Between Us Only! Higher Education Versus Personal Behaviours! Reply


Between Us Only!

 Higher Education Versus Personal Behaviours!

 In My Opinion – It Is Those That Are More Highly Educated That Unexpectedly Behave The Worst In Many Cases!

As a Writer, Author and Columnist you can have a lot of friends, support and fans out there – but you also face backlash, insult, injury and personal attacks from people that you would consider naturally to be otherwise – for example from relatives, friends and others! Sometimes this can be so much hurtful and painful – to levels unimaginable!

 Honestly, some of my strongest adversaries were ‘those supposed to be highly educated and expected to behave also so appropriately’ – and perhaps it is the jealousy and envy thing that I dare want to join ‘their club’ – but I do not have the PhDs to go along like them! It makes all sorts to make this world – and if you want to maintain your sanity and faculties then you must just go along and take the bitter pill – and in many cases not sugared even!

 What do you say to a Doctor who has a heart made of rough stone? A Doctor that is so mean and cruel to levels unimaginable! Yet still dares to smile and show you a friendly face – whilst at the same time telling you bluntly so cutting and so painful things unimaginable to a patient or someone related to that patient? Like your parent has to do this operation – but he will not survive the operation.

 If you insist for a percentage of success he says – I will give you zero percentage! If you ask for your options – he will tell you – Take your parent home – but he will die soon in a painful and tormenting way! Maybe this Doctor has seen too many deaths and injuries – and he feels having this stone heart is a good way of protecting himself – and how he deals with others – patients included!

 Conversely, to my dying day I will always remember my First Class Lady Boss in Tanzania. She was of mixed blood – her mother was German and her father local. She was so educated professionally and with also 2 PhDs – but she behaved simply, quietly and approachably that you may be misled to believe that she was just a Secondary School leaver level. I mean in her behaviours and approaches – she never ventured out to show herself off – but was just simple and presentable in all aspects. Actually she felt embarrassed if you started questioning her about her education and attainments!

She was that pretty – or even prettier – but yet nice and kind at heart too!

 Then come to our own! Even the ladies too – can you imagine? Especially if she holds a position of authority – that seems to go more into her head! I had a boss (local) in one neighbouring country – she was divorced by three husbands – and her fourth marriage was on the rocks. She was a very pretty thing to look at – but not to be taken home – and be touched! Like you see a scorpion in a glass box!

She treated all of us staff like scum and dirt – and her communications to us were mere shouts and screams! She could insult you anytime in front of your visitors, peers, customers, clients and even subordinates – the later which she liked to do more! She never kept her promises to you at all – and you never dared to remind her! People like these when they meet a nasty end – there is simply no remorse or feelings from those she had insulted and pained before!

Maybe that pretty like Dina Hayek – but to be avoided at all costs – and peril to your life!

 Both the ladies were my bosses – both highly educated with PhDs – but guess which one I am ready to return to! Then there is this one also highly educated ‘not direct’ boss who hated me for no apparent reason! When I opened my Consultancy – he kept mocking me to others amidst great mirth and laughter – ‘here comes the big shot’ – simply because I was press covered the week before! And when my business fell he was heard muttering ‘I told you so!’ to anybody willing to hear him! Yet now he is out of the place – and I was the same person that had sent him cards and flowers when he fell very sick!

 I have so many other examples to give – but my column is limited by words. You can get all more information from my books – especially the two Arab Management books here and at

 Yet Our Great Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) was not that educated and the Angel Gabriel had to ‘direct him to read!’ – Yet he was one of the greatest person in this world and will remain so till the end of the world. He led by personal examples to be followed and to be emulated!

 Take Care!


 Majid Al Suleimany

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