They Break Our Hearts! And Make Us Cry! Reply

At My Workplace!

 They Break Our Hearts!

And Make Us Cry!

1 – The Office Driver. He bid a tearful farewell to his newly married wife. Beggars cannot be choosers – and he had to feed his parents, family and his new wife now. Just to make himself forget his new wife and plight – he spent hours and hours cleaning the new Office car.

Then things took a dramatic turn, 3 weeks later. Try all he could to avoid hitting the other irate and reckless driver who had cut abruptly in front of him – he heard the crash of metal against each other. It was not my mistake! I tried to swerve away from the other car.  However, the young boss insisted on him to be returned – The staff will always be afraid now – even if we repair the new car. You cannot be our Driver anymore – sorry. Though you worked only for a few days in the month, we will give you your full salary for the month. This time he cried – the whole night –  returning home empty-handed. But it was not my fault – his heart cried out – all unfair and unjust!


2 – The Executive Secretary. Her husband had been laid off. There were no jobs available now in their country due to the economic crises. They had three children to feed. So she told her husband – My sister says they are looking for Secretaries there in that country. Good salaries. I think I should apply.  At first he resisted – then finally gave in!

Things went all okay for awhile. She noticed one from home Executives paying special attention and attraction towards her. She misread the signals – she thought he was just being friendly and nice as natural of him. But he had his own vested interests – started with subtle signals before being forward. I am a married lady – she protested. I have been brought up not to do such kind of things. So what – The man retorted – your husband is not here. You must have needs. Besides, I too am married!

Then the very important secret document that she was typing mysteriously disappeared from her office. She could not find it even in the PC – though she knew she had saved it! I know it is not your mistake – the GM boss told her – but I cannot feel safe and comfortable for you to work for me anymore. You cannot be relied and to be trusted. I am sorry. The plane took 6 hours to reach home – she was crying all the way from Muscat Airport.

3 – The Office Manager & The Office Fire –  He had on his own initiative called The Fire Brigade, though the Office Fire was actually  put out. He was the most senior local person around then. The Top guy was visibly upset. He did not want any bad publicity or image. He told the Manager – You had called them – tell them to go! We do not need them here now. Everyone is looking at us – and tomorrow we will all be in the newspapers pages.

The Top Brass all hated his guts. Five days later after the fire incident – he finally quit the place – and taking all his things in his carton. As he pulled out from the place – he was crying first all inside – and then like a baby as he neared home. He had never cried like this ever before! The man thought – Men do not cry – but why am I crying now? He could not explain it.

They break our hearts; and make us all cry!



 Majid Al Suleimany