Water Woes and Pains! Reply

Between Us Only!

 Water Woes and Pains!

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Everyone who comes to this office brings joy – some as they enter – and some as they leave!

Water – water – everywhere – but not a drop of water to drink!

I must admit this that many of my family, relatives and good friends that I know are not that intellectual enough to be even reading my articles and books – let alone appreciate classical music and operas. I am sure it has got nothing to do with the high ticket prices – but just the disinterest – and most probably may end buying more expensive stuff and goods that end up not being used after a few days! But I am sure that those others staying in Quorum Heights too must at least must have had some guests coming from abroad and staying with them for the grand opening of The Royal Opera House.

On the very sameday that it opens, we again in Quorum Heights do not have water from early morning to late midnight. I was just wondering and thinking aloud that if I had guests in my house how embarrassing that would be indeed! This seems to happen now quite often – and people do not realize its impact, consequences and raminifications to others without water – and if they do – than they just do not care or bother! Either it is not happening to them – or they are fully prepared for such occurrences – and that is why they do not care or bother.

It is always the middle class and the ‘lower echelons’ in life that seems to get hit and suffer
nowadays and to face the brunt and full force of everything untoward and bad that is happening now in life – very sad, unfortunate and pathetic that it all is!

If people cannot do their jobs properly and as they are required in responsibilities, accountabilities, transparencies and job descriptions and aspects – it is better for them to resign at their own free will – or those more responsible and in control remove them – before things get any worse than what it is already!

First we had one water tank in our roofs – then we added one more spare – and in all our toilets
and kitchens we had water holding things to keep in addition to what is supposed to be running 24/7 water tapes. We are certainly not a ‘banana republic’ where such things happen – or allowed to continue unabated and not put on hold and in control!

Not all of us cannot afford amenities and backups that the rich and pwerful can afford! If you delay the water or electricity payments, there is no mercy in disconnections. The same principle and rule should apply vice versa – it is not only a one-way traffic only! It is a three lane carriageway!

It is high time that those in Authority take care of things and the citizens’ feelings and rights – because if they cannot do so – they should say it openly – so they too can also resign – or to be removed, if they don’t!.

Satirically like in the Roman tragedy dramas we have same conferences and meetings running parrallel with such fiascos! Things cannot be allowed to continue like this forever in disregard, disrespect and ignoring the  citizens, residents and visitors plights. What kind of image are we trying to portray and show here? If we are talking about Tourism – local or abroad – do you think that some of these tourists do not stay in our homes – or come in for visits? Think on this for a minute!

It is a bloody shame that we get the same excuse – again and again – why there is no water (again) this time! Those that are offenders should face real harsh treatment – even jail sentences – if need be – and certainly not allowed to continue on their jobs – and make their owners and companies more richer day by day!

Every day we hear these things – new companies opened here – new this and that abroad
– whilst the citizens continue to suffer and in pain – and nobody cares or bothers! Even those who used to complain before have now joined the bandwagon in paining and hurting those below them – or have left behind in life!

Enough Is Enough! People cannot be taken for granted anymore! Importantly nothing is permanent and forever in life – except our Lord God – and Death only!

Take Care!


 Majid Al Suleimany

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