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September 29th 2011

For Sunday October 2nd 2011.

Between Us Only!

Retirement Blues!

Or – The Sequel – Finding Out What Is The Reality!

Do you want to go this way? – See Images Below!

Last two weeks back one major National Oil Company held a get-together for all its Retirees of over the number of years. The event was covered by many of the local newspapers with an exception of a few – presumably because for them it was ‘not enough news to cover’ – but some for them what they consider are news to cover – may not necessarily be the same to their Readers’ perceptions and views – especially locals even English speaking – but it takes all kinds to make the world roll around!

Anyway, as a Writer you get all kinds of mail from different fans – some are real, sincere and genuine – but others are simply not – and maybe are more just teasing and testing you – especially if they have strange sounding names. That is the same reason I had quit the local forums – because I use my real names – and not a pseudonym (nick name) or ‘name de guerre’ – so people that attack you know who you really are – but it is not reciprocal – so they have a great day, fun, merriment and entertainment at your displeasure and discomfort! Not to disclose privileged and confidential information, but one of the fans is in the professional fields – and so is her husband.

The husband is the one who got the first retirement some years back – and last year the wife got hers too! So the good caring wife asks hubby that she got extension to her contract because her profession was widely needed in the market and there were few qualified, experienced and competent locals in the discipline. Please note this – the husband is still working too after the normal retirement date! So hubby says – No my dear – let us all retire and go back to that distant land to refresh, rest, rejuvenate and recuperate – especially as we still have our house and farm there – and all we need is to buy a reconditioned car from Dubai to take home!

So the good obedient lady turns down extension offer to her contract – and expects hubby to follow suit! Her ‘shock and awe’ to find hubby is now reluctant to leave the place.

She follows around as to why hubby is reluctant to leave to find out is all because one pretty young head is driving hubby crazy ‘with old fool’s love’ – and this shocks her the more – than just the change of mind of hubby!

And this is the main issue here.

This applies mainly to the working couples more. After years of working and having no time for anyone but oneself only – not even the children nor family and friends – many couples retirees get the shock of their lives with all the time now at disposal to realize that ‘they had made the biggest mistake of their lives’ to get married to each other! What have I done to deserve this – to get married to this person – is the usual desperate cry and woe!

At this time when couples should enjoy the time together – the unexpected consequences and the results are completely the opposite of what was expected of ‘The new and rekindled’ love! This also is the time when many retired couples marriages break up after so many years of being together and great strains in relationships – and also in some cases having grandchildren too! The time for silly fooling around and hanky-panky stuff – and for second (third) wives syndromes – as in many of my articles!

OR – Do you want to go this way? – See Images Below!

Marriages in splits!

So sad and all alone!(Saudi woman divorced)….

A long time ago I know of a couple of a man that had already gone for retirement. The wife had option to take what they call as voluntary early retirement – after some years of long services. She vehemently refused – even though the husband had a very good job outside Oman in one of the GCC countries. She simply refused to leave the job.

The man was not used to live alone by himself and especially as the children were all working! Even when the man threatened to get married to a second wife – a local girl there – the wife would not hear of it. Like a silly baby crying all the time because perhaps ‘The menopauses’ were setting in – and she felt so old to be ‘considered old’- and to be going on retirement per se! All psychological and dementia! The man is still working outside – and yes – it ended all in divorce of the marriage after all these years – because the woman was just not cooperative an supportive!

In the Western world – and even in The Far East – when any of the couples go for retirement, the companies run special courses at company’s expenses – so that couples can be ready and to adjust and be ready for retirement – the new environment – and the more longer time that they will be together – once again – before anyone of them went to work!

Sadly and tragically, we see everyday of elderly couples that end up in marriages – especially after Retirement when is the ripe and ready time to be together ! Work can NEVER be MOre Important than your family, friends and relatives and people need to come to their senses – before it is is too late for everybody – and more the person himself or herself!

This is something that the companies here should start to think about –retirement courses and counseling –  instead of short cuts – and only concentrating this for their expatriate staff! Also those working in the public sector too.r so much pain, hardships and sacrifices!

Take Care!

By:- Majid Al Suleimany

September 23, 2011 Muscat – Sultanate of Oman.

What Is Happening Now? 1

At My Workplace!

 What Is Happening Now?

Sad and Depressed Staff

Frankly, if you ask me in some of the workplaces it all looks like the way that they are run are more like in the Sandwich Shops – with such lack of professionalism, principles, accountabilities,
transparencies and ethics! People or so mean, selfish, devious and cruel!

People simply have had enough and they just want to leave – if only they can!! They just feel that staying on people would  just get them ulcers, depression and even heart attacks and other serious diseases – even early deaths – especially when seeing others being promoted prejudicially, biasedly, randomly and haphazardly – and one who used to be one’s subordinate before – is now your new boss – or going to be your boss in the organization soon!


So depressed and so frustated

I always do believe this – when peoples are turned off, unhappy and grumble in silence, quietness, pain and agony Allah God Takes Away Blessings in anything in life – even in your own home – so why not in a Company made up of many homes too? Maybe that can explain the disinterests and disquiet – demotivation and disenfranchisement – and the reduced productivity, outputs and incomes generated!

 Ask the BIG QUESTION – why are people who cause all this are still allowed to stay on that act like Dictators? Because they serve a purpose – like Saddam Hussein did at one time? He was useful to the extent of serving a purpose  – same as just to fight those not towing the line as the company perhaps wanted or intimated – or could be the games and gimmicks played to please ‘The Masters’ – or played in The Master’s Voice (gramophone!).

 Why Are They Doing This To Us?

People leave to go back to home countries and or to other places as a very frustrated, unhappy, miserable and sad sort of individuals – after giving their long years of their lives and sacrifices – and of their families – and their waylaid dedication, loyalties and commitment. They are suffering and victims now – because in their own ways in wanting to be ever good, principled, genuine, honest, sincere and faithful! That is all that they had desired and wanted in the first place!

Because,  if this was followed through the right ways and means – the place would end up to be much more a Happier Place To Work, An Equal Opportunity Employer, and A Place of Choice to Work etc. And happy and motivated faces all around!

People just forgetting in looking at the Bigger Picture, Thinking Outside The Box and being able To See the Trees from the Forest.

And to avoid bigger possible more problems and particularly in corporate and in family as a result social disorder and breakups – and as being constantly being seen nowadays!

People are still being pushed around,  ridiculed, insulted, ruled and controlled with an iron hand – and being always monitored – with the famous expression of Divide and Rule (Conquer) per se!

Especially, as at the Top Management and Brass are the usual cronies and the usual docile Yes-Men, and the top spies and the favourites of the big bosses. The thin line between good and evil has been crossed over many times – and by many people too. It seems to be the in-thing to do nowadays – by everyone and everybody – and nobody wants to be left behind anymore in joining the bandwagons!

When will people ever learn?

People are just tired. That change has taken place and the old tricks and gimmicks do not work anymore? People in corporate high places should take in their due roles, accountabilities and responsibilities more seriously – with more ethics, principles, fairness and justice. Things cannot be allowed to go on forever like this way – something gotta give – there is a break-up point – and nothing in life is a surety and permanent – as we all see live in the news and television

Takce Care!


Majid Al Suleimany.

The End Of The Road! Reply

Between Us Only!

The End of The Road!

You simply cannot change a person’s behaviour, traits and character – just as you cannot remove dots (spots) from a leopard – or stripes from a tiger.

Images – End of The Road!

This too comes from the theme of our then ex farm (plantation) in Mafia Island (aka Chole). Our place was famous as ‘Wayaani’ – that is the place that has been wired. You take the road from town – and there directly facing you is the farm.

Wayani Farm – Wired Fence!

There is no usable road after that but other farms! The locals – and especially the bullies – used to say to us – Leave them alone – they are children of ‘The End of the Road’! Besides, they used to fear our late grandparents and father too as ‘those Arabs with magical powers’ – so in a way it worked out well for us too for that matter!

Last week, I was in this wedding social gathering and a good old fan of mine walks up to me and asks if I could send him one of my articles he liked very much. He had saved it in his PC but it had crushed and he had lost all his documents including this one which he had not saved especially outside his PC. I asked him if he remembered the title or what was the subject about? He says to me – The one you wrote about people ‘acting but not being really sincere and genuine in reality and in intentions’! I replied to him that many of my articles carry such themes – but he could find it in my books at – or in my previous sites before this at  and first one at . Then he commented to me – I also liked your last column – That Is The Way It Is! All real and practical – he added in.

At one time, when I was working in one famous town in Oman and where they gave me real taxing hard time ‘because of jobs’ and I do not know who told them that I was a ‘softie and a helpful type of guy’ – I was leaving next day back to Muscat Head Offices when some girls came to my flat to take whatever they wanted from my things as I was not taking them to Muscat. In that morning, I had cooked a lot of eggs as planned for my dinner too – but I did not know they  had arranged a surprise party for me. So these two girls asked if they could have the eggs and as usual me most welcoming.

The shock was more mine – they had never tasted such nice eggs before and what did I put in my eggs. At first I thought they were teasing and joking me – but only then later I realized they were dead serious. They said to me – you have a good cooking hand too!

Those of you who know me well will recall that I had never ever planned in my life to become a writer, columnist or author whether by design and or by intention – but ended inadvertently and by default. That takes me to another point that I want to make here once again – without sounding redundant, mundane and repetitive!

Just as I had said last two weeks back in my article – That Is The Way It Is! – it is a belated realization that sometimes in life it is better to let go and ‘walk like that dog with its tail between its legs’ because everyone is not hearing you, avoiding you and not wanting to come to near you either! That you have banged your head against brick walls and it is all swollen, bloodied and painful – and there is simply nothing you can do about it.

The Titanic hitting the Icebergs before it sank!

The 4wd stuck in the sand! 

To spare you this – I will not repeat my usual Roman saying – or who is really deaf, dumb and blind in life. Because the truth is this – it is like that 4-wheel-drive vehicle stuck in the sand – and the more you try to make ‘The pull and push’ out – the more it gets stuck in! Or those younger captains on deck as they watched in horror and shock as the Titanic speeded towards the icebergs and towards its utter destruction and demise. History and books had both recorded their protestations to no avail.

Or what my late Father had said to us – Even if you have two eyes still – please close one eye if you are in a ‘group (ship) of one eyed can see only people’ before they take one out. You end the loser – not them!

Being One-Eyed – and The Blind Men with The Elephant!

Frankly and honestly too, I am a simple unassuming person and not a vain and proud conceited person that likes to boast – again and again – like ‘I told you so’!

My books, writings and articles will only be my only defence in supporting and substantiating this – and all that I have said before! Now please leave me alone – I will now go quiet and just watch what will just develop in time!

Take Care!


Majid Al Suleimany

Muscat – Oman.

Extras …….

The famous Roman saying of the times – Those that the gods want to destroy make them not see, hear or able to speak!

Or the one near home and better one too – Do not bang your head against brick walls. You only make your head swollen and bleed! More importantly there is no one so blind as with eyes but cannot see; one so deaf with ears but cannot see; one with mouth but cannot speak!

Besides you cannot change a person’s behaviour, traits and character – just as you cannot remove dots (spots) from a leopard – or stripes from a tiger.

Just as the younger captains could not stop The Titanic from hitting the icebergs and to sink!

At My Workplace! Motivating Employees! Reply

At My Workplace!

Motivating Employees!

When the rate of change outside exceeds the rate of change inside – the end is in sight! – Jack Welch.

The way your employees feel about their job and their workplace determines how motivated they are.

Image – Happy Cheerful Staff!

If you go in the Internet, you will get lots of information and material on this subject – also you can go to any book in Human Resources and or Management to find many such topics in Staff Motivation, Change Management, Staff Retention, Staff Empowerment etc – please see also my website

I will try to attempt to handle this from the Omani (Arab) angle and in sharing my experiences with you. You can also find much more information and details in my Arab Management books – please visit my books website at

Image – When Management is accountable and transparent!

My Own Observations – to share with you!

Firstly – in the recent labour situations, we had big companies that staff went on demonstrations – whilst equally some big ones none did. Same case for the smaller companies! So what gives – or is the secret and trick here?

Image – Omani employees stage a demonstration outside their headquarters

A long time ago when I was still working for my Oil Company, I personally had initiated and conducted what is called as a Staff Morale Satisfaction Study (Climate) for my business unit. The unit consisted of approximately 1100 Staff and Employees – and the majority at approximately 70% were Omani Nationals.

The biggest shocker – if you want to call it that – is that it is a costly mistake to get lost in the false theory that more money equals more happy employees. This is particularly true to the Omani employees – of course nobody will ever say No to more money, incentives and added responsibilities and positions – but they were more concerned with the following – especially The Young Omani entrants and graduates intakes.

They were – generally speaking that is – just by points due to the limited column words:-

• Treating Staff correctly and with respect, ethics, professionalism, principles and dignity. Courtesy and Politeness were the key words.

• Good Communication skills and open transparencies without hidden agendas, innuendos and trap-sets – this one upset and irked them the most!

• They need to be told clearly what is expected of them and their deliverables – even for those in Middle and Higher Levels.

• It all comes from bad experiences and getting fingers burnt when dealing with especially expatriate bosses and ‘The-die- hard-old-guards’ locals – who behave more alien than expected. Covered in my books too!

• Give compliments and praises as the process continues for good works and results – people are so busy mini-managing they simply have no time for this!

• Always have a hidden fear and concern that ‘people are looking over their shoulders’ syndromes – and everyone is looking for them to make a mistake and error of judgment before ‘they are jumped upon’!

• As a result, people remain uninvolved and docile – and ‘no risk taking’ factor of any kind!

• As a parent, you know it is difficult to deal with teenager children of your own – so why should your employees – and especially the young set be any different?

• Avoid wrong and grossly stereotyping and analysis – the same young man forced to work in India, Pakistan, Philippines, UK, Europe and USA may well surprise and amaze you!

• Management being accessible to meet, greet and see the employees – from what may sound even small and silly to you – part of the culture and customs.

• Personally, I think that all the recent problems in some of the establishments was the ignorance of this factor mainly!

• Can explain why in some establishments there were simply no troubles of any kind!

• The younger generation is more vocal – and they know their rights and how to go after them – unalike the older generations – change has come in!

• That too spells about their priorities – which does not necessarily relate to the work. This in particular to working extra hours – or come in the days off – and especially declared holidays!

• More social gatherings, competitions and events to be encouraged.

• The fear element that the job is perhaps temporary and that they may lose their jobs in time is a guiding factor in how they behave and relate at work!

• They need constant training, mentoring, counseling and guidance – that is why so many Coach Companies run by fellow Omanis have sprung up and doing good business – or the call in for Local Consultants, Advisors and Experts!

Take Care!

 By: Majid Al Suleimany

Feel Free To Contribute here for the worthy National Cause! God Bless – Amin!

Scanned Article as it had appeared in The Oman Daily Observer Observer Weekend Features of September 21st 2011 …

All The Best & Take Care!….

No Changes – Just Still The Same! Reply

No Changes – Just Still The Same!

A New Broom does not sweep – A tiger does not lose its stripes and nor a Leopard its spots (dots)!

I have realised this for a long time now too – but it is the stubborn mean link in me that had refused to acknowledge and accept the fact. Sometimes it is better in life to ‘go off like a dog with your tail between your legs’ – especially as there is simply nothing you can do about it in any way to change, amend or remedy things in life!

I have been away on the work front for more than 18 months now – so I do not know what is really happening in the offices except from what I read in the newspapers and what I hear from the grapevines of what is going on – where at what place – and to whom and by whom!

Last week a good friend of mine who was working in the UAE too like me with his business going bust too like me – and had returned to Oman – with a better and good job – had asked me to join him and his boss to discuss a certain project for them. I wanted to scream at my good friend that I know well about the place from before – and are you sure? He confirmed to me – yes things have changed here now – there is new me and new my boss too – so please do come!

After the usual politeness and courtesy, I came to realise nothing has changed much – although two new brooms had come in – if not gone worse in other ways! I had decided to pull out without the usual old styles of ‘abruptness, abrasiveness and in ‘calling-a-spade-a-spade’ of my usual old styles!

Besides, there is no added value or advantage to bang your head against brick walls – especially it just ends as swollen with peoples determined not to see or hear you – or allow you to speak! What is the point to be gained here?

Please go to and on such topics – also here and at

Best Regards,

Majid Al Suleimany.

The PDO Pensioners Meet! Reply

 My Website –

 Between Us Only! 

 The PDO Pensioners Meet!

Place – Jabrin Hall – Muscat Intercontinental – Muscat – September 13th 2011.

Mundhir al Barwani

1 – It was a very good wise and pragmatic move to hold such a reception. People responded in kind by their coming in – even those sick and wheel chairs ones too!

2 – People always underestimate the Omanis as a forthcoming, courteous, polite, kind, generous,  receptive and quite a welcoming lot – but everyone keeps forgetting they too have a long elephant memory.

3 – The now retired also senior official got the taste of it! After the usual compliments, politeness, welcome and courtesy the comment came in – so we here together as all company retirees as one group – no longer the big man, eh? The man at the receiving end had but just to smile!

4 – I said to myself more on hindsight –  it was a good thing I did come in – it was all good fond memories all back again on the friendships and social aspects of the whole thing more! Had never had and enjoyed myself and had such a good time for a long time now!

5 – It was a bloody shame that there were still some ‘same-type-of-before’ people who wanted to curry favour and be popular by undermining and ridiculing others in front of the current brass – as if they being already out and retirees would make any simple affect!

6 – Do be careful of body signs – it can betray to others what is in you and what you really feel – even if you cover it with empty and artificial smiles!

7 – Sadly so many of the lot could not attend for various reasons and like being very sick and invalid – and those that had passed on and had died! A minute silence for them!

8 – Allah SWT (God) Rest their souls in eternal peace in this world and the next – and open the doors to the highest heavens – Amin. We do not know when our turn will come next. Let us only hope and pray for a long life and health – Amin.

v  9 – The speeches by The Ceo Raoul Restucci and HR Director Mundhir Barwani were highly emotional charged and emotive in making the Pensioners feel great and elated in their contributions and being ‘for ever’ PDO Family Members! This was very touching! I guess or two might have shed tears too!

Honestly and truthfully, I was debating in my inner heart whether I should attend or not remembering ‘my Early Retirement farewell party arrangements’ – please see Why I Had Left PDO! write-up.  Besides, point taken of getting my Pension – but if it all goes to the bank because of my collapsed consultancy business – you have no part-time or project work either – one can be excused for sounding not too grateful in life.

Like I had said in my article last week – That Is The Way It Is! – Quote – A long time ago during the most difficult, hard and troubling part of my life when my business went bust and bills were piling up and landing me in great dire straits and problems of all kinds, I took my car for selling off to avoid more complex and complicated issues at hand. There was this foreign salesman who was very rude and discourteous towards me on willful purpose – just because ten minutes before he had a fight and dispute with another local – and here was a desperate to sell customer ready and handy for pay-back time – he said abruptly to me – ‘This is our last offer to you – do not waste my time – take it or leave it – Unquote.

Life’s twists and ironies when you meet your ex-bosses as same-level-retirees like yourself (devoid the fact they get higher pensions to you – get it full and some have even businesses on the side – and inside you there is this voice that shouts and screams at you – stop being nice to him – tell him how you really feel – and how he screwed up your life and career – but the decent voice inside you also comes out to say – forget the past – let bygones be bygones – forgive and forget – if you cannot forget – just forgive and move on in life!

Besides, it takes two to tango – and like I too have said last week in the same above article – quote – Sometimes it is better to go off like a dog with your tail between your legs – especially as there is simply nothing you can do about it in any way! That Is The Way It Is! No wonder everything is burning all around us nowadays! – unquote.

Then you see other people being greeted with the most genuine friendliness and welcome and you get just Hello Majid – you say to yourself – forget it – not nice to be jealous – just let us hope for more such parties in the future – and hopefully someone will come too to say to him or her as in 3 above!

Besides all the girl retirees surrounded me giving me that compliment – Majid you still have your sense of wit and humour – and you still can make us laugh! Your face still looks young – even if there is grey beard and hair on too!

Besides I am very sure of this – if there was to be an election of who was the most popular amongst the my levels (and even top levels too) and to choose the top 10, I am quite sure I will make the rounds – even if in the bottom 10. The reception and welcome of the general populace was sincere and welcome – with comments like at least we see you twice in a week (my columns) and your books, writings and articles from those who can read English – and from the others nothing less genuine warmth and reception as one of their own lot – and those who remembered his from the Interior long bearded father – and the son who really cared and felt aligning with the people – and helping them and supporting them devoid of his own career path and future – and as in my books, writings and articles.

One from the home town of Manah still working official said to me – for a long time I have been dying to meet you. It is my great honour, privilege and esteem to have met you today! You make us all young Omanis specially proud of you – and you being so supportive and encouraging to us during your time and tenure in PDO – and this we will Never Forget – Thank you and Bless you and your family – Amin.

Then there were those who had cracked old jokes as if time had just stopped in its tracks!

The East Africans Swahilis say always say this – Praise a snake – and it will come out of the crevice to hear more from you! It actually all depends how you handle and deal with people – that a simple party can and does try to change a person!

If you think you are always right, correct and perfect – and the other person is not – then you have a ‘clash of civilizations’ – or something just as similar!

What more can I say?

Take Care!


Majid Al Suleimany

That Is The Way It Is! At My Workplace! Reply

Wednesday September 14th 2011

At My Workplace!

 That Is The Way It Is!

The recent boat tragedy incident with several loss of lives as between the islands of Unguja and Pemba in Zanzibar is a clear indication of the way things are in some Management circles – even in our own Oman too!

As the boat was sailing out there were desperate calls from the Passengers on board for the ship not to sail and return to port as it was heavily over-loaded with passengers (packed like sardines in a tin) and cargo and luggage! But their desperate calls were in vain! Even some passengers (lucky for them!) had refused to board the ship seeing how over loaded it was already!

As usual again, the Management were more interested in getting more money and gains – personal interests and profits – rather than looking after and taking care of their customers’ interests, safety and comfort – and as in this case their lives too by such callous indifference and personal invested interests and profits!

This is not the first time for such incidents – and in so too in many other places like in India, Pakistan. Egypt, Bangladesh and Philippines – and even so-called advanced nations too for that matter!

A few years back I got lost in an Industrial site. So I stopped my American truck in front of another Office in the same site area. There was this boy (yes boy – not girl!) talking to his friend on ‘petty and silly’ things between them. I waited for more than 10 minutes but he did not have the courtesy or politeness of our culture and environment to stop and ask me what I wanted – let alone I could have easily been his father or uncle by age and appearance! Then there was this emergency call and there was this urgent voice on the line – ‘who is the stupid fool who parked his car in front of the office? Tell him to remove it – or it will be knocked out by the 20-ton Man Trucks coming in?!

He then only stopped talking to his friend – on company phone and time! I really had felt and resisted the urge to slap the boy at the reception – and to get a free cell rest and food for the night! Stupid I then went out quickly to save out my truck. I apologised to the heavy load truck driver (Foreigner) who was so kind enough to show me the way to where I was heading.

Getting lost again – I have a very bad memory in directions and maps! – I met these 4 young local boys who took all the trouble to show me the way – ‘Follow us Uncle’ they chorused to me! It takes all kinds in life to make the rounds.

A long time ago during the most difficult, hard and troubling part of my life when my business went bust and bills were piling up and landing me in great dire straits and problems of all kinds, I took my car for selling off to avoid more complex and complicated issues at hand. There was this foreign salesman who was very rude and discourteous towards me on willful purpose – just because ten minutes before he had a fight and dispute with another local – and here was a desperate to sell customer ready and handy for pay-back time – he said abruptly to me – ‘This is our last offer to you – do not waste my time – take it or leave it!

Sometimes it is better to go off like a dog with your tail between your legs – especially as there is simply nothing you can do about it in any way! That Is The Way It Is! No wonder everything is burning all around us nowadays!

Take Care!


 Majid Al Suleimany


Treat Your Staff (More) Humanely! Between Us Only! Reply

 Treat Your Staff (More) Humanely!

‘Stranded Workers At The Airports

PLEASE NOTE – COLUMN – Now on Saturday September 10th  2011

My Website –

Treat Your Staff Humanely!

We all need to be at our very best and with more tolerance, patience, forbearance – pragmatism and understanding between all sides and all partners – during this very difficult and complex phase that we are all going through nowadays!

It must be admitted that things have not been so bad and dismal as we see unfolding in front of our very eyes and as witnessed by the reports and news we see in the news everyday nowadays. Either it is due to more transparencies and openness that we come to know of such news and events – or in most probabilities increases and volumes of such incidents.

Like the case of the expatriate staff stranded at the airport because the sponsor has chosen not to deliver their held-back-passports to them for whatever reason(s) given. Or so many cases of staff unpaid their salaries and dues – and they have to report their dire situation and circumstances to their home embassies for possible solutions, solace and salvation. This is just not on – and should be curtailed and nipped in the bud before the stigma and malaise cum decadence spreads all over – now before it is too late for everyone. We all have the same body and blood – whether you are a Believer or not – from the home place or not.

Besides, we have to really nurture and take care of our beloved nation’s reputation, image and publicity as a place of opportunity and chances to everyone who comes and lands here – a place of respect, dignity, care, feelings, reputation and honour.

It is now being increasingly tarnished and being damaged – and it is believed of the new trend of everyone now giving up, surrendering and ‘giving up that easily’ now – and at all levels in society. This is not a good thing – and can lead to more harm and damages all around.

Like I have said so many times before – there is no one so blind than one with eyes but cannot see, with ears but cannot hear and dumb but with a mouth but cannot speak! I have also said that the Romans had said – Those that the gods are out to destroy make them not see, hear or speak!

Personally, I think the problems we have in our society now is this increasing polarization, sarcasms, contempt, disdain, scorn, derision, and ridicule that each one of us is better than the other – and all the things that go with it – like in my articles many times before.

A few Baizas more in our pockets have made us all so proud, conceited, contemptuous and ridiculous of others. I have brought the story of Animal Farm book by George Orwell so many times before. The same people who used to complain bitterly and strongly that ‘they were the victims or the underdogs’ do the same to those that they have now left behind in life’s own pursuits and follies.

Every day we hear of these increasing numbers and volumes of ‘more getting this and getting that’ – ‘we are now new this and new that’ – ‘we are now arisen and expanded this and we are now this and that’ – as if they will stay in the world untouched – and nothing untoward will ever happen to their new found wealth or health – or themselves even! Or they will not die one day – and their decaying flesh to be eaten by worms and ants – and that too if you are lucky your dead body is identified and belonging to you for right burials first and foremost!

This is a wake-up call for everyone to come to their senses – fast and quick too! We all need to be and do our very best in the real sense of the word. May Allah (God) Protect and Preserve us all from His anger and fury – Amin (Amen).

Take Care!

By: Majid Al Suleimany

Between Us Only! Importance of Family! Reply

Between Us Only!

Importance of Family!

A     References in Religion –

Maintaining Silat ur-Rahm (Family Ties) is an Islamic Obligation

Whoever believes in Allah and the Last Day, let him maintain the bonds of kinshipSahih Al-Bukhari.

Allah’s mercy will not descend on people among whom there is one who severs ties of kinshipBaihaqi, Shuab Al-Iman.

B     Abu Hurairah’s – Announcement – May Allah Be Pleased with him.

A young man once went to attend the weekly hadith (Religious) lecture of the Sahabi Sayyidna Abu Hurairah, May Allah Be Pleased with him – but Abu Hurairah’s routine opening announcement stopped him: If anyone sitting here has severed any ties of kinship (breaking family ties – Qata-ur-Rahim), he should leave. (And repair his relationship first).

The young man recalled his aunt, who lived in the same town but with whom he had not been on speaking terms. The young man quietly left the gathering and went straight to his aunt’s home. He met his aunt and asked for forgiveness for his past behavior and sought rapprochement. When the aunt inquired about the reason for this change of heart – the young man narrated how he had heard Abu Huraira’s announcement.

His aunt accepted the apology but asked him to inquire from Abu Hurairah – May Allah Be Pleased with him – the reason for this unusual announcement. Why was it – instead of mentioning the major sins – did Abu Hurairah focus only on this issue? What was so special about ties of family and kinship? Sayyidna Abu Hurairah replied that he had heard from the Prophet PBUH that our deeds are presented to Allah every Thursday night and anyone who has severed family ties has all his good deeds rejected. Abu Hurairah did not want any such person sitting in his gathering, which was held on the same night – for fear that it could deprive the entire gathering of blessings. And as above quotes.

C     The Only Eid Visits to Family Members.

Unfortunately in our society nowadays, the trend set and outcomes are to visit family members only in The Eid Holidays – especially after the Ramadhan Holy Month – and particularly with those of us who have family members in the Interior of Oman. And that too the numbers are also dwindling fast with the growing keeping in touch modernity, consumerism and being greedy, unsatisfied, self-centred and selfish too!

The money we spend on holidays outside – and other ‘occupiers trend-setters’ could help a lot in family relationships and build ups – and what has happened lately should be a ‘wake-up’ call to all of us still in ‘slumberland’!

D     The Sick Relative!

From the above, we recently visited a family member (by rank and position) who had a major operation outside Oman – and the operation had failed drastically with consequences of semi-paralysis – a young man only in his forties! So sad and tragic! Yet for more than a year we did not visit before – except again being Eid holidays this time!

Honestly and truthfully speaking, there is no such heartbreaking, pulls-your-heart-apart-to-pieces, tear-jerking, sad-and-painful-to-witness, heart-rendering, highly-charged-and-emotional and touching scene than to see a very sick man opening his mouth to cry – as you say goodbye to him – and simply no sound comes out from his mouth – but his face is all wet and tearful! He holds your hand firmly – and begs you not to leave him alone – please-please!!

If you cannot cry yourself too – then you have lost – and need to apply again for ‘membership to be in the humanity feeling caring list’! My late Father used to tell us his children – Do not just look in comparisons and notes taking with those in front of you – but see how many people that you have left behind you!

In actual fact, there are many that are willing and ready to trade and exchange places with you at anytime that you choose and are ready to do so! We can all still learn from The Story of The Great Prophet Ayoub (Job) – Peace Be Upon Him – Allah was pleased with Prophet Ayoub (Job) – PBUH – faithfulness. He soon recovered fully from his sickness, they returned to their land gaining back the crops. Allah blessed him with more wealth then he had before. In seeing how Prophet Ayoub (Job) – PBUH – had recovered by staying strong in his faith. Prophet Ayoub (Job) – PBUH – companions grew miraculously in number with added strength to their faith in Allah. May peace be upon him – Amin (Amen).

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Take Care!

By Majid Al Suleimany