At My Workplace! Technocrats As Managers! 1

At My Workplace!

(November 16th 2011 – The Oman Daily Observer)

 Technocrats As Managers!

I do not know if you are watching the news like I do – pinned to the television set morning in and night out! But I do notice the following things going on now! 

  • Unalike Tunisia and Egypt where the transitions were sort of more peaceful in a way in comparison – in Libya they are now fighting amongst themselves (where did I read this one before?) – and with all the arms around – and having got rid of a common enemy in Ghaddafi and his cronies!
  • Things are getting much worse in Yemen and Syria especially – but people never learn even – if they see lessons in real life and in front of their faces!
  • But my attentions are mainly drawn to what is happening now in USA and in Europe!
  • In the Wall Streets demonstrations they are being put down with that much vigour and force that if they had happened in other countries – guess who will be talking the loudest against – especially if they happened in places like Iran etc.
  • In Europe – Greece and Italy – two major economies are in dire straits and great difficulties – namely elected Prime Ministers are being replaced by Technocrats – and that seems to be the only logical choice left.
  • There is something really ironic in seeing Technocrats coming in to replace politicians
  • The semantics and rhetoric are lost to everyone!
  • The domino affect seems to hold – with danger signals in other European Nations too!
  • And the rest of the world too!
  • Who thought George Papandreou of Greece and Silvio Berlusconi of Italy will go that quickly to be replaced by Papademos and Mario Monti respectively?

 Maybe it is an idea that we can incorporate in our business world too by replacing all the current (or many of them!) Senior Management like in the positions like Directors, Chairman, Managing Directors, General Managers etc.

 Just like the Arab Spring Uprisings, we have some of them who have been on their seats in some cases over 30 years now! They still hold absolute power and control – just like being Mini-Dictators in The Offices.

 I think many of them have fixed ideas and dogmas – The Old Guards Syndromes – and can be equally if not be more ruthless like those Dictators being replaced – when they see competition and challenges. Their brains and outputs are all rusted – and there is no more innovation, ingenuity, discovery, new ideas and enterprise! But use all the games, ploys and tricks to reign supreme and stay in the Offices!

 Is it not time to start to consider replacing them with new and more enterprising and innovative Technocrats – just like Portugal and Italy have done as States? There is need for changes here too in the Private Sector – especially in Family-run businesses and in SMEs. And for bigger enterprises and National ones too for that matter!

Don’t we have enough Omani Professionals and Technocrats and Entrepreneurs who could come in as in the positions of New Directors and Chairman – New GMs and MDs and Directors – to cause and effect change – change in reality for the good – and not just for window dressing, empty words, promises and rhetoric.

 I think we do need CHANGE in The Private Sector too! We have to start think of our future and dynasty – now more than ever before! Our present and future generations will judge us by our actions – and inactions!

 Take Care!  


I must admit that I am biased and prejudiced here – because as a Qualified, Professional and Experienced Omani National I had met the most ‘resistance for me to come in’ from this group – more than anyone else for that matter!


 Majid Al Suleimany


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