Retirement Blues! 1

September 29th 2011

For Sunday October 2nd 2011.

Between Us Only!

Retirement Blues!

Or – The Sequel – Finding Out What Is The Reality!

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Last two weeks back one major National Oil Company held a get-together for all its Retirees of over the number of years. The event was covered by many of the local newspapers with an exception of a few – presumably because for them it was ‘not enough news to cover’ – but some for them what they consider are news to cover – may not necessarily be the same to their Readers’ perceptions and views – especially locals even English speaking – but it takes all kinds to make the world roll around!

Anyway, as a Writer you get all kinds of mail from different fans – some are real, sincere and genuine – but others are simply not – and maybe are more just teasing and testing you – especially if they have strange sounding names. That is the same reason I had quit the local forums – because I use my real names – and not a pseudonym (nick name) or ‘name de guerre’ – so people that attack you know who you really are – but it is not reciprocal – so they have a great day, fun, merriment and entertainment at your displeasure and discomfort! Not to disclose privileged and confidential information, but one of the fans is in the professional fields – and so is her husband.

The husband is the one who got the first retirement some years back – and last year the wife got hers too! So the good caring wife asks hubby that she got extension to her contract because her profession was widely needed in the market and there were few qualified, experienced and competent locals in the discipline. Please note this – the husband is still working too after the normal retirement date! So hubby says – No my dear – let us all retire and go back to that distant land to refresh, rest, rejuvenate and recuperate – especially as we still have our house and farm there – and all we need is to buy a reconditioned car from Dubai to take home!

So the good obedient lady turns down extension offer to her contract – and expects hubby to follow suit! Her ‘shock and awe’ to find hubby is now reluctant to leave the place.

She follows around as to why hubby is reluctant to leave to find out is all because one pretty young head is driving hubby crazy ‘with old fool’s love’ – and this shocks her the more – than just the change of mind of hubby!

And this is the main issue here.

This applies mainly to the working couples more. After years of working and having no time for anyone but oneself only – not even the children nor family and friends – many couples retirees get the shock of their lives with all the time now at disposal to realize that ‘they had made the biggest mistake of their lives’ to get married to each other! What have I done to deserve this – to get married to this person – is the usual desperate cry and woe!

At this time when couples should enjoy the time together – the unexpected consequences and the results are completely the opposite of what was expected of ‘The new and rekindled’ love! This also is the time when many retired couples marriages break up after so many years of being together and great strains in relationships – and also in some cases having grandchildren too! The time for silly fooling around and hanky-panky stuff – and for second (third) wives syndromes – as in many of my articles!

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Marriages in splits!

So sad and all alone!(Saudi woman divorced)….

A long time ago I know of a couple of a man that had already gone for retirement. The wife had option to take what they call as voluntary early retirement – after some years of long services. She vehemently refused – even though the husband had a very good job outside Oman in one of the GCC countries. She simply refused to leave the job.

The man was not used to live alone by himself and especially as the children were all working! Even when the man threatened to get married to a second wife – a local girl there – the wife would not hear of it. Like a silly baby crying all the time because perhaps ‘The menopauses’ were setting in – and she felt so old to be ‘considered old’- and to be going on retirement per se! All psychological and dementia! The man is still working outside – and yes – it ended all in divorce of the marriage after all these years – because the woman was just not cooperative an supportive!

In the Western world – and even in The Far East – when any of the couples go for retirement, the companies run special courses at company’s expenses – so that couples can be ready and to adjust and be ready for retirement – the new environment – and the more longer time that they will be together – once again – before anyone of them went to work!

Sadly and tragically, we see everyday of elderly couples that end up in marriages – especially after Retirement when is the ripe and ready time to be together ! Work can NEVER be MOre Important than your family, friends and relatives and people need to come to their senses – before it is is too late for everybody – and more the person himself or herself!

This is something that the companies here should start to think about –retirement courses and counseling –  instead of short cuts – and only concentrating this for their expatriate staff! Also those working in the public sector too.r so much pain, hardships and sacrifices!

Take Care!

By:- Majid Al Suleimany

September 23, 2011 Muscat – Sultanate of Oman.