Treat Your Staff (More) Humanely! Between Us Only! Reply

 Treat Your Staff (More) Humanely!

‘Stranded Workers At The Airports

PLEASE NOTE – COLUMN – Now on Saturday September 10th  2011

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Treat Your Staff Humanely!

We all need to be at our very best and with more tolerance, patience, forbearance – pragmatism and understanding between all sides and all partners – during this very difficult and complex phase that we are all going through nowadays!

It must be admitted that things have not been so bad and dismal as we see unfolding in front of our very eyes and as witnessed by the reports and news we see in the news everyday nowadays. Either it is due to more transparencies and openness that we come to know of such news and events – or in most probabilities increases and volumes of such incidents.

Like the case of the expatriate staff stranded at the airport because the sponsor has chosen not to deliver their held-back-passports to them for whatever reason(s) given. Or so many cases of staff unpaid their salaries and dues – and they have to report their dire situation and circumstances to their home embassies for possible solutions, solace and salvation. This is just not on – and should be curtailed and nipped in the bud before the stigma and malaise cum decadence spreads all over – now before it is too late for everyone. We all have the same body and blood – whether you are a Believer or not – from the home place or not.

Besides, we have to really nurture and take care of our beloved nation’s reputation, image and publicity as a place of opportunity and chances to everyone who comes and lands here – a place of respect, dignity, care, feelings, reputation and honour.

It is now being increasingly tarnished and being damaged – and it is believed of the new trend of everyone now giving up, surrendering and ‘giving up that easily’ now – and at all levels in society. This is not a good thing – and can lead to more harm and damages all around.

Like I have said so many times before – there is no one so blind than one with eyes but cannot see, with ears but cannot hear and dumb but with a mouth but cannot speak! I have also said that the Romans had said – Those that the gods are out to destroy make them not see, hear or speak!

Personally, I think the problems we have in our society now is this increasing polarization, sarcasms, contempt, disdain, scorn, derision, and ridicule that each one of us is better than the other – and all the things that go with it – like in my articles many times before.

A few Baizas more in our pockets have made us all so proud, conceited, contemptuous and ridiculous of others. I have brought the story of Animal Farm book by George Orwell so many times before. The same people who used to complain bitterly and strongly that ‘they were the victims or the underdogs’ do the same to those that they have now left behind in life’s own pursuits and follies.

Every day we hear of these increasing numbers and volumes of ‘more getting this and getting that’ – ‘we are now new this and new that’ – ‘we are now arisen and expanded this and we are now this and that’ – as if they will stay in the world untouched – and nothing untoward will ever happen to their new found wealth or health – or themselves even! Or they will not die one day – and their decaying flesh to be eaten by worms and ants – and that too if you are lucky your dead body is identified and belonging to you for right burials first and foremost!

This is a wake-up call for everyone to come to their senses – fast and quick too! We all need to be and do our very best in the real sense of the word. May Allah (God) Protect and Preserve us all from His anger and fury – Amin (Amen).

Take Care!

By: Majid Al Suleimany

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