Increasing Offices Intolerances! 1

At My Workplace!

 Increasing Offices Intolerances!

One of the biggest casualties of the recent developments to my mind and assessment is the increasing demarcation of the once artificial borders between locals and expatriates in the offices – and the hardening of views, outlooks, perceptions and feelings. Like they say that the first casualty of war is ‘the real plain truth’ here! The locals continue to feel that the expatriates are blocking them – and the expatriates continue to feel that their contributions are not being acknowledged and appreciated.

I would like to share with you today why I wrote my second Arab Management book titled A Cry For Help (website The book was published in January 2009. The incident had happened a few years back in a large state-of-the-art national company – which gives an idea of the magnitude and enormity of the problems – and nothing has changed much!

 I, as The Human Resources Manager of one place, issued the following message to all the staff of the Company. It just read, as below:-

 Quote (Email Circular):-

Dear All Staff;

 Subject: – Death of Father of K (An Omani Staff).

 I do not have full details yet, but we have just heard that K’s (Omani Staff) Father had expired. It is understood that he was sick for quite some time. More details will be provided when we get them, but for now you have been informed – and we suggest for Male Staff they can offer condolences to the Masjid (Mosque) when details are available.

 Please note that the Masjid (Mosque) is open for all religions, faiths, creed and beliefs – and for the ladies when he comes back, unless you are close and know the family well.

 We pray to Allah (God) to grant his late Father eternal peace in this world and the next Amin (Amen) – Unquote.

 It was met with an unexpected retort and uproar from some local Staff that took special offence on the part of inviting Non-Muslims Expatriates to the Mosque (Masjid). They all called me (not wanting to express their dissatisfaction in writing). It included sadly some who were in Senior Positions too as Managers etc. I was soon after required of me to issue a retraction remedial and corrective soon afterwards (one hour or less time)

 It just read –  Quote:–   Dear All Staff;

 You can also offer your condolences to him directly when he returns next week. The earlier message was intended to those that may have wanted to visit him at the Mosque (men) and at home (for the ladies) – and perhaps the ‘sensitivities involved’ – if any!

Regards – Unquote.

When I issued this Email note, it was based on both I as being as The Human Resources Manager, and also on humanity and compassionate feelings that one of our colleagues had his Father that had passed away. I know the feelings – and I have been there too. Nothing less or more. Death simply knows no border, race, creed or nationality. We all have to die one day!

It then struck me how fast and how much things have now changed in The Work Front – especially in relationships between Omanis (Locals) and Expatriate Staff – especially Non Muslims – and how much the gap was widening between the two – though much pretenses continued of politeness, courtesy and welcome.

It struck me then that there was now growing extremism, fundamentalism and radicalisation – that I had never seen before – especially in Oman where I had always prided myself that we were a tolerant, moderate, give-and-take, live-and-let-live society and always kind, welcoming and accepting esteeming and respectful to our ‘invited guests’ in our country!

Take Care!


Majid Al Suleimany


Let The Strong Man Always Win! Reply

       Let The Strong Man Always Win!       

Or difference between rhetoric and reality! Practising what you preach!

Difference of preaching and practice – rhetoric and reality – and hypocrisy and being sincere and genuine! Islam is not just talking – but doing it!

Drawing blood from a stone!


The other day I met this friend of mine who was in The Zanzibar boat disaster case a few months back. I would not put him as a ‘strong fan’ because he would normally go by the discussions around him on his stand and point of view. Our late Father had always cautioned us on those people who seem to get along with almost everybody – but that is another story for now!

So the good friend says to me – I have been reading your articles for a long time now – but the messages and themes just come in one ear and goes out from the other! But you will find this strange and morbid now – I should have remembered God but not you! This as everyone was panicking around as the boat was sinking – I remembered one of your articles being stuck in a rock without a paddle as the saying goes – and you just watch everything around you as you wait for the final end result and outcome – which is coming soon and there is simply nothing you can do about it! He says to me he remembers the metaphor I had quoted several times of this fast moving train as it starts to derail. Or the one more about the Titanic with the young captains on board – as they watch it in horror as it was moving towards the iceberg to its utter and final destruction! 

A few years back I never knew I was a diabetic case until one day I found my head so heavy and that it looked like falling off my body! My family had to persuade me to go to hospital – a private one – but when they saw my case they had to send me to The Emergency Ward of Royal Hospital in Bowsher! When I reached there I found so many people fussing around me – because my glucose levels were so high imaginable. Even one of the doctors insisted to the nurse to bring a new machine – because they could not believe the readings!

The Doctor said to me – This is a first time case for me at least – because with these temperatures you must either be dead, paralysed or in a coma. Do you have steel in your veins?The joke was continuously repeated by other doctors – and frankly I was so frightened and scared stiff to see so many doctors paying me such attention – like I was guinea-pig case for them to study! Frankly too, I think money and other worries had contributed significantly to my sad state of affairs – if you will excuse me playing my fiddle here! It was not only discovering to be a diabetic case!

This nice caring lady doctor had seen me so emotional and distressed one night and she asked me what gives? Then we started talking. The shock was hers to hear my tales and that these things can happen to one when you have tried to be self-employed after opting for voluntary retirement – and the worst part of what can befall you if you try to challenge the system by going to business as an underdog – and then having the audacity and impudence of failing too! I do not want to repeat my story – I have said it so many times before – even trying again to be an Author, Writer and Columnist – and the story repeating itself all over again!

No one can give you money for free – even in your family too! But there is compassion, care and feelings too! In addition to being considerate and kind – being also ethical, professional and principled. If you are down there in the hole – do not expect kindness or mercy – or a helping hand out – but people will throw in more stones to hit you – and there is nothing you can do about it. People are selfish, self-centered and cruel – no mercies extended – and a short memory too. There is need to be considerate and kind – being also ethical, professional and principled. And remembering the profits you have made – and to remember your old customers too in social responsibilities

I am watching the many cases now of Buddhist monks self-immolation cases – because they find it too much and have given up – as the situation only gets worst day by day – and there is simply nothing you can do about it if you are a weakling and an underdog! We have all conveniently forgotten the Tunisian Fruit Seller whose self-immolation started the Arab uprising! How a great Arab Leader otherwise before all these was left in a fish market being viewed and being mockingly photographed by not interested buyers too – and just like Alexander The Great had said – I came in this world with empty hands – and I leave with empty hands to my grave. But will we learn? No – we will not – all the wealth and power has been left behind!

Three days back I find my glucose levels rising again – and all because as a Pensioner with over 35 years solid, dedicated, committed, loyal and faithful service to the Nation – I cannot now touch my Pension (my only earnings left in my life now!) – and as it is all taken. And even those supposed to pay you have not done so for the last 7 months – or find an excuse not to pay you even though you did the works successfully for them. Yet they have the courage and bravado to smile at you as if nothing has happened – and have forgotten conveniently all the good things and sacrifices that you have done for them.

I am going on a fast diet to bring my glucose levels down. I say – as the East African say in Swahili – Mwenye Nguvu Mpishe – literally Let The Strong Man Pass (Win)! And there is simply nothing that you can do about it – as your fate is doomed and sealed – yet we pride ourselves to be in a Islamic and Arab country too!

What is the point?  There is simply no point! Either you lose your money – and your health and sanity too! I have tried hard to go by the system and contacts – but it is simply not working! I wish I was Buddhist – then I could come back! But as a Believer it is Eternal Hell only! They do not even read my letters anymore – but delete as it comes in!

As my friend said to me – I tried to recollect myself fast and do something quick to abandon the sinking ship! The only way I can – is to leave things to Allah SWT God – because only He can save me now. I have tried with all peoples I could – even sending them free copies of my books – only to find the results more unexpected – because I had the audacity and impudence to raise my voice – and complain. Allah Is Great – In the name of God; The Most Gracious and The Merciful – Amin.

Take Care!


Majid Al Suleimany

The Elegant Lady Secretary! 1



The Elegant Lady Secretary! 

I was reading this article, as below: –  

The Most Important Lesson (Author unknown): – During my second month of college, our professor gave us a pop quiz.  I was a conscientious student and had breezed through the questions, until I read the last one: “what is the first name of the woman who cleans the school? Surely this was some kind of joke.  I had seen the cleaning woman several times.  She was tall, dark-haired and in her 50s, but how would I know her name? 

I handed in my paper, leaving the last question blank. Just before class ended, one student asked if the last question would count toward our quiz grade.  “Absolutely, “said the professor.  “In your careers, you will meet many people.  All are significant.  They deserve your attention and care, even if all you do is smile and say ‘hello’.” I’ve never forgotten that lesson.  I also learned her name was Dorothy… 

The question I want to ask many of you peer Head of Departments, Section Heads, Line Managers and so on – how many of you really appreciate that smart elegant lady in that office of yours who ties up all loose ends, maintains peace, security and sanity in the Offices, keep things going and running when others have just given up and are contemplating suicide and or to abandon ship?  How many of us, truthfully and honestly speaking?   Still not sure whom am I talking about? 

Who else but that elegant smart intelligent lady secretary to you?  (Left other adjectives, which I felt like adding, lest some irate husbands and fiancées call me up for an appointment in the gardens or car parks late at night!)  You see since childhood one of my solutions in dealings with aggressive peoples was just to run away!  Chicken I hear you say?  What better than to be a live chicken than a fried up one! 

Anyway back to the topic (you will forgive me I have this irritating and annoying habit of just wandering off!).  So I make a telephone call one day to this smart elegant lady.  She is coughing and coughing and feeling very sickish.  I ask her ‘why don’t you just go home?  She replies – ‘I wish I could, the boss is not here, and who will take care of the office if I am not around?  Then I retort ‘but you are sick, aren’t you M?  ‘I know’, she replies,’ but I just have to be here, there is no other way. Besides only 2 hours to go, and I shall then rest at home’. 

And then she apologises profusely.  Please forgive us as (note – us!), this thing should have been done since two weeks back, I apologise for the Company.  ‘But it is not your fault or final responsibility’, I almost plead with her, ‘it is the other Department that should have completed the task’.  ‘No’, she says, ‘it is still my responsibility to see and follow-up.  Please forgive me.  I shall see it is done.  Do not worry, so long as I am here, I shall ensure it is done fast too!’ – She ends up. I feel guilty.  Why did I call her to find out?  This lady is great.  I tell her ‘thank you’, she politely replies, ‘you at least made my day!  I was feeling so sickish and ill, and then you called to cheer me up!  ‘No do not give me that credit, ‘actually I called to complain.  ‘No’, you were very polite and understanding – no problem at all.  Thanks for your understanding and patience! 

Now if you have such an ethical and profession secretary like this – who holds herself as so responsible for everything’ (when some are not in her scope or responsibilities), would a boss complain?  I think not.  But then the boss is also a first class gentleman, kind and helpful too – but not writing about him for now at least! One time I tease her – how come you have this name (which is synonymous to one famous car!).  She replies jokingly – ‘why you do not like the name?  I think it is a nice name!’ 

 I never learn my lesson, one time I teased another Secretary another place – and she replied me very aggressively and rudely too.  To top it up, she still complained to her boss about me.  That boss sure told my boss too, and I got the ‘firing that I deserved’.  Just for a joke and tease only?  But not this lady – she takes everything in stride.  Perhaps she has heard it often and has learnt to cope and handle such cases.  Emanating from some of us, we can be very intrusive and very personal sometimes – and crude too.  Strangely we do it all whilst still sober!  What would we be capable of doing when not?  Think about that for a moment!  

Sometime later I call her – to follow up the same issue.  Again she apologises for someone else.  This time I am less polite – I say why do you apologise for someone else’s mistake’.   Her answers discern me – because I am an employee of the Company, and we are all responsible if things go wrong and do not work out. Can you continue to be annoyed after that?  I am now the one who is saying sorry – forgive me – and I put the phone down sheepishly. 

So Bosses – how many times have you really sat up and appreciated that Secretary of yours?  The one who is your scapegoat and one to blame when you know she specifically told you and reminded you of the appointment, which you in your hurry and rush forget all about?  Then in front of the ‘clients’ you needed a scapegoat, and say ‘why did you not remind me?  Guess what M will say?  ‘Sorry Sir, my mistake please forgive me.  Guess what others will say?  Take your pick of words of adjectives (English language is full of them).  Of course some will be said in front of you, in front of your ‘great clients’, and some under the breathe, and some surely when with friends!!  I have personally seen bosses abused scolded by unprofessional secretaries – in front of customers and clients too! 

For lady M, though disappointed, no doubt, that the thing has still not gone through to date, and this column of today is dedicated to you. Just like I promised you! Thank you for being such a professional, ethical, understanding, co-operative etc First Class Secretary.  Your boss must be proud of you!  For sure if I were, I would certainly be!  And that BTL, how come you are not driving the car under your own name?  Keep smiling!  (As I am sure your are!) 


After having written this article, I had called M. This was the only time I got back a depressed voice emanating from her. I asked her what was the matter. She sadly replied that her sister back home inIndiawas involved in an accident. Though there were casualties, her sister was injured. I tried to give her consoling and comforting words for a change. She was happy that her sister was alive, but still seemed to be concerned on the others serious cases too. That is M for you! 


From the book Short Takes – Between Us Only! By Majid Al Suleimany Article 24th September 2003.


Evaluating and Assessing The Boss! 1

At My Workplace!

Evaluating and Assessing The Boss!

I guess you are asking yourself if you have read it right – yes you did – evaluating and assessing the boss! How is that possible? Read on…

Some decades back, when the videos just came in, I purchased my first video machine. It was a double-headed machine – that meant you could play in one whilst recording a channel on the other! One of the gift videos was named The Party where the late Peter Sellers was playing an Indian (Hrundi V. Bakshi) mistakenly invited for a party. In one of the scenes, an irate film producer (the boss) is seen ‘insulting Hrundi’ – Stay out of this! Who do you think you are? – Hrundi replies – In India we do not think who we are – we know WHAT we are!

In what is known in Human Resources and in Management, the boss too is assessed by what is known as The 360 Degrees Assessment tool. This is instead of the usual one vertical down where it is always the boss that assesses the staff below him – or in rare cases lateral too of lesser officials! In the later, because the top guy has passed on the responsibilities to that official.

Not to bog you with many details, the system operates like this. All those people that interact and interface with the boss form an artificial circle around the boss – and he being in the middle! Each one has an opportunity and chance to evaluate and assess the boss (or the person in the middle and centre). This includes customers and clients, people from other departments, his own subordinates – and his peers too. Of course the top boss maybe involved too – but he is only one of the players in the exercise.

The 360 Degrees Assessment

The exercise is supposed to be more open, objective and constructive – and it aims in building up – and not harming anyway or destroying. It is after looking for the best interests and advantages of the establishment – and not the other way around! Trust me in this – it is easier to preach than in reality practice what you preach! Even from the so-called ‘democratic’ countries of the world! When he is an Official being so assessed he could even be worse than those from ‘lesser democratic’ places – because he knows all the tricks – and uses them!

Image – Others Running Too (Images Faded)

The Boss Seems Far Away – But Is It Really?

One of the usual tricks played on the lots of naïve believing lots like us is to ask ‘for more information and clarity’ from the person assessing him badly – ‘so I can learn more in correcting and amending (remedial!) myself. Taken on face value the person giving the assessment in secrecy and anonymity is exposed. Or use the information for their own advantages and interests! The other way around is ‘mischief and trouble’ making towards the boss being assessed – as a pay-back time! Thus ‘making mountains out of mole hills’ comes into place! As a result of all these games, gimmicks and scheming the concept had not taken off – even here in Oman – and even in Oil and Gas sector where it was once introduced!

You Are Right In The Centre!

Which reminds me of the scene in the comedy series of Outsourced – which is all about a USA Call Centre outsourced (as the name suggests!) to India! As usual again, the top guy comes from home – and for ‘domestic reasons’ the assistant is from home country. It is hilarious the way the local guy tries to entrap his Western boss – so he can take his place – forgetting the usual that if he goes another from base country would come in instead! The same scenarios are played in the equal funny one of a British company too in India (where else is good English spoken?) called Mumbai Calling!

Smiling At The Boss – How will she rank him?

In one of the scenes in Outsourced, the top guyfrom USA  calls directly and to speak to the Assistant Manager Rajiv – and thinking he is being called to take over! Instead Rajiv is told that he is going to be assessed by his subordinates in an Anonymous Assessment. He is heard to lament – But Sir – this is highly irregular – in India nobody dares to criticize the boss – but just do what he is told to do!

Below Rajiv and Boss Todd!

Rajiv (in suit between girls) and Todd and Staff Below

Being unpopular with his staff, he uses antics, games and ploys to win over his subordinates – so he can get a good rate and ranking to please the bosses in USA! He is successful in this – but contrary to his expectations and hopes – the top guy says to him – You must be like Todd (Rajiv’s boss) to be a Manager – with backbone and the right mantle and prerequisites – (because he Todd got a bad ranking  – Rajiv’s hand too in this!). You are their boss – not their friends to be liked by them! Rajiv losses – again!

Now do you believe in all the things I have said above? Take Care!


Majid Al Suleimany

The Elections (Oman) Fever! And The Remembrances Too! 3

Dear All & After Compliments;

Yesterday Saturday October 15th 2011 were elections for The Consultative Assembly in Oman or better known as Majlis Ash’shura with as many as 1133 candidates competing for the 84 seats representing 61 Wilayats (Provinces) in Oman. 77 women contested in the elections – and being the 7th elections so far in the Sultanate. Registerd voters are about 518,000 in 105 Polling Stations throughout the Nation.

It reminded me of the time when still in Tanzania in the early 1970s when our Higher Secondary School  students were sent to assist at the Polling Stations. We were required to report like what we have in Oman as The Walis – or The Area Commissioners  AC(from ex Colonial Times of District Commissioners – or more famous as The DCs!).

The shock of my life as a teenager is being called in front of the AC – an indigeneous National – and he telling me – “I have appointed you Mr. Nasser (that is what they used to call me as a term of respect!) as The Presiding Official at this centre of Ilala – one of the big districts in the city of Dar es Salaam – the capital! Please keep in mind that I was of Arab Origin (Omani born parents and grandparents!) and this was AFTER the assasination of their Zanzibar Island President Abeid Amani Karume.

I was at first thinking to decline when he called the Electoral Officials to introduce me to my new role. My Headmaster – also an African Indigeneous – was smiling broadly and congratulating me on the trust, faith and confidence being given to me – and what being secular is allabout!

Frankly I was really timid and worried – first being a student and second on my ethnicity and origins.

He then called the Presiding Police Official Commander – and he introduced me to the Other Police and Electoral Officials.

My authority was to decide on complex issues and ambiguities – and to supervise all the elections procedures and administrative cum management. That includes okaying or not okaying candidates to be allowed to vote who came with no sufficient documents to prove citizenship – and for those coming from other regions of the country to be allowed to vote here. I had suddenly power to control, monitor abnd dominate my fellow school mates – and the other officials. Some of them were against me being in the limelight – and had even said by the side in Swahili – Anaye Kunyima Mbaazi Anakupunguziyaa Mashuuzi!

Literally and more polite meaning – The one who denies you (kidney) beans just reduces the gas for you in return (advantage!)…

As I entered and left I was being saluted – and I felt so embarrassed because I did not know then how to salute back! My job also included sealing and signing the electoral boxes – and transporting them under my supervision to the AC Office – and where The Central Committee Electoral Officials went.

They all thanked me for the good works done – and I had never felt so elated and proud for this trust and confidence to me – and yesterday it all came back in thoughts and feelings.

Take Care!


Majid Al Suleimany





Water Woes and Pains! Reply

Between Us Only!

 Water Woes and Pains!

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Everyone who comes to this office brings joy – some as they enter – and some as they leave!

Water – water – everywhere – but not a drop of water to drink!

I must admit this that many of my family, relatives and good friends that I know are not that intellectual enough to be even reading my articles and books – let alone appreciate classical music and operas. I am sure it has got nothing to do with the high ticket prices – but just the disinterest – and most probably may end buying more expensive stuff and goods that end up not being used after a few days! But I am sure that those others staying in Quorum Heights too must at least must have had some guests coming from abroad and staying with them for the grand opening of The Royal Opera House.

On the very sameday that it opens, we again in Quorum Heights do not have water from early morning to late midnight. I was just wondering and thinking aloud that if I had guests in my house how embarrassing that would be indeed! This seems to happen now quite often – and people do not realize its impact, consequences and raminifications to others without water – and if they do – than they just do not care or bother! Either it is not happening to them – or they are fully prepared for such occurrences – and that is why they do not care or bother.

It is always the middle class and the ‘lower echelons’ in life that seems to get hit and suffer
nowadays and to face the brunt and full force of everything untoward and bad that is happening now in life – very sad, unfortunate and pathetic that it all is!

If people cannot do their jobs properly and as they are required in responsibilities, accountabilities, transparencies and job descriptions and aspects – it is better for them to resign at their own free will – or those more responsible and in control remove them – before things get any worse than what it is already!

First we had one water tank in our roofs – then we added one more spare – and in all our toilets
and kitchens we had water holding things to keep in addition to what is supposed to be running 24/7 water tapes. We are certainly not a ‘banana republic’ where such things happen – or allowed to continue unabated and not put on hold and in control!

Not all of us cannot afford amenities and backups that the rich and pwerful can afford! If you delay the water or electricity payments, there is no mercy in disconnections. The same principle and rule should apply vice versa – it is not only a one-way traffic only! It is a three lane carriageway!

It is high time that those in Authority take care of things and the citizens’ feelings and rights – because if they cannot do so – they should say it openly – so they too can also resign – or to be removed, if they don’t!.

Satirically like in the Roman tragedy dramas we have same conferences and meetings running parrallel with such fiascos! Things cannot be allowed to continue like this forever in disregard, disrespect and ignoring the  citizens, residents and visitors plights. What kind of image are we trying to portray and show here? If we are talking about Tourism – local or abroad – do you think that some of these tourists do not stay in our homes – or come in for visits? Think on this for a minute!

It is a bloody shame that we get the same excuse – again and again – why there is no water (again) this time! Those that are offenders should face real harsh treatment – even jail sentences – if need be – and certainly not allowed to continue on their jobs – and make their owners and companies more richer day by day!

Every day we hear these things – new companies opened here – new this and that abroad
– whilst the citizens continue to suffer and in pain – and nobody cares or bothers! Even those who used to complain before have now joined the bandwagon in paining and hurting those below them – or have left behind in life!

Enough Is Enough! People cannot be taken for granted anymore! Importantly nothing is permanent and forever in life – except our Lord God – and Death only!

Take Care!


 Majid Al Suleimany

A Bird In A Cage! Reply

A    A Bird in a Cage!

The birds fly because they know they can!

Have you ever felt sometimes like a bird trapped in a cage?

I do not know about you but I as a person do not like to keep or see birds in a cage. It makes me feel very uncomfortable to see them caged in!

These beautiful creatures were meant to spread out their wings and fly – of course with exception of birds like ostriches and others because ‘they are too heavy’ to be able to fly – though they can run very fast – or some even fly low ground in some stretches!

A long time ago my daughter wanted to keep some parrots  but a few days later on one of the birds died. She wanted me to replace it – but when no one was looking I opened and set free the other one still alive – but was so distressed – flying around and hitting itself all around in the cage!
Once a friend showed me a bird that she owned which was locked up in a small cage.

My friend told me that the bird was very “smart” and had tried on numerous occasions to break free from the cage. I looked at the colorful little bird as it tried to peck its way out of the bars of the cage. It fluttered about, shook its wings furiously. But to no avail.

It was stuck there, and I listened to my friend who went on and said that the bird had been intelligent enough to lift open the cage door, but as it was about to open it fully, she caught it, and
now she locked the door.

I reminded my friend that – Birds Were Created to Fly! Not to be caged in!

Now, I don’t spend so much of my attention on birds, but I suppose I looked at this bird and I really felt sorry for it. As it spread out its wings and tried to fly, it could not. It had been caged and trapped.

Humans are a bit strange and weirdos for wanting to cage up birds in tight spaces.

It’s sometimes been asked of me, what kind of animal I’d like to be if I were one. The same question was asked to me by a Hindu friend who believe in reicarnation. He asked me – in your next life – what would you like to be?

The answer I usually give is that I would like to be an eagle and soar above the clouds, through the skies and look down on the earth. Unfortunately, this bird in the cage could not do that. It could
not do what it instinctively and naturally was made to do. It really was strange.

A Metaphor for Our Human Existence

I think there is a lesson here, even for us humans. Don’t you ever feel sometimes like you are a bird, trapped in a cage? You feel like you can soar above into the skies. You try as hard as you can to escape monotony and boredom and pain. Yet you feel like you keep ending up in your cage.

Fortunately for humans, we actually have more freedom. We have choice. We have the ability to challenge and change our circumstances. Many of the “cages” of human existence are all in the mind.

A Lesson for Leaders

Entrepreneurs, social innovators and people wanting more passion in their lives should remember this truth: The limits upon you are only the limits that you place upon yourself.

B     Doubts of A Little Camel.

A little camel wanted to ask its mother some questions.

Son                  Mother, may I ask some questions?

Mother           Sure, why my son, is there something bothering you?

Son                  Mother, why do camels have humps?

Mother           Well son, we are desert animals, and we need the humps to store water and we are
known to survive without water for a long period of time

Son                  Okay, then why are our legs long and our feet rounded?

Mother           Son, obviously they are meant for walking in the desert better than anyone does

Son                  Just one more question, Mother

Mother           Yes Dear

Son                  Okay, than why are our eyelashes long? Sometimes it bothers my sight!

Mother           My son, those long thick eye lashes are your protective cover. They help to protect   your eyes from the desert sand and wind.

Son                  I see! So the hump is to store water when we are in the desert, the legs are for walking through the desert and these eyelashes to protect my eyes from the desert sands

Son                  What the Hell are we doing in the zoo?

Mother           ??????


Skills, talents, abilities and experiences are only useful if you are at the right place!

Where are you now? Desert or Zoo?

C      The Town Mouse and the Country Mouse

From Aesop’s Fables.

A Country Mouse invited a Town Mouse, an intimate friend, to pay him a visit and partake of his country fare.

As they were on the bare farm lands, eating there wheat-stocks and roots pulled up from the hedgerow, the Town Mouse said to his friend, “You live here the life of the ants, while in my house is the horn of plenty.  I am surrounded by every luxury, and if you will come with me, as I wish you would, you shall have an ample share of my dainties.”

The Country Mouse was easily persuaded, and returned to town with his friend.  On his arrival, the Town Mouse placed before him bread, barley, beans, dried figs, honey, raisins, and, last of all, brought a dainty piece of cheese from a basket.  The Country Mouse, being much delighted at the sight of such good cheer, expressed his satisfaction in warm terms and lamented his own hard fate.  Just as they were beginning to eat, someone opened the door, and they both ran off squeaking, as fast as they could, to a hole so narrow that two could only find room in it by squeezing.

They had scarcely begun their repast again when someone else entered to take something out of a cupboard, whereupon the two Mice, more frightened than before, ran away and hid themselves.  At last the Country Mouse, almost famished, said to his friend:  “Although you have prepared for me so dainty a feast, I must leave you to enjoy it by yourself.  It is surrounded by too many dangers to please me.  I prefer my bare farm lands and roots from the hedgerow, where I can live in safety, and without fear.”

D      The Chained Elephants

 It is all Psychological!


My Indian friend was telling me that despite the great animal in elephant’s intelligence and smartness human beings are always able to control and manipulate their minds – with exception of few rare cases when the elephants run wild! When the elephant is small , one of its feet is chained to a log.

As the elephant gets older and bigger, the chain also gets made bigger. A grown up elephant can easily break up the chain if it really wanted to – but in its young mind frame has been set and it has grown up to believe that it cannot do so! This sticks with the elephant’s mind in its maturity and even in growing up!

E      The Human Mind

Even under extreme torture or prisoner of conscience, nobody has yet been able to control the human mind – even if the body is a prisoner – like in Russia, Siberia and now in USA Guatanamo – and even rogue places like in Afghanistan etc.

And the removal now of the element of fear in The Arab Countries. But human beings never learn their lessons – even if they see it live oin TV – and just a few days back!

Allah God Protect and Preserve Us All Amin Amen!


Majid Al Suleimany

October 12th 2011

The Worst Offenders! Reply

At My Workplace!

The Worst Offenders!

You would expect that human beings supposed to be the most intelligent species on the earth would be better knowledgeable and learn from experiences – but no human beings never end to shock, awe and surprise us all! I was reading this article of what happened in Tunisia again – Woman sets fire on herself, child – According to her neighbours … the woman had bought the flat with all her savings … owners had reclaimed the flat leaving her homeless in the streets!

Despite the removal of the fear element, and the end of the usual old schemes, games, gimmicks and tricks – people have still not learnt their lessons in life!

Frankly the worst offenders are:-

·        People who are still susceptible to quick short gains, greed, temptations, evil ways and means – and corruptible practices! The greatest evil, malaise and decadence in society!

·        People who procrastinate and delay in implementing agreed decisions made – or find excuses in implementing and carrying them out!

·        Very good actors who pretend to go along whilst within the system try to break up and destroy – what they call as ‘rogue elements’ within the system.

·        Not fulfilling promises and commitments made!

·        Preachers who do not practice what they preach! JUST DOUBLE-FACED AND HYPOCRITES THAT THEY ARE!

·        Evil hearted, vile, subjective, individualistic and biased of other people based only their whims and dislikes!

·        People who want you to fail by putting so many hurdles and blockages on your way and path – only to fail is what they want as paramount and important to them.

·        Not only wanting you to fail but also land you in great stress, hardships and pain – and even loss of all your possessions and even personal freedoms too!

·        Create artificial barriers, barriers and more subsidiary conditions to show off their power and authority. Sometimes really hysterical and unimaginable!

·        Look kind and supportive whilst all the time planning to stab you in the back!

·        People sadistic by nature enjoying giving pain and hardships to others.

·        Polarisation and set off people one against the other – Divide and Conquer (Rule)!

·        People who will not act their responsibilities and accountabilities until they get something or reward in return – or only when found out and exposed – and or pressures put on them!

·        People with short memory and records of what lucky breaks and turns they got in life – but not ready to reciprocate or give the same chances, breaks and opportunities to others.

·        People who protect and defend those not defendable – but do the opposite to those that deserve such protection and defence – especially in areas beyond their control but are now being highlighted to protect and preserve those faces not deserving as such.

·        Promote and encourage those not deserving such – and ignoring those that deserve such recognition and acknowledgement.

·        People get preferential or better treatment even for less entitled and deserving – but the opposite to others because ‘you just do not like them – or hate them and their guts too!

·        Ridiculing, insulting, belittling etc. especially peers and subordinates – and more in front of customers, clients and clients – and even subordinates of the person being insulted.

·        Copying, emulating and taking credit of works and projects etc of others – especially own subordinates.

·        Putting all the works and pressures so you can leave – or abandon hopes and dreams to come in.

·         Ignoring and marginalizing sincere and genuine advices and cautions – and instead targeting and marking the forthcoming person for raw and bad treatment – and putting him in great difficulties and troubles.

·        In other words ‘killing the messenger of bad news’!

·         Avoiding doing the necessary action to clear a person’s image and reputation

·         Red tape and bureaucracy – and causing unnecessary barriers and blockages.

·        The army general shooting at his own troops!

·        And many more!

My theory unless proven otherwise still holds that frustrated people in the offices may explain the increased volumes of accidents and fatalities – and the tear and wear of the national and domestic home fabric!

Take Care!


Majid Al Suleimany


Everything Has An End! Family Is First! 1

Between Us Only!

Everything Has An End!

Family Is First!

The other day this good friend of mine who is now very sick and soon going abroad for medical ‘last-hope’ operation thing sent me this message – as below:-

Boyfri(END) – Girlfri(END) – BESTFRI(END) – Everything Has An END Except …….. Fam(ILY) It Has (I LOVE YOU). FAMILY = Father And Mother I Love You.

This Thursday I was going shopping to one leading supermarket in Ghobra when this unexpected thing just happened to me. My mind was all occupied with a lot of things – the more was whether the few Rials with me will be able to get me to buy the things I wanted! I have always a dreaded fear of stairs – and more the climbing down part. That is why I walk up and down very slowly – and even in the planes – surely upsetting those behind me! I always admire those youngsters – and a few oldies – who can run up and down the stairs! Guess what – I did not see the kerb – and fell down on all fours.

Three nice Omani and one Indian man and his wife helped me up – and I felt so embarrassed like never before in my life! Anyway, the bottom line the thing I went to buy was more expensive than I had thought – and ended buying the cheaper brand instead – though later on I found it to be equally good. That is the ups and downs in life – you think you have reached rock bottom – but you had never calculated falling down on all fours in your calculations per se!

My friend was cautioning me to tell my Readers to stop making the gross mistake of their lives like he did of putting work in front of family and relatives – and even friends for that matter! He told me – I left to go to Interior locations for job aspects and meetings even though my Assistant there could do it for me instead – but I wanted to care of things as usual by myself (a perfectionist by outcome more than design!). My daughter had high pneumonia – but I still left and went on even after the weekends here – but there in the desert operation locations there are simply no weekends – and operations are 24/7 thing!

When I returned back my wife was not speaking to me for a long time – and my daughter was asking me – Daddy – why did you leave me – and you know I was very sick also? To top it all despite the sacrifices, his foreign boss – to ‘save his own face’ – had insulted him in front of others in the very same meetings – including in front of attending public officials – that had hurt him a lot!

His doctors had told him before to ‘take things easy’ – and as he had already retired before – there was no need for this added job and responsibilities added to him – and the mere fact that he was very sick before all these things – and had even gone abroad for treatment.

He thought the sickness had elapsed – but it came back again – most probably he thinks triggered off by the great upsetting and annoying emotions experienced by this public ridicule and dressing down – and followed at home by the upset wife and child in addition!

Last two weeks back in my article in my other column At My Workplace – The Office versus The Home I had said the very same things here!

A long time ago I met this great personality on my holidays abroad (in those good days when I could still afford it). Though I was wearing shirts and trousers he still recognised me – and became ‘extra nice and friendly’ towards me! And then he gave me the biggest shocker of my life – he too was a very sick and ailing person – and he come there to recuperate, rejuvenate and recover – and this is what he said to me – I am ready to give away all my wealth – and just to get my old health when I was just a poor man!

Many of us deceive ourselves into thinking our companies will always be with us through ‘thick and thin’ – but we just delude and deceive ourselves – because if you have become a liability – or do make a gross mistake or error in judgement – you will be dropped ‘like a hot potato’! And when you fall very sick – the cards and flowers will drop off after a few weeks – and even the visits too.

If you are really lucky for the top guy to drop in it will be only once  or twice even – then the ranks get lower and lower – in the end it will be just your family – and even friends may abandon you – and even some relatives too for that matter! It is all alone out there – and everyone for himself or herself only as paramount and top priority!

A very good high personality lady had told me the very same thing – and as had really happened to her now that she is very sick too! She told me – I feel sorry and pity for those that degrade their family in front of work!

Nobody is asking you to ignore or belittle your job – she added to me – or give it lesser importance! But put your priorities in the right context and ranking! Family can never come second to your job aspects! Never! Ask me – has happened to me! I know!

I replied – Very true! I have never – and never will! I remember too what the ex Coca Cole President said too! (Respect Your Family article)

Take Care!

By: Majid Al Suleimany

Facing Realities In Life! 2

Facing Realities In Life!

Before I start, you will forgive me in my usual style of quoting my own examples – or near cases – because first of all there is no better examples and comparisons to give – and more importantly you also do escape a lot of things  that Writers like us nowadays of have to be careful for – and some from least expected quarters!

Yesterday night a good fiend of mine an ex work peer told me the sad news that he was going abroad for medical treatment – because his cancer case had returned – and he thought he had beaten it after being treated first abroad a few years back. He said to me – forgive me if I have done anything against you – and in case I do not return!

I also want to quote this story to you as an opener.

1          The Post Office Man

There was a man who worked for the Post Office whose job it was to process all the mail that had illegible addresses. One day, a letter came addressed in a shaky handwriting to God. He thought he should open it to see what it was about.

The letter read:

Dear God,

I am an 83 year old widow, living on a very small pension. Yesterday someone stole my purse. It had $100.00 in it, which was all the money I had until my next pension check. Next Sunday is Christmas and I had invited two of my friends over for dinner.

Without that money, I have nothing to buy food with. I have no family to turn to and you are my only hope. Can you please help me?



The postal worker was touched. He showed the letter to all the other workers. Each one dug into his or her wallet and ca! m e up with a few dollars. By the time he made the rounds, he had collected $96, which they put into an envelope and sent to the woman. The rest of the day, all the workers felt a warm glow thinking of Edna and the dinner she would be able to share with her friends.

Christmas came and went. A few days later, another letter came from the old lady to God. All the workers gathered around while the letter was opened.

It read:

Dear God,

How can I ever thank you enough for what you did for me? Because of your gift of love, I was able to fix a glorious dinner for my friends. We had a very nice day and I told my friends of your wonderful gift. By the way, there was $4.00 missing. I think it must have been those thieving bastards at the Post Office.

2          Et tu, Brute (And you too, Brutus) : Origin and Meaning

What does Et tu Brute mean?

These words are said to have been Julius Caesars last words after being assassinated on the Ides of March

This by a group of  Senators, including Marcus Brutus, someone he had considered a close friend.

A number of translations exist:-

“And you, Brutus?”

“You too, Brutus?”

“Even you Brutus?”

“And you, (too) Brutus?”

Today, this quotation is mostly used to refer to an act of ultimate betrayal, usually from a trusted person.

The source of this quote appears to be from William Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar: –

“Caesar: Doth not Brutus bootless kneel?

Casca: Speak, hands, for me! (They stab Caesar.)

Caesar: Et tu, Brute? Then fall, Caesar! (Dies.)

Cinna: Liberty! Freedom! Tyranny is dead!”

3          The Story of The Scorpion and The Frog

(From The Arab Short Stories and Tales – also from My Book Between Us Only!).

Have you heard this story?

A scorpion saw a frog.  So he told the frog – I have my relative who is sick on the other side of the river.  I want to go to visit him.  Can you carry me across?

The frog said – do you think I was born yesterday?  If I do that you will sting me on my back and I shall then die.  The scorpion said – How can I do that?  Did I not just now request you to carry me  across?  Do you take to be crazy or stupid?   The frog was convinced.  So it said to the scorpion – okay jump on my back!

As they were crossing the river, the scorpion said – see, you did not trust me – now do you believe me?  Did I sting you?  No – said the frog – I am sorry.  Ten minutes later half-way the river – the scorpion stung the frog.

‘Whatever are  you doing?  Do you know what you have just done?  I shall now die – and you will drown too.  Yes – replied the scorpion – I know!

But it is my nature – I just cannot change.

4          Human Species are The Worst Traitors.

It is acknowledged that Human beings are the worst in deception and in lying. The worst that will turn on their own. Next I am told are the monkeys (chimpanzees) as most near men – though other animals have been known to do it – like driving away the Old Lion King by younger lions to take over the colony!

Thus the old lion joke – I am too old to chase any preys now, I just sit under the tree and wait for leftovers – or weak animals that will stray to my path.

5           Our Religious Book (The Sunnah andThe Hadith) are Full of stories of deception and traitorship – and done against even our Great Prophets of God (Peace Be Upon Them)

6          Ghandi said it too!

You must not lose faith in humanity. Humanity is an ocean – if a few drops of the ocean are dirty – the ocean does not become dirty!

Also – I  claim to be a simple individual liable to err like any other fellow mortal. I own, however, that I have humility enough to confess my errors and retrace my steps ..Mahatma Ghandi.

You simply cannot change human nature!

The Realities of Life!

Did you know that life is a continuous Learner to us of all?. Sometimes one may tend to think that in death then that is the end of learning as it is, but is it really so? For us Believers when we do die (God Give us all long life and health – Amin!), we are made to lie on our right side facing Mecca. Now how many of us sleep that way in our daily lives? I do not know about you, but I surely do not do it that way!

I know you are asking yourself where is this leading to, after reading the topic? Well, Dear Reader, just give me some more space to explain myself, or those who may feel adversarial may comment – give him enough rope to hang himself!

I have never kidded myself that I have all friends out there, so I am practical and realistic too. There is this famous expression the  East Africans like to quote – That which bites your skin comes from the  same fabric that is being worn by you. Or as a relative likes to  satirically likes to comment – ‘Between Us Only’ whenever he has something (stupid!)  to say, especially when I am around to hear it! But then life will not be  complete and beautiful without all these kinds of peoples amongst our midst to  make our day more beautiful and make life worth living for!

They say in life there are two kinds of peoples. You  either fit in one or the other – you cannot sit on the fence and pretend you  belong to neither. As I had said in this column before, (Lady I think?)  Margaret Thatcher had said – Those who sit on the fence get pelted by  both sides – or words to that effect.

My Dear Reader, let me put it this way. You are very  thirsty. You go to an Office, and they are still after your business hoping  that you will still buy from them, then they ask you – What are you having? (Notice that as soon as you have bought the offers are not there anymore, or  have dwindled in frequencies?). Actually the sentence itself is a misnomer –  because it should mean nothing, and English is a strange language. So automatically  or by default you answer back – Can I have a glass of water please? The  water is delivered to you. You look at the glass, it is not full – so what is
your reaction? Either (you may think it all inside or even ask it loud too):-

(a)  The glass is half empty – what?

(b)  The glass is half full – thank you anyway!

Now, Dear Reader, which one are you?

That is the beauty of life, or the twists, turns and  ironies of life.

The same picture can be seen differently by different  peoples. Have you had these tests? They show you a picture and ask you what you  see? Depending on your sight and view of life, you either see a very pretty  young beautiful girl, or a very ugly old lady! They show you another picture  and ask you what you see now? And you either see a smiling cheerful man, or a  very sad looking man. I was once very embarrassed when I was asked to tell what  I saw, and there was a gasp in the class as to what my inclinations were, but I  will not bore you with details and keep the secret with me till I die anyway.  Point taken that from that date onwards I had never volunteered a quick answer  till others had their say first!

Anyway, coming back to the issue of the water in the  glass! Majority of peoples would normally say Thank you for the half full of  water glass. If they needed more water, they may well ask – can I have  another glass please?  These are the  positive out looking peoples, appreciative of kindness and some bread crumbs  thrown to their way, but there will be still some who will sarcastically remark  – how much did you pay for the water? Why are you giving mean a half empty  glass of water?

These are the kinds of peoples that are never appreciative  of kind gestures, kindness, good or mercy of any kind done to them. They are  always mean, ghastly dastardly cruel and always finding faults to a tune. Even  if others do not see it, for sure for them they will be able to! Whatever you  do for or to them is not enough – they never appreciate anything and are always  complaining and finding fault. Apportioning blame. No problem to make you the  ‘fall guy’ or the ‘scape goat’ and cause of all their misfortunes and troubles!  If you have a parent or boss of this kind, woe unto you Dear Friend!

They may remind you of incidences long past and best  left forgotten – but they will still do it. If you have wronged them, even  unintentionally and inadvertently, they will never let it go and never forgive  you. For the rest of their lives they will hound and pursue you, the slightest  mistake you make – they will jump on you with guns blazing. They never forgive  and forget, even if the shrewder ones may pretend to be forgiving and  forgetting, but it is still in the back of their minds.

These are very dangerous peoples, and they can easily  without any remorse or conscience destroy your life, career and future – and  kill and character assassinate you too – and put you in untold miseries,  hardships and difficulties.

These are peoples best to avoid and never annoy  and confronteven if you maybe right. They will make vicious  campaigns against you and try to harm and destroy you. It gives them great  sadistic immense great pleasure and happiness when they have succeeded in doing  so!

That is life for you, and the meaning of life – its  ups and downs.

Long time back when I was a kid there was this old  African lady, whom I respected and esteemed. I always greeted her nicely  whenever I had met her. She was staying by herself all alone, abandoned by her  family. I do not know if she was the lady who had complained in the past to her  relatives of being given ‘half empty glass of water’,

But with me she was always kind and treated me like her grandson. So this lady told me one day  – grandson, do you like chicken? I was wondering what to reply thinking  maybe she wanted to cook one for me? Seeing me surprised, she went on – If  you follow a chicken and see what it eats, you will never eat a chicken again  in your life, even if you like chicken! The message was clear – it is best  not to delve and look into details into things, and best leave some things best  as they are! All Alone!

An old fisherman friend to the family said of the same things – if you follow a crab or lobster – it is the same story!

My First  Column Article.

With my first article titled “More  Dangerous and Troubled Waters Ahead” that first appeared in this column on 23rd April 2003 (after the Iraq invasion)  – I had said – Quote – Now those of you  who know me well would recall that I am not by profession or even by design a  military analyst or military expert, or even a political expert one at that

However, I had warned of the dangerous spiraling of events into more  dangers, troubles, and malaise and decadence post-Iraq invasion. So far what I  had said there and predicted has come to pass. Than how come it that this ‘own  true son of the land’ is still unemployed and gone unnoticed, I ask you?

In my jobs life, I have always believed  in respectable esteeming treatment of my Staff. My door has always been open to  them. Some even call me at home, raising ‘jealousy levels’ at home when it is  the ladies who will call. I listen to my Staff; I hear them too (didn’t you  know there is a difference between the two?). The Staff who stands up to me is  never judged as a ‘Personal danger or threat’ – I respect that. I hate  ‘Yes-Sir’ Staff. I also hate ‘Tell-Tales’ Staff in trying to please me.

You can  ask any of my Staff who worked with me, I am sure they will affirm to what I am  saying here. When I worked for one small firm, I had arranged for a  welcome-party-after-delivery-thing for one of my lady Staff.

The day I left the  place, she cried. This had never happened in that company’s plus twenty years  existence. I can never forget you – and now you are going…

When I had any issue with a Staff, I believed in calling in the  person and trash out the issue vis-à-vis (face to face), and no other way. The  last thing I would do is write that Staff an Official letter, and then discuss  with him. I would discuss with the Staff, and then put it in writing as ‘A  Gentleman’s Agreement’ of where we had reached! As a matter of record and for  future reference only, and for nothing else! Not for punishment; nor for  vengeance!

You know in all my life, I have been a  ‘Pusher’. I always and firmly believe in ‘Live and Let Live’. I am  always a great believer and always after a ‘win-win thing’ (remember my  last 2 weeks’ back article? Win Some; Lose Some!).

 I stand my grounds and  issues. I let no one scare me to make me change what I strongly believe in! Yet  if I make a mistake, I am not stubborn – I shall accept it and apologise!

Do you know what people really want? You turn the other cheek when they slap you – or poke fingers in your eyes – you do not raise your hand to protect yourself – even if they wiull take the eyes out!

Do not squarm – or complain! Who are you to have such audacity? It is this reason why everything is burning around us now!

Making Employees always happy was all I had wanted!

Frankly and  honestly, I am always against unfairness and  injustice, favouritism and unethical unprofessional behaviour. If some peoples think that is aggressiveness, then let them continue  to think so!. In the Management classes, I was always classified by the Lecturers ‘As the ‘Leader who cares, feels and stands with his Staff. 

Polite, kind and decent and tactful too’ Leadership style!. Besides one  should not judge a person by what others paint him from what he is not really  (by the cover of the book). Don’t you agree?

Thanks to the MBA course and  post-my company (after early retirement) experiences, I have now learnt  that the best way to transform changes and systems are from within, rather than  confront from outside. I am fully aware that some companies tend to prefer softer approach.

Criticisms can be healthy when only considered positively. In  life they say – You can never know how far out you can go, until you have  tried. Or birds can fly because they know they can! Did you hear about Murphy’s Law? That  things will only get worse, before they can get any better!

The  Africans have this * expression – sometimes just a kind word or compliment can  do wonders (* you can even draw that snake out of a rock, praise its  beautiful eyes, and ask ‘just to see it’). I think this is the reason that many  have misunderstood and misjudged me in my last jobs.

It is not that I do not  say NO too like the others – I too do it and am a Team Player – but it is the  question of how I say it – with care and feelings touch, and also to explain
why too!

I  never broke any rules or regulations, possibly bend them a bit in really acute  and taxing situations – letting humanity set in, with no distinction in any  way!

When  the chips are down and things are at its lowest ebb – it is not easy to face  someone with your problem, and that needs intervention, help and assistance.  You have to swallow your pride, esteem and honour.

Not for yourself, but for  those who depend on you to look after them! The Swahilis call it ‘Kuchonga  Uso’ which literally means ‘to carve up one’s face’ – that is how hard and difficult  it is to some – but than what other alternatives do they have?

Sometinmes the people that can hurt and pain you the most are those supposed to be close and near you – like your wife, family and children – friends and relatives – when they become (unexpectedly?) mean, selfish, self-centred and even evil against you! So what do you do? Sulk in – and go in deep distress and self destruction – or hold up your head high?

Eve did it to Adam – so what else is new?

Actually  I am indebted to the person who really ‘SAVED’ me is this esteemed paper –  offered me a Free Lance Column Writer job! And you know what – they say in the  Management spheres, if they can pay you whilst still doing your hobby and  interests, you have made it!

Certainly I do not feel so. Though the money is  not that much and always delayed, but at least I get paid for a hobby and interest in writing per  se! Besides, my salary (pension) just evaporates into the Bank’s Accounts as  soon as they receive it from that old good company of mine!

What else can I do,  I ask you? It is as if I am not getting any pension after working for more than  25 years of dedicated and loyal services to The Company – and to The Nation.

Ironically, sadly and tragically the same Bank that takes away all a Pensioner’s salary – is the same bank introducing a Pension Savings Scheme – but yet in an Arab and Muslim country – the same bank is ‘screwing up’ Pensioners by taking all a Pensioner (mine!) salary. The lessons of Tunisia, Egypt, Yemen, Bahrain, Syria is easily and conveniently forgotten – and all too soon too!

How despicable and pathetic one can get?

In my life, I have helped so many others in my prime before, but this is now all easily and  conveniently forgotten now! No one remembers, or wants to! I have personal  references in good men CEOs who will stand by me, because they have seen ‘The  real me’ and I in action too. One has become even a very close personal friend  too. When he says – I wish I had met you long time back, but I have still  time to change my Management styles. Surely that must mean something?

I had great opportunities to ‘get quick  rich thing’ – but in all my life I have NEVER taken anything that did  not belong to me. Nor do I intend to start now at this age either! Not everyone  can be an accursed and bad peoples.

Some of us are quite different.  Born different and in outlook, perspectives and in behaviours.

Being at the top does not mean being  always unscrupulous, evil, shrewd, mean, bad and ugly!

Or being shunned and  cursed at!

So next time you feel like being judgemental, criticizing and to be opinionated  – think of what I have just said!

E-Mails In Hindsight.

It is immaterial and of no consequence of the fact that I had already  opted out from a sinking ship by going for an Early Enhanced (Voluntary)  Retirement. It is immaterial of the fact that my pension should have taken care  of me and my family for that matter had I the smartness, foresight, vision and  brains not to try to be an entrepreneur and get myself involved into such  business at late stage of my life, into a Consultancy business of Human  Resources Development that was supposed to take off naturedly as being the talk  and craze in town to encourage development and entrepreneurship – especially  this sector – but instead ended with a big thud and crash.

It is immaterial and of no  consequence that the ‘big attractive contract’ that my Consultancy was bidding  for and had won would cause the fall and demise of the company for a lower  bidding, though successful to get it though. Even though they had promised us  ‘Take this now, we will give you more in the future’ – but none came!

It is immaterial and of no consequence also of the fact that the  International Consultant with us were paid three times (if not more) to the  same job scope and aspects that we too as a local fully Omani owned Consultancy  were to do – and yet for a large National Company too.

It is immaterial and of no consequences now either that at the interviews  there were younger Omani Candidates (some of them educationally even higher  educated than me.

But with little or minimal work experiences and exposures –  25 years in that big oil company in all Human Resources aspects and on top of 6  years as a HR Expert and Consultant. And they were ‘surprised’ to see ‘Uncle’  in the competition too!

Immaterial and of no consequence that too that there were Expatriates who  were retired and older than me too in the same place – but of course being from  different ethnic backgrounds (overseas) were opened doors to come in!

Whilst  for me the citizen of the land the doors were closed in front of my face –  including windows too that were barred shut from inside.

Immaterial too and of no consequence whatsoever that jobs supposed to be  reserved for the likes of us Nationals of the land, were given instead to  Expatriates based on personality basis (whom you know!), and that too  International Companies supposed to be of high repute and fame and their  Corporate and Social culture, values and missions cum vision to develop and  encourage local available talents, experts and competences.

Finally, it is immaterial and of no consequence either when ‘some of  those’ doing these jobs are not even experienced and professional peoples in  this line of business at all, but their being pretty things and of different  ethnicity (or other attractions) allows them in?

What do you do? Complain and write in your book and column? Nobody hears  or listens to you anymore now. Yet they brand you a colour you do not have nor  ever aim to have in your life. They stereotype you. Prototype you.

You are  trouble. Your name is not glory but just headache and trouble. You are to be  avoided, ignored and to be discarded.

Even from the filthy rich who had made it in life, from humble poor  levels and beginnings that you were in together, and shared the same corridors  in the Offices before at one time. From the big profile peoples whom you had  looked after and handled their cases more personally than official requirements  when they were just students with many sick and other family situation.

Would they remember you? Bet your life they have conveniently forgotten,  and just do not want anything coming from you. Just nothing!

What The Bosses Had  Said – Saying Goodbyes…

1          Majid is a very caring, kind and  spiritual person – a shame and pity that many do not give him the time and the
efforts to understand him better – American CEO

2          His coming here was like A Fresh Blow  of Wind – now that he has gone the air is more stale than ever before!” – British  GM

3          Some time back I met this old European  boss of mine who came to visit Oman.  He  is now working for a very powerful conglomerate and in a very high  position.  He nearly made me cry when he  said to me – I knew M the day I had left that you will not go far in your  career because of what you are as a person and in outlook.

But  I still have the highest  respects, esteem and like for you, in actual case the few I had always  remembered.  Because you are a real  professional ethical (and courageous) person who had the courage (audacity?) to  stand up to me and tell me what I was doing then was actually wrong – not like  the others who pretended to go along with me, but behind my back were saying  something different to those they ‘really trusted and had confidence with’.

4          I have a good boss friend of  mine.  He tells me this point blank ‘of  what is wrong with you’.

Stop caring and  feeling – it just does not pay (or at least increase your salary!).  Be rough – hit your heart strongly and just  say – I just do not care or feel anymore.  You said your bit – nobody cared to hear or listen, so move along.  Just take care of yourself and your direct  family members only.  The others and rest  are not important.

5          I had an expatriate  CEO once – he told me what? You are giving me just your hand to say goodbye? I cannot have that. Come here! And the poor man hugged me kissing me on both  cheeks. That I had to bend my face (he being short!) is another issue, and his  hands could not get around me (remember that diet!).

The same had happened to  me with a British lady boss, who I had thought not cared but she did the same wiping  her face. I gave her my handkerchief – it was clean anyway! She tells me she  still has it – for remembrance sake (do not worry, madam does not read my  articles!).

6          This  Indian Peer Manager says to me – Are you really leaving us now? I cannot  believe it! But I can appreciate your position – even I am looking for a  position outside – have not got it yet! But I will leave – as soon as I get a  good offer elsewhere (he left later on!).

He caught my hand  and kissed it in goodbye. I had never been so embarrassed in my life before –  till then!

7          Always  it had been those in the lower rungs that cared more as I left. It was the  Indian Tea Maker in Abu Dhabi – the old man cried! Who is going to say Thank  You now to me (as he served me tea – a thing that really upset my Emirati  National Boss. Do you want me to say thank you, every time you did something  for me? What is wrong with you – he screamed to me!

8          If the machines closed down, it triggered an Emergency code to The  USA CEO in Dubai. So he called The Production Manager – what is going on? He  gets the reply – all the Staff have switched off the machines – they are saying  Goodbyes to Majid – and escorting him to the gate! Some are visibly upset and  angry – some are sad! That includes the Non Omani Staff too. Yet I had come in  7 months back to take over The Human Resources Manager job from an Indian peer  – who had been in the position for the last 12 years – till the position was  Omanised by me.

One of the Indian  Technicians pleads – Why sir? Who will look after us now?

9    I always believe this. If there is unfairness and injustice – Allah God takes away blessings from anything. It can perhaps explain all the chaos and commotions – and why everything is burning now around us! And the reduced everyday incomes, profits and sustainibilities – and the increased chaos, confusions and corruptions – and so much sadness and unhappiness!

Allah God Protect and Preserve us all from His Anger and Fury – Amin Amen!

By Majid Al Suleimany