Responses Received – It Is Time To Say Goodbyes! (See Below!) Reply

November 21st 2011 

Subject: Allah <God> Will Be With You Always – Amin <Amen>

 AAWW <Islamic Greeting Abbreviated>

 Dear Ami <Uncle>  Majid,

 I am very sad to hear about the bad treatment you got in the job in Oil Company by our own peoples to say the least. I thought it was a new one but noticed later it was an old case but still does not change things.

Be patient Uncle. All those who have let you down and betrayed will have their punishment in this world first before they get the Adhaab Kabri <Punishment of The Grave> and Jahanaam <Hell Fire> next.

 Please remain good and do not change or follow their steps.

 My family will never forget you and the troubles you went through to get the job for my wife (Engineer SQU) and she was only getting administration clerical jobs only because she is a woman.

 This is how bad we have become Yaraabi Starah <God Protect and Preserve us> Amin

 Please keep IMAAN <Faith> n Allah <God> SWT <The Most Grateful and Merciful> only Uncle. Praying always for you Amin

 With fond memories

 Your  Son



A       Dear Majid,

Is it true you are saying goodbye to writing. If it is so, it is a shock to me.  Because I have been handling your column appearing in Observer. Now I can say with confidence that you have become a mature, confident writer. 

In everyone’s life there is ups and downs, especially in a writer’s life. Many times people don’t take them seriously.  Some may say writers are eccentric; others may say he is a rebel.

Such adjectives are suffered by many writers; such is the world of letters.  You will be remembered somewhere in the world sometime even after you are gone, when people happen to see your book and your name.

 As a friend my sincere advice is do not stop writing. ….. (Personal) … But keep on writing till you can raise your fingers and think clearly.

  Best wishes

 J – The Oman Daily Observer

 B – Dear Dad;

 I’m really sad and shocked that this is your last column, every time I have a chance to read them it gives me a sense that I’m part of a unique and precious moment, your articles are not only interesting but useful, delightful and better yet educational. I’m so honored and so happy every time I see that smiling picture of yours, the titles and one liner.

 Pa you’ve not only amazed me and the family with that witty quotes, your sayings, your ideology and advisors but thousands and thousands all over Oman. It made you an intelligent, spontaneous and open book person who I look up to and say “That’s my Dad”.

 I’ve never told you this before but a good friend of mine told me once “Dude I don’t want to be in your shoes!” I said why “You have a heavy burden on your shoulder… Following your big man shoes” and I replied “Maybe you’re right”, but it’s true it’s going to be a tough one, here I am trying to go above a line of a man who

 1.       Co-created and strong support of Omanisantion in PDO and other places

 2.       Help hundreds of Men and Women to reach goals that they never imagined they dream of

 3.       Build a company from scratch and <your proposals> helped to build the Biggest Company in Oman today

 4.       Have people calling every day for Human resource advices and training

 5.       To write 6 management and personal management books

 6.       To have 4 kids

 7.       And better yet as I always say “Always land on his feet”

 You always amazed me and make me feel so proud to have your name after mine and for that I salute you.

 Wishing you all the best

 Your son….F 

C       Omani Lady Fan

 HEY WHERE R U GOING? COME BACK FAST! Hey come back! I can’t believe this!!!!!


D       Omani Friend and Fan –

Sheikh Majid, Assalaam Alaykum <Greetings – <Peace Be Upon You!>

 I really read this short article of yours with a very heavy heart.

 I always enjoyed your articles in the Oman Observer, as well reading your first book, “Between Us Only”.

Unfortunately, someone borrowed it and never got returned. as always you try to recollect who actually took it, but in vain.

 I am sorry to learn that your health isn’t keeping up with your daily activities, you enjoy so much.

 I think you are taking the right decision to obstruct the stress and pay attention to your health. There is nothing so valuable in life than your own health.

 I wish you a calm and enjoyable retirement at home with the grandchildren around you. I know that, because I enjoy with mine every day.

 One thing for sure, you will be missed in the journalistic arena, and for those who wanted you to shut-up and quit, will miss you too.

 Take care my friend, just relax and enjoy your remaining life, but DON’T say Goodbye to me.

Akhuuk Al-3aziz <Your Loving Brother>


E       Admin Observer

Dear Mr. Majid,

Hope all well at your end. 

Kindly let me know if you have received your pending payments, till October.


PV – The Oman Daily Observer (Admin) 

F – Omani Columnist 

WHY?? What will happen to the inspiration you were instilling?

Please don’t leave us alone!!!

NAM – Omani Columnist 

G – Omani Fan

Though I will miss seeing your smiling face and all the inspiration you gave to us especially The Youth by your many of articles like An Open Letter To The Omani Youth; All Under One Flag; Forty Years On and many others

Even if they do not appreciate your contributions to the society and Human Resources, but I can assure you that some of us will never forget you and what you have done.

With great sadness and a heavy heart I must beg you not to forget us and remember us always.

Take care of your health and yourself Uncle. Forget the rest!

SAR – Omami Young Fan and Supporter 

H – Omani Girl Studying Human Resources

I expected that (your agreeing to help me) as from a highly educated person and experienced person like you – and how you always help us.

Omani Lady (N) helping her in her Project Study for PhD in HR. 

I   – Another Omani Lady Fan

AAWW Dear Majid,

Insha Allah <God Willing> you are all well. I am really going to miss this, the good bye almost made me cry

!. I wish you all the best and pray to Allah to make you happy and give you  good health now and always. You will be missed by a lot.

Take care, regards and all the best.


And so many others in confidence and via The Wife and Family Members….


Majid Al Suleimany

November 22nd 2011

Enjoy The Attachment Please! Made me cry!!! Doble Click To Open It!

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