This Is My Highest Read & Rated Article For 2011! Jobs For The Youth – Jobs Creations! Reply

My Highest Rated and Read Article in My Websites and in The Oman Daily Observer Columns For 2011.

Dear All & After Compliments;

This is the article – Jobs For The Youth. It got the highest hits and read in my and reproduced in a number of places! More hits than any other article of mine – which I think is demonstrative of concerns and worries of many – both inside and outside Oman.

Congratulations to us all! Feel free to forward and or reproduce for the greater cause. Bottom line – it is JOBS and FOOD at the table that is the highest and most concern and worry to many people!!

Wishing You All A Happy Peaceful Safe and Loving Caring New Year 2012 to you and to your families.

Best Wishes and Regards,

Majid Al Suleimany


The Article Reproduced Below:-

As had appeared in The Oman Daily Observer Features of Wednesday December 7, 2011

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Job Creations!

Jobs For The Youth!

Not everything that glitters is gold! – Anon

A few weeks back I had said in my article We Need To Be Serious! – Quote – If you can circumvent the rules and regulations for your benefit – and the others are looking the other way – why not I ask you? Not only in that place but in so many other places too in Town! We Need To Be Serious!

But if even more senior jobs ‘reserved only for Omanis’ like Admin, PRO, Secretaries and Human Resources Managers are being done now openly by expatriates under fanciful names – why not? Incidentally and coincidentally if you go to the Professional Sites liked LinkedIn, you will see them brave enough to call themselves as just plain HR Managers – and nothing to be scared or to be afraid about!

I continued – Quote – There is something that I must also say and repeat here for the benefits of everyone – and I hope common sense, dynamism, realism, pragmatism and vision will come in!

First and foremost – there is no more this element of fear still running or even scantily – and secondly everybody is just fed up to the tilt!

And if you still think that the old games and gimmicks will still work in winning always – you have got it all wrong – and are just deluding no one but yourself only – and those near you! In desperation and last attempt and effort – last week I had written in the same column – Let The Strong Man Win!

Please do not tempt to scare me anymore now – because in the end we will all lose – some even sooner than the others! Perhaps I think I may need to quit now writing anymore for ever – because I always get hurt and pained in the end – and I end with a bloodied face – and swollen head banging it against brick walls! – Unquote.

Today Monday December 5th 2011 I was really elated and overjoyed as a son of the land to read this in the news – Quote Majlis panel to study status of job-seekers. New opportunities to be found … More Omanis likely to get jobs … – Unquote

Creating jobs for especially The Youth is a global dilemma and issue – and we find so many countries involved in this regard – and even some leaders like USA Obama directly involved personally in this. We see issues and aspects all over the Western World now – and we in The Middle East and rest of the world are catching up too!

In all my articles I raise the same issues and points – again and again. I strongly believe in this! In an interview with Oman Economic Review dated January 2000 (11 years ago) I think I gave very good advices to the Nation on aspects of Training, Development and Omanisation – titled Mind Matters!. The article is also reproduced here in my website above. I really wished that people had paid attention – and the same things I repeat in my two Arab Management books –

A person who really cares and feels for you will tell you the truth and facts only – even if you will be cross and angry with him! And you may want to punish and hurt him – just because of his caring, feeling and sincerity towards the causes at hand – and you especially! But my articles Let The Strong Man Win – We Need To Be Serious – This Is Goodbye – are all demonstrative and examples of me now wanting to give up talking any further – and to join the Silent Majority as we will watch things continue to unfold in front of very eyes!

One thing that needs to be said also here – Communications does not have to be in Arabic only to pass on the theme and the messages – because sometimes even signals and body signs can do the trick in communications per se!

We especially the Arabs have this big issue that needs resolving. Apart from the usual rivalries, jealousies, polarisation and wrong judgments and stereotyping others, we fail to see, hear or simply speak – even if we have live examples just happened in learning and in lessons giving! And like in our histories – ‘killing the messenger of bad news’! And the usual approaches of some thinking they have ‘more rights than others’!

The point also to be made here – just because a person speaks fluent that Arabic is not necessarily that a most smart and intelligent person – and to be labelled as a really caring and feeling person either – and can even be an adversary and an enemy! They can do the most damage as the Israeli Arabs – for example as was in the Israeli army! And those speaking to us in English are not necessarily the opposite – or everything negative – to be ignored – and not to be heard. Allah Is Great – our nation is blessed with various experts and talents – all local too!

We need to wake up from the deep slumber we are (conveniently) in – now – than ever before – and before it is too late for everyone! Oman is a multi-racial and multi-ethnic society just like USA is!

Our destiny, legacy and future depend on it – and history and future generations will judge us by our actions – and also inactions!

Take Care!


Majid Al Suleimany

Glittering Non Gold! Between Us Only! January 1st 2012. Reply

 For The Oman Daily Observer Features of Wednesday

 January 1, 2012

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 Between Us Only!

Glittering Non Gold!

 Not everything that shines is gold!

If the writing is honest it cannot be separated from the man who wrote it. — Tennessee Williams

They always say that do not ‘say things’ in front of children – because they have a way of memorising and repeating it – and they can embarrass you very badly in front of others – and when least you had expected it!

Here was one of the grandchildren exclaiming rather loudly in front of all of us – I think Grandfather needs his pampers changed – because he is smelling very badly! Why do you spoil these pampers every time, Granny?  Met by stunned, shocked and awed silence by the rest of us! If you remember Mr. Angry in my episodes – but here was Mr. Angry (MA) now no more the defiant proud man and adversary – but a very sick man in a wheelchair fixed to an oxygen mask. Embarrassingly, he held my hand tightly in his own weak and seemingly dirty hand – and would not let go!

Images For Demonstrative Purposes Only!

I  was left alone with MA and the maid. Even the maid had now joined the league in shouting, screaming and hollering at the poor man! And who could blame her – if everyone else was doing it – and why should she be left out? To me this eye-opener lesson in humanity and how we deal with those no longer important and useful now in our lives – but are now so weak and need help and attention rather than these crude behaviours was eating my heart out – and I felt greatly troubled, disillusioned and very dead beat tired too! I try my best not to heed the call of MA to visit him – because he needed to see me and speak to me!

If you can call it speaking – rather than jumbled thrown almost inaudible words to me! As usual he started talking to me only when we were alone – the rest of the time he held my hand with his toothless smile on – like a kid given a toy he most wanted for a long time – and would not let go – or allow anyone else to play with it! The family had all gone to a wedding – and his Madam Wife well and nicely dressed – with her perfume still lingering the room long after she had already left.

He then told me – in his own slow and painstaking way – Please write about people like us – today we are abandoned by our families because we are in a nuisance and a burden to their lives. You know it can happen to you too one day? I nodded in agreement – and this seemed to please him more – and holding my hand tighter in his – and not letting go! Please write – he was now crying like a baby wanting milk – about people like us. The juice taken out from the orange – and the peels now discarded. I controlled myself not to cry with him – because I could feel he needed the strength and support from me – so tried my best to compose myself and smile.

He then told me that things had got worse after his wife had been retired and was now at home – as he said 25/8 hours at home now! Nag – nag – nag all day – even before but now was too much. He could not take it anymore! He wanted the angel of death to come and take him now. You know what she is telling me now? If the tables were turned, he MA would go and marry another (younger) wife – but too bad – wives are not allowed to have two husbands. He cried the more!

Please write and tell them to start opening Old People’s Homes to ‘remove the burden’ from families – who have all and increasingly become selfish, individualistic and with no more feelings, caring and remembrances towards their own – like spouses, family, parents and elders in the society now! It is now all Take – Take – Take – no more any Give also! There was this small piece of cake that he had already taken a bite into – he cut it in two – and gave me the bigger piece. I was trying to find a way to say No – I am diabetic – but the better of me finally won and I almost swallowed than eat it!

He then said to me – People outside think she is an angel! Butter would not melt in her mouth! You know – not everything that shines is gold? You know she hides even the tea bags and the milk? Because I like my teas as you know me well – and this is costing her a lot in my ‘spoiling the pampers’! And I have to beg for my tea! Only when she is not around the house maid does it for me! I am a prisoner in my own house – both in soul, heart and body!

Please write about us, will you? It is God’s way to send you to be a Writer – and write about all these things that you do now! Please do not give up hope – and please keep writing. One day someone high will hear you – if not God already!

I will Mr. Angry – I will – I promise you that!

Happy, Peaceful and Safe New Year 2012! Take Care!


 Majid Al Suleimany


Respects and Mutuality! At My Worplace! 1

For The Oman Daily Observer Features of Wednesday

December 28, 2011

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 At My Workplace!

 Respects and Mutuality!

For people to respect you – you must respect yourself first!

Writing, to me, is simply thinking through my fingers. — Isaac Asimov

The desire to write grows with writing. — Desiderius Erasmus

In all my articles I keep hammering on the same point and focus always – It is in the Offices and in Offices Dealings – where people are at their worst forms – and how they actually behave, act and interface with one and each other!

A long time ago a ‘good friend’ of mine ‘had joked with me’ that if  he had met Madam Wife (MW) in the Offices – as he was now doing – he would make sure that he ‘fought her’ for me – and that I was a (unprintable!) son of a gun! And I did not deserve ‘to politely put it’ to be so lucky! I wondered to myself aloud – if I had met his wife – and if I had told him the very same things he was telling me now – how he would behave and react?

But then his wife was at home cooking, washing, cleaning and raising his children – even though she was – as I had heard later – was an educated and qualified lady – but for him a woman’s place is only at home! No other place! The education and qualifications – according to him – was that she would be a ‘better mother and wife’ – and that is all that counts! The ironical and sad tragic part was that he considered himself as a ‘religious and pious’ person too – but can gravely insult one so easily!

A long time ago there is this ‘a sort of prominent and famous person’ – who had at one time wanted to buy my Consultancy business off me – and let his Indian GM run it for me – whilst I got a monthly dividend – but condition I had to stay at home! Look – he says to me – ‘This is real clean money with no headaches’ – What more do you need? I had refused – because I had wanted to be self-employed and do this thing myself only!

Some months later, when the business had just collapsed first with the drying up first of any further funds and support – a good friend of mine took me to his Offices with the W (Wastah – Influence) cap on to try to get his W for a job for me instead! That is why I am always cynical and sceptical of all these continued talks of being ‘self-employed’ per se!

He was quickly dialling and talking to someone on the loud speaker phone – Guess who is here in my Office now? Yes – it is him! He is looking for a job now! But I am not going to help him at all! Now he will see life in its reality!

The person at the other end was a woman whom I came to realise later was a family member – and that is how far betrayals and let-downs can go! I would have preferred him to say NO straight emphatically and directly to my face – rather than use this way of communications to me! For the rest of my life till they bury me deep in my grave – I have ‘forgiven – but will never forget’!

This is our problem in Oman – and still continuing and never ending! These people do not want any competition from any corners – even the small businesses – let alone SMEs! Actually they have already plates and plates of Biriyani and Pilauw – but they still want that sandwich on your small plate!

You will excuse me for the quote – but the East Africans have an expression that goes on like this – For a person to insult you – he does not have to choose his words carefully and wisely– anything lumped together and thrown to you quickly goes!

It makes all sorts to make this world – and if you want to maintain your health, sanity and faculties- then you must just go along and take the bitter pill – and in many cases just not sugared even!

 Happy, Peaceful and Safe New Year 2012! Take Care!


 Majid Al Suleimany


At My Workplace! People Need To Change! 1

At My Workplace!

People Need To Change Now!

Time For People To Take Notice And To Change Now!

As I had said last week – I do not know if the situation has now gone that bad and desperate – or simply people have given up hopes or in desperation – but I now get regularly people coming to me to write about their issues and cases. This is at a rapid and alarming rate – even for me! Besides, I am not paid that much to fall under this category – or as an Investigative Researching Journalist!

This is the sad bitter truth. People are suffering and so sad and unhappy – and fed up to the tilt! Despite all the so-called much publicised and advertised ‘we now have’ advances like The Internet, Web Pages and direct on line applications – there are still some places in Oman – particularly in The Public Sector – where if you have a problem or issue – you will start looking for Wastah (Influence) before you go and take up your issue there!

Everybody there is a Big Boss and they make the rules as they see fit – and who is facing them! If they do not like your looks – or the way you speak – or the way you carry yourself – the things are then made more hard and difficult to you – and you feel like going without if you only could – or start desperately to get that Wastah all over again!

The other day I had an appointment to see a Doctor in one Public Hospital. The Filipina Nurse was taking me to see him as he was waiting inside for me. Guess the rude remark from a young Official best translated into English – And you? Where do you think you are going? This even upset the Filipina nurse who retorted – Don’t you see he is with me? And you should learn to speak to people better than this – as I have told you before! Besides, this man can even be your father by age – if not grandfather!

I looked at the face of this young man – and muttered to my inner self and heart – M – this is the kind of person you have produced by fighting for their causes in your career life – and spoiling all your chances for advancement and progression – unalike your peers! Your peers were more smarter, wiser, pragmatic than you – they looked the other way – whilst their career was being progressed. Not like you! You got slapped then – and now again! You lost then – and now – all over again!

You go to a public place with your request and end up to almost plea and beg! All you meet are blank faces stares – as if you do not exist! Try to raise your voice in protest – that is great danger and calamity for you – if your situation will not get only worse – and more difficult for you – and if your application will just disappear and vanish even!

Sometimes you deal with one person – and things seem to go well – only to be interfered and interrupted by someone else you are not talking to even – and why should he be left out to show he too is the Big Boss of that place! You wonder out aloud – if this person became equivalent to a Supervisor or Manager position – how he (or she!) would behave and act towards others? What if he was The Guard to Heaven? It is so frightening and scary – to say the least!

Yet we all know the troubles in all the Arab World today started with the self-immolation of Mohamed BuaAzizi in Tunisia when he could not earn his living selling fruits and vegetables – and being slapped in the process by a Police woman – the greatest insult for an Arab man – and failing to get readdress to his grievances. We cannot isolate ourselves from the rest of the world – as we too have seen events all around us even!

In memory of Mohamed BuaAzizi

The Slapping Police Official Fadia

I think it is high time an Ombudsman Committee was set up for Good Governance to report – even anonymously ‘blow the whistle’ way of those few public officials who deal erratically and haphazardly with the General Public – and as a lesson to others to be removed from their posts also! As a first step we should remove this element of refusing letters and certificates from Private Hospitals and Clinics – and if their Doctors are corrupt and tell lies – then all the Private Hospitals and Clinics in Oman should be shut down – and leave only The Public Hospital Doctors – because only they speak the truth – and are not corrupt and do not tell lies!

And Public Institutions and State Apparatuses like Central Bank and some Ministries and others should review critically and pragmatically all such issues and aspects – and make things more easier and convenient for the citizens and residents alike. Only we cannot change the Holy Quraan – because it is God’s words – but the rest we surely can.

We need to wake up from this slumber – before it is too late for everyone! PLEASE!

Take Care!


Majid Al Suleimany

Between Us Only! Protect The Youth! 7

The Oman Daily Observer of Sunday December 18, 2011

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 Between Us Only!

Protecting Our Young – The Youth!!


It Is The Young Ones Who Are Suffering Now And The Most Exposed – And Under More Pressures Than Anybody Else For That Matter!


It is so easy for us so-called Senior or Elder Citizens to pass judgment on our Youth – and the increasing alarming incidence of Youth Death we witness nowadays to bad unsafe driving habits, alcoholism, smoking and drug addictions – but are we really serious in looking at this problem and syndrome objectively and constructively?

You know the sad part of even the young ladies ‘not following their grandmothers’ steps’ in meeting your husband for the first time on the wedding night itself – lowerage of family and social values, morals and behaviours, decadence, decay and malaise in attitudes, approaches, ethics, principles and ethics. The tear at the social fabric – that you find now even the young girls now joining the bandwagon? Who will protect the Youth – if not us The Senior Ones, Parents, Teachers, Families, Society and The Leadership.

 Let us be honest and factual about all these things! Prick our own consciences, soul-search and look at things constructively, pragmatically and with dynamism – and with sincerity, being genuine and with feelings!

 So many times I have written articles about Changes and The Youth theme and focus in my columns and books – some as early as I started this column in March 2003 – 8 years ago! Even before in my career life from 1974 – 37 years ago! I keep repeating myself time and time again – just sounding boring, mundane and irritant! Who cares? Who reads and listens? It is written in English – who reads such stuff in English? Just foreigners – and few Omanis only!

 I gave up writing two times in 8 years – but again persuaded to write all over again! All I get are bruises, punched faces and bruised and swollen heads banging it against brick walls – and people determined not to hear me and or to be listened to – and to be retaliated and to be punished in the process ‘of daring to open my mouth and speak’!

Death is in God’s hands – there is nothing that we human beings can do about it! Only Death – after God – is permanent and a surety! As we came empty handed in the world – and just as Alexander The Great had said – we go to our graves empty handed! All the riches, fame and power we will leave behind. My nephew Hashil was so happy buying a Lexus – even a secondhand one at that – but he left early to his death at 42 – with being a dialysis case even!

The other day I watched a very highly emotional Witness Programme in Al Jazeera English Television named – Five Hours With Raja. The story of a baby boy born with defects on his skull and brain – and lived for only 5 hours before passing away! Death does not distinguish between age, sex, nationality, creed, being poor or rich – being in high position or not! We all have to die one day! There is No Wastah (Influence) in Death – otherwise if it was only the poor people and the miserable and helpless would die – with great loss to newspapers of all those Death Notices missing in the newspapers!

 The Truth is Our Youth are facing so many pressures that us the older generation do not! Are we then surprised why so many are going that fast now? We should not be shocked – we should be more ashamed of ourselves more only! Things like getting first jobs – all sorts of competitions – peer pressures – society pressures – family pressures – job pressures – jealousies, envies and polarisation aspects!

Yes I fully agree with you! It is so easy to preach! I am still lost and confused – the other day my son was saying in great distress and lament to us – My father shouts at me – my mother shouts at me – my wife shouts at me – my boss shouts at me – the other car driver shouts at me – even if I am driving carefully a nutcase will bang into me – and if there is a Police car behind me I worry what I have done! I have no peace – home, the street, the roads, the offices – and back! No wonder he has a migraine!

 It is not only him! And then we Senior Omanis how we treat The Youth especially in the Offices – all selfish and individualistic – to protect our own positions – See on my books! If we could – we would get rid of all of them – and bring in docile Yes-Sir expatriates only instead!

 And then in The Offices – especially Public! Even The Private Sector has now joined! Everyone is a CEO and GM – everyone is a tyrant – even that Clerk! All Red Tape, Bureaucracies and harrassing and paining the customers, clients and the General Public! So many miseries and show off ‘artificial pwers!

Also just imagine that young boy or girl in that class from a poor family background who did averagely well academia – but cannot progress further. He has no job! His peer from a rich and powerful family is sent for further studies and a job on return – and the other boy is still at home with no job! Years later the poor boy is offered a lift in a big powerful car – invited to a restaurant he never dared to even see from outside!

 I am not preaching Socialism – or anything of the sort – but simple sanity, pragmatism, reality and facts – even if bitter and not sugar coated. Let us be real – and factual! We need to wake up from this slumber – before it is too late for everyone!

 Take Care!


 Majid Al Suleimany


Between Us Only! Higher Education Versus Personal Behaviours! Reply


Between Us Only!

 Higher Education Versus Personal Behaviours!

 In My Opinion – It Is Those That Are More Highly Educated That Unexpectedly Behave The Worst In Many Cases!

As a Writer, Author and Columnist you can have a lot of friends, support and fans out there – but you also face backlash, insult, injury and personal attacks from people that you would consider naturally to be otherwise – for example from relatives, friends and others! Sometimes this can be so much hurtful and painful – to levels unimaginable!

 Honestly, some of my strongest adversaries were ‘those supposed to be highly educated and expected to behave also so appropriately’ – and perhaps it is the jealousy and envy thing that I dare want to join ‘their club’ – but I do not have the PhDs to go along like them! It makes all sorts to make this world – and if you want to maintain your sanity and faculties then you must just go along and take the bitter pill – and in many cases not sugared even!

 What do you say to a Doctor who has a heart made of rough stone? A Doctor that is so mean and cruel to levels unimaginable! Yet still dares to smile and show you a friendly face – whilst at the same time telling you bluntly so cutting and so painful things unimaginable to a patient or someone related to that patient? Like your parent has to do this operation – but he will not survive the operation.

 If you insist for a percentage of success he says – I will give you zero percentage! If you ask for your options – he will tell you – Take your parent home – but he will die soon in a painful and tormenting way! Maybe this Doctor has seen too many deaths and injuries – and he feels having this stone heart is a good way of protecting himself – and how he deals with others – patients included!

 Conversely, to my dying day I will always remember my First Class Lady Boss in Tanzania. She was of mixed blood – her mother was German and her father local. She was so educated professionally and with also 2 PhDs – but she behaved simply, quietly and approachably that you may be misled to believe that she was just a Secondary School leaver level. I mean in her behaviours and approaches – she never ventured out to show herself off – but was just simple and presentable in all aspects. Actually she felt embarrassed if you started questioning her about her education and attainments!

She was that pretty – or even prettier – but yet nice and kind at heart too!

 Then come to our own! Even the ladies too – can you imagine? Especially if she holds a position of authority – that seems to go more into her head! I had a boss (local) in one neighbouring country – she was divorced by three husbands – and her fourth marriage was on the rocks. She was a very pretty thing to look at – but not to be taken home – and be touched! Like you see a scorpion in a glass box!

She treated all of us staff like scum and dirt – and her communications to us were mere shouts and screams! She could insult you anytime in front of your visitors, peers, customers, clients and even subordinates – the later which she liked to do more! She never kept her promises to you at all – and you never dared to remind her! People like these when they meet a nasty end – there is simply no remorse or feelings from those she had insulted and pained before!

Maybe that pretty like Dina Hayek – but to be avoided at all costs – and peril to your life!

 Both the ladies were my bosses – both highly educated with PhDs – but guess which one I am ready to return to! Then there is this one also highly educated ‘not direct’ boss who hated me for no apparent reason! When I opened my Consultancy – he kept mocking me to others amidst great mirth and laughter – ‘here comes the big shot’ – simply because I was press covered the week before! And when my business fell he was heard muttering ‘I told you so!’ to anybody willing to hear him! Yet now he is out of the place – and I was the same person that had sent him cards and flowers when he fell very sick!

 I have so many other examples to give – but my column is limited by words. You can get all more information from my books – especially the two Arab Management books here and at

 Yet Our Great Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) was not that educated and the Angel Gabriel had to ‘direct him to read!’ – Yet he was one of the greatest person in this world and will remain so till the end of the world. He led by personal examples to be followed and to be emulated!

 Take Care!


 Majid Al Suleimany

Stop The Torment! Please Treat People With Respect! Reply

At My Workplace!

 Stop The Torment!

 Please Treat People With Respect!

 I have said this before many times – but I will say it one more time today – if you do not mind! For me writing has always been a passion and hobby – I started writing at an early age of 12 and mostly in stories and in escapades. In March 2003 seriousness came in to write as a Columnist – but even then it was mainly my own very fights and fiascos – and my own focuses and agendas. I had never wanted to be an Investigative Journalist – or to write about other peoples’ issues and problems – because when the issues stake out you could be left alone – and even be blamed – when people jump the gun and refuse as your contacts – and or refute what they told you – even if in confidence!

I do not know if the situation has gone that bad and desperate – or simply people have given up hopes or in desperation – but I now get regularly people coming to me to write about their issues and cases. This is at a rapid and alarming rate – even for me! Besides, I am not paid that much to fall under this category – or as an Investigative Researching Journalist!

The cases that have been sent to me:-

  • Status of children over the age of 18 born to an Omani Mother – but Foreign Father!
  • Refusal of a public bank to accept a Medical Letter from an Oil Company Hospital where the person is a staff and being treated – and insistence that he go and bring from a public hospital where he is not being treated!(are the doctors there in Oil Company not authentic and not to be relied upon?).
  • Who makes these rules?
  • Omani Professional and Consultant given Entry Test at National Company – only for Omanis!
  • Spouses’ statuses of mixed nationality couples.
  • Highly qualified Omanis with Post Graduate and Doctorate but still looking for a job! The specialisation like Literature is seen and deemed unusable in the work scenes – even Public! See last week article by the young Omani lady columnist too!
  • Bad treatment of Omanis by expatriate bosses – sadly some also Arabs non-Omanis! Even some Omanis join!

But today I will concentrate on this one – please forgive the English – quote – .

Dear Sir:

 Please help our poor University <in Oman – name removed>…….  Let the high people hear what is happening.  We students are suffering. New VC is a very bad person.  He do not communicate with us students.  He is rude, arrogant and to much ego.  He say my office is not a market, get out.  He is very bad.  He is only 2 months here but he is very bad. Very bad attitude. He acts like he own the whole <University Place>Unquote.

In short the University students are not happy with their new Vice Chancellor (Arab National Non Omani) who they see as very arrogant and rude towards them. They want him to be removed. They give examples of lecturers who have resigned because of this VC – some also Omanis!

They continue – quote:-  

  • We do not have books.
  • We do not have advisor.
  • Teachers are less, teacher they get we do not understand and teach not good.
  • We do not have deans.
  • No more future for us <this is too bad at just the start!>.
  • We demonstration <?? Status not clear> and will not stop for this bad VC remove <till he is removed!>
  •  We want this VC out.
  • We are not stupid. We know <what is going on in brief! Management and the VC>
  • They are very bad.
  • Help us please. 
  • Thank you.  I am trying to learn English, I hope you understand.

Understood! I think I have passed the message – and my job is now done! I believe that there are two sides to a story – and there are issues of ‘chemistry’ admittedly – but the story seems familiar – and typical something I have always countered and experienced – and as in my books too – particularly the two Arab Management books –

Take Care!


 Majid Al Suleimany

N.B. This Is The Full Version. Briefer in the Column due to limited number of words.

Scary! It Is The Younger Ones That Are Going Fast Now! 2

Between Us Only!

 This Is Scary!

 It Is The Younger Ones That Are Going Fast Now!

Before I start on today’s topic, I just want to reiterate the point that I am fully in support and fully agree with what the Young Omani Lady Writer – Window – Miss Khadija Al ShuhiyaThe tale of the job grade. All my books and articles have carried the same theme and focus – 

It is great to see such a young Omani Lady Columnist writing on the same emanating from her and her peers personal experiences. I wrote almost the same with my article – The Chicken and Egg Story – in March 2003 – 8 years ago!

See her article here – – Image Below.

Above Image – The Young Omani Lady Writer – Window – Miss Khadija Al Shuhiya.


 Anyway, I was talking with my good friend BA on how many people that had even gone on Early Retirement after us have now gone – younger by age in comparisons! I have read somewhere that says that something like 33% of people who opt for retirement die in their first 10 years or so! It does not provide any statistical evidence or backup on the assertion – but it does make a lot of sense and realism to me!

When my elder brother and my elder sister died (both born in Oman and taken to East Africa at ages of 12 and 10 respectively with my lad dad and elder mother – my elder mother was lamenting why God Did not take her instead of her children – and can be best classified as a Mother’s anguish than anything else untoward in losing faith etc! I tried my level best to counsel and offer her my sympathy, support and condolences!

 This bit is very scary! I have been noticing that nowadays so many young people are going – not by accidents as we may think and imagine – but more due to diseases and natural deaths – though the word in itself of natural is a misnomer – because we can ask ourselves well what is normal – and what is not! What is black and white – and what is grey – and scary!

 Young people going by heart attacks, strokes, diabetics etc! Even high fevers, colds and flu even! Can you imagine? It seems the body resistances are too low – or it is we all agree it is God’s will – because Death does not distinguish between young and old, rich or poor, or by nationality, religion, race or creed! We have all to go one day – some sooner than later!

 What is left in the world is just your legacy and what you have left behind – nothing less or more. If you are a bad and evil person the best that you will get is stoic silence – and that is from good decent people only. The rest will accuse and curse – as even as you are being buried. I have written so many times on this particular topic – as in my articles and books –

 The point I want to make is this. I have noticed that many people have changed for the worse now! The situation has gone even worse than before! It has gone ……. Even bad! People still think that death is far away – and it will not catch them one day!

There is too much meanness, viciousness, vindictiveness, divisions, bad hearts, polarisations, bad intentions and wills – and some think they are more important than others – and have more rights too! Despite all things we see in real life happening in front of our eyes – and not far from us either!

Frankly, I am not a vengeful and vindictive person – I think I am confident and convinced in saying this! I aim only to speak the truth always – with sincerity and being genuine and sincere always!

Personally in my life I try always to my best efforts to respect and esteem everyone – whatever religion, race or creed – and I expect the same from everyone in turn. Bottom line I know I try best to be kind, nice and helpful – because I am afraid of My God – the Punishment of The Grave – and Eternal Hell Fire as a Believer! Even that ant you trample on viciously will have you punished in your grave and Day of Judgment – let alone doing it to a fellow human being – believer or not.

What are all these things for? Why are we doing all these bad and mean things to each other now? As Alexander The Great had said – I came to this world empty handed – and I leave to my grave empty handed!

Allah God Protect and Preserve us all from His Anger and Fury – Amin

This article is dedicated to my nephew – my late brother’s son Hashil Suleiman Said Al Suleimany who died of illness at an early age of 42 on December 9th – 2011 – and May Allah Rest his soul in eternal peace – in this world and the next – Amin – he and his fellow all youngsters taken so early in life – Amin! Amen!


 Majid Al Suleimany

Why Do We Do All These Things To Each Other Now?? 3


Why Do We Do All These Things To Each Other Now??

I stopped smiling now!

 Dear All;

People may say anything that they want about me – including that I am ‘eccentric. crazy or mad even’ – and that I get angry quickly even though I am diabetic and my Eye Doctor has warned me to ‘be extra careful’ because I am one of the few in millions that has pressures going to my eyes instead of my body. My left eye has left 55% vision left only and 65% of the right eye. When I am extra angry I even bleed from my eyes!

The point I want to make is this.

 I have noticed that people have changed for the worse now! The situation has gone even worse then before! It has gone ……. bad!

There is too much meanness, viciousness, vindictiveness, divisions, bad hearts, polarisations, bad intentions and wills – and some think they are more important than others – and have more rights too! Despite all things we see in real life happening in front of our eyes – and not far from us either! 

Frankly, I am not a vengeful and vindictive person – I think  I am confident and convinced in saying this!

I respect and esteem everyone – whatever religion, race or creed – and I expect the same from everyone in turn. Bottom line I know I try best to be kind, nice and helpful – because I am afraid of My God – the Punishment of The Grave – and Eternal Hell Fire as a Believer! Even that ant you trample on viciously will have you punished in your grave and Day of Judgment – let alone doing it to a fellow human being – believer or not.

 And as Muslims we believe Judaism and Christianity amongst the Believers – and Islam is the only Religion after Christianity that believes in Jesus Christ (Prophet Issa), Mother Miriam and the miracle birth!

I have been writing for the last 8 years – and on the same subjects and topics – and I keep writing – again and again! I am writing more as a hobby – something that I like to do! Nothing more or less! The money is peanuts – if and when it comes in!

The Romans had said – Those that the gods are out to destroy make them not see, hear or speak. Or as we Arabs say – There is no one so blind but with eyes but cannot see; no one so deaf but with ears but cannot hear; and no one so dumb but with a mouth but cannot speak!

Or as Napoleon had appropriately have said – Do not interfere with someone set to destroy himself (let it be syndrome).

Things I had said in 1980s came to pass – even in my working time and career too! I am tired of saying – I TOLD YOU SO! The same things that I have said in my articles from 2003 onwards – 8 years ago! Just imagine! I warned and cautioned on the cinder fires burning underneath – instead my books and me were targeted instead! Even the VIPs I sent my books did not have even the courtesy to acknowledge and thank me!

What are all these things for?

 Anyway, I would like to thank all my fans and supporters from my heart with warmth, sincerity and genuine feelings and touch. And I ask your forgiveness for those who chose ‘not to be my friends’ – and those trying to get back at me – to shut me up and close my mouth!

Allah God Protect and Preserve us all from His Anger and Fury – Amin

Best Wishes and Regards,

 Majid Al Suleimany

Interview Oman Economic Review Magazine January 2000 – 11 years ago! Mind Matters! Majid Al Suleimany. 1

Interview Oman Economic Review Magazine January 2000 – 11 years ago! Mind Matters! Majid Al Suleimany.

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