Everything Has An End! Family Is First! 1

Between Us Only!

Everything Has An End!

Family Is First!

The other day this good friend of mine who is now very sick and soon going abroad for medical ‘last-hope’ operation thing sent me this message – as below:-

Boyfri(END) – Girlfri(END) – BESTFRI(END) – Everything Has An END Except …….. Fam(ILY) It Has (I LOVE YOU). FAMILY = Father And Mother I Love You.

This Thursday I was going shopping to one leading supermarket in Ghobra when this unexpected thing just happened to me. My mind was all occupied with a lot of things – the more was whether the few Rials with me will be able to get me to buy the things I wanted! I have always a dreaded fear of stairs – and more the climbing down part. That is why I walk up and down very slowly – and even in the planes – surely upsetting those behind me! I always admire those youngsters – and a few oldies – who can run up and down the stairs! Guess what – I did not see the kerb – and fell down on all fours.

Three nice Omani and one Indian man and his wife helped me up – and I felt so embarrassed like never before in my life! Anyway, the bottom line the thing I went to buy was more expensive than I had thought – and ended buying the cheaper brand instead – though later on I found it to be equally good. That is the ups and downs in life – you think you have reached rock bottom – but you had never calculated falling down on all fours in your calculations per se!

My friend was cautioning me to tell my Readers to stop making the gross mistake of their lives like he did of putting work in front of family and relatives – and even friends for that matter! He told me – I left to go to Interior locations for job aspects and meetings even though my Assistant there could do it for me instead – but I wanted to care of things as usual by myself (a perfectionist by outcome more than design!). My daughter had high pneumonia – but I still left and went on even after the weekends here – but there in the desert operation locations there are simply no weekends – and operations are 24/7 thing!

When I returned back my wife was not speaking to me for a long time – and my daughter was asking me – Daddy – why did you leave me – and you know I was very sick also? To top it all despite the sacrifices, his foreign boss – to ‘save his own face’ – had insulted him in front of others in the very same meetings – including in front of attending public officials – that had hurt him a lot!

His doctors had told him before to ‘take things easy’ – and as he had already retired before – there was no need for this added job and responsibilities added to him – and the mere fact that he was very sick before all these things – and had even gone abroad for treatment.

He thought the sickness had elapsed – but it came back again – most probably he thinks triggered off by the great upsetting and annoying emotions experienced by this public ridicule and dressing down – and followed at home by the upset wife and child in addition!

Last two weeks back in my article in my other column At My Workplace – The Office versus The Home I had said the very same things here!

A long time ago I met this great personality on my holidays abroad (in those good days when I could still afford it). Though I was wearing shirts and trousers he still recognised me – and became ‘extra nice and friendly’ towards me! And then he gave me the biggest shocker of my life – he too was a very sick and ailing person – and he come there to recuperate, rejuvenate and recover – and this is what he said to me – I am ready to give away all my wealth – and just to get my old health when I was just a poor man!

Many of us deceive ourselves into thinking our companies will always be with us through ‘thick and thin’ – but we just delude and deceive ourselves – because if you have become a liability – or do make a gross mistake or error in judgement – you will be dropped ‘like a hot potato’! And when you fall very sick – the cards and flowers will drop off after a few weeks – and even the visits too.

If you are really lucky for the top guy to drop in it will be only once  or twice even – then the ranks get lower and lower – in the end it will be just your family – and even friends may abandon you – and even some relatives too for that matter! It is all alone out there – and everyone for himself or herself only as paramount and top priority!

A very good high personality lady had told me the very same thing – and as had really happened to her now that she is very sick too! She told me – I feel sorry and pity for those that degrade their family in front of work!

Nobody is asking you to ignore or belittle your job – she added to me – or give it lesser importance! But put your priorities in the right context and ranking! Family can never come second to your job aspects! Never! Ask me – has happened to me! I know!

I replied – Very true! I have never – and never will! I remember too what the ex Coca Cole President said too! (Respect Your Family article)

Take Care!

By: Majid Al Suleimany

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