sunday  January 29th 2012.

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 Between Us Only!

Deafening Silence!

  •  *** If you see someone having his head being clean shaved – pour water on your head! – Famous East African expression.
  •  If you are going to dig a grave for your enemy – dig two graves – one for your enemy – and keep one for yourself – Confucius.
  • After all the incidents and things we see live on TV everyday, have things on the ground really changed so far? Do not think so!
  • It is sad, tragic and pathetic that us human beings never learn!


*** Shaved Head – Demi Moore!

For the last 30 months or so, I have been at home sick with high glucose counts as being diabetic and suffering also from eyes problems with cataracts and glaucoma. I have also a lot of other ailments – including blood pressures and high depression.

 Under the circumstances, it is not so easy to keeping raising your hopes and spirits – and to keep going on after more than 38 years of dedicated, committed and loyal services to the Nation – and here you have lost all your savings, pension and the little money you had because you wanted to make it for yourself into going for business – and after failing in your career path because you dared to open your mouth to speak – showed you can also see with your eyes – and can hear with  both your ears!

You ask yourself if it was worth it sacrificing yourself for the good and betterment of everyone around you and for society – whilst your colleagues and peers who did not care or mind the least little have larger houses – drive bigger cars – and have money and savings that you do not have. It seems they are highly rewarded for remaining indifferent, care-free, silent and aloof – whilst stupid and naïve you did not!

 Yet I maybe sick in body – but my mind, spirits and brains still work! Thank God for that – Amin!

 Last month a ‘good friend’ of mine who was my working peer in one national company that we had worked together before called me. He had a good human resources development job that he was considering for me – after moving to this state of the art prestigious national company.

 I guess I was more dismissive and cynical – seeing all the past negative responses so far in my life the last three years. I go to the Professional Management websites and what comes to mind is ‘ignorance is bliss’ – and or ‘ little knowledge is more dangerous’ than one can tell of ‘those who know all’ write and speak in the websites!

 So I say to him. I do not mind – though I would prefer to work temporarily as a Human Resources Management Consultant, Advisor and Expert. He tells me – you just first come – we will discuss details later. Trying hard not to be hopeful in thinking I have bagged this one – and to be more cautious anyway – I do visit him. He introduces me to the Top HR guy – and the number 3 or 4 top guy in the establishment.

Cannot speak any evil, hear any evil, or see any evil!

Things seem to go well after all the pleasantries. Mind you this is a National Company that is always in the news and media of serving the people and the community! Then he drops me a bombshell! There is a Human Resources entry test that I have to sit! He will arrange for the IT Department to set up the laptop for me to do the test! I am divided between agreeing to be belittled and insulted in the process of doing the test or not.

This is not a family run company – but a National One! You would not expect such behaviours and attitudes from such a Company! I had applied to one such family run company for a HR job that I could easily do even if woken up at 3 am at night. They said anyone over 50 is not recruited – though the person in charge is only one year younger than me. But than he is ‘family related’ – and their families know each other from the days before they came into this country. I did a lot of favours personally to the owners and the Company before – but than I am not ‘related to them’ – that is the sadness and irony of it all in human remembrances! But that is a different story for now!

 He sees my face of dismay and disappointment – though he had earlier remarked and complimented highly of my CV (Resume/Profile) – and it will be an honour and privilege to get me on board! If so, why the entry test? It seems that all the Omanis must do this test. But then of course at lower levels – or high levels with NO Wastah!

Cannot hear any evil, speak any evil, or see any evil!

 A few minutes they excuse themselves. I call Madam. Do the test M – Do it! Please!! We need the money – you need the money more! So grudgingly with great silent protest I agree to do it. Madam is right. I need the money! Agree to have my nose rubbed into the mud. I look at the basic questions – this is a great insult to me. I am not a Fresh graduate with minimal or no experiences!

 I just write in The Test – Repeat – please see my CV – and walk out! I think my last few months back article – The End of The Road! – makes more sense to me now than ever before! Take Care!

 By Majid Al Suleimany


Responsible Reporting Is Required! Reply

Responsible Reporting is Required!

Or The Need To Be Pragmatic, Realistic and Responsible In Reporting The Incidents!

We all know of The Hippocrates Oath that Doctors have to take before they practice medicine. I am not a Journalist by profession – so I do not know what Journalists do take before they can become Journalists. I stumbled into writing as a hobby more than anything else – though I can well admit I had my own axes to grind in writing especially my two Arab Management books. Especially the last one even by name of A Cry For Help! – published over a year BEFORE the Arab Spring Uprisings! I wished that those VIPs I had sent my books had read and acknowledged them – but no point now in crying over spilt milk – or it is now water under the bridge – as they say too!

Images Accurate Truthful Ethical Reporting

Recently I have been really alarmed to read news being so dramatised, sensationalised and emotionalised to levels unbelievable without checking out the full facts. I must admit that at home we were so much worried about the meat from an African country that we have purchased recently – and decided to do without – after reading all these news.

‘Unfortunately’ we too have family members that come from Congo – or Zaire – and from Rwanda and Burundi too. Was it a relief that they did not visit us at home? I do not think so! Some of the news pieces are very unethical, unprofessional, unwise – and not responsible reporting to say the least!

The coverage are all one sided – from one point of view – all individualistic, subjective and uncalled for. They are designed ‘to sell hot news’ purposes – just like in The West and others – to make more money without seriously considering the repercussions and tasks at hand.

Or headline news made of subjects that are best identified as mediocre, minor and of real little significance and impact – but made capital and highlight major news too! Making mountains out of molehills – or trying to reduce mountains to molehills conversely!

There is a belief that if you quote figures, data and statistics people will believe in more in what you are writing about – but the principle and paramount condition still stands that you need to quote the Sources – and these sources need to be original, , identifiable, reliable, authentic and verifiable at best!

People will believe the media and what they tell the people and its Readers. It is not only making money that should be the principle accounting drive and focus. However, if there is bad news to tell these too must be told – instead of pushing the dirt under the carpet!

In one of my first articles (Article 11 of 2003 – Book Between Us Only! – ) I wrote this piece. The Power Of The Media!

*** A recent survey conducted by The Boston Poultry Association in USA has revealed that people who start to eat their boiled eggs from the smaller end first are putting themselves in great dangers of getting not only salmonella and other related diseases, but also even more serious diseases like Arthritis and Parkinson.

Dr. Hocus John Pocus, Director of the Association, said that tests were conducted for a period of 6 months amongst 2000 people in Boston – split equally between those who ate their eggs from the smaller first and those from the larger end.

Those who ate from the later were found to be carrying lesser risks from the mentioned diseases.  Dr. Pocus said “it is surprising how many people have changed their boiled eggs eating habit,  which were traditionally from the larger end first (or swallowed in full) to the now fashionable conventional method of small end first”.

Guess some of you may start from tomorrow morning to change your boiled eggs eating habits after reading this.  Before you stop here and call your friends, read on! People swallow ‘hook, sinker and whole’ whatever and whenever they read printed articles, especially when famous places and names are quoted and references  supporting what is being revealed – especially if the ‘research or findings’ come from the so-called ‘advanced countries’ – doubts could be raised if the studies were done in so-called ‘developing countries’!

*** Just in case you did not get it – all those above in bold is a hoax, created by this Writer!

Take Care!

By Majid Al Suleimany

Journalist Ethics

The Unapproachable! Between Us Only! 1

For The Oman Daily Observer Features of Sunday

January 22nd 2012.

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 Between Us Only!

The Unapproachable!

Or The Difficulties To Approach Some – Especially In Some Public Places!

  • Abu Sa`id Al-Khudri (May Allah be pleased with him) reported: Messenger of Allah (PBUH) said, “Whoever amongst you sees an evil, he must change it with his hand; if he is  unable to do so, then with his tongue; and if he is unable to do so, then with his heart; and that is the weakest form of Faith“. [Muslim].
  •    The world is a dangerous place not because of the people who are evil but because of the people who do not do anything about it – by Albert Einstein.
  • And from Thomas Jefferson ex USA President – All tyranny needs to gain a foothold is people of good conscience to remain silent.
  • Silence is a war crime – Arab Protestor placard 

I have always wondered this. Why are there in some places – even public ones – people are purposefully unapproachable – difficult, hard, rigid, uncaring, unfeeling, unmovable and simply not listening to you – when you need just some help or and services from them? Is it just their character and nature – or are they expecting something in return – before they can move to help and or serve you? 

Unfortunately even for the simplest (even routine) basic request – and specifically in public places? It makes you think and wonder out aloud on what is really going on here?

 At least if it was clear what they wanted from you in the first place – otherwise one can wrongly assume and conclude it is just their behavior and attitudes – and not something more sinister and crooked! You wonder out aloud – why all these behaviours and acts – and why they are not straightforward and crystal clear with you in the first instance of what they really want from you?


A long time ago – reinstate over 20 years ago – when I was on leave in that place, a relative of mine had given me one of his best cars for personal use whilst there on holidays. Best as what can describe the car if we look at our own standards of cars – but who am I to look at a gift horse in the mouth.

 I was stopped by an irate Traffic Policeman on a motorcycle – who wanted to book me with one of the headlamps was not working! Then he was scolding me – You know in these dark roads at this time of the night oncoming traffic may think you are a motor cycle (and not a car?). And they move more towards in the centre and hit you right in the face. It was a paved road with no road markings!


Apart from the fact that I had never ever before been booked for any traffic offences of any sort – and this happening abroad shook me to my very wits and foundations! My relative who was by my side talked to me in Arabic to give me my International Driving License – and also he needed some money! Then he asked if he could talk to him (the Policeman?).

 A few minutes later the beaming traffic cop said to me – Welcome to our country and have a safe drive! The same thing happened when I wanted to fly I wanted to fly to another city in that place. I was told ‘the planes are full’ – until one of them was brave enough to ask subtlety for a bribe – to give to an airline official flying his own airline that had employed him! When I boarded the plane it was half full!

When I had my own Consultancy then, we needed some stationery and this expatriate guy comes in with a ‘draft quotation’ – and also with a Quotation book with Official Stamps. He thought I was just working for the Company – and did not belong to me! So many examples I can quote – but space will not allow me in what ended in my business to close down because of wanting to REMAIN HONEST!

 Whilst I was still working in my oil company the joke went – Here comes Mr. Honest (who will not go far in career – but will end broke on retirement) – which is what really happened to me – but my conscience remains supreme and clean to date – even if blowing up my own trumpet in the process. Again I must say this was a very long time ago (over 20 years) ago! In my last job aspects I had no money-controls – but other influences (Wastah)…..but then you too have been reading my columns, have you not?

 Take Care!


Majid Al Suleimany

 My ideas usually come not at my desk writing but in the midst of living. — Anais Nin

My Late Father – PBUH Reply

You will find that I quote him in most of my articles…..

1          Quote from A Cry For Help! book –

My father was born in the village of Hail Al Ghaaf in Quriyaat in Oman.  He went to East Africa (now Tanzania) when he was 22 years old with his first wife – my later elder Mother Bi Shamsa Khalfan Al-Adhri and my late elder brother Suleiman and late sister Aziza. 

 At that time, during the trip to Africa, they were respectively 12 and 10 years old – if I am not mistaken.   However, in reaching Zanzibar, he was married off to my mother – poor lady at that time doing well in school according to her teacher, late Bi Amina Al-Farsi, who coincidentally happened to be our neighbour later in life.  My mother was only 16 then (I can hear that sigh too!) and for a young girl to be taken out of school and be married off was the norm during those days and parents had just to be obeyed to avoid great risks and dangers to one self if otherwise! A child at best at age in thoughts and in body, she was taken away from school and married off to her cousin (who coincidentally was married too and with children!).

My mother always said that she never forgave her dad for this, even if we tease her – even if we came along?  Our grandfather had the vision that it was enough for his daughter to be able to write her name in English and Arabic – and what education did she need more? So she could write love letters to boys in her school? Far later in life, this was the main cause of divorce between him and my grandmother – though at that particular time when my mother needed her the most, she was not around to save her daughter from an early marriage.

 As a Reader you may well ask – if your mother was not married off early in life, perhaps you would not be born and we would not today be reading your book! Frankly if you ask me I would prefer my mother’s happiness than my own! But we have no choice in such matters, and life sometimes is like a drama and we have just to our casted role set out in that drama, and we need just to play our cast well in life!

 Anyway, the good angelic mother got on to have 11 other children (a full football team as the joke goes around) with 4 brothers and 6 sisters – one passed away at an early stage.  Her name was Khadija (peace be upon her – pbuh) and she had no chance of survival because she never cried when she was born (at home) and the mid-wife (a family member) hardly knew what she was actually doing.  But, then in this part of the world, we are all ‘fatalistic’ and these things have already been destined to happen – and they happen for a reason!

My Mother PBUH has also expired now – Unquote!

2          From The Column – Quote – From Oman FM Radio Interview – June 2007

JR (AnnouncerJudith Razak) – Who has the greatest influence in your life than anybody else?

MS  (me) – I think it is my Father more than anybody else because my Father was straight forward. He made a lot of friends and he also made a lot of enemies too. Because if somebody upset him … he never went about a long way to tell him so. My Father sometimes when we invite guests to our house … he is dead now … so Father … Father please Father … please put the brakes on! He would say … the food is for you .. eat it … I am not going to tell you more than once … you are the guests … the food is for you … eat it. I tell Father … you do not have to tell them these things … you know he is straight forward. And he has been telling us … that you should not be afraid … tell the truth even if it may cost you …you must do the same thing  … but please do not go for lies.

3          Our Family Origins in Oman.

Parents – Hayll Al Ghaaf in Quriyat in Oman

Grandparents and Great Grandparents – from Manah – Oman.

However I was born in Zanzibar (Tanzania) with 8 sister and 5 brothers… one sister died. So elder brother and sister. PBU Them Amin.

My Father had … two wives!

Best Regards,

Majid Al Suleimany

Abandoning The Sinking Ship! At My Workplace! Reply


My Website –

At My Workplace!

Abandoning The Sinking Ship!

Or That Corporate Leadership Failure In Times of Crisis!

Corporate Misgovernance and Bad Management!

The Case of The Stricken Luxury Liner Costa Concordia. The story is unique in that it was an Italian Cruise Liner – with an Italian Captain and mainly Italian crew and passengers that ran aground in an Italian island in Italian waters!

Maritime Authorities, passengers and mounting evidence pointed Sunday toward the Captain of the cruise liner that ran aground and that had capsized off the Tuscan coast, amid accusations that he  Francesco Schettino the Captain had abandoned ship before everyone was safely evacuated and was ‘showing off” when he steered the vessel far too close to shore. He was yet seen by Coast Guard Officers of ‘fleeing the scene’ even as the chaotic and terrifying evacuation was under way!

Images The Sunken Luxury Liner Costa Concordia

Authorities were holding Schettino for also suspected manslaughter and prosecutors had confirmed they were also investigating he had abandoned the stricken liner before all the passengers had escaped. According to the Italian Navigation Code – a Captain who abandoned a ship in danger can face up to 12 years in prison.

Image The arrested Captain Francesco Schettino

He was seen in a lifeboat covered by a blanket and well before all the passengers were evacuated and were just left to their own peril.  He had left before and was on deck before everyone was off. Though he was urged to return to the ship by Port Officials, he ignored them completely retorting – I did what I could! He failed to honour his duty to stay on board until everyone was safely evacuated – and he and his crew had ascertained this before leaving!  Initial investigations seem to reveal in addition significant human error on the part of the Captain!

Divers searching the murky depths of the partially submerged Luxury Liner Costa Concordia found the bodies of two elderly men still in their life jackets, bringing the confirmed death toll to five. At least 15 people were still missing.

We find the same story to a greater extent with last year’s boat ferry disaster in Zanzibar. Again the Captain and crew had abandoned ship and leaving passengers to their own fate – and the excuse we told the ship owners of the ship being over loaded but they still had refused to accept. Instead they were instructed to still carry more – or else! I do not know what is the excuse of the Italian Captain!

These kinds of things also happen in real life in The Offices – not necessarily only with the floating ones! The Captain of the Ship – The CEO, GM, MD or Director – will give instructions to be followed without listening to others in Management and Staff. Or he or she is so unapproachable to be given bad or troubling news – and would scream and shout at the messenger of bad news as his usual cover – or putting his head like that of the Ostrich! Or the person (or persons) giving the news would end to be the scapegoats or to be blamed when things will go wrong!

When things have gone really wrong – heads will fly and scapegoats found in order for the captain to remain supreme. Otherwise it will again be a case of abandoning ship – whilst the rest of the crew and passengers are still on board.

I do believe this is why there are a lot of deep resentment, frustrations, disappointments, demotivation, decadence and malaise in many establishments – but people still stick on and keep going – because there is no other way! And they have to feed their rumbling stomachs – and that of their families too! What else can they do? When people say hunger (the job!) is the cause of all evil – they know well what they are talking about here!

Take Care!

By Majid Al Suleimany

Reconcile and Support The Youth! – Between Us Only! 1

The Oman Daily Observer Features of Sunday January 15th 2012 – With Special Permission!

Between Us Only!

Reconcile and Support The Youth!

Or In Some Places That Still Do Need To Change Fast Now!

A         UK Archbishop Rowan Williams New Year Speech on the British Youth

In reflecting on the events of the summer in UK 2011 – which showed us “a face of our society we don’t like to think about – angry, destructive, lawless”, Archbishop Rowan Williams urges us to recognise that this destruction was the work of a minority – and that most of the young people of their generation “strongly shared the general feeling of dismay at this behaviour”.

“When you see the gifts they can offer, the energy that can be released when they feel safe and loved, you see what a tragedy we so often allow to happen. Look at the work done by groups like the Children’s Society or by the astonishing network of Kids Company here in London, and you see what can be done to wake up that energy and let it flourish for everyone’s good.”

Finally, the Archbishop urges us to recognise how our own actions can make a real difference to society:

Images British Students (Youth) Riots and Demonstrations!

“… being grown-up doesn’t mean forgetting about the young. And a good New Year’s Resolution (2012) might be to think what you can do locally to support facilities for young people, to support opportunities for counselling and learning and enjoyment in a safe environment. And above all, perhaps we should just be asking how we make friends with our younger fellow citizens – for the sake of our happiness as well as theirs.”

B         Nelson Mandela – Bishop Desmond Tutu – of South Africa and The TRC – Truth and Reconciliation Commission – From Wikipedia, the free Encyclopedia

The Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) was a court-like restorative justice body assembled in South Africa after the abolition of Apartheid. Witnesses who were identified as victims of gross human rights violations were invited to give statements about their experiences, and some were selected for public hearings. Perpetrators of violence could also give testimony and request amnesty from both civil and criminal prosecution.

The TRC led by Archbishop Desmond Tutu ( Nobel Peace award) was set up in terms of the South African Promotion of National Unity and Reconciliation , The mandate of the commission was to bear witness to, record and in some cases grant amnesty to the perpetrators of crimes relating to human rights violations, as well as reparation and rehabilitation

The TRC, the first of the nineteen held internationally to stage public hearings, was seen by many as a crucial component of the transition to full and free democracy in South Africa. Despite some flaws, it is generally (although not universally) thought to have been successful

Images South African Truth and Reconciliation  Commission

There is one where Bishop Desmond Tutu Broke down and cried on cruelty imposed by men to men!

.C        Our Own Youth In Reflections

Though we did not escape from the aftermaths of the Arab Spring Uprisings – Allah God is Great – we in Oman were able to escape mainly and largely unscathed. We were able to pragmatically, dynamically and wisely sit to talk and solve our own problems – admittedly too with mainly some few elements of the Youth that went overboard. Majority of our Youth remain in the main stream of being mainly concerned of getting jobs and their perceived rights in peaceful and meaningful ways.

However, We still do need to change in our outlooks and perceptions – to make our own decisions – chart our own course and path – and do the correct, ethical and professional things required of us to do for our own legacy, destiny and future. Our future history and generations will judge us by what we do now – or not do! Bottom line everyone is responsible for one’s actions and actions.

We need to sit and talk with our Youth. Any parent who has teenager children – be they Omani or Residents – will tell you almost the very same things of the difficulties, pains and complexities of dealing with the Youth now. Seen as mainly rebellious and independent in their ways, traits and behaviours.  We need to think outside the box – to see the bigger picture – and be more appreciative, sympathetic and understanding per se!

Truthfully we do need to wake up from this deep slumber some of us are still in now – before it is too late for everyone – for some that could be faster than others in reality!

Allah God Protect us all from his anger and fury – Amin Amen.

By Majid Al Suleimany

Need To Speak Out! Between Us Only! Reply

For The Oman Daily Observer Features of Sunday

 January 15th 2012

 My Website –

 Between Us Only!

We Need To Speak Out!

All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing – Edmund Burke.

It is so sad and tragic to see people being massacred in such cold blood whilst praying in their own churches – to the same Lord – but perhaps in other directions! Yet we are told as Muslims that we have to believe in The Religious books sent – including The Gospel, The Torah too – and all the Prophets sent on earth – and that includes Jesus Christ for them – and the Great Prophet Issa for us! And still that killing of even one innocent person is like killing the whole nation in counts of crime, in punishment and eternal damnation!

Truthfully and yet some time back, I had watched this news part of where the ex Leader of this Nigerian terror group Boko Haram was killed in mysterious circumstances – after his capture by the Police. Sometime later, his followers were also gunned down in cold blood – after their capture by the Nigerian forces and apparent surrender. The footages of both were shown live worldwide – in case you missed them! The new ‘Leader’ threatens more attacks!


In my heart I said to myself‘the genie has now been let out of the bottle – the Pandora box’ – and here we go again! Believing that these kinds of methods would easily solve all of our world problems! Instead of sitting down and talking seriously to one another to find possible solutions to our very problems.

The Arab uprisings started with mere Mohamed Buazizi setting himself on fire in front of the Government Offices – after failing to get his rights and them to be addressed – and still being slapped by a Police woman. The big problems now in Syria started with mere students’ graffiti on the walls – their arrests and what followed next. Another Libya – if not worse – was then born!

We know see a super power (and others!) that should know better – yet still of engaging in behaviours, bravados and acts of war threats – and possible real wars to emerge either by design, default or inadvertently – and just behaving like a third world country at its worst! Similarly, at the other side of the coin – all I can remember is what my late grandmother told our parents – The children are crying for a blade? Give them – and let them cut themselves. When they see blood – they will then learn their lessons.

And yet for both – they need to be cautioned – as they still fail to see the rest of us in this part of the world that we actually do exist here too – and simply do not want another war on our shores – to say the very least! We are tired of wars – and the loss of innocent lives – the wanton destructions, malaise and decadence!

I wish that we had stood up to Bush when he gave the famous threat – You are either with us – or with the terrorists – giving us two options only. There was a third option – that is we are neither with you – nor with the terrorists – but with us only! And that we need to sit down and seriously talk – and find a middle ground and solutions to our problems one way or the other. The world would have been different today for sure! We should not give up and lose hope – till we find equitable, ethical and fair solutions to our own problems – as decent and ethical human beings set on earth by the same Lord and Creator!

Perhaps because we were that afraid and scared – and today we find the whole world in a mess – inadvertently with them too – but the lessons have still not been learnt yet – and still engaging in new trysts, adventures and bravados! You reap what you sow! Human beings will never learn – and that is the most sad, pathetic and tragic part of it all. Even if three hundred years ago what Edmund Burke had said – if not remembering our very own Religious books and teachings!

The Religious Scholars and Institutions should speak out more and raise voices of protests and dissent more accurately, vividly and openly – and to be our ‘conscience keepers’ and ‘reminders’ in all such aspects. Instead of being ‘quiet or to be seen going along – because they have abandoned their roles and responsibilities – and being afraid and scared – once again! Everyone is responsible for one’s actions – and inactions. Quiet diplomacies seem not to work anymore! We need pragmatic, enlightened and courageous people more like HH Mohamed Rashid of Dubai – who can speak out on such issues!

Frankly, I do believe that am neither a Pacifist nor an Apologist – or anything like that – but a sure Realist and Practialist. And a person who does believe in co-existence, peace, harmony – and ‘live and let live’ always! Bottom line – we are tired – just dead tired!

Take Care!


 Majid Al Suleimany

People Are Tired Now! Need To Change! Reply

People Are Tired Now! Need To Change!

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Or Some Public Places That Still Need To Change Now!

I was watching Al Jazeera English Television today Friday January 6th 2011 and despite all the things that have happened starting with Tunisia itself with the Arab Spring Uprisings – another Tunisian has emulated himself because of again being jobless – and his complaints that nobody was hearing him! It seems we have short memory spans – or are just obstinate, rigid and unchangeable – to say the least!

Sadly all that materializes now are lots and lots of empty talks, rhetoric, propaganda and publicities – great shows, plays and dramas – but in reality nothing on the ground has changed that much! All an act – a facade – a show – and hypocrisy of the worst kind!

One of the first speeches of His Majesty on Accession was to reduce the hardships and burden to the citizens. Yet today one is still scared to go to some Public Offices and Institutions with the never ending sagas and dramas of continuous and never ending putting pain, pressures and hardships to the ordinary citizen (and resident) for services and help needed! Yet you will find them always in the news propagating empty talks and rhetoric!

We still find this situation in a lot of places nowadays where people seem to go along with changes and the new general trend and feelings – but in reality still work against it from within – or make rules and regulations so hard, difficult, rigid and inconceivable to make the whole thing unworkable at all – so making them winners – all over again! People continuously unnecessarily being harassed and being victimized – all based on personalities, individualism, selfishness and polarisation!

But I guess it was Margaret Thatcher – ex UK PM – who said – Those who sit on the fence get pelted by both sides! Despite all that has been said and what people see in reality and in proof and in front of their eyes of all that is happening now near them – they still cannot see, hear – or allow others to speak! Very pathetic, sad and tragic!

Or great seminars, symposiums and conferences made ‘to discuss and propagate’ issues – but it is all for the media only. After it ends, sub-committees are formed – and nothing happens after that – until a next time – or something untoward will happen! Then the exercise is repeated all over again! Always new experiments, trysts, dramas – and melodramas!

Truthfully people are fed up to the tilt – and nobody is scared anymore – but people now prefer to go without or go into silence – into a cinder fire that is burning hotly underneath – then bursting and burning out of control at least unexpected hours!

It reminds one of Animal Farm by George Orwell. Or as they say – You cannot remove spots from a leopard – or stripes from a tiger! Or as Napoleon had said – Do not interfere with someone set to destroy himself! Or as the saying still goes – There is no one so blind but with eyes but cannot see – with ears but cannot hear – and with a mouth but cannot speak!

Or as the Romans had said – Those that the gods are out to destroy – they make them not hear, see or speak. Perhaps this last one can explain all these things now – and where we heading more than what have happed so far!

We need to change – to make our own decisions – chart our own course and path – and do the correct, ethical and professional things required of us to do for our own legacy, destiny and future. Our future history and generations will judge us by what we do now – or not do! Bottom line everyone is responsible for one’s actions and actions.

We need to wake up from this deep slumber some of us are still in now – before it is too late for everyone – for some faster than others in reality!

Allah God Protect us all from his anger, fury and punishments to come – Amin Amen.

By Majid Al Suleimany