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The Oman Daily Observer of Sunday December 18, 2011

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 Between Us Only!

Protecting Our Young – The Youth!!


It Is The Young Ones Who Are Suffering Now And The Most Exposed – And Under More Pressures Than Anybody Else For That Matter!


It is so easy for us so-called Senior or Elder Citizens to pass judgment on our Youth – and the increasing alarming incidence of Youth Death we witness nowadays to bad unsafe driving habits, alcoholism, smoking and drug addictions – but are we really serious in looking at this problem and syndrome objectively and constructively?

You know the sad part of even the young ladies ‘not following their grandmothers’ steps’ in meeting your husband for the first time on the wedding night itself – lowerage of family and social values, morals and behaviours, decadence, decay and malaise in attitudes, approaches, ethics, principles and ethics. The tear at the social fabric – that you find now even the young girls now joining the bandwagon? Who will protect the Youth – if not us The Senior Ones, Parents, Teachers, Families, Society and The Leadership.

 Let us be honest and factual about all these things! Prick our own consciences, soul-search and look at things constructively, pragmatically and with dynamism – and with sincerity, being genuine and with feelings!

 So many times I have written articles about Changes and The Youth theme and focus in my columns and books – some as early as I started this column in March 2003 – 8 years ago! Even before in my career life from 1974 – 37 years ago! I keep repeating myself time and time again – just sounding boring, mundane and irritant! Who cares? Who reads and listens? It is written in English – who reads such stuff in English? Just foreigners – and few Omanis only!

 I gave up writing two times in 8 years – but again persuaded to write all over again! All I get are bruises, punched faces and bruised and swollen heads banging it against brick walls – and people determined not to hear me and or to be listened to – and to be retaliated and to be punished in the process ‘of daring to open my mouth and speak’!

Death is in God’s hands – there is nothing that we human beings can do about it! Only Death – after God – is permanent and a surety! As we came empty handed in the world – and just as Alexander The Great had said – we go to our graves empty handed! All the riches, fame and power we will leave behind. My nephew Hashil was so happy buying a Lexus – even a secondhand one at that – but he left early to his death at 42 – with being a dialysis case even!

The other day I watched a very highly emotional Witness Programme in Al Jazeera English Television named – Five Hours With Raja. The story of a baby boy born with defects on his skull and brain – and lived for only 5 hours before passing away! Death does not distinguish between age, sex, nationality, creed, being poor or rich – being in high position or not! We all have to die one day! There is No Wastah (Influence) in Death – otherwise if it was only the poor people and the miserable and helpless would die – with great loss to newspapers of all those Death Notices missing in the newspapers!

 The Truth is Our Youth are facing so many pressures that us the older generation do not! Are we then surprised why so many are going that fast now? We should not be shocked – we should be more ashamed of ourselves more only! Things like getting first jobs – all sorts of competitions – peer pressures – society pressures – family pressures – job pressures – jealousies, envies and polarisation aspects!

Yes I fully agree with you! It is so easy to preach! I am still lost and confused – the other day my son was saying in great distress and lament to us – My father shouts at me – my mother shouts at me – my wife shouts at me – my boss shouts at me – the other car driver shouts at me – even if I am driving carefully a nutcase will bang into me – and if there is a Police car behind me I worry what I have done! I have no peace – home, the street, the roads, the offices – and back! No wonder he has a migraine!

 It is not only him! And then we Senior Omanis how we treat The Youth especially in the Offices – all selfish and individualistic – to protect our own positions – See on my books! If we could – we would get rid of all of them – and bring in docile Yes-Sir expatriates only instead!

 And then in The Offices – especially Public! Even The Private Sector has now joined! Everyone is a CEO and GM – everyone is a tyrant – even that Clerk! All Red Tape, Bureaucracies and harrassing and paining the customers, clients and the General Public! So many miseries and show off ‘artificial pwers!

Also just imagine that young boy or girl in that class from a poor family background who did averagely well academia – but cannot progress further. He has no job! His peer from a rich and powerful family is sent for further studies and a job on return – and the other boy is still at home with no job! Years later the poor boy is offered a lift in a big powerful car – invited to a restaurant he never dared to even see from outside!

 I am not preaching Socialism – or anything of the sort – but simple sanity, pragmatism, reality and facts – even if bitter and not sugar coated. Let us be real – and factual! We need to wake up from this slumber – before it is too late for everyone!

 Take Care!


 Majid Al Suleimany