Scary! It Is The Younger Ones That Are Going Fast Now! 2

Between Us Only!

 This Is Scary!

 It Is The Younger Ones That Are Going Fast Now!

Before I start on today’s topic, I just want to reiterate the point that I am fully in support and fully agree with what the Young Omani Lady Writer – Window – Miss Khadija Al ShuhiyaThe tale of the job grade. All my books and articles have carried the same theme and focus – 

It is great to see such a young Omani Lady Columnist writing on the same emanating from her and her peers personal experiences. I wrote almost the same with my article – The Chicken and Egg Story – in March 2003 – 8 years ago!

See her article here – – Image Below.

Above Image – The Young Omani Lady Writer – Window – Miss Khadija Al Shuhiya.


 Anyway, I was talking with my good friend BA on how many people that had even gone on Early Retirement after us have now gone – younger by age in comparisons! I have read somewhere that says that something like 33% of people who opt for retirement die in their first 10 years or so! It does not provide any statistical evidence or backup on the assertion – but it does make a lot of sense and realism to me!

When my elder brother and my elder sister died (both born in Oman and taken to East Africa at ages of 12 and 10 respectively with my lad dad and elder mother – my elder mother was lamenting why God Did not take her instead of her children – and can be best classified as a Mother’s anguish than anything else untoward in losing faith etc! I tried my level best to counsel and offer her my sympathy, support and condolences!

 This bit is very scary! I have been noticing that nowadays so many young people are going – not by accidents as we may think and imagine – but more due to diseases and natural deaths – though the word in itself of natural is a misnomer – because we can ask ourselves well what is normal – and what is not! What is black and white – and what is grey – and scary!

 Young people going by heart attacks, strokes, diabetics etc! Even high fevers, colds and flu even! Can you imagine? It seems the body resistances are too low – or it is we all agree it is God’s will – because Death does not distinguish between young and old, rich or poor, or by nationality, religion, race or creed! We have all to go one day – some sooner than later!

 What is left in the world is just your legacy and what you have left behind – nothing less or more. If you are a bad and evil person the best that you will get is stoic silence – and that is from good decent people only. The rest will accuse and curse – as even as you are being buried. I have written so many times on this particular topic – as in my articles and books –

 The point I want to make is this. I have noticed that many people have changed for the worse now! The situation has gone even worse than before! It has gone ……. Even bad! People still think that death is far away – and it will not catch them one day!

There is too much meanness, viciousness, vindictiveness, divisions, bad hearts, polarisations, bad intentions and wills – and some think they are more important than others – and have more rights too! Despite all things we see in real life happening in front of our eyes – and not far from us either!

Frankly, I am not a vengeful and vindictive person – I think I am confident and convinced in saying this! I aim only to speak the truth always – with sincerity and being genuine and sincere always!

Personally in my life I try always to my best efforts to respect and esteem everyone – whatever religion, race or creed – and I expect the same from everyone in turn. Bottom line I know I try best to be kind, nice and helpful – because I am afraid of My God – the Punishment of The Grave – and Eternal Hell Fire as a Believer! Even that ant you trample on viciously will have you punished in your grave and Day of Judgment – let alone doing it to a fellow human being – believer or not.

What are all these things for? Why are we doing all these bad and mean things to each other now? As Alexander The Great had said – I came to this world empty handed – and I leave to my grave empty handed!

Allah God Protect and Preserve us all from His Anger and Fury – Amin

This article is dedicated to my nephew – my late brother’s son Hashil Suleiman Said Al Suleimany who died of illness at an early age of 42 on December 9th – 2011 – and May Allah Rest his soul in eternal peace – in this world and the next – Amin – he and his fellow all youngsters taken so early in life – Amin! Amen!


 Majid Al Suleimany