Between Us Only! The Heart Only Gives! Reply

Between Us Only!

 The Heart Only Gives!

The column has been returned due to the great public demand and as to continue in writing from ‘high influential figures’ – and some who have now become my very good friends. Thank you all for the support and encouragement – I feel elated and proud – and embarrassed at the same time!

 Our late Father used to tell us – Do not be deceived or be misled that you have a rich and influential relative or friend – to give or to help is in The Heart only! The old man continued – even your own family may not continue to remember! So do not be surprised or to be disappointed in life!


In whatever language in the world- the meaning and the theme remains just the same. The locals in East Africa say – Do your good deed – and continue on your way (trip). Do not wait for any ‘Thank You’ or Remembrances!

 Our Religion says the very same thing – About giving with your right hand – but the left hand does not know! It is a metaphor – and like most metaphors they have more meanings than just the literal meaning or semantics!


I do not know about you but in my life I have done great things and sacrifices for some people – but not only they have conveniently forgotten with the lapse of time – and the point that I am no longer important to them now – but they have even turned insulting and adversary towards me!

 But should that make you stop in your tracks and decide not to continue in The Good Path of continuing to give and give – and you get lesser and lesser in return – or even insulted in return? I guess not! If everyone did this then the world would be far crazier and madder than now! If human beings can be ungrateful to our Creator, Lord and Master – they surely can do against fellow human beings too! The tiger does not lose its stripes – or the leopard its spots! Human nature is human nature – you simply cannot change him!

 I will be very factual and honest with you. I am not that a great fan of Muammar Ghaddafi – the ex Libyan murdered leader – but in my mind I visualize that these same young men who were taunting and traumatizing him now – had their parents or their elders cheering him as he led the Libyan Revolution! At one time he was all their Hero – and even today in some parts of the world – or in certain groups he remains the same!

 The point I want to raise is this. Whatever his great faults and his ‘eccentric ways’ – he did send a lot of young Libyans (and others from other countries) to study abroad! In 1974 as a student in UK, my Libyan classmate was getting more than twice the monthly allowance and stipend that I was getting – and even more if he brought his family (including parents can you imagine?) to stay with him in UK! He got three tickets to go home – I got only one! The same students now probably murdering him now on the spot ‘in sort of cold blood’ so to speak – despite his cruel and acrimonious crimes he had perpetrated!  

The point to make is the mind and the memory is just short – and no wonder Julius Caesar exclaimed Et Tu Brutus – even you Brutus? And then Judas to our Jesus Christ (Nabii Prophet Issa)! And Alexander The Great – I came to this world empty handed – and I leave to my grave empty handed!

Coming to basics, you meet these kinds of people that were once good kind and decent people – but with the passage of time and they getting some more Baizas in their pockets – have now become mean, dastardly and vicious people – proud, haughty and pompous! The ‘were underdogs’ themselves have now become even worse than their competition were – all the Animal Farm theory coming into reality!

When I was still working, we had a very good expatriate peer who was leaving for good. We decided to give him a good farewell party. When it came to contributions, guess who contributed the most – the younger Omanis who remembered him as their Mentor! And the big Omani high profile well paid guy? Take this (small amount) – I am not giving anymore than this for anybody – especially for one leaving! If I left would they contribute for me? I wanted to scream at him – Perhaps not! But I surely will!!

Then we had this fund for building a Masjid (Mosque) in Mafia Island in Tanzania – where I grew up – and is still under construction – and this rich famous guy made such big fuss on what he was contributing – which was just peanuts in comparison to those who were larger – but were quieter!

It takes all sorts to make this world of ours! Take Care!


 Majid Al Suleimany

Muscat – Oman – December 3rd 2011