What Is Happening Now? 1

At My Workplace!

 What Is Happening Now?

Sad and Depressed Staff

Frankly, if you ask me in some of the workplaces it all looks like the way that they are run are more like in the Sandwich Shops – with such lack of professionalism, principles, accountabilities,
transparencies and ethics! People or so mean, selfish, devious and cruel!

People simply have had enough and they just want to leave – if only they can!! They just feel that staying on people would  just get them ulcers, depression and even heart attacks and other serious diseases – even early deaths – especially when seeing others being promoted prejudicially, biasedly, randomly and haphazardly – and one who used to be one’s subordinate before – is now your new boss – or going to be your boss in the organization soon!


So depressed and so frustated

I always do believe this – when peoples are turned off, unhappy and grumble in silence, quietness, pain and agony Allah God Takes Away Blessings in anything in life – even in your own home – so why not in a Company made up of many homes too? Maybe that can explain the disinterests and disquiet – demotivation and disenfranchisement – and the reduced productivity, outputs and incomes generated!

 Ask the BIG QUESTION – why are people who cause all this are still allowed to stay on that act like Dictators? Because they serve a purpose – like Saddam Hussein did at one time? He was useful to the extent of serving a purpose  – same as just to fight those not towing the line as the company perhaps wanted or intimated – or could be the games and gimmicks played to please ‘The Masters’ – or played in The Master’s Voice (gramophone!).

 Why Are They Doing This To Us?

People leave to go back to home countries and or to other places as a very frustrated, unhappy, miserable and sad sort of individuals – after giving their long years of their lives and sacrifices – and of their families – and their waylaid dedication, loyalties and commitment. They are suffering and victims now – because in their own ways in wanting to be ever good, principled, genuine, honest, sincere and faithful! That is all that they had desired and wanted in the first place!

Because,  if this was followed through the right ways and means – the place would end up to be much more a Happier Place To Work, An Equal Opportunity Employer, and A Place of Choice to Work etc. And happy and motivated faces all around!

People just forgetting in looking at the Bigger Picture, Thinking Outside The Box and being able To See the Trees from the Forest.

And to avoid bigger possible more problems and particularly in corporate and in family as a result social disorder and breakups – and as being constantly being seen nowadays!

People are still being pushed around,  ridiculed, insulted, ruled and controlled with an iron hand – and being always monitored – with the famous expression of Divide and Rule (Conquer) per se!

Especially, as at the Top Management and Brass are the usual cronies and the usual docile Yes-Men, and the top spies and the favourites of the big bosses. The thin line between good and evil has been crossed over many times – and by many people too. It seems to be the in-thing to do nowadays – by everyone and everybody – and nobody wants to be left behind anymore in joining the bandwagons!

When will people ever learn?

People are just tired. That change has taken place and the old tricks and gimmicks do not work anymore? People in corporate high places should take in their due roles, accountabilities and responsibilities more seriously – with more ethics, principles, fairness and justice. Things cannot be allowed to go on forever like this way – something gotta give – there is a break-up point – and nothing in life is a surety and permanent – as we all see live in the news and television

Takce Care!


Majid Al Suleimany.

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