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 The PDO Pensioners Meet!

Place – Jabrin Hall – Muscat Intercontinental – Muscat – September 13th 2011.

Mundhir al Barwani

1 – It was a very good wise and pragmatic move to hold such a reception. People responded in kind by their coming in – even those sick and wheel chairs ones too!

2 – People always underestimate the Omanis as a forthcoming, courteous, polite, kind, generous,  receptive and quite a welcoming lot – but everyone keeps forgetting they too have a long elephant memory.

3 – The now retired also senior official got the taste of it! After the usual compliments, politeness, welcome and courtesy the comment came in – so we here together as all company retirees as one group – no longer the big man, eh? The man at the receiving end had but just to smile!

4 – I said to myself more on hindsight –  it was a good thing I did come in – it was all good fond memories all back again on the friendships and social aspects of the whole thing more! Had never had and enjoyed myself and had such a good time for a long time now!

5 – It was a bloody shame that there were still some ‘same-type-of-before’ people who wanted to curry favour and be popular by undermining and ridiculing others in front of the current brass – as if they being already out and retirees would make any simple affect!

6 – Do be careful of body signs – it can betray to others what is in you and what you really feel – even if you cover it with empty and artificial smiles!

7 – Sadly so many of the lot could not attend for various reasons and like being very sick and invalid – and those that had passed on and had died! A minute silence for them!

8 – Allah SWT (God) Rest their souls in eternal peace in this world and the next – and open the doors to the highest heavens – Amin. We do not know when our turn will come next. Let us only hope and pray for a long life and health – Amin.

v  9 – The speeches by The Ceo Raoul Restucci and HR Director Mundhir Barwani were highly emotional charged and emotive in making the Pensioners feel great and elated in their contributions and being ‘for ever’ PDO Family Members! This was very touching! I guess or two might have shed tears too!

Honestly and truthfully, I was debating in my inner heart whether I should attend or not remembering ‘my Early Retirement farewell party arrangements’ – please see Why I Had Left PDO! write-up.  Besides, point taken of getting my Pension – but if it all goes to the bank because of my collapsed consultancy business – you have no part-time or project work either – one can be excused for sounding not too grateful in life.

Like I had said in my article last week – That Is The Way It Is! – Quote – A long time ago during the most difficult, hard and troubling part of my life when my business went bust and bills were piling up and landing me in great dire straits and problems of all kinds, I took my car for selling off to avoid more complex and complicated issues at hand. There was this foreign salesman who was very rude and discourteous towards me on willful purpose – just because ten minutes before he had a fight and dispute with another local – and here was a desperate to sell customer ready and handy for pay-back time – he said abruptly to me – ‘This is our last offer to you – do not waste my time – take it or leave it – Unquote.

Life’s twists and ironies when you meet your ex-bosses as same-level-retirees like yourself (devoid the fact they get higher pensions to you – get it full and some have even businesses on the side – and inside you there is this voice that shouts and screams at you – stop being nice to him – tell him how you really feel – and how he screwed up your life and career – but the decent voice inside you also comes out to say – forget the past – let bygones be bygones – forgive and forget – if you cannot forget – just forgive and move on in life!

Besides, it takes two to tango – and like I too have said last week in the same above article – quote – Sometimes it is better to go off like a dog with your tail between your legs – especially as there is simply nothing you can do about it in any way! That Is The Way It Is! No wonder everything is burning all around us nowadays! – unquote.

Then you see other people being greeted with the most genuine friendliness and welcome and you get just Hello Majid – you say to yourself – forget it – not nice to be jealous – just let us hope for more such parties in the future – and hopefully someone will come too to say to him or her as in 3 above!

Besides all the girl retirees surrounded me giving me that compliment – Majid you still have your sense of wit and humour – and you still can make us laugh! Your face still looks young – even if there is grey beard and hair on too!

Besides I am very sure of this – if there was to be an election of who was the most popular amongst the my levels (and even top levels too) and to choose the top 10, I am quite sure I will make the rounds – even if in the bottom 10. The reception and welcome of the general populace was sincere and welcome – with comments like at least we see you twice in a week (my columns) and your books, writings and articles from those who can read English – and from the others nothing less genuine warmth and reception as one of their own lot – and those who remembered his from the Interior long bearded father – and the son who really cared and felt aligning with the people – and helping them and supporting them devoid of his own career path and future – and as in my books, writings and articles.

One from the home town of Manah still working official said to me – for a long time I have been dying to meet you. It is my great honour, privilege and esteem to have met you today! You make us all young Omanis specially proud of you – and you being so supportive and encouraging to us during your time and tenure in PDO – and this we will Never Forget – Thank you and Bless you and your family – Amin.

Then there were those who had cracked old jokes as if time had just stopped in its tracks!

The East Africans Swahilis say always say this – Praise a snake – and it will come out of the crevice to hear more from you! It actually all depends how you handle and deal with people – that a simple party can and does try to change a person!

If you think you are always right, correct and perfect – and the other person is not – then you have a ‘clash of civilizations’ – or something just as similar!

What more can I say?

Take Care!


Majid Al Suleimany

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