Stop The Torment! Please Treat People With Respect! Reply

At My Workplace!

 Stop The Torment!

 Please Treat People With Respect!

 I have said this before many times – but I will say it one more time today – if you do not mind! For me writing has always been a passion and hobby – I started writing at an early age of 12 and mostly in stories and in escapades. In March 2003 seriousness came in to write as a Columnist – but even then it was mainly my own very fights and fiascos – and my own focuses and agendas. I had never wanted to be an Investigative Journalist – or to write about other peoples’ issues and problems – because when the issues stake out you could be left alone – and even be blamed – when people jump the gun and refuse as your contacts – and or refute what they told you – even if in confidence!

I do not know if the situation has gone that bad and desperate – or simply people have given up hopes or in desperation – but I now get regularly people coming to me to write about their issues and cases. This is at a rapid and alarming rate – even for me! Besides, I am not paid that much to fall under this category – or as an Investigative Researching Journalist!

The cases that have been sent to me:-

  • Status of children over the age of 18 born to an Omani Mother – but Foreign Father!
  • Refusal of a public bank to accept a Medical Letter from an Oil Company Hospital where the person is a staff and being treated – and insistence that he go and bring from a public hospital where he is not being treated!(are the doctors there in Oil Company not authentic and not to be relied upon?).
  • Who makes these rules?
  • Omani Professional and Consultant given Entry Test at National Company – only for Omanis!
  • Spouses’ statuses of mixed nationality couples.
  • Highly qualified Omanis with Post Graduate and Doctorate but still looking for a job! The specialisation like Literature is seen and deemed unusable in the work scenes – even Public! See last week article by the young Omani lady columnist too!
  • Bad treatment of Omanis by expatriate bosses – sadly some also Arabs non-Omanis! Even some Omanis join!

But today I will concentrate on this one – please forgive the English – quote – .

Dear Sir:

 Please help our poor University <in Oman – name removed>…….  Let the high people hear what is happening.  We students are suffering. New VC is a very bad person.  He do not communicate with us students.  He is rude, arrogant and to much ego.  He say my office is not a market, get out.  He is very bad.  He is only 2 months here but he is very bad. Very bad attitude. He acts like he own the whole <University Place>Unquote.

In short the University students are not happy with their new Vice Chancellor (Arab National Non Omani) who they see as very arrogant and rude towards them. They want him to be removed. They give examples of lecturers who have resigned because of this VC – some also Omanis!

They continue – quote:-  

  • We do not have books.
  • We do not have advisor.
  • Teachers are less, teacher they get we do not understand and teach not good.
  • We do not have deans.
  • No more future for us <this is too bad at just the start!>.
  • We demonstration <?? Status not clear> and will not stop for this bad VC remove <till he is removed!>
  •  We want this VC out.
  • We are not stupid. We know <what is going on in brief! Management and the VC>
  • They are very bad.
  • Help us please. 
  • Thank you.  I am trying to learn English, I hope you understand.

Understood! I think I have passed the message – and my job is now done! I believe that there are two sides to a story – and there are issues of ‘chemistry’ admittedly – but the story seems familiar – and typical something I have always countered and experienced – and as in my books too – particularly the two Arab Management books –

Take Care!


 Majid Al Suleimany

N.B. This Is The Full Version. Briefer in the Column due to limited number of words.