Evaluating and Assessing The Boss! 1

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Evaluating and Assessing The Boss!

I guess you are asking yourself if you have read it right – yes you did – evaluating and assessing the boss! How is that possible? Read on…

Some decades back, when the videos just came in, I purchased my first video machine. It was a double-headed machine – that meant you could play in one whilst recording a channel on the other! One of the gift videos was named The Party where the late Peter Sellers was playing an Indian (Hrundi V. Bakshi) mistakenly invited for a party. In one of the scenes, an irate film producer (the boss) is seen ‘insulting Hrundi’ – Stay out of this! Who do you think you are? – Hrundi replies – In India we do not think who we are – we know WHAT we are!

In what is known in Human Resources and in Management, the boss too is assessed by what is known as The 360 Degrees Assessment tool. This is instead of the usual one vertical down where it is always the boss that assesses the staff below him – or in rare cases lateral too of lesser officials! In the later, because the top guy has passed on the responsibilities to that official.

Not to bog you with many details, the system operates like this. All those people that interact and interface with the boss form an artificial circle around the boss – and he being in the middle! Each one has an opportunity and chance to evaluate and assess the boss (or the person in the middle and centre). This includes customers and clients, people from other departments, his own subordinates – and his peers too. Of course the top boss maybe involved too – but he is only one of the players in the exercise.

The 360 Degrees Assessment

The exercise is supposed to be more open, objective and constructive – and it aims in building up – and not harming anyway or destroying. It is after looking for the best interests and advantages of the establishment – and not the other way around! Trust me in this – it is easier to preach than in reality practice what you preach! Even from the so-called ‘democratic’ countries of the world! When he is an Official being so assessed he could even be worse than those from ‘lesser democratic’ places – because he knows all the tricks – and uses them!

Image – Others Running Too (Images Faded)

The Boss Seems Far Away – But Is It Really?

One of the usual tricks played on the lots of naïve believing lots like us is to ask ‘for more information and clarity’ from the person assessing him badly – ‘so I can learn more in correcting and amending (remedial!) myself. Taken on face value the person giving the assessment in secrecy and anonymity is exposed. Or use the information for their own advantages and interests! The other way around is ‘mischief and trouble’ making towards the boss being assessed – as a pay-back time! Thus ‘making mountains out of mole hills’ comes into place! As a result of all these games, gimmicks and scheming the concept had not taken off – even here in Oman – and even in Oil and Gas sector where it was once introduced!

You Are Right In The Centre!

Which reminds me of the scene in the comedy series of Outsourced – which is all about a USA Call Centre outsourced (as the name suggests!) to India! As usual again, the top guy comes from home – and for ‘domestic reasons’ the assistant is from home country. It is hilarious the way the local guy tries to entrap his Western boss – so he can take his place – forgetting the usual that if he goes another from base country would come in instead! The same scenarios are played in the equal funny one of a British company too in India (where else is good English spoken?) called Mumbai Calling!

Smiling At The Boss – How will she rank him?

In one of the scenes in Outsourced, the top guyfrom USA  calls directly and to speak to the Assistant Manager Rajiv – and thinking he is being called to take over! Instead Rajiv is told that he is going to be assessed by his subordinates in an Anonymous Assessment. He is heard to lament – But Sir – this is highly irregular – in India nobody dares to criticize the boss – but just do what he is told to do!

Below Rajiv and Boss Todd!

Rajiv (in suit between girls) and Todd and Staff Below

Being unpopular with his staff, he uses antics, games and ploys to win over his subordinates – so he can get a good rate and ranking to please the bosses in USA! He is successful in this – but contrary to his expectations and hopes – the top guy says to him – You must be like Todd (Rajiv’s boss) to be a Manager – with backbone and the right mantle and prerequisites – (because he Todd got a bad ranking  – Rajiv’s hand too in this!). You are their boss – not their friends to be liked by them! Rajiv losses – again!

Now do you believe in all the things I have said above? Take Care!


Majid Al Suleimany

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