Glittering Non Gold! Between Us Only! January 1st 2012. Reply

 For The Oman Daily Observer Features of Wednesday

 January 1, 2012

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 Between Us Only!

Glittering Non Gold!

 Not everything that shines is gold!

If the writing is honest it cannot be separated from the man who wrote it. — Tennessee Williams

They always say that do not ‘say things’ in front of children – because they have a way of memorising and repeating it – and they can embarrass you very badly in front of others – and when least you had expected it!

Here was one of the grandchildren exclaiming rather loudly in front of all of us – I think Grandfather needs his pampers changed – because he is smelling very badly! Why do you spoil these pampers every time, Granny?  Met by stunned, shocked and awed silence by the rest of us! If you remember Mr. Angry in my episodes – but here was Mr. Angry (MA) now no more the defiant proud man and adversary – but a very sick man in a wheelchair fixed to an oxygen mask. Embarrassingly, he held my hand tightly in his own weak and seemingly dirty hand – and would not let go!

Images For Demonstrative Purposes Only!

I  was left alone with MA and the maid. Even the maid had now joined the league in shouting, screaming and hollering at the poor man! And who could blame her – if everyone else was doing it – and why should she be left out? To me this eye-opener lesson in humanity and how we deal with those no longer important and useful now in our lives – but are now so weak and need help and attention rather than these crude behaviours was eating my heart out – and I felt greatly troubled, disillusioned and very dead beat tired too! I try my best not to heed the call of MA to visit him – because he needed to see me and speak to me!

If you can call it speaking – rather than jumbled thrown almost inaudible words to me! As usual he started talking to me only when we were alone – the rest of the time he held my hand with his toothless smile on – like a kid given a toy he most wanted for a long time – and would not let go – or allow anyone else to play with it! The family had all gone to a wedding – and his Madam Wife well and nicely dressed – with her perfume still lingering the room long after she had already left.

He then told me – in his own slow and painstaking way – Please write about people like us – today we are abandoned by our families because we are in a nuisance and a burden to their lives. You know it can happen to you too one day? I nodded in agreement – and this seemed to please him more – and holding my hand tighter in his – and not letting go! Please write – he was now crying like a baby wanting milk – about people like us. The juice taken out from the orange – and the peels now discarded. I controlled myself not to cry with him – because I could feel he needed the strength and support from me – so tried my best to compose myself and smile.

He then told me that things had got worse after his wife had been retired and was now at home – as he said 25/8 hours at home now! Nag – nag – nag all day – even before but now was too much. He could not take it anymore! He wanted the angel of death to come and take him now. You know what she is telling me now? If the tables were turned, he MA would go and marry another (younger) wife – but too bad – wives are not allowed to have two husbands. He cried the more!

Please write and tell them to start opening Old People’s Homes to ‘remove the burden’ from families – who have all and increasingly become selfish, individualistic and with no more feelings, caring and remembrances towards their own – like spouses, family, parents and elders in the society now! It is now all Take – Take – Take – no more any Give also! There was this small piece of cake that he had already taken a bite into – he cut it in two – and gave me the bigger piece. I was trying to find a way to say No – I am diabetic – but the better of me finally won and I almost swallowed than eat it!

He then said to me – People outside think she is an angel! Butter would not melt in her mouth! You know – not everything that shines is gold? You know she hides even the tea bags and the milk? Because I like my teas as you know me well – and this is costing her a lot in my ‘spoiling the pampers’! And I have to beg for my tea! Only when she is not around the house maid does it for me! I am a prisoner in my own house – both in soul, heart and body!

Please write about us, will you? It is God’s way to send you to be a Writer – and write about all these things that you do now! Please do not give up hope – and please keep writing. One day someone high will hear you – if not God already!

I will Mr. Angry – I will – I promise you that!

Happy, Peaceful and Safe New Year 2012! Take Care!


 Majid Al Suleimany



  1. An interesting discussion is worth comment. I recon that you should write more on this topic, it’s great to see other peoples thoughts!

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